Month: November 2017

Some specific steps to improve site weights to share

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there are many factors to improve website ranking, but now is to do well the overall quality of the site, if this is ignored if you are of no avail in strong chain. In this paper, a road sweeper A5 starter, 贵族宝贝clczzc贵族宝贝 original release, please indicate the source

recently love Shanghai statistics show a new feature "page click on the map" through which we can see their station what is of interest to the user, and the micro adjustment let its place on the site the front so to enhance navigation so as to enhance the weight of the entire page of the page, but also more convenient for users to check. In addition to love Shanghai statistics and Google webmaster tools function. Keywords speculation, internal links number query function.

according to the search engine user experience optimization thoroughly, forcing the webmaster can’t in one or two keywords to do the whole station layout. For example, make a page "Shanghai dragon is what meaning" with the word love in Shanghai agreed to search there will be "what is the Shanghai dragon" and "what is the meaning of Shanghai dragon", doing so will allow more users to benefit, but also to a category of user experience. Keywords mining the author recommended the use of "chasing love words, Shanghai promotion, search, love Shanghai index" long enough, do not believe the so-called VIP software online mining long tail, these are money.

why speed optimization? For example hot news "Hu Yanbin accident" that one day there will be more than N to search, if this article you all ranked in the top three, then if the server response time, directly reflected, in addition to search engine spiders not long time open the website to form a trust not dare, extremely unfavorable for ranking. Here we must choose in the server before use Webmaster Tools Ping response speed, if within 50ms, prove that this space is very good. In the site after you can use Google’s official plug-in "Page speed" to detect the opening speed of the factors which influence the web page, and then change or delete.

has many webmaster, do stand in the breadcrumbs and so on, the author here is a picture, we study


four, the statistical tool


! According to the official Google


guide describes factors affecting site ranking of more than 200, but as long as we grasp the main points, you can put the entire site to play to the extreme, should do what specific steps to improve website weight? The author from the site before the site to share and.



, a website speed

Keywords mining


The key method for the flow of combat eight Wikipedia decryption

The analysis of

2, Encyclopedia of resources arrangement: sorting resources, in order to better use of resources, resources and resources so Wikipedia quiz is the same, you first need to register, and then improve the data, raises ID, using ID, we can refer to (the key method of combat get traffic seven: ask a training and development) here. Depart not here to repeat.

The analysis of We can see the The analysis of

network with love Shanghai encyclopedia Title concise and clear, accurate positioning, here Shanghai dragon on the title here in detail, we can refer to (get a key method of combat flow: the title text).

keywords and description. We can see that keywords and description do not love Shanghai, importance here is not to deny the Shanghai dragon keywords and description, mainly we can observe the importance of heading for a site from here, so here I still want to repeat the title, accurate positioning, disposable well, don’t change.

A: said the content of the title, this network with love Shanghai encyclopedia use tag < h1>


to note here is that all the encyclopedia resources are similar, mainly in the following Shanghai love Wikipedia as an example, we want to use Wikipedia data, then the encyclopedic resources in-depth analysis, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love (with _ love Shanghai Encyclopedia) example analysis.

3, the content of wikipedia.

For the love of Shanghai

said the decryption encyclopedia, leave Shanghai dragon have their own argument, we are very concerned about the love Shanghai love Shanghai encyclopedia encyclopedia, not only for the general reader provides a convenient, but also we are a major resource of Shanghai dragon, so when it comes to Wikipedia, you can not say Shanghai, Shanghai dragon departure details below.

              < title> network with _ love Shanghai Encyclopedia < /title>

, a collection of resources.

1, collected encyclopedia resources: Shanghai dragon is a meticulous work, from that day out of the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, a lot of Wikipedia have appeared, so we not only focus on love but also on the other Shanghai encyclopedia, Wikipedia, departed Shanghai Longfeng for everyone here to collect a part of resources (Shanghai Encyclopedia of love encyclopedia; Interactive Encyclopedia; Wikipedia; Chinese wiki encyclopedia, Wikipedia; soso; Oracle; 360 encyclopedia, Wikipedia encyclopedia.

1, the title of the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love. The following

two, online encyclopedia.