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Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel detailed analysis of IIS log method


: a IIS log file to record what "people" to visit your site, including search engine spiders in what time by the server port to which path to access your website under the domain name, through access to the path server status code number, then you can know what the spider action, we actually can use FTP to download can see, download the file name is logfile, we can see a lot of common status code, and then log in for example 200: successful access and download page to download the KB number; 301: permanent redirect; 304: page 400: no change, error request; 403: the server refused request; 404: 500: dead link; internal server error; 503: the service is not available, the code we should keep in mind! This is Shanghai Dragon The first essential skills of practitioners of

for Shanghai dragon optimization personnel, IIS log is our website optimization compass, barometer is our optimization, we can through the analysis of the IIS log to website optimization direction effectively, thus speeding up the process of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, IIS log is vital for Shanghai Longfeng optimization workers, so we should log IIS how to analyze

five: from the IIS log to see their website article is not already being included, the weight is not very high, if you can try to update the site every day.


three: at the beginning of the line on the website will certainly have a lot of content updates, the new website is to enrich their own website, and spider crawling is to find useful information on the site, and then return to the search engine and crawl to the contents of the index, but also can not be equated to be included in the content in fact, these we can from the IIS log can see you into who found the content they want from what path, what path is not grab, this is not the path that you want to grab the key to overcome the problem of

two: when your site on the line, you will be at the first time your site submitted to the search engine entry, if you submit to the corresponding search engine website, it will be immediately sent to spider on your site to grab information, of course most is very difficult to let the spider to grab the initiative, you to give your website to do a little bait, if the spider, then we can see traces of the spider immediately by logfile, so it can improve the confidence of their construction on the site you can see, after all, love Shanghai spider to your website

! ?

four: in fact, the search engine can through a variety of code to analyze how the quality of your website, such as the 404 page too much, then return to his result is very poor, you do not get good rankings, so the website logfile file code for the website optimization how important



Improve the site page number included the full occupation of Shanghai love search results

was the first to talk about the increase of the site map, this basically has become the site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization standard, but the increase in map of the non conventional means they need to optimize the original content and the support of the chain, the chain is the site and the spider came to an important cause of the site map site and smooth ergodic, original content can let the spider experience gluttonous dinner inside the site, harvest more web content for the website, which is love Shanghai search engine included the inside pages of. If additional map, no original content and the support of the chain that is useless.

is the site of the structure optimization, it is easy to overlook many optimization, many webmaster with architecture basically is from the Internet on the open architecture, then the content filling mode, and some of the written acquisition algorithm, direct content acquisition > by software

increase in the original content and the chain is the conventional method of website optimization, involve the content again on the Internet has been an immense number of books, not what the new fresh elements, if it is fresh recently love Shanghai algorithm update the construction site of the original and the chain pays more attention to the quality and relevance of this is a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization workers need to pay more attention to, before a lot of optimization staff is only using a highly optimized pseudo original, implant some keywords to original content, in the construction of the chain also adopt such a strategy, but in the new algorithm, the policy effect has been greatly reduced, the need for further the method is perfect, perfect correlation and help users of.

so how to improve website pages included quantity? This need from two aspects, one is the conventional method to increase the number of original content website and the ratio of the chain, the other is a non conventional method, which requires a certain technology, additional site map and set the framework, through this two aspects can maximize the website ranking and the number of pages included.


brief description of the conventional method

is a website to be successful, can not simply put on the front page of the site ranking make up, this is not in fact to much effect on the site, unless you are getting home, but this single page website has become an object of hatred, on the Internet has become an important object of love crackdown in Shanghai, of course at present most of the website on the Internet are divided into three pages, a home page and column page and the content page model, here the author mentioned a concept, that is the inside pages optimization model, through the promotion of website pages in the ranking fell in love with the sea, but also enhance the number of love Shanghai included in the page, through this Shanghai love way to capture the search results, and achieve the best display their own website, this website can not only enhance the site’s ranking And more important is to increase site exposure, thereby providing more support for drainage.

non conventional methods for a detailed description of the


A new algorithm of nobility baby what Shanghai dragon is safe method

2: turn to page (cloaking), hidden in the search engine and the real user for two different sets of


listed above have a common characteristic: who are the website optimization method is very effective, can quickly improve website search results ranking in the noble baby. Also, they have a common point that can easily be found noble baby. Use these methods to optimize the website, sooner or later will face the punishment of noble baby.

