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Butt scores century in comeback match

first_imgISLAMABAD (AP): Former Pakistan captain Salman Butt smashed a century and fast bowler Mohammad Asif took two wickets as the convicted spot-fixers made their first appearance yesterday in competitive cricket after being away for more than five years. Butt scored 135 off 143 balls with 14 fours while Asif took 2-22 as they led the Water and Power Development Authority to a convincing 141-run victory over Federally Administered Tribal Areas in a one-day cup match in Hyderabad. “I hope that this is the new beginning,” Butt said. “As long as I will get more matches, I will improve.” Rehabilitation Both players were eligible to compete from last September when their bans ended but first had to go through the Pakistan Cricket Board’s rehabilitation programme. Asif, Butt and fast bowler Mohammad Amir were banned for at least five years for deliberate no-balls at a 2010 Test match against England. Butt was captain of the team for the Lord’s Test. Amir pleaded guilty from the onset, which accelerated the left-arm fast bowler’s return to the national team, Butt and Asif went on to challenge the bans until their appeals were rejected by the Court of Arbitration for Sport. Responsibility accepted Both players ultimately accepted their responsibility before the ICC lifted their bans. The PCB agreed a six-month rehabilitation programme for the duo that included lectures to younger cricketers on anti-corruption before allowing them to compete in domestic matches. “I am very relaxed, the toughest phase of my life is over,” Asif said. “This one-day tournament will help me gauge where I stand … International cricket is my target but I have to do well in the domestic matches before I can hope (for) international cricket.” Pakistan coach Waqar Younis said last week that, if they perform well in domestic matches, both players deserve another chance in international cricket.last_img read more

Copyright legislation, a shot in the foot

first_imgDear Editor,I hope the intention behind these laws is to protect local content producers and not to prostrate to some external force, like the Motion Picture Association of America.Intentions aside, in my humble opinion it is extremely short sighted. Foreign sourced movies and music represent 99% of the entertainment media circulating Guyana. I challenge anyone to show me how enforcing copyright will make local producers any significant gain. If anything, it will be damaging to them, piracy has proven to be a big driver in increasing audiences and mindshare across the industry. In fact, movie companies leak movies to tantalize audiences, and increase their box office returns.Economically, it is converting all the DVDs, CDs into massive profits for foreign companies and exporting even more of Guyana’s wealth outside the borders where it will not circulate to profit a Guyanese. On average a DVD or CD is twenty (20) USD, which translates to $4000.00 GYD. Is the Guyanese public now paying taxes to pass laws and pay enforcement officials to fill the coffers of first world companies? This is extremely harmful to the Guyanese people.Another extremely troubling scenario is the extent of the copyright legislation. Will it extend to software? Leaving out the private sector, I know government agencies that run pirated software. Will they be paying all the license fees for all of their users now? This is the government shooting itself in the foot.To the ethics of this matter, we should remember, not too long ago when Guyana had a trademark case against a US sugar company about the use of the name “Demerara Gold”. Guyana lost that case when in fact “Demerara” is the actual description of the source of the sugar in Guyana and the foreign company had no such basis.The world is governed like a business and we should reflect on the fact that while the US was in its developing phase, they paid no respect to intellectual property rights of others and they stole inventions to advance themselves.Now that they find themselves in the driver’s seat, they changed the rules of the game to suit their pockets and are belligerent in getting every penny for any intellectual property they deem to be owed to them. I implore the runners of this country to be practical and not shoot Guyana in the foot.Sincerely,Yogistra Andersonlast_img read more