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first_imgDonegal County Council has sent out an SOS after it was swamped with calls about the new water charges.Council has been swamped with calls about water packs.A statement from the council said it is receiving an increasing number of calls from members of the public in relation to Irish Water Application Packs.But the council has stressed that the issues is absolutely nothing to do with them. “We would like to advise members of the public who have a query or need more information in relation to the Irish Water Applications Packs, to contact Irish Water at 1890 278 278 or visit www.water.ie,” said the statement.  COUNCIL SAYS IT HAS BEEN SWAMPED WITH WATER QUERY CALLS! was last modified: October 2nd, 2014 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Donegal County Councilwater chargeslast_img read more

Why Warriors’ Steve Kerr intentionally got ejected in preseason loss to Phoenix

first_imgOAKLAND – The tension kept rising. So Warriors coach Steve Kerr uttered the thoughts that nearly everybody holds regarding a meaningless NBA preseason game.“I don’t want to be here,” Kerr said.Kerr said those words only moments into the second half of Monday’s game against the Phoenix Suns at Oracle Arena. He stormed the court to share his displeasure with officials for calling an offensive foul on Warriors guard … Click HERE if you’re having trouble viewing the gallery on your mobile device.last_img read more

Scott Metzger, Nov. 6

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest As far as the wind, we didn’t have anything like they had further west. I think the wind got up to 28 or 30 miles per hour and the rain stayed north of us for awhile. The final round came through early this morning and we had 4 to 6 inches of rain. The kids’ school actually closed today because of water across the roads.I really feel for the people in western Ohio where they had those devastating storms. We can’t complain at all. What we had was no comparison.This will put harvest to a halt for a while. We have around 400 acres of corn left, all of our double-crops left to cut and some custom work to do. We have our work cut out for us with the conditions we’ve had but we have had other years like this. We may be running at night on frozen ground for a while.I don’t know how much of the rain soaked in. I think it will be every bit of a week until we can get back in. I saw we could get down into the low 20s this weekend and we could maybe run if it gets frozen.When you get to this time of year, there is less sun and cooler weather and it doesn’t dry out. It has been fairly wet here. We maybe only ran two days out of the last 10.This rain was too much for the wheat. We’ll have water standing on some of the fields. If it starts freezing with water still on the wheat that won’t be good. Wheat is pretty tough but standing water is not good. It should have a good root system, though, and I think it will be OK.We have been pretty fortunate with the corn yields. The replanted corn is maybe 30 bushels less than everything else, but the yield is still nothing to complain about. I think if we can get it all shelled without any issues we may have the best corn crop we’ve ever had for an average.We haven’t had stalk issues yet but after this we probably will. Half of the corn we have left to shell got six inches of rain so I expect to see some stalk issues. Any heavy winds now will be a problem. We sprayed the corn this year and that sure does pay when you get into a late harvest like this. We have seen that it helps it stand better than corn that hasn’t been sprayed.last_img read more

