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Lieutenant Governor Brian Dubie offers farewell remarks

first_imgLieutenant Governor Brian Dubie offered his farewell remarks in the Vermont State Senate Chamber this afternoon. Dubie served eight years as the state’s second in command.Good AfternoonThank you for the opportunity to serve you as your Lieutenant Governor for the last eight years.It has been a privilege to have the opportunity to serve our state in elected office.I would like to recognize a few special people who are here this afternoon.My wife, Penny and my daughters, Emily and Casey ‘ my brother, Gen. Mike Dubie — Gen. Jon Farnham, who has just returned from a year of service in Afghanistan, and Martha Hanson, my Chief of Staff and Only Staff.And a special salute to Lieutenant Governor-elect Phil Scott. Congratulations, Phil.# # #Some of you have served for many years; others will start your service here in Montpelier today. As I conclude my service as your Lieutenant Governor, I would like to recognize the service of some special Vermonters.We members of the American Legion have a saying: ‘many gave some, some gave all’. The mother of a fallen service member is given the title of ‘Gold Star Mother’A Gold Star Mother named Marion Gray is with us today. Marion and Steve lost their son, Army Sgt. Jamie Gray, in Iraq, on June 07, 2004. He was 29 years old.Marion has chosen to serve others.In May 2006, Vermont’s Gold Star families chartered a bus together to go to the National Day of Remembrance in Washington DC.Army Spc. Chris Merchant died in Ar Ramadi, Iraq, on March 1, 2006. His parents, Gary and Janet, wrote at the time, ‘This weekend we find ourselves on a bus with many people just like us. They know and feel the same things as we do. We see that it is okay to cry, to laugh, to joke, to live.’From that bus ride the Vermont Fallen Families was born, with Marion Gray as its binding force.Last November 11, Vermont dedicated a new Vermont Global War on Terror Memorial at the Veterans Cemetery in Randolph, dedicated to all the state’s military who have served in war since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.The Grays, the Merchants, Ray DeGiovine, and all the other Gold Star families made the memorial at the Vermont State Cemetery a reality. Ray’s 25-year-old son, Marine Corporal Christopher DeGiovine, was killed in Anbar province in 2007. We must never forget these brave Vermonters and their sacrifice. Marion, thank you for your service. Thank you to all of Vermont’s Fallen Families.Another Gold Star Mother that I would like to recognize is Vicky Strong.Nate and Vicky Strong lost their son, Marine Sgt. Jesse Strong, in Iraq on January 26, 2005. He was 24. Jesse was loved by his community, and by his fellow students at Liberty University. Vicky has chosen to serve her state in a new way. She will serve alongside you here in Montpelier, as a member of the House from Albany, Vermont. She has much to offer. Vicky, we wish you the best of luck as you open a new chapter of service here in Montpelier.# # #On Monday, Sept. 19, 2005 Army Lieutenant Mark Dooley was killed in Ar Ramadi, Iraq. Mark was 27 years old.Mark’s mom, Marion said, “Mark had a unique sense of dedication, care and responsibility toward his family, friends, his military companions and his country. I remember the sensitivity in which he gave me a sealed envelope prior to his deployment to Iraq and his request that I promise not to open it unless he did not return. As promised, this document was only opened after his death and I am confident that sharing it will allow everyone to have the insight into the remarkable person who was my son.”In that letter, Mark wrote, “Mom, I have no delusions that reading or even hearing this letter read can fill my absence. Please forgive me for not being able to be there; but also remember that my leaving was in the service of something that we loved, and that most people can’t comprehend its scope. Cherish in your heart that it wasn’t done for any abstract reason like a flag or a foreign government’s success, but our sacred honor.”Friend and fellow Wilmington police officer Greg Murano now organizes