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Lampard in, Zidane out: welcome to the madhouse, Frank

first_imgFrank Lampard Zidane is latest proof coaching Spain’s super-clubs can be intolerable From the sound of it he has had enough of Real Madrid, not necessarily of football management, though that is hardly the sort of ringing endorsement to make his eventual successor impatient to start work.While the Real Madrid position has famously proved a poisoned chalice for even the best and most established managers – Ancelotti, José Mourinho, Vicente del Bosque and Fabio Capello have all been shown the door after varying degrees of success – the job description at the moment is particularly mind-boggling.To do: catch up with Barcelona in the league; sort out the Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale situations, bringing in high-quality replacements if necessary; pursue Neymar; and reach the Champions League final as an absolute minimum, even if winning it three times in a row is not strictly necessary. Pinterest Sportblog Share on Facebook Share on Messenger Share via Email Jacob Steinberg Conte would doubtless argue that the beginning of the end was actually about a year ago, just after Chelsea had won the title, though if Abramovich is suddenly being careful about spending nothing can be taken for granted. Conte might have to see out the last year of his contract, for instance, instead of picking up an expected £9m in compensation, while Abramovich must also be wondering, just like everybody else, how on earth Napoli can demand any sort of compensation for a coach they have already removed and replaced.No wonder Benítez, who has worked for both Real Madrid and Chelsea, is content to keep a low profile at Newcastle. Mike Ashley is no one’s idea of a dream owner, yet in the mad, mad world of top-level management there are plenty worse.One can only wish Lampard the best of luck at the club where a lot of the madness started. “Last of all, bottom of the heap, lowest of the low,” shouts the Derby chairman Sam Longson, giving a rundown on how a club is run just before dismissing the title-winning Brian Clough in David Peace’s The Damned United, “comes the one who in the end we can all do without. The effing manager.”Lampard knows the story, has seen the film. “It’s a high-pressure job,” he said on becoming the newest recruit to the asylum. “That’s the nature of the beast.” Topics Share on WhatsApp Sign up for The Fiver, our free daily football email. Real Madrid Frank Lampard ready to be brutal after checking in as Derby’s manager No wonder Chelsea’s unhappy Antonio Conte was instantly linked with the task. Mauricio Pochettino might be the more rational, long-sighted solution, but Real are not exactly famous for being rational and long-sighted. The Tottenham manager must think long and hard about whether it would be wise to trade his current stability for the insanely pressurised though undoubtedly alluring role at Madrid, though Conte could much more easily make the jump from one madhouse to another.For a start he seems to be in need of a new job anyway, with Chelsea going so far as haggling over the price of importing Maurizio Sarri from Naples as a replacement, and for another his angry ant persona would fit right in at the Bernabéu, whereas the steady and reliable Pochettino might end up being treated like Rafa Benítez.News that Roman Abramovich has pulled the plug on Chelsea’s proposed £1bn stadium, apparently in protest at off-handed treatment over a visa renewal, is being interpreted as the beginning of the end of the financial muscle the club has enjoyed over the last 15 years. comment Share on Pinterest First you have to reach the top, of course, and not that many managers do. Lampard was careful not to promise promotion to the Premier League in his first season in charge, but it is no secret that is Derby’s fervent desire. The club’s seventh manager in three years knows perfectly well that nothing he has achieved in the game as a player will count for much if his side are off the pace three or four months into the season. Lampard has relatives with experience of management, his father, Frank, and uncle Harry Redknapp. Did they not warn him off this most insecure of careers? “Quite the opposite,” Lampard replied. “Maybe they are the ones who are mad.”All managers are a little bit mad. Even though the job these days is hugely well-rewarded, you still need the combination of drive, megalomania and obsessive attention to detail that you always did to put yourself up for it. The theory used to be that when you reach the top, where you are in charge of a big club with the very best players, things would get slightly easier.Arsène Wenger might dispute that but Zidane’s resignation five days after entering the history books with a third Champions League title in three seasons puts a whole new spotlight on the madness at the top end of the management game. To put what Zidane has just done into perspective, only two other managers have won the European Cup three times, and Bob Paisley did so towards the end of his career while Carlo Ancelotti had been a manager for 10 years by the time he completed his treble. Zidane has been in management for only three years. Each has ended in big silverware (even if this season was not quite as glittering on the domestic front) and he is now saying he has had enough. Chelsea Zinedine Zidane stepped down as Real Madrid manager a few minutes after Lampard was officially appointed at Derby. Photograph: Mortimer Peterssen/DYDPPA/Rex/Shutterstock Share on LinkedIn Zinedine Zidane Read more Share on Twitter Frank Lampard was minutes into his new job as Derby County manager when the news came through that a vacancy had just cropped up at Real Madrid. “He certainly quit at a good time,” Lampard said, thinking on his feet. “I don’t know Zinedine Zidane’s plans but he will want a holiday, I’m guessing, before he does anything else. You can’t beat that for going out at the top, though. Maybe that’s a lesson to us all.” Read more Facebook Derby County Twitter Reuse this contentlast_img read more

