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TV Reporter Completely Loses Control of Live Hit After Pack of Hyper

first_imgThe only thing more unpredictable than live television is hyper kids. Combining the two is a recipe for certain disaster.KREX 5/Fox 4 sports reporter Troy Lynch found this out the hard way during a live hit at a minor league baseball all-star game in Grand Junction, Colorado when he was suddenly swarmed by a roving pack of children who were all jacked up on ballpark ice cream and cotton candy. He reportedly escaped, but will definitely be scarred for life.Lynch does his best to power through the report, but, well you’ll see. This is the definition of ‘paying your dues’.Get a job in TV they said… It’ll be fun they said… pic.twitter.com/pgaEIYBvST— Troy Lynch (@mrtroylynch) August 8, 2019 Advertisementlast_img read more