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Cleansing Without Actually Going On A Cleanse

first_imgFacebook0Tweet0Pin0When I first heard about cleansing, I thought that a cleanse meant only drinking juice or water for several days straight. It didn’t sound very fun, until I learned that there are gentle ways to cleanse, and certain food that you can eat every day which will support your body to release toxins, and the chemical build-up that came through all that we have eaten, inhaled, and touched over the course of our lifetime. We have the opportunity to cleanse each time we eat a piece of food.Here’s why this is significant:If any of your organs become stagnant or store up a pool of toxins, it heightens your risk of medical complications later. Plus, toxic bodies show a variety of other symptoms, like skin breakouts, constipation, and headaches.Below are naturally cleansing foods that a fairly healthy person can eat. If you have had severe complications from toxicity, it’s important to first confirm dietary changes with your medical provider.Bentonite clay ~ I’ve used a cleansing system for the past few years that relies on the benefits of bentonite clay mixed with juice, and I never realized the significance of this ingredient until recently. The electrical charge of clay is attracted to the charge of toxins and radiation. Once they connect, the clay pulls those toxins through our digestive tract to be released.Pau d’arco tea – You’ll find the tea at most health food stores, and it naturally cleanses the blood and has been shown to reduce the overgrowth of bad bacteria.Aloe vera -Aloe cleanses the digestive tract, and is soothing for people who have intestinal irritation. Some people have complications when ingesting aloe, so please consult with your healthcare provider before using it.Seaweed and cilantro – These are 2 of my favorites to eat because they also bind to heavy metals and radiation, and then pull it from our body.Other high fiber foods – Our body is always cleansing, and toxins are flushed to the intestines for removal. Sadly, if we are eating food without the fiber to soak up these toxins, our body reabsorbs them. Eat fresh vegetables like kale, cabbage, beets, blueberries, celery, garlic and also have flaxseed. Fresh juice can be very healing, but I prefer to blend all of the ingredients in a blender, instead of juicing them. This preserves the fibers of the plants.You can see that it is important to eat cleansing food each day, but this is only half of the story. To renew your body in a more complete way, it’s time to eat much less of the sprayed, processed, fried, non-organic, sick food that we have so much access to. It’s time to discover what tastes great and will benefit you most as you cleanse daily and forever.Ava Waits is a Nutrition Mentor and Global Nutrition Concierge™ at www.ParisianPicnics.com. She supports busy people who are often away from their kitchens, especially for long workdays and for travel. If you’d like to sample her gentle and enjoyable approach to nutrition, please visit her website for more tips, recipes and videos.last_img read more