DCT Gdansk to Continue Growing in 2018

first_imgzoom After it saw a growth rate of 24% in 2017, Poland’s Deepwater Container Terminal (DCT) Gdansk aims to continue growing this year as well.During the year, DCT Gdansk’s volumes increased to just under 1.6 million TEU as the company launched full operation of the second terminal T2, doubling its capacity.“This facilitated the continued growth of our relationship with the 2M Alliance and then in May the arrival of the OCEAN Alliance. Having the world’s two largest Alliances provide direct calls with the largest ships in their fleet is a real testament to the vision of building DCT Gdansk,” Cameron Thorpe, CEO of DCT Gdansk, said.Continuing to plan growth, DCT has initiated its ‘T2B program’, due to roll-out over the next 3 years.The program includes two additional ship-to-shore cranes arriving in the third quarter of 2018, enabling the T2 berth to deploy 7 cranes by the end of this year. In support there will be an expansion of the yard area with 5 additional all-electric e-RTGs.Thorpe said that over the next two years there will be a second fairway approach to the Port of Gdansk, to which DCT will have access.This will further reduce the time from pilot-station to berth, enhancing the total port turn-around time of the ULCV’s calling.“Longer-term, DCT has considerable ability to expand both berth and yard footprint, so we can effectively continue to grow in-line with market demand,” Thorpe concluded.last_img read more

Trudeau fires Canada envoy to China for remarks on Huawei case

first_imgCanada`s prime minister Justin Trudeau (R) shakes hands with former immigration minister John McCallum after McCallum delivered his farewell speech in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, on 31 January 2017. Reuters File PhotoCanadian prime minister Justin Trudeau on Saturday said he had sought and accepted the resignation of Ottawa’s ambassador to China, days after the diplomat sparked controversy with criticism of the US extradition request for a top Huawei executive.”Last night I asked for and accepted John McCallum’s resignation as Canada’s Ambassador to China,” Trudeau said in a statement that did not explain why the decision had been taken.McCallum has been making headlines in recent days over comments regarding Meng Wanzhou, Chinese giant Huawei’s chief financial officer who was arrested in Vancouver on 1 December and is facing extradition to the United States.Accused of fraud linked to violations of American sanctions on Iran, she is out on bail, but her arrest has sparked an escalating diplomatic crisis between Ottawa and Beijing.McCallum briefed lawmakers Tuesday on the plight of two Canadians detained in China and a third placed on death row in what are widely seen as retaliatory moves by Beijing.After the briefing he told Chinese-language media in Markham, Ontario that he believed the US extradition request was seriously flawed.He cited political comments on the case by US president Donald Trump, the “extraterritorial aspect” of Meng’s case and the fact that Canada did not sign on to the Iran sanctions that Washington wants her extradited for.McCallum’s remarks were immediately panned by opposition parties and others for seeming to undercut the strict hands-off approach to judicial matters touted by the Canadian government.The following day he issued a statement saying that he “misspoke,” and “regrets” that his comments “have created confusion.”But on Friday, McCallum told The Vancouver Star that it would be “great for Canada” if the US dropped its extradition request.”From Canada’s point of view, if (the US) drops the extradition request, that would be great for Canada,” he told the newspaper at a charity function.”We have to make sure that if the US does such a deal, it also includes the release of our two people. And the US is highly aware of that,” he said.Trudeau’s statement hailed McCallum’s almost two decades of public service, which it said he carried out “honourably and with distinction.”McCallum previously held a number of cabinet posts, including defence minister, minister of veteran affairs and immigration minister.The statement added that, effective immediately, McCallum’s deputy Jim Nickel would represent Canada in Beijing as its charge d’affaires.last_img