Google Glass: Twitter’s Vine Could Be The Killer App

first_imgTwitter’s Vine could be the killer app for Google Glass. They (should) go together like strawberries and chocolate.Yes, Google Glass needs a killer app. Beyond the breathless hype by white guys in Silicon Valley, what exactly is the mass market supposed to do with Google Glass? The most talked-about Glass uses, like augmented reality and instant data presentation, don’t have obvious appeal outside of the early adopter community. (See also 10 Compelling Ways People Plan To Use Google Glass.)Vine on Glass, however, could be something almost everyone could get into. Vine on Glass would let all your followers – and potentially the whole world – see what you see, almost as soon as you see it, in an easily digestible form. While you could do much of this with a smartphone, when you see something you want to record, you need to pull out your phone and power up the video camera. Not so with Glass, which promises an almost frictionless experience. If you are wearing Glass, you could Vine, effortlessly.  This has never been possible before. Making The Vine-On-Glass MatchThe six-second limit on Vine videos also means that Glass wearers don’t need to constantly stream everything they see, allowing Glass users to maintain full control and ownership over what they record, and what they share. Six seconds is long enough to capture the moment – the feel of an event or experience – in a way that is powerful, easy to record and share, but not so long that viewers get bored or creeped out. And Vine videos don’t require the kind of editing and composition skills that it takes to make watchable longer form movies.I suspect both Twitter and Google are already working on a partnership – though neither responded to my request for comment. Venture capitalist John Doerr has hinted that Twitter is already working on a Twitter – Glass app. First stop tweet, next stop picture, then… Vine: Hands-free, real-time, short videos, shot instantly with Glass, distributed instantly to the world via Twitter. And the companies are hardly strangers: Google used Twitter to help choose who would be first to own Glass with its #ifihadglass promotion.Sure, Google would rather users share their videos on Google+. But Twitter has proven that no one does real-time sharing better, and the short, bursty Vine format combines the best of Twitter and Glass. How Would It Work?Admittedly, there are some issues with creating Vine videos on Glass. Do you move your head? Stand still? How many taps to initiate recording and/or uploading? Based on the latest Project Glass “how to” video, however, even those minor barriers appear to be falling.  What journalists or first-responders might see. Watch an artist at work – and see, just as he sees. Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Related Posts Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement brian s hallcenter_img Tags:#Augmented Reality#Google#Google Glass#twitter#video apps#Vine Vine On Glass Use CasesUnless and until we actually get Vine on Glass, we won’t know how the combo would be used. But here are some likely scenarios:Ask your followers if the awesome shoes you are trying on are right for you.Impress followers with your amazing view of the San Francisco skyline – or just tease them with what you see in real, physical space.Show them how the guy three persons ahead of you in line is being a total jerk.Let them cry with you as you hold your newborn for the first time, or coo with you when you take your new puppy home – all while your hands remain completely free and in the moment. You witness a traffic accident and immediately report all details, including video and audio of the aftermath. POV video from sports events – as a spectator or even a participant.The Vines embedded below offer more examples of Vines that would work even better if they had been recorded with Google Glass instead of an iPhone: Really real-time traffic video from highly specific locations. What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technologylast_img read more

How You Lose Deals

first_imgThis is how you lose deals.Selling when there is no compelling need: You are not going to win a deal when no deal is possible because your prospective client has no compelling need.Skipping stages of the sales process: Skipping stages of the sales process means not taking the actions you know are necessary to win.Failing to control the sales process: Much of the time your buyer’s process doesn’t serve you. Agreeing to that process ensures you lose.Failing to gain the commitments you need: By failing to get the commitments that you know you need you endanger your deal and increase the odds of a loss.Failing to create value for your prospect during sales calls: It’s difficult to gain a commitment that moves an opportunity forward if you haven’t done the work to deserve that commitment. You do that by creating value for your dream client in every interaction.Focusing on low levels of value in your solution: Unless you’re calling on an end-user, the lower levels of value in the features and benefits of your product are not compelling enough to get you a win.Failing to elevate the discovery conversation to strategic: Without identifying the strategic outcomes worth pursuing, you make a “no” more likely.Not developing a compelling case for change: The most difficult sale you make is the compelling case for change. Without a compelling case for change, you lose, or you get a no decision.Transactional behaviors: Transactional behaviors are behaviors that make your prospective client feel as if all you were trying to do is get a quick close. There’s no focus on value creation. Unless what you sell should be sold transactionally, this will kill your deal.Choosing to communicate using lesser mediums: The most important conversations you have should be held using the best and most effective medium. This is NOT an email. And it will cost you an opportunity.Being self-oriented: The more that your prospective client feels that your motive is about your commission check, the more likely you are to lose that deal.Failing to identify the buying committee: In small sales, you may be dealing with a single decision-maker. But in larger, more complex business-to-business sales, that is unlikely. If you don’t identify the stakeholders and understand their needs, you end up with a big L.Failing to build consensus: One of the easiest ways to lose an opportunity is to fail to create consensus within the stakeholders that will eventually vote on whether or not to choose you and your solution.Not tailoring the value to individual stakeholders: It isn’t easy to give each stakeholder what they need in a solution, but without customizing the value to the different stakeholders you are unlikely to gain their support. This often results in a loss.Not dealing with obstacles: There are all kinds of obstacles you need to overcome on the way to a deal. These can be barriers that prevent your solution from being acceptable. An obstacle might be a single human being. Without addressing these obstacles, you jeopardize a “yes.”Selling without a conversation about money and budget: At some point, you have to talk about the money. You have to be willing to talk about the investment your prospective client needs to make to get the results they want.Focusing on price: Believe it or not, you can lose opportunities because you are so focused on price when you should be focused on creating value in a solution.Solving the wrong problem: If the customer tells you exactly what they need to address the problem, and you present something different without having gained agreement that that was the right answer, you lose. You need to solve the right problem to win.Presenting poorly: “Show me that picture of your corporate office and the image of your executive management team.” Said no one, ever.Presenting a solution that your client hasn’t already said “yes” to. There is no reason that your prospective client should be surprised by what you show them in your presentation. That’s a “no.”Allowing the customer to believe price and cost are the same thing: Your dream client thinks price and cost are the same thing unless and until you do something about it.Failing to justify the delta between your price and your competitor’s price: Your price is higher for a reason. If you can’t explain that reason, you don’t deserve to win.Failing to provide the necessary proof: If your dream client needs you to provide evidence of what you have said and what you promised, you need to provide it. Otherwise, it’s a loss.Trying to match your competitor’s price or strategy: If your competitor has a lower price, that may be their strategy, but it isn’t yours. You have to play your game, not theirs.Poor deal strategy: If you haven’t tested the ideas that you believe make up your strategy with a red team, you aren’t anticipating how you might lose. Without toughening up your deals, you risk a loss.Correct these and you’ll win so much you might get sick of winning. But I doubt it.last_img read more

