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“Guardiola wanted to renew me; I keep in touch with him”

first_imgCompare Madrid with Federer: “It reminds me of when people look at Roger Federer. When he was 34, everybody thought that was all, and now with 36 he still plays as if he was 28. He doesn’t lose quality and he’s still not that old.”Do not notice what the press says: “I stay out of the newspapers and always stay in a neutral emotional state, without ups and downs.”Florentino Pérez: “Florentino Pérez has always been very relaxed dealing with us. The key is to work hard and stay calm. It’s easier if you don’t get nervous when the house is on fire. The president and the staff people are very affectionate. They give lots of hugs. when you find them and I was not used to that in Germany. It will be because of the Spanish mentality. “Zidane’s speech: “Zidane told us: ‘Be calm and trust your skills. All the great Real Madrid players have been booed in their stadium but only the great ones really win over the public.’ Their main advantage is that they have had experience here as a player. and you believe in what he tells you. He has lent a hand to the group and has a great aura around him. He does not press us into training but he is constantly transmitting enormous confidence. If you work hard and do things properly you will succeed because you have quality . He’s very right. “ Last season he lowered his performance: “Many of us did not play our best football last season. After three consecutive Champions League, it took us time to adapt to the 40 or 50 goals that Cristiano Ronaldo guaranteed us every year. But that in Real Madrid is unacceptable. When he eliminated us Ajax many said it was the end of this team, but this gave us extra motivation to prove they were wrong. “ 8 Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos granted an interview to The athletic in which he discussed several topics. He explained how it was for the club to lose Cristiano Ronaldo, recognized that Luis Suarez Y Gerard they wanted to take him to Liverpool, who had it almost done with him Manchester United and who continues to contact Pep Guardiola.center_img LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of February 25, 2020 Zidane is necessary in the team: “The costumes belong to him thanks to his natural authority. There is nothing forced. He does not act. Precisely at Real Madrid players must support you. Everyone needs to feel valued and part of it and that is not easy because some play more than others. but he does extremely well. “Keep in touch with Pep Guardiola: “If you ask Bayern players today they will tell you that he is the best coach they have ever had in the sports sense. And we have had many to compare. I loved playing with him for a year. I want to finish my career at Real Madrid , so I don’t think we will work together again, but I would love to play for him and I could have renewed my contract with Bayern, although I don’t think it would have been a good idea to sign a new contract for the coach. Pep wanted to renew me for five years but, what if he left before? He went to Manchester City two years later but we are still in touch and we get along very well. I will never forget everything I learned from him. “Luis Suarez and Gerard wrote to sign for Liverpool: “It was not a direct conversation but they offered to tell me more about the club and others. The funny thing was that Suarez was about to leave for Barcelona.”He was able to sign for Manchester United: “David Moyes had to come see me and the contract was basically done, but Moyes was fired and the arrival of Louis van Gaal complicated things. Louis wanted time to build his own project. I didn’t hear anything about United for a while and I started to have doubts. Then the World Cup started and Carlo Ancelotti called me. That was it. “Change of mentality in Madrid: “When I arrived in 2014 we were essentially a team of counterattacks looking for the spaces of Bale, Cristiano and Benzema with long races, but with Zidane our philosophy has changed. He wants to have the ball. I prefer it. To have only two or three definitive passes I would be satisfied. Zidane benefits me and everyone. We are at a point where we say it will be tough. You cannot trust to score three or four goals per game but you can try to have defensive stability. The change has not been very tactical but mental. Everyone works hard to keep their goal zero. When you realize that collective work rewards you and you see the results, it starts to be fun. “The tie against Manchester City: “I know his coach and I know they have good players. I don’t need to see many games to know that it will be complicated. It will be even and extremely interesting, possession after possession. We will give it all. They have lost the league, but both teams will try to get the ball As I see it, the key is to defend well when we recover the ball and use those small spaces that open in transitions. An individual action can undo the tie. “last_img read more