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We teach you the successful exchange of high weight website Links (on)

(2) mail application method. This method is the most simple. You can link preparing a letter to the current version of the application letter and the exchange of friendship, everywhere to collect high weight website webmaster mailbox, then sending out. Then is jiangtaigong fishing, bait. This method has three points to note. One is to see whether this site has commercial links, if not, want to be the first basic hard. The two is to be in the application letter writing under more effort to achieve genuine and sincere good reason. The best thinking, if I is the administrator, how to impress my application letter? Three the site itself is a foundation to hard, the best and high weight website has been related, such as party secretary, personnel services, project investment, leading enterprises, so that we can submit the application. If it is illegal or garbage is basically no chance to stand. read more

The website page structure and content optimization techniques in Shanghai Dragon

1, the text must contain your keywords to do

optimization of Shanghai dragon?

medical and business class, technology class website is not updated every day, but also to pay attention to the actual value of each article.

2, picture content must have the ALT property

Pay attention to the details of

in the 07 year, the anchor text chain to the home page or column page, will give the corresponding page weighted voting transfer. But later, love Shanghai has this chain in order to found cheating behavior. Because the hyperlinks in the article almost no users to click. Of course, if there is a link click, not cheating. In simple terms, love Shanghai determine whether your inner chain is cheating, one of the judging standard is to see the chain click rate whether the minimum standard of love in Shanghai. read more

My webmaster road series of essay activitiesTakeaway system takeaway + buy + mall to bring you takeo

The "new retail" of the

1, style is not limited, can be prose, novels, essays, poetry and so on.

2, the theme is not limited, you can describe your experience, share the experience of online advertising, review the current trend of advertising alliances.

prize setting:

1, first prize: 1 prizes: cash 3000 yuan,

4, contribution way, stationmaster friend can log in ADMIN5 stationmaster net, behind the time forum or PV alliance home page, enter contribution page to contribute.

co organizer: ADMIN5 webmaster network, outdated forum, China Webmaster Station, read more

Page 8 website optimization of weights

: at the beginning of the search box has been automatically generated keyword in breadcrumb navigation also appeared keyword.

at the bottom of the page: page navigation, repeat key.

page keyword echoed tail

the use of science nofollow

: in the middle of the page are in the picture, the use of the title and ALT tags for the text of product pictures in the product links, the text also uses the title tag to text connection are described, such a product can be the keyword repeat four times, in the middle there is a page the classification of the search box, search box also appeared in a keyword. read more

How to optimize a US exclusive website template

Several other

in our production site in every site has a template, many webmaster do stand when it is not in the website just looking for a dream template installed you do, so that we solve the problem of template? I tell you that this approach is wrong, website optimization the template is very important for a website, we need to find a professional person to do a template template, many details and layout problems we must grasp and put in a template, here to share some template optimization techniques. read more

How to build and search engine friendly through the standard URL

Shanghai Longfeng flow produced in you better ranking pages, and these pages are ranked the premise is indexed by search engines.

some people may not understand these words, we should differentiate the URL and content, in the understanding of the above words, we first simply judge the search engine for repetitive content: search engine itself has a powerful database stored in the content has been captured, a judge whether the content is similar the best approach is to compare with the contents of the database to capture the contents, but by reading the "noble baby website quality guide", we find that this is a misunderstanding, to the contrary, this in the grab of technology feasibility contrast is not strong, because the content is too large. So URL analysis engine to capture search is of considerable importance, we want to make the search engine that we URL the corresponding content in the station is not repeated, the best approach is static URL, let the search engine that the website itself there are a lot of different content, for this > read more

How to choose web server

is different from the past, now broadband quality is getting better and better, before online watch a video may have to wait a few minutes, and now basically can be loaded while playing. Ascend along with broadband speeds, and the mentality of the people, let a person wait for ten seconds to open the site, it is almost impossible. There are many reasons why the opening speed of the impact site, such as a web site code bloat, some specific use will slow down the site speed. But the web server is one of the key factors, the server hardware configuration is not ideal or room bandwidth is not enough, will affect the website loading speed is serious. That is, different website total major specific user groups, the web server choice as far as possible with the area where the users choose the server. For example, the site in the United States as the main customer groups of foreign trade company’s website, the server should be the first choice of servers in the United states. read more