Stowe Attends 2011 Captains’ Forum

first_imgThe leaders came together to consider their role as leaders and highlight how leadership on and off the field can be a factor in making sport inclusive for all Australians, in particular Indigenous Australians. The event included a dinner at Darling Harbour on Wednesday night, before the forum was conducted last Thursday. Stowe says that it was a great opportunity to be involved in the Forum and found it very beneficial.“It was great to experience sharing thoughts on leadership and diversity in sporting groups with other people at the elite level,” Stowe said. “The Australian Sports Commission grabbed 35 of their elite sportspeople and leaders to get together and discuss basically ways that captains and leaders influence their sport and to determine what sort of aspects we can have and influences we have on our sport. It was also used to see which ways we are best off in bridging the gap in getting indigenous kids into our sport and ways to get them in and keep them in.”“The Australian Sports Commission is trying to obviously find the ways we can influence as role models and as leaders to keep these kids in the sport, which they seem to be striving to do through different pathways. It was also an opportunity to get together with all of the leaders to be able to share ideas on leadership qualities and to bounce ideas off each other as to how to improve our skills and attributes.”A long list of sports and their leaders took part in the event, including Swimmer Brenton Rickard, Surfer Sally Fitzgibbons, Rugby Union player Dean Mumm and the Kookaburra’s leadership group. “It was great to have the input of so many different sports, from Snowboarding to Surfing, Tennis, Shooting, there were so many different sports that you could get ideas from and a lot of leadership qualities, from motivation right through to preparation and into handling your teams whilst competing through to training and all of the aspects of their sports. It was very beneficial.”Stowe says that is was ‘exciting’ to see Touch Football represented at the Captains’ Forum, and that it was great to see that many of the people involved at the event had some form of connection to the sport. “We had the chance to interact with some of the indigenous kids there and they were quite excited to see that the sport that they played was there. Out of the 20 kids there, there was probably 10 or a dozen that actually played Touch, it was good to see someone there from Touch, so it was quite amazing.”“Just talking to the other captains, a lot of them do a lot of cross training and it was amazing to see that if they hadn’t played Touch growing up they were playing it at the moment, they all facilitated in Touch which was great to see. It was really important I think that we represented the sport there and continue in doing so.”last_img read more