J. C. Penney last week, due to the promotion by the nobility baby right down punishment for the use of paid links; and this week, the Forbes website for selling links and more sites were punished, punishment have emerged, Overstock is facing the same situation right down. The new algorithm in the noble baby these large, have been sacked for similar reasons. In such a grim situation, what is your station now safe? So there is a problem today: search engine optimization method is dangerous and what kind of what kind of method is

6: link farms

7: other attempts to deceive the search engine

noble baby’s recent move mainly concentrated in the paid links. However, this is not only to make your website to be in danger of Spam. Earlier this year, the noble baby has announced that it will increase the intensity of spam to declare war on the network. In addition to paying links, and according to the following form noble baby Spam measures:

mode7 ways of

now use the Spam way to search engine optimization is very easy to let the site in trouble, even as J. C. and Penney Forbes such big site could not escape, even as Demand Media as Adwords advertising offer put in space, will not leave his noble baby love. So from a long-term perspective, we must use a reasonable way to optimize Shanghai dragon, double friendliness for search engines and actual users.

2: according to the site – the user by finding the content they need more love your site



1: according to the search engine – because it provides users with high quality content to win the search engine in the pro gaze

paid links with other forms of Spam:


5: the famous sites of spelling errors

1: Adsense for the establishment of the site (MFA), with low quality articles

4: hidden text and hidden links


3: keyword, page full of related content

Shanghai Longfeng method

Shanghai dragon will bring three benefits:


To improve the user experience of the website by hovering


Pacific computer network homepage classified according to the contents of the theme into hot spots, visitors would appear in the drop-down page after hover. Above will in general with the site back to the top of the hover button, this approach can indeed mentioned a lot of user experience.



, a large portal home page set

trademark registration entries:

can refer to any Wikipedia entry page for a page, Wikipedia is using a directory or paragraph in the form of division, and follow the scroll down, can help users quickly find their own content, and can quickly return to the top.

two, use the directory as the page


what is hovering? For a large lot of sites, if using a tiled way to display web content, then the web page is too long, so it will lead to the site must always go down, then give the user access to a big hindrance. Therefore, we can use the scroll with floating navigation, or anchor link way of page segmentation, this method is hovering. We analyze some large sites found that many sites use "positioning, hover mode:

Below is the

some time ago the introduction of pomegranate is only the first algorithm because the algorithm, so the remediation of just some low quality web pages. But from another point of view, since the low quality of the page will be subject to regulation, so high user experience whether the page should get the attention of the search engine? Although there is no direct description of the official document, but the user experience as the factors to reflect the value of the site, regardless of algorithm is not taken into account, this is all we need to do good.

of course, Wikipedia is only for our reference, and in fact, we in the website application, can also use more performance to set up a website in hover. For example, the 贵族宝贝 trademark registration website for example, because this is the enterprise website, the content length is not much, there is no need to perform directory settings, therefore, the author put the trademark registration network contact information, online customer service in hover on the right side of the website, so that the site is indeed a lot of traffic increase conversion rate.

for Sina’s return to the top button:



to improve the user experience skills, in countless Adsense share tutorial are mentioned, is nothing more than the structure of the site layout, page content quality, cleanliness and so on, in this paper, the author mainly tell us about some skills on hover.



Page 8 website optimization of weights

: at the beginning of the search box has been automatically generated keyword in breadcrumb navigation also appeared keyword.



at the bottom of the page: page navigation, repeat key.

page keyword echoed tail




the use of science nofollow

: in the middle of the page are in the picture, the use of the title and ALT tags for the text of product pictures in the product links, the text also uses the title tag to text connection are described, such a product can be the keyword repeat four times, in the middle there is a page the classification of the search box, search box also appeared in a keyword.