Get Ready Wearable Tech Is About to Explode

first_img The technology you’ve come to expect in computers and smartphones will increasingly be found in devices worn on your wrist or on your head. Or on your back or even on your feet. The market for wearable technology — such as Google Glass, the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch or FitBit, a wearable fitness device — is poised to explode over the next few years, according to a recent report from Swedish telecom market researcher Berg Insight. By 2017, companies will ship more than 64 million wearable technology devices. That includes 35 million smartwatches, a significant bump from the 400,000 that are expected to be sold this year.According to Nitin Bhas, a senior analyst at U.K.-based Juniper Research, 2014 will be “the watershed year for wearables” in terms of roll outs and market traction.”The industry as a whole now acknowledges wearable computing as the next big thing and players ranging from chipset manufacturers to handset vendors are developing products within the wearable segment,” Bhas says. The entry of Google Glass and Samsung’s smartwatch, along with rumored products coming from Apple and Microsoft, validates this segment and indicates the future market opportunity for wearables, he says.Related: Samsung Galaxy Gear: A Smartwatch With Cool Features But Limited Appeal”It’s crazy cool that wearables are at the front of tech right now,” says Eric Migicovsky, founder of Pebble Technology, the company behind Pebble, a device that looks like a watch and syncs up with a user’s smartphone to alert him or her to incoming messages and calls when carrying a phone isn’t possible. Crowdfunded on Kickstarter last year, Pebble raised more than $10 million — the most successful Kickstarter project to date.”When I was a kid, my favorite magazine was one called Pen Computing, all about Palm Pilots and the Newton and stuff like that,” Migicovsky says. “Reading that magazine I could never have predicted that wearables would become the future of tech.”While the wearables market is growing, it has a lot of catching up to do to become as mainstream as, say, smartphones. Sales of smartphones this year are predicted to reach about 1 billion, according to Stamford, Conn.-based research firm Gartner.”It’s all about fitting into and improving a person’s lifestyle,” Migicovsky says. “No matter the technology, if you can do that then you have something.”Related: The Coolest-Looking Apple iWatch Concept We’ve Seen  Enroll Now for Free October 10, 2013 Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Nowcenter_img This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. 3 min readlast_img read more

SciPy 120 is out with a new optimization algorithm named shgo and

first_imgYesterday, the SciPy community released SciPy 1.2.0. This release contains many new features such as numerous bug-fixes, improved test coverage, and better documentation. This release also includes a number of deprecations and API changes. This release requires Python 2.7 or 3.4+ and NumPy 1.8.2 or greater. The functions hyp2f0, hyp1f2 and hyp3f0 in scipy.special have been deprecated. According to the community, “this will be the last SciPy release to support Python 2.7. Consequently, the 1.2.x series will be long term support (LTS) release; we will backport bug fixes until 1 Jan 2020”. Highlights of SciPy 1.2.0 This release has improvements in 1-D root finding with a new solver, toms748, and a new unified interface, root_scalar. SciPy 1.2.0 has new dual_annealing optimization method that combines stochastic and local deterministic searching. This release features a new optimization algorithm named ‘shgo (simplicial homologyglobal optimization)’ for derivative-free optimization problems. A new category of quaternion-based transformations are available in scipy.spatial.transform New improvements in SciPy 1.2.0 scipy.ndimage improvements Proper spline coefficient calculations have been added for the mirror, wrap, and reflect modes of scipy.ndimage.rotate scipy.fftpack improvements Scipy.fftpack now supports DCT-IV, DST-IV, DCT-I, and DST-I orthonormalization. scipy.interpolate improvements scipy.interpolate.pade now accepts a new argument for the order of the numerator. scipy.cluster improvements scipy.cluster.vq.kmeans2 has now gained a new initialization method known as kmeans++. scipy.special improvements The function softmax has been added to scipy.special. scipy.optimize improvements The one-dimensional nonlinear solvers have been given a unified interface scipy.optimize.root_scalar, similar to the scipy.optimize.root interface for multi-dimensional solvers. scipy.optimize.newton can now accept a scalar or an array. scipy.signal improvements Digital filter design functions now include a parameter to specify the sampling rate. Previously, digital filters could only be specified using normalized frequency, but different functions used different scales (e.g. 0 to 1 for butter vs 0 to π for freqz), leading to errors and confusion. scipy.sparse improvements The scipy.sparse.bsr_matrix.tocsr method is now implemented directly instead of converting via COO format, and the scipy.sparse.bsr_matrix.tocsc method is now also routed via CSR conversion instead of COO. The efficiency of both conversions is now improved. scipy.spatial improvements The function scipy.spatial.distance.jaccard has been modified to return 0 instead of np.nan when two all-zero vectors are compared. Support for the Jensen Shannon distance, the square-root of the divergence, has been added under scipy.spatial.distance.jensenshannon. A new category of quaternion-based transformations are available in scipy.spatial.transform, including spherical linear interpolation of rotations (Slerp), conversions to and from quaternions, Euler angles, and general rotation and inversion capabilities (spatial.transform.Rotation), and uniform random sampling of 3D rotations (spatial.transform.Rotation.random). scipy.stats improvements Levy Stable Parameter Estimation, PDF, and CDF calculations are now supported for scipy.stats.levy_stable. stats and mstats now have access to a new regression method, siegelslopes, a robust linear regression algorithm. The Brunner-Munzel test is now available as brunnermunzel in stats and mstats. scipy.linalg improvements scipy.linalg.lapack now exposes the LAPACK routines using the Rectangular Full Packed storage (RFP) for upper triangular, lower triangular, symmetric, or Hermitian matrices; the upper trapezoidal fat matrix RZ decomposition routines are now available as well. To know more about the SciPy 1.2.0 and the its backward incompatible changes, read the release notes on GitHub. Read Next Implementing matrix operations using SciPy and NumPy How to Compute Interpolation in SciPy How to compute Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) using SciPylast_img read more