Month: September 2017

Shenyang group purchase website do Google home page method

website internal links main keywords are: Shenyang group purchase website, link to the home page. This word is very long, the site is divided into 3 levels, one is the home page, is a classified catalogue, one is the article or is the final page. When it comes to this word, I would be bold, add links, reflect. I pay attention to the word, the search engine must pay attention to this word. I always think so.

said I submitted to the search engine, the link is not included, but the information about your site. The search engine of their products is high degree of attention, so the search engine products has become the focus of my love, to the product of Shanghai experience, know, library, and so on.

Shenyang 196 group purchase website I chose for the Shenyang group purchase website, users often search words, neither hot nor cold. I think this word is the key words of the long tail keywords inside, so the key words must be accurately set. The main keywords, I can also do some, Shenyang group purchase website navigation, Shenyang area network group purchase etc..

follow the content of truth, I 1-2 every day of the original article, put in the group purchase group purchase news skills inside the column. See more web content or user, 1 months time, I also false original. Of course, the title of the article is the most attractive, Shanghai dragon Er had to work here.

(3) how to find a blog, you can search: blog, can be found on page tenth, because this blog is also good.

1, positioningKeywords

saw several rival external links, I am looking for a few outside the chain, and included fast site. The query method is: the chain domain:+ website, mainly classified information, forum, blog. And the application of soft wen.

er a Shanghai dragon in a month’s time, the master key is a new station (Shenyang group purchase website) do noble baby home.

source: Shenyang 196 group, 贵族宝贝www>


(2) how to find can be posted in the forum, you can search advertising area: bbs

this work is very boring for a Shanghai dragon Er, but each detail work as the fun is not feel boring. For example: say you want to write the title, then you will be how to write the title, what is the method of writing the title, to search to consider, you will attract the title of users.

4, external links

2, the content of the website

5, submitted to the search engine


3, the website of the internal links


said the main methods and experiences of my

(1): people can go to classified information network, Ganji


Situation grasp the ranking signs timely optimization effect is better

what time is most suitable for the web site, as a webmaster, do you know? Have to say 24 hours of continuous updating is optimal, but not many grassroots can do it. In addition to any update? Generally speaking, in the website update as early as 6 points to 9 points, is the best time to update. Of course it is only that person several years of experience, around 9 general search engine spiders put more time. But the thing is not absolute, in ensuring an updated usage, the spider can also be fixed time and keep at home is not a bad idea. There are 3 pieces of the original can be released if every day, nor will the accumulation point out at the same time. The optimization effect of optimal, can be released gradually, makes the search engine used to check for updates to crawl.

as a webmaster, used to see the website log that you need to know. Not only can see whether the site was malicious attacks and intrusion, we can also see the search index rule engine, and the website appeared in what kind of situation, which can be displayed at a glance. Similar to the author in the domain name before the blog, do not know the domain name have been built, but after the operation, we found 404 errors through the log, hundreds of times a day. Is this, if not in time, what will be the result? A lot of 404 without treatment, light weight to get down right even K station. View the site log, of course, not only these. The content included some useless, they can easily see through the log, and shielding, beneficial to the website optimization. Such as: a small icon in the template, which is not included in N? So for such a high repeat content, should not end shield, may be one of the factors affecting site.

content is included more and more effective? Some webmaster only see included quantity, not quality. However, for example, an article addresses xxxx贵族宝贝/news.asp>

: select the

: three page address format included

two: Web log can not be ignored

daily update time

what is the Shanghai dragon optimization search engine optimization rules of homeopathy?. However, in the actual operation, how many people timely for search engine optimization rules? Most of the webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er is just "legalistic" doing the right thing, and steady optimization. But what is the purpose of Shanghai dragon? 42 dial the optimization effect of Jack, is the essence of Shanghai dragon er. In the shortest time, to achieve the best effect of the ranking of Shanghai dragon Er is the qualified personnel in Shanghai dragon. How to achieve this goal? That binary search engine rankings, grasp the signs, timely optimization effect is better, or make further efforts to achieve a multiplier effect. No drift, site in the development process in the short term will not top-notch, and if the long run may inevitably make ends meet, then The loss outweighs the gain..


User behavior is one of the important factors to affect the ranking of search engine ranking



The medical website how to coordinate the relationship between the Shanghai dragon and the user expe

has been observed for a period of time the flow is smaller, the number of advisory also have some more, but found.