websites in order to increase keyword density, often from the inside of the emergence of a large number of keywords, in fact, this is likely to be the love of Shanghai that the key word accumulation, but also reduce the user experience. You can see it here whether the page at the beginning, middle or end of the page, there are keywords, can the entire page keyword is evenly distributed, the tail echo feeling, and whether the page has no product, keywords of the page will be repeated 4 times, score >

opened its products within the pages of source files can be found in the use of nofollow is very scientific, do not only in the nofollow at the bottom of the site links to web service and so on, the nofollow is used in the product page, many people asked, let love Shanghai crawl more pages that Rongsheng not better? Smart this makes sense, the page series is very smart, very likely billion, as everyone knows, the search engine to give a number of Web sites included is limited, so smart nofollow blocked the same product page, this can make the search engine more product page.

in the key distribution, it can be said to be the first in the tail echoed, see how it echoes, in search of Shanghai love Hamilton watches (love Shanghai index 400), after a page, in the first row is the site open, you can see:

Within the pages of The head of the page in the page

as one of the best domestic comparison shopping site, smart believe we are not unfamiliar. Check the weight of up to 8 in Shanghai love station network, what is the reason for it has so high weight

In the first



The optimization result from the rain Shanghai dragon forum is obtained by K

analysis of the wolf rain Shanghai Longfeng site ranked first, the Internet has a different analysis, combined with their own experience, talk about the rain of Shanghai Longfeng ranked first view:

3, the domain name is a domain name at the same time the bombing, resolved to the same site, this principle in many years ago have been proposed, namely multiple domain names or the same domain more than two domain and a binding site, will enhance the rank of master.

rain Shanghai dragon website ranked first, a lot of people did indeed violate the "benefits", finally, to the artificial intervention, from the love of Shanghai completely removed, it reminds me of the last L-carnitine case, large stations occupied love Shanghai in the first three pages, thus causing the large-scale adjustment of Shanghai love and I supposed that this is one of the reasons for classification of information website weight increase, this method can effectively eliminate the station group.

2, a large Links, and Links or one-way links, this point is equivalent to the station group principle, do not do too much to explain.

4, closely watched the rain Shanghai dragon forum, will be found, when the site of the site, will find a similar www.hz67贵族宝贝/? 123; 345; www.hz67贵族宝贝/? Www.hz67贵族宝贝/? 456 on the form of the site, usually under the situation, we will bring traffic analysis, we use this form to the web site, the rain is very can buy a certain amount of traffic, the Internet was proposed in Shanghai dragon love Shanghai index has been around 7000, from the beginning of June 26th, Shanghai Longfeng index in July 1st soared to about 17000 large-scale, specific inference in the rain brush flow, in fact, I don’t agree with this statement, I believe there is a real flow, even if there is also, the rain will not only in a few days 10000ip brush flow, unless he does not want his station.

in my opinion, the rain Shanghai dragon forum is k, in addition to the rain with some means of cheating, the 4 points mentioned above, there is a part of human factors, when many people think that the rain is cheating to win ranking, love Shanghai without considering the number of website optimization feeling. If any of its development and let the punishment does not rain, the more.

1 on the Internet, look at this, a discovery was made that the first rain in Shanghai dragon forum is only the imitation of Shanghai dragon why forum, a website optimization experience will know, mirroring a ranking good site, will get good rankings in the short term, because of the short term can not be divided into love in Shanghai clear a site which is true, or can be understood in preparation for the Shanghai site to replace the domain name of love.

rain Shanghai dragon forum is k, some people say that he is too high, some people say that he is cheating the search engine, there are people who say he is the subversion of the search engine theory……



Sina micro-blog profit modelHow to find an entrepreneurial partner partner team, how to solve the co

Sina, micro-blog’s most prominent resource and advantage is celebrities and entertainment stars. If this resource is invigorated, it will be easy to generate income.

if we now believe that micro blog is very difficult to obtain the profit or rather handsomely, because we are thinking of thinking, that Twitter now profit is how, so is the micro blog China.

for example to explore business model, simply by using micro micro century social philosophy and micro business philosophy to create a micro-blog game, it is not a simple game, not a single business model, but a kind of social and business forms, it can make a micro blog site through the game to achieve sustainable development.

micro blog site to achieve profitability, it is necessary to have the courage to break the "C2C", not all practices are copied to China, we must have a Chinese model.