an annual 5K race in Wilmington. A portion of this year’s proceeds was donated to help complete the Vermont Global War on Terror Memorial. His service has life and meaning.Kyle Gilbert was a soldier from Brattleboro. Sadly, Kyle was killed in Iraq on August 6, 2003. He was 20 years old. His mother Regina wrote me a letter that I would like to share with you today.She wrote: ‘I want you to hear this, my dream, I really never thought I would have a dream but now I do, I will one day travel to the road my son was on, on 6 Aug 2006, and touch and feel the ground he where he took his last breath, feel his pain and pray for him on that night. When Iraq is free, I will prevail and make my dream come true, please be there with me’.After Kyle’s death, Regina’s husband Herbert chose to join the Guard and was deployed to Afghanistan for a year. I received a text message from Regina when Herbert landed in the United States after his year in Afghanistan. Please join me in thanking Herbert for his service and Regina for her dream.We all need a dream to focus our service. What is your dream?# # #I would also like to recognize another special mother. She lived in Bennington. Her name was Sally Goodrich.Sally and Don Goodrich lost their son, Peter, on September 11, 2001. Peter was a passenger on United Airlines Flight 175, the second plane to crash into the World Trade Center towers in New York City.Shortly after Peter’s death, Sally learned she had ovarian cancer.Reflecting on her situation then Sally said, ‘Everything was destroyed, my life, my faith, my ability to live. I had nothing left.’‘Then in August 2004, a friend of Peter’s who served as a Marine major in Afghanistan sent an e-mail asking the Goodrich family to collect supplies for the children of a village in dire need of assistance.‘That was the beginning,’‘ Sally said then. ‘I call it the moment of grace. I knew Peter would have responded to that e-mail. I knew I had to, in his name. For the first time, I felt Peter’s spirit back in my life.’‘Peter’s father Donald said, ‘Peter was always searching for a better understanding of the human condition, suddenly it shone upon us, that here is a path that Peter would be on. Because he would be on that path, we were going to take it.’‘To honor his memory, the Sally and Donald created the Peter M. Goodrich Foundation, and conducted fund-raising to build and support three schools and an orphanage in Afghanistan.Don says, ‘Sally saw a need or saw something that would be fun, and that big old Irish smile would come out and things would happen.’‘Sally says of her work in Afghanistan, ‘I wouldn’t say it was a journey of faith, but I would say it was a journey that restored my faith, and it also changed my faith. I think about my faith, and I think about God in more open ways than I did before. I don’t know how to explain it except to say that my faith is now about action to help people. Helping these children with education, which is the future of Afghanistan, gave us our lives back. I’m so lucky to have found that. I don’t know how to thank them.’‘ Sally passed away on December 19, 2010.Thank you, Sally.We face challenges in our state. You have run for office to serve. The lives of these special Vermonters serve as inspiration to all of us. Each had a dream, like each of you. Each took a first step, like each of you. Each faced setbacks, as you will, and each served in a special way. Each of you can and will serve in a special way.These Vermonters made a difference. So will you.The Vermont State Senate lost its guiding beacon last August. David Gibson served as Secretary of the Senate from 2000 till the time of his death.When I was first elected lieutenant governor, the presiding officer over the Vermont Senate, I must admit I had never been in this Senate chamber.I met David, and David explained Mason Rules, rules of the Vermont Senate, the unwritten rules, and the traditions of the Vermont Senate.It has been my privilege for the last eight years to learn the traditions of the Vermont Senate. They were written on the heart of David Gibson.For the past half-century, Ernest ‘ David’s father; Robert ‘ David’s brother; and David wrote those