Shanghai dragon The

medical websites are doing to have a doctor needs people to see, is to bring direct benefits, not just to see a spider. Some of the webmaster very care hospital included in the site, site traffic and the keywords ranking, as everyone knows, a good user experience, is the verification of medical website quality standards, can bring the hospital consultation quantity is the ultimate goal.

in Guiyang Shengji Andrological Hospital ( as an example, at the beginning of the construction site is now less than 5 months, but has experienced four times of revision! The first time, with particular emphasis on Shanghai Longfeng, site for on-line acquisition has good 2K article, article title, keywords, content of keywords the density, are doing very well, the page design is not very good, is to imitate a large health portal, the original idea is to get through a lot of content with long tail words, so the traffic there, a website online, the result is indeed to be expected. This piece of medical industry, people are aware of the fierce competition, needless to say, love Shanghai promotion costs on the way. But in a period of observation after the website traffic is indeed to around IP1000 daily, but the amount of consulting really exasperating, but there are many traffic sources in other provinces, the regional hospital service is strong, unless you are a very famous big hospital, the patient will have not quit thousands of miles came to the remote medical treatment, if it is a large hospital that is not necessary so hard to engage in what Shanghai longfeng. All the crap, then locate the target group in Guizhou, keywords are also around the Guizhou andrology hospital to carry out, has been ranked first in the class is in Guizhou; disease treatment such as * * * *.

to solve the problem of more traffic problems, and it is more important to obtain high quality analysis of traffic problems, or bring huge invalid flow will cause the burden of the website.

user experience (UE) to solve the problem is transformed into the problem how to make it runs through a series of process needs to see a doctor who finally completed the online consultation, including web page design to coordinate, collocation is reasonable, content to have value, let the patient as soon as possible consultation, even if there is no sick people to pay attention to, want to check.

a lot of medical website articles often love in the article often insert meaningless title or keyword, such as Shanghai dragon I think there is some help, but for the user experience, is undoubtedly a big mistake.

always stand in the angle of visitors, stand in the customer’s shoes, told the visitors want the most information in the most direct and effective, if successful. Medical network marketing, I always think, UE+SE (user experience optimization + Search Marketing) combination is the inevitable trend of hospital marketing.


The medical industry site optimization is why every love Shanghai to suppress



this is a hospital I was looking for K station, please see below the promotion effect of

four, station groups: Hospital Station feature is the Love Lane station group, big promotion efforts, making search results of chaos, the user experience is poor, causing users don’t know which is which is the official website of the vest, do good can monopolize a keyword, so that the user does not select >

, a cause of credibility problems: do what should pay attention to a reputation, the medical industry is no exception, after all medical large blocks of fat, as long as a little bit of qualified hospital like to eat, so there is some "cry up wine and sell vinegar" speculation, but obviously not the strength blowing on the Internet, causing the user consumption by deception, including the love of Shanghai itself has a problem, Nanjing Shanghai dragon see a hospital station is "pulling", but also the promotion of the first, and the search principle is not completely opposite, who have money who are either not at first? The qualification can be on the front page, is "pulling" station is definitely a reason.

two, the content of medical industry is profiteering all hearts are, so the competition is fierce, the article must relax, pseudo original common, copy and paste is also the original rarely seen in business with pop, basically a station without user experience to talk about. This is also the rapid growth of the enterprises, enterprises will not waste a cent on the Internet, just want to see the results you want, will not consider whether a violation of the rule of the search engine, do not have a business on the Internet do not value advertising! Certainly is the main reason for the two K station.

Why is every love Shanghai website

three, the chain: the medical station most of the external links is quick, the chain is often meaningless to the site when the nutrients, for example, the title and content of classified information does not match, the forum only a few words, a blog is to copy and paste, most of the source of the chain belong to junk the chain such as, encyclopedia, library, rarely soft outside the chain of high quality do, after all, the audit also strictly, batch do time-consuming, not suitable for the medical enterprise crash station.

to suppress the medical industry? Love Shanghai 6-22 and 8-23 two K stand the medical industry There were many discussions. And the most miserable, 6-22 webmaster many medical riots, launched in Shanghai to promote love offensive, but a long time naturally subsided, all the webmaster or peace of mind to do new sites; 8-23 love Shanghai struck again K nearly 60% medical stations (estimate), worse than last time, let the strength is not too much to handle the recovery of medical treatment, medical care for the love of Shanghai is also a key reason, Nanjing Shanghai dragon consultants analyze what is the specific reason.