1. game play, bidding to use Weibo and celebrity dating.

this online game called Weibo dating, the tipping point of the game is "celebrity".

below is the full text of this article:


this kind of Chinese model is taking the road of micro century and micro business.

now, the most influential micro blogging website in China is Sina, micro-blog. I think Sina micro-blog to earn billions in revenue, is not difficult! If you can achieve the "appointment + brand + collar tribal user fees" business model, then Sina micro-blog to earn ten billion is likely to happen.

often asks me what factors I should pay attention to when I’m looking for an entrepreneurial partner. I think this includes complementary skills, common goals, and not trying to get someone else to like your ideas because these ideas may change and you’ll lose your position. But in fact, the founder also needs some other important qualities. A few weeks ago, I attended a symposium on venture partners in Startup2Startup, and the participants discussed the issue in depth. Posterous co-founder Garry Tan, based on his experience, said: "success will cover everything."."

According to Sina micro-blog


FounderDating and CEO Kessoca co-founder Alter, co-founder of just two founders sitting in a room, the relationship between them is the entrepreneurial team a key factor in the success of. Business Insider, an American technology blog, published an article on Alter last weekend describing her views on the startup team.

one, Sina, micro-blog’s business model,

4. is divided into ordinary collar collar, collar, collar celebrity gourmet. The exchange will encounter celebrities, celebrity Weibo can when 10 ordinary collar for best bib can when 100.


, that reminds me, when looking for an entrepreneurial partner, an important concern is: how do you deal with the conflict between potential partners?.

2. dating refers to the official website launched daily activities, celebrity micro-blog exchange, let micro blog bidding for celebrities to ask questions. Limit the number of questions per activity. To achieve this places to use Weibo to auction, such as the others 10, you 11, you can get.

5. celebrity appointments, no >

in skills are complementary, but in the establishment of the company’s purpose and values of "soft concept" is to be consistent; if a dispute, the best solution is willing to take the time to respect each other, and often ask why a dispute, if not fundamental differences can be considered long-term cooperation. One often asks how to find an entrepreneurial partner. For such a problem, they first need to know what standard qualities a founder should have. It should be emphasized that members of an entrepreneurial team need complementary skills, for example, if a company wants to develop web pages or mobile applications, then engineers, designers, and promoters are needed.

, we say to members of FounderDating that FounderDating can help them find collaborators very well. But if you want >

You should

makes online games and gains profits through virtual transactions. The business model is simple and requires only one idea.

if the micro blog is in a micro business environment, a large micro blog site, it is easy to achieve business income.

deals with potential partners is important because of many reasons. First of all, it takes time to deal with human relationships. In other words, you need to spend a lot of time resolving differences. This is the most common problem we have. For example, someone sent me an email hoping to meet and help him bypass the FounderDating process because he thought, "there’s no time to go through the FounderDating routine."". If there is no time, then your relationship can not last long. In this case, you’re just looking for an employee, not a collaborator.

3. in order to have more collar to bid, micro blog can go to cotton, cloth, woven collar workers, open recruitment, celebrity collar collar factory speculation. Each micro blog can receive an acre of cotton free of charge. If you want more land to grow cotton, you can pay for land. You can steal food or steal cotton. However, the scarf can be used to fans of the idol and celebrity dialogue, dialogue, this is generally the game cannot create

is willing to take time,


Bitter forced three new board enterprises will be more than one! Because the 832 poor counties have

2, registered in poor areas, the latest year to pay income tax of not less than 20 million yuan, promised to be listed within three years without changing the registration.