rules and kept them alive.David really only had one rule. It ruled his entire life and was the basis for all the rules of the Senate: Do unto others as you have them do unto you.We serve in a legislature where strongly held beliefs carried by strong-minded people are bound to clash.David Gibson was a beacon of kindness, grace and integrity.He made us all better people than we would have been without his friendship. And we all loved him for this.David, we will miss you.May God bless you.I know that David would approve of your choice to succeed him, former state senator John Bloomer. John, I know you will wear the mantle well. Congratulations, and best wishes to you.I would also like to recognize and thank those others who serve year in year out to keep this chamber working well.Assistant Senate Secretary Steve Marshall.Journal Clerk Vanessa Davison.Calendar Clerk Priscilla Alexander.Office Assistant Roxy QueroCornelius Reed, Theresa Randall, and our Doorkeepers and pages.Thank you all for your service to our state.Serving in elected office is a unique way to serve one’s fellow citizens.But there are many ways to serve. I look forward to assisting Vermont by continuing my work with our friends in Quebec. Next time you are in Quebec City, look in the phonebook; I have a lot of cousins up there.As I reflect on my service, many have asked me about my post-election thoughts.Here is my perspective. I have run for office and lost before.As a matter of fact, one man I lost to will soon be Vermont’s new Secretary of Human Services. In November 2000, I lost to a fine gentleman named Doug Racine.A few months later, in April 2001, I was on a long run on Miami Beach, training for an upcoming marathon, on a layover with my airline job. I must admit, I was thinking about the election when a frantic boy ran up to me, asking for my help.I followed this young person to the water’s edge — looked out ‘ and saw three heads in the water a couple of hundreds yards out. Immediately, I headed out into the surf. As I swam out, I thought of the advice of my loving wife Penny — who happens to have been a lifeguard. ‘Never go in the water without a floatation device’– and I am thinking, ‘What do I do now honey? Oh well,’ I think, as I keep swimming.Soon, I had reached the first person in the water. It was a school-aged girl, and the look in her eyes confirmed that she was in trouble. Just like my wife predicted, she grabbed me frantically with her arms and legs around my neck. Fortunately, I was able to get her to shore.Then I headed back into the water, to assist another rescuer who had followed me out to bring the next young girl in.The short version of this story is my girl made it, and the second girl did not. I was on that beach because I had lost an election.The way I see it is, there is another person, on another beach for each one of us. Our job is look for the person and do our best in that moment.Marion, Vicky, Regina and Sally by their service remind us that there are many ways to serve. Thank you all for your service. I wish you the best of luck. God Bless you all.# # #last_img read more

Steelers vs. Bills final score: Buffalo back in playoffs behind its star-studded secondary

first_imgThe defensive effort sealed a 17-10 win at Heinz Field and sent the Bills (10-4) into the postseason for the second time in three years. It also ensured the team cannot finish worse than the No. 5-seed in the AFC, meaning it will almost certainly avoid a first-round matchup against the Chiefs.MORE: Updated NFL playoff picture, scenariosPittsburgh (8-6) appeared in control Sunday until Bills cornerback Tre’Davious White jumped a route in the third quarter for his second pick of the game. White’s 49-yard return set up a game-tying field goal and seemed to galvanize Buffalo’s defense, which did not allow a point in the fourth period.Hodges, who had not thrown multiple interceptions in an appearance before facing the Bills, did little to seize control of a quarterback competition with teammate Mason Rudolph that has raged even as the Steelers have pushed for a playoff berth of their own.VIDEO: Steelers-Bills highlightsSporting News tracked live scoring updates