K is the hospital station after the promotion of


The water flow when the site optimization appreciate

wants to write an article, write the name since water flow, when to cherish, his explanation is a little bit of user, we should treasure, then with this title, say oneself should pay attention to and pay attention to the parts in the structure, which must be considered down, water flow, when to cherish and every user, every resource will become a driving force for you later, after all only let the user satisfaction to make us satisfied, can be recognized by others.

a small visitor, first of all, you must understand him to enter the site to remember! Everyone into your site is not see your technology how in place, if others do not need to use, you do not use too much, remember to enter the Taobao search that love Shanghai product manager and I forgot the name, since he is a product manager, it is a product of a large number of tests, others are cattle, really cattle, will the user experience to do so, he said, the user experience is not technology, today is not how much you do brilliant effect, I completed the application of a function not tomorrow however, it should be helpful for local users, only the user knows what the user needs, and need not what I think of the user, this is the user experience, from the user’s point of view To consider the user’s thing, that is the real experience. Remember to see this period of time was already very know, this is the product, this is what we should do every one. A little pan, then introduce belongs to our user experience, we often neglect some places, I believe that everyone has to help, has not the same place.


logo: the first place the link, logo is the site of the sign, if I am a user, logo has a direct link click will be necessary, I don’t love Click on the home page 2 words, but the value of the logo attribute, since logo on behalf of the website, then certainly is an important part of the page website; user experience of logo links can not be ignored.

second: the navigation bar, some people may ask, what is the navigation problem; the problem in the navigation bar, the navigation bar is divided into two kinds, one is the main navigation, navigation is a main navigation; needless to say what, so long the next navigation, what is a concise point navigation? Is your website the following part, on which the "contact us, join us to participate in a ranking and so on the" little useless, remember when Xiaohan blog today, he was modified to optimize template noble baby, just a little, that is to "read" the four remove the characters; think about what it is for, more than a link on the home page is the correlation of dilution, sometimes more important and their correlation; there is a point, filling a large number of products is the end of the page links, Remember to have a website page encountered. The link below, both is a kind of harm to the user or se.


The optimization result from the rain Shanghai dragon forum is obtained by K

analysis of the wolf rain Shanghai Longfeng site ranked first, the Internet has a different analysis, combined with their own experience, talk about the rain of Shanghai Longfeng ranked first view:

3, the domain name is a domain name at the same time the bombing, resolved to the same site, this principle in many years ago have been proposed, namely multiple domain names or the same domain more than two domain and a binding site, will enhance the rank of master.

rain Shanghai dragon website ranked first, a lot of people did indeed violate the "benefits", finally, to the artificial intervention, from the love of Shanghai completely removed, it reminds me of the last L-carnitine case, large stations occupied love Shanghai in the first three pages, thus causing the large-scale adjustment of Shanghai love and I supposed that this is one of the reasons for classification of information website weight increase, this method can effectively eliminate the station group.

2, a large Links, and Links or one-way links, this point is equivalent to the station group principle, do not do too much to explain.

4, closely watched the rain Shanghai dragon forum, will be found, when the site of the site, will find a similar www.hz67贵族宝贝/? 123; 345; www.hz67贵族宝贝/? Www.hz67贵族宝贝/? 456 on the form of the site, usually under the situation, we will bring traffic analysis, we use this form to the web site, the rain is very can buy a certain amount of traffic, the Internet was proposed in Shanghai dragon love Shanghai index has been around 7000, from the beginning of June 26th, Shanghai Longfeng index in July 1st soared to about 17000 large-scale, specific inference in the rain brush flow, in fact, I don’t agree with this statement, I believe there is a real flow, even if there is also, the rain will not only in a few days 10000ip brush flow, unless he does not want his station.

in my opinion, the rain Shanghai dragon forum is k, in addition to the rain with some means of cheating, the 4 points mentioned above, there is a part of human factors, when many people think that the rain is cheating to win ranking, love Shanghai without considering the number of website optimization feeling. If any of its development and let the punishment does not rain, the more.

1 on the Internet, look at this, a discovery was made that the first rain in Shanghai dragon forum is only the imitation of Shanghai dragon why forum, a website optimization experience will know, mirroring a ranking good site, will get good rankings in the short term, because of the short term can not be divided into love in Shanghai clear a site which is true, or can be understood in preparation for the Shanghai site to replace the domain name of love.

rain Shanghai dragon forum is k, some people say that he is too high, some people say that he is cheating the search engine, there are people who say he is the subversion of the search engine theory……