When the

file was out of everyone would not pay, yesterday when Lankao County paper Fujie suddenly realized the seriousness of the problem: by 2020, all counties have fled, then in 2017 the relocation of poor counties to listed company do not walk without "reported that trial of the

heard that Taobao set up shop is good, online start-ups paradise, investment is not much, so began to test the water, anyway, do not how much money invested. Sell what, listen to a friend said do not understand the online selling calls is good, do not need to inventory, do not need logistics, but need to buy a prepaid recharge software, this software will be 300 yuan, did not understand to bargain, now know as long as a few dollars can buy up. Kui. Buy after selling software people under the guidance of assistant for uploading the data package, release of goods, recharge to a lot of people, but do not earn money, one can only earn a little money, but found that this software can sell, and sell a up to 400 of the Commission, only to find the original money let the people selling software to earn their own income, and they contributed a sum, since they can sell the software you want, I can. As a result, while selling telephone calls and selling software, the charges are many people, the credibility of a very short period of time rose to a drill, I am very pleased. Software but no one to buy, and make friends with a Taobao account to buy some recharge software in my shop, let the sales record breaking 0 embarrassment, it later, there were some real buyers found I sell calls good, also want to buy the software, a month has sold 2, not easy ah. Earn the money to buy the recharge software.


file with some sort of under the Commission, Fujie issued by the State Council in 2016, you know.

that is, an enterprise that meets one of the following conditions may call the trial:

it is worth noting that the impoverished county is not a one-time pick up the hat, but orderly hat". If the implementation of the 832 poor counties in 2020 all Zhaimao tasks in phases, then to 2019, at least half of the poverty-stricken counties have zhaimao.

BLUEHOST site, my Wangzhuan Road: I do Wangzhuan coincidence. Didn’t know what is the Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, do not know where to start one, even a lucky hit to wangzhuan. This paper will introduce me to buy domain hosting space from the open shop on Taobao, then the site, the use of SEO knowledge to the road course Wangzhuan experience. My personal work time is relatively fixed, towards 9 nights, 5 weekends. Personal spare time is rich, but the income is a little shy, often stretched out, so I made use of spare time to earn some money idea, but I don’t know how to start.

Lankao County News, just relocated to the listed company aojite send headlines.

his answer is, "St poor county after getting rid of poverty can continue,"

then discovered what he was interested in: doing a website, using SEO to increase traffic, and then making money from an advertising alliance. Then in accordance with the above tutorial, starting from the selected domain, to choose to buy the host space station program, to improve the website content, website SEO optimization, advertising, and then build another new station, repeat the above process, really spent a lot of time, but also learned a lot of knowledge wangzhuan.

read the tutorial at that time, Wang Tong’s tutorial, Wang >

time back in 2016 September, the Commission issued the poverty alleviation assault document. It was mentioned that "the registration and the main production and operation of land in poor areas and carry out the production and operation for three years, the payment of income tax over three years of business, or registered in poor areas, poor areas in recent years to pay income tax of not less than not to change the registered enterprises 20 million yuan and after the listing of three commitments during the year, applying for IPO, apply" reported that the trial, that is "policy."

From the impoverished county of Zhaimao

but the problem, after the beginning of December, the State Council issued the "13th Five-Year" poverty alleviation plan ", the next five years to win the national poverty battle plan" to ensure that in 2020, the current standard under the participatory poverty population out of poverty, do not worry about food, do not worry about clothes, have guarantee of compulsory education, basic medical care and housing security, 128 thousand participatory poverty village ordered 832 poor counties hat, all hat."

1, registered and operating in the poverty-stricken areas for 3 years, and pay taxes for 3 years;

say so? Take a look at the poverty alleviation Bureau of the general office of the Commission last October at a training meeting on the resolution of the poverty alleviation assault document issued in September. On the first question the answer is, "the continuity of the poor county is whether Zhaimao influence policy?", this is our greatest concern.

think this is good ah, to earn a little extra money is required. Unexpectedly, Taobao suddenly launched its own recharge platform, so that recharge software release calls in the search can rarely be searched, after the sale of software, people can not sell the phone, the old complained to me. We can not Kengren ah, after all, is next to the pit. The software is not sold, before and after months of credit up to 5 drill, money 2000, began to think of ways to do something else, remember to buy software when people send N Wangzhuan tutorial. Go and have a look. See what the train of thought is.

?Why does

for a moment, the circle of friends fried the pot. The crowd I bring you more to think about is for some time ago relocation of poor counties go forward with great strength and vigour of enterprises, poor counties can enjoy their Zhaimao, poverty alleviation Easy Access? Now the relocation is not too late? How much risk?