Study design home station enterprises seek common ground

Hello, I am Liang Lei, is closely related to the user experience and page design, page design can be said is a very important part of the user experience of the website, but many did not actually dig page design can bring what users, especially now the Internet plagiarism phenomenon in general, can be of interest to the user is often what page the unique design style, or interactive website. Imitation is possible, but not blindly copying, directly copy and paste OK. Enterprise station page design website when waking, directly copy a website template, and then slightly revised even if completed. So how to design the enterprise site? The author thinks that in the same industry website templates, we can follow the "common ground" principle, take a look at the enterprise homepage design sketches in general: read more

The best way of marketing who destroyed Yu Minhong’s (a)

according to common sense, such a good way of marketing, both in the industry and among users should be won, full of praise. But the fact is not like a description of Mr. Yu Minhong macro so beautiful. The author is currently working in a German listed mobile Internet Co Beijing branch network, Android (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd., is committed to the vigorous development of the Android application developers and mobile application store to provide high-quality, professional, one-stop service. In the company’s network shop Android search marketing, I have a deep experience: read more

That new Shanghai dragon plan how to optimize the website chain

in the chain: their name means are linked to each other in the same site content page (link your website content to your site inside pages, also known as internal links). Reasonable site empty link structure, can improve your search engine and website weight. Relative to the external links, internal links are also very important.

, 1 for web site chain optimization, we can.

SEM Lu Yuhua summed up how to optimize the website chain several points, to share with you here.

we should how the site within the chain, the problems plaguing many Shanghai Longfeng novices, following by the Lu Yuhua SEM site for everyone to explain how to optimize our website with search engine optimization guide, below I give a case with you a commentary. read more

Shenyang group purchase website do Google home page method

website internal links main keywords are: Shenyang group purchase website, link to the home page. This word is very long, the site is divided into 3 levels, one is the home page, is a classified catalogue, one is the article or is the final page. When it comes to this word, I would be bold, add links, reflect. I pay attention to the word, the search engine must pay attention to this word. I always think so.

said I submitted to the search engine, the link is not included, but the information about your site. The search engine of their products is high degree of attention, so the search engine products has become the focus of my love, to the product of Shanghai experience, know, library, and so on. read more

Situation grasp the ranking signs timely optimization effect is better

what time is most suitable for the web site, as a webmaster, do you know? Have to say 24 hours of continuous updating is optimal, but not many grassroots can do it. In addition to any update? Generally speaking, in the website update as early as 6 points to 9 points, is the best time to update. Of course it is only that person several years of experience, around 9 general search engine spiders put more time. But the thing is not absolute, in ensuring an updated usage, the spider can also be fixed time and keep at home is not a bad idea. There are 3 pieces of the original can be released if every day, nor will the accumulation point out at the same time. The optimization effect of optimal, can be released gradually, makes the search engine used to check for updates to crawl. read more

User behavior is one of the important factors to affect the ranking of search engine ranking

㱰㸠畳敲⁢敨慶楯爠桥牥⁲敦敲猠瑯⁴桥⁵獥爠捬楣欠潮⁴桥⁕剌⁴漠摯⁷桡琠祯畲⁷敢獩瑥⸠䥮牤敲⁴漠楬汵獴牡瑥⁴桥⁩湦汵敮捥映畳敲⁢敨慶楯爠楮⁳敡牣栠敮杩湥⁲慮歩湧猠楮⁴桩猠瑥浰潲慲楬礠摩癩摥搠楮瑯⁴睯⁣慳敳映㰯瀾਼瀾⁡晴敲⁴桥⁵獥爠癩獩瑳⁡⁷敢獩瑥Ⱐ摩搠湯琠晩湤⁴桥⁥晦散瑩癥⁶慬略Ⱐ楮⁡⁶敲礠獨潲琠瑩浥Ⱐ捬潳攠瑨攠灡来⁡湤敡癥…煵潴㬬⁣慬汥搠瑨攠楮癡汩搠扥桡癩潲⸠㰯瀾਼瀾⁡晴敲⁴桥⁵獥爠癩獩瑳⁡⁷敢獩瑥Ⱐ景畮搠瑨攠敦晥捴楶攠癡汵攠慮搠捯湴楮略⁴漠扲潷獥瑨敲⁰慧敳Ⱐ♱畯琻愠汯湧⁴業攠獴慧湡瑩潮爠潴桥爠潰敲慴楯測⁣慬汥搠瑨攠敦晥捴楶攠扥桡癩潲映㰯瀾਼瀾⁩映瑨攠獥慲捨⁥湧楮攠摩牥捴汹⁴漠瑨攠畳敲⁢敨慶楯爠捯汬散瑥搠⡷敢獩瑥⁴牡晦楣Ⱐ睥扳楴攠捬楣欠牡瑥Ⱐ癩獣潳楴礩⁵獥搠瑯⁲慮欮⁉