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How Dry I.D.

first_imgGreg Schirf of Wasatch Brewery is riding the wave of publicity over the intelligent design controversy in Utah.  He came out with a new “intelligently designed” beer: Evolution Amber Ale.  The press release expresses his alarm over the alleged erosion of separation of church and state, but how serious (or sober) he was may be a matter of dispute:To critics who accuse him of just being up to the same old publicity stunts, the often times contentious brewmeister responds, “Perhaps, but we are really trying to live up to our mission statement, ‘Craft the finest ales and lagers possible.  Achieve a commercial profitability while maintaining the highest level of social responsibility.  And have as much fun as we can legally get away with.’”Previous stunts included marketing a beer as the Gold Medal winning “unofficial” Amber Ale of the 2002 Winter Olympics.If this were intelligently designed product, why didn’t they show the fully-evolved primate with a beer belly?  This guy clearly didn’t get his physique drinking Evolution Amber Ale, and if he were fully evolved, he would be sitting in the pose of Rodin’s Thinker, not pumping glass.    Thinking of that, it would be fun to see the Discovery Institute donate truckloads of this stuff to the NCSE in a goodwill gesture.  While they’re getting stoned, the real thinkers, fully clothed and in their right minds, could be attending school board meetings, campaigning, writing books and forming IDEA clubs – whatever they can do to enhance the Darwin Party’s morning hangover experience.    Come morning, ID supporters could even offer them free therapy.  They could tell them that the quickest way out of a hangover is more Evolution Amber Ale.  It not only smothers the depression, they can argue, but enhances mutagenesis, providing more raw material for evolution.  This is the way to kill a strife with kindness.(Visited 8 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Creative Ways to Use Sound Effects + 15 FREE SFX

first_imgCheck out these 3 easy ways you can use SFX to add depth to your next video.Cover image via Shutterstock.The proper use of a single sound can change the entire feel of your production. Your audience might not notice it, but their their viewing experience will be better for it.Let’s have a look at three ways you can use SFX to improve your next project. 1. AtmosphereUse ambient sound to help create an atmosphere. The ambiance is simply the background sounds of your environment, whether it’s a crowd at a football stadium, a chorus of frogs croaking in a swamp, or the low rumble of a thunderstorm. I love watching a film that relies heavily on ambiance and natural sound. It brings me right into the environment. Watch the video tutorial and see how I’ve added several sound effects to help create the atmosphere of the interior of a commercial airliner.2. Logos and GraphicsAgain, the sound effects you choose help to communicate a mood or feel. Just as visuals contribute to branding, so too can audio elements. I’ve just added a text graphic to my airline clip, and I want to use a sound effect to help reveal the graphic. To do this, I’ve simply timed an airplane ding sound to match up with the first frame of the text graphic. I could pull from a wide variety of other travel-related SFX to reveal my main graphic. You can search through a variety of sounds here.3. MovementWhether it’s a character moving through the scene or simply a camera movement, sound effects can add life. From a snap zoom to a swish pan, a punch or a swinging sword, a good sound effect can complement a camera move. In this example, I show a gear-up style sequence wherein I’m prepping a backpack. The short montage includes a rapid-fire edit of close-up shots of the backpack. By adding a few whip and whoosh sound effects, I can make an entertaining sequence.Download 15 Free Ambient SFXLooking for some ambient noise? Here are fifteen free ambient SFX from the extensive PremiumBeat SFX library. Like all our music and SFX, these free ambient tracks are royalty free, and you can use them in commercial or personal projects. Read more about the FREE SFX pack here.DOWNLOAD 15 FREE SFXNeed royalty free music and SFX? PremiumBeat.com has a massive library of exclusive tracks and over 100,000 sound effects. Explore our catalogue.last_img read more