Internet start-ups a guide to getting started

introduction: tide surging Internet, every day, there are a large number of individual birth myth. For example, 01-04 personal IDC hot, how many friends tell me 100M how much money, and several customers today, this year is expected to tens of thousands of servers, not enough? Assured, plus a hard line, fame has a name change if do, two words: money.

03-05 SMS ringtones and PW, old Ding run to tell me, dude, don’t read out, do it, play well for a month to buy a car.

05-06 Google ADSENSE, I have the honor to play a monthly income of twenty thousand, a few months will be Baidu K station, GG revenue plummeted, and we never do it, do not want to do, tired.

last year and this year, a variety of B2C boom, personal overseas IDC boom. No more details. 0506 years, I was still behind the issue of a post, introduced water injection to Baidu flow method. Money was so good at that time. From Baidu with traffic, hang ADSENSE advertising, is the most common way.

At that time the

or clean collection. Unlike Western Union now. At that time it was so easy to make money, I regretted that I missed many opportunities, especially missing the color ring. Oddly enough, are the waves in the vanguard, I only see their lives improved in the short term, and then gradually disappeared, asked about their recent situation, only shook his head and sighed. Days gone, ah, too many people, no profit. This suit is not only the general webmaster have the habit, but I know a lot of the old owners have, like fish, 04 years of real estate network while still popular local real estate network information website, dig is of course hard as can be imagined.

believes that many of our friends here have experienced similar successes and profits, but unfortunately this kind of profit is often short-lived. The Internet is a profitable, catch a wave, when you catch a chance, a lot of people didn’t realize the accumulation of capital in other people into the upsurge of thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers fell sharply, profit, business increasingly difficult, so we had to complain too much, people do low profits, looking for new projects. Until the next wave of opportunities come hastily wake up, slowly began to study, finally I finally * * *, but this wave of opportunities when knowledgeable, early past, thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers are flocking to this industry, make this industry become unprofitable. The repetition of this history has always been circulating in most stations. Okay。 So a few have passed the stage I’m going to tell you about.

one. Why do you want to be a company?

(1) has limited capabilities, and a team can make up for the short board, strengthen the division of labor, and achieve a higher overall ability.

(2) has limited financial resources and is often lacking in resources when opportunities come


Web Analytics the impact of web core content on visual performance

"optimizing and refining information is always the first step in design."." This is a Baidu alliance user experience center Banner words. In the process of doing web design, more and more such a summary of personal experience and ideas. Of course, this pithy sentence actually contains a lot of content, I personally think that this includes at least four aspects: first, from the site of the entire appeals, the website needs to realize what information can be better placed on the page? What information is needed to preserve? And what information is needed in other place the page or simply discard? Two, to have been confirmed in place page information, how to write better text, select images to achieve functional and visual appearance of the perfect unity? Three, important distinguishing information, which is important, need to focus on the performance? And what is the secondary some information? Four, to distinguish the primary and secondary information, in the layout, color, size, namely how to visually highlight and better


almost every part of the four part of the discussion of the topic, so in this article I only have fourth aspects, that is the relationship between "core content and visual expression to sort out and summarize their understanding in this respect, I will try to take into account the content are written, and give some specific examples to illustrate my point of view, to facilitate a better understanding of all.

1. The effect of core content on page layout


is a WordPress site construction company, on its homepage from top to bottom can see that several parts: information navigation, Logo, slogans, works show, the reason we choose, contact form, log list, email subscription, Twitter information and copyright information. Among them, the first vision is undoubtedly the company’s slogan and works show, this is the main content of this site’s home page. Because, as a website construction company, intuitive to let customers know what you are doing, how dry? Should be most customers want to know the content. So what are the visual considerations for the core content,


we can see in the slogan on the designer to "WordPress" this word used very large text size, and color difference between a and other words, use the deep gray, stressed that the company is specialized in the construction of WordPress for the background of the website. Map of large size display in the bottom of the propaganda work, width to 540 pixels, and the design of the entire width is 1000 pixels on the homepage of the big size of display can be very clear and direct to customers see what works for the company, thus making standards have a visual impression. And such a large size of the show, in fact, has been vague to determine the layout of the entire site. Think about it. After putting a 540 pixel wide 460 pixel rectangle on the top left of the screen, which letters should be placed in the next area?