and highlights from Steelers vs. Bills on “Sunday Night Football” Week 15. Here’s how Buffalo came from behind to win:Steelers vs. Bills final score Q1Q2Q3Q4FSteelers  037010Bills0701017Score, highlights, analysis from ‘Sunday Night Football’Final: Bills 17, Steelers 1011:22 p.m. — Intercepted. Game over. Levi Wallace snatches it out of the air. The Bills have clinched a playoff berth.The @BuffaloBills defense seals the win! #BUFvsPIT #GoBills pic.twitter.com/hptprq1tgy— NFL (@NFL) December 16, 201911:20 p.m. — On third-and-7, Hodges slings an eight-yard pass to move the chains.11:18 p.m. —  Buffalo’s defense is called for a facemask, then allows an eight-yard pass. The Steelers are at the Bills 29.11:16 p.m. — The Bills run the ball three straight times (again), and are assessed a holding penalty on third down, which stops the clock at 1:40. Pittsburgh is still very much in this game.11:14 p.m. —  INTERCEPTED. Hodges floats a pass into the end zone on fourth down, and it is easily picked off. Not a good throw. Hodges may have had Washington open elsewhere on a crossing route over the middle, but he never looked that direction.Picked off in the end zone!Jordan Poyer comes up with the huge takeaway. #GoBills @J_Poyer21📺: #BUFvsPIT on NBC📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports appWatch free on mobile: https://t.co/NdeLpshk54 pic.twitter.com/AGO9mFnV76— NFL (@NFL) December 16, 201911:08 p.m. — Fourth-and-7 is coming up on the other side of the two-minute warning. The Steelers will presumably go for it.11:07 p.m. — Hodges is sacked to set up a third-and-20 with 2:20 remaining.11:05 p.m. — HODGES FINDS JAMES WASHINGTON. On third-and-1, Hodges airs it out and comes through with an accurate pass inside the 30. Crucial conversion.Duck Hodges going deep on third down 🎯 #HereWeGo📺: #BUFvsPIT on NBC📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports appWatch free on mobile: https://t.co/NdeLpshk54 pic.twitter.com/Vd7jnR2YlR— NFL (@NFL) December 16, 201911:01 p.m. — Pittsburgh has all three timeouts with 3:50 on the clock. It is at its own 40.10:59 p.m. — Three straight runs and a punt for the Bills. That’s a lot of trust in the defense to keep stifling the Steelers, and not so much confidence Allen can execute a more aggressive approach without turning it over.10:57 p.m. — Buffalo gets the ball back with a seven-point lead and seven minutes remaining. Will the Bills go conservative?10:51 p.m. — TOUCHDOWN, Bills. Allen goes to tight end Tyler Kroft for the go-ahead score. 17-10, Bills.The @BuffaloBills take the lead on the TD pass to Tyler Kroft!7:55 remaining. #GoBills📺: #BUFvsPIT on NBC📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports appWatch free on mobile: https://t.co/NdeLpshk54 pic.twitter.com/QWrlLQqhFD— NFL (@NFL) December 16, 201910:46 p.m. — And just like that, Allen finds Brown for 40 yards. The Bills are in business.John. Brown. #BUFvsPIT | #GoBills pic.twitter.com/WjhqZ6atJj— Buffalo Bills (@BuffaloBills) December 16, 201910:44 p.m. — Allen is stuck at 85 passing yards five minutes into the fourth quarter. He’s found it increasingly difficult to move the ball as this game has progressed. He gets the ball back, though, with the chance to give Buffalo the lead.10:36 p.m. — FIELD GOAL, Bills. White’s interception leads to three points and a tie game. 10-10.End of third quarter: Steelers 10, Bills 710:26 p.m. — PICKED OFF BY WHITE! That’s a game-changing play by the Bills’ defensive star, who also had an interception in the first half.Second INT of the night. Sixth of the season. @TreWhite16 is BALLING. #GoBills📺: #BUFvsPIT on NBC📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports appWatch free on mobile: https://t.co/NdeLpshk54 pic.twitter.com/thgfG6AEtv— NFL (@NFL) December 16, 201910:25 p.m. — Back in possession, the Steelers could take a two-score advantage with a touchdown. This offense has been so much better in the second half.10:12 p.m. — Buffalo’s defense comes up with an important stop, sacking Hodges on third down to force a quick punt.10:08 p.m. — Ball is out, and the Steelers recover. David Montgomery gives it away.Another takeaway for the @Steelers defense! #HereWeGo📺: #BUFvsPIT on NBC📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports appWatch free on mobile: https://t.co/NdeLpshk54 pic.twitter.com/d4q4wrgdaH— NFL (@NFL) December 16, 20199:59 p.m. — TOUCHDOWN, Steelers. James Connor caps Pittsburgh’s impressive drive by making a catch out of the backfield and barreling into the end zone. 10-7, Steelers. . @JamesConner_ is back!11 yards to give the @Steelers the lead. #HereWeGo📺: #BUFvsPIT on NBC📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports appWatch free on mobile: https://t.co/NdeLpshk54 pic.twitter.com/PHcEJ02t10— NFL (@NFL) December 16, 20199:55 p.m. — Pittsburgh looks reinvigorated offensively to begin the second half. The momentum may not last, but the Steelers have moved into Bills territory in a flash.9:53 p.m. — The second half is underway with the Steelers in possession.Halftime: Bills 7, Steelers 39:39 p.m. — Buffalo lets the clock run out to enter the break ahead. The Bills lead after a rather sloppy first half.9:35 p.m. — Fumbled right back! Horrible, horrible giveaway by the Steelers. They were in the red zone with a chance to take the lead.The ball is loose! And the @BuffaloBills take it right back. #GoBills📺: #BUFvsPIT on NBC📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports appWatch free on mobile: https://t.co/NdeLpshk54 pic.twitter.com/a0q45p38Qg— NFL (@NFL) December 16, 20199:31 p.m. — Intercepted! Allen’s throw tips off Cole Beasley’s fingers and into the hands of Steven Nelson, who returns the pick all the way to the Buffalo 20.Tipped and picked!Steven Nelson returns the INT inside the 20! #HereWeGo📺: #BUFvsPIT on NBC📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports appWatch free on mobile: https://t.co/NdeLpshk54 pic.twitter.com/32TELBTw60— NFL (@NFL) December 16, 20199:30 p.m. —  Three minutes remain in the first half. Buffalo has the ball back and is again near the 50.9:17 p.m. — Buffalo advances to midfield, but a couple of off-target throws by Allen stall out the drive. The Bills punt.9:09 p.m. — FIELD GOAL, Steelers. Chris Boswell’s 49-yard kick puts Pittsburgh on the board. 7-3, Bills.9 p.m. — TOUCHDOWN, Bills. Allen records his ninth rushing TD of the season. 7-0, Bills.. @JoshAllenQB keeps it for the TD! #GoBills📺: #BUFvsPIT on NBC📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports appWatch free on mobile: https://t.co/NdeLpshk54 pic.twitter.com/TznAh9xpQj— NFL (@NFL) December 16, 2019End of first quarter: Steelers 0, Bills 08:54 p.m. — Allen coughs up the ball — but not before his knee hit the ground. That initially looked like a big-time takeaway for the Steelers. Instead of a turnover, the Bills go for it on fourth down on the next play and convert.8:51 p.m. — A 22-yard shanked punt from the Steelers gives Buffalo starting field position inside Pittsburgh territory.8:47 p.m. — Major concern for the Bills defense.Tre’ White waves to sideline right after making tackle. Points to his shoulder. Being tended to by trainers. #Bills— Chris Brown (@ChrisBrownBills) December 16, 20198:44 p.m. — Buffalo fails to take advantage of its takeaway and punts for the second time tonight.8:36 p.m. — Picked off. Nothing beautiful about that heave into double coverage. Hodges had no chance at a completion there. Bills coach Sean McDermott took “Trust your defense” to the extreme Sunday night with a slim fourth-quarter lead against the Steelers.Between its final two possessions, Buffalo ran the ball six times, totaled 12 yards and did not record a first down. McDermott’s defense was forced back onto the field twice needing to prevent a game-tying score. Both times, the unit picked off Pittsburgh quarterback Devlin Hodges. Tre’Davious White with the sideline INT! #GoBills @TreWhite16📺: #BUFvsPIT on NBC📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports appWatch free on mobile: https://t.co/NdeLpshk54 pic.twitter.com/5Z85DPBWeK— NFL (@NFL) December 16, 20198:33 p.m. — Hodges makes a beautiful throw to the sideline, hitting Diontae Johnson to move the chains.8:29 p.m. — Buffalo gains 23 yards on its first drive but has to punt after picking up two first downs.8:22 p.m. — The Bills receive the opening kick.last_img read more