2015 NSWTA Blues Awards Winners

first_imgCongratulations to all of the winners at the 2015 New South Wales Touch Association Blues Awards Night at Bankstown Sports Club on Saturday night. Rod Wise MedalBrad Mitchell – Hills Hornets Touch AssociationAffiliate of the Year Southern SunsWollongong Touch Association Sydney RebelsBankstown Jets Touch Association Sydney MetsWestern Suburbs Touch Association Sydney ScorpionsHills Hornets Touch AssociationManly Warringah Touch Association Hunter Western HornetsCentral Coast Touch Association Northern EaglesMacksville Touch Association 2014/15 NSWTA Affiliate of the Year Hills Hornets Touch Association Manly Warringah Touch Association Administrator of the YearSouthern SunsSteve Dunn – Goulburn Touch Association Sydney RebelsMette Kitona – Bankstown Jets Touch Association Sydney MetsJoe Dougal – Balmain Juniors Touch Association Sydney ScorpionsBrad Mitchell – Hills Hornets Touch Association Hunter Western HornetsKathy Lang – Mudgee Touch Association Northern EaglesCraig Englert – Macksville Touch Association 2014/15 NSWTA Administrator of the YearBrad Mitchell – Hills Hornets Touch Association Kathy Lang – Mudgee Touch Association Region of the YearHunter Western HornetsNSWTA Team of the YearCanterbury Women’s Premier LeagueNSWTA Male Player of the YearSam Brisby – Manly Warringah Sea EaglesNSWTA Female Player of the YearClaire Tandek – Canterbury Bulldogs NSWTA Junior Male Player of the YearKai Simbolon – Parramatta Eels NSWTA Junior Female Player of the YearHannah Dyball – Manly Warringah Sea Eagles NSWTA Senior Male Player of the YearMark Hearnden NSWTA Senior Female Player of the YearKirsty Wakely – Eastern Suburbs Roosters NSWTA Selector of the YearTim Kitchingham – Sydney ScorpionsNSWTA Coach of the YearPeter Forrester – Canterbury Touch Association NSWTA Junior Coach of the Year  Janine Hinds – Eastern Suburbs Touch Association Blues AwardsRob Barakat Debbie Maxwell Jenny Swain Craig Egginton Anthony Jack Satoru Ozawa Wendy Osborne Luke  Lawrence Julie Robinson Linda Simbolon Peter Goodwin Adam Cooper Brent Streep Melinda Cotter  Colin Crampton John Lochrin Lauren Campbell Nev Gear Annie Tolhurst Paul Murphy Tanya Murphy Kaylene Price Cath Salmon Steve Dunn Corrine May John May Greg SmithKath Swanson Marina Pappas Nathan Richardson Paul Cini Tracey Honeyman Wayne Goodchild Boland Medal WinnerBen MoylanSmith Medal WinnerTara MohiMitchell stars at NSW Blues Dinner – http://www.nswtouch.com.au/mitchell-stars-at-nswta-blues-dinner/ Stay tuned to the NSW Touch Association website and social media pages for further coverage of the NSWTA Blues Awards night and the 2015 State Conference:Website – www.nswtouch.com.auFacebook – www.facebook.com/nswtouch Twitter – www.twitter.com/nsw_touch #nswtabluesnightInstagram – www.instagram.com/nswtouch Related LinksNSWTA Blues Awardslast_img read more

10 months agoLiverpool legend Aldridge dismisses Guardiola Man City claims

first_imgLiverpool legend Aldridge dismisses Guardiola Man City claimsby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveLiverpool legend John Aldridge has dismissed the claims of Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola ahead of Thursday’s clash.Guardiola has declared anything but a victory will end their title defence.Aldridge told the Irish Independent: “Are Liverpool title favourites? Maybe we can say they will move into that position if they get a win against Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium next Thursday, but I still feel there will be a lot of twists and turns in this title story,” says Aldridge.”None of us saw these slips from Manchester City coming and it means Liverpool will head into the crunch game against them on Thursday night in an unexpectedly dominant position.”A draw in that game would ensure Klopp’s side still have a solid lead at the top of the table, while a victory would yield the pressure on a City side that have struggled to cope in the absence of Fernandinho and David Silva in recent weeks.”There is no doubt that Liverpool are in a great position, but this is only the half way point in the season and there is a long way to go, a lot of points to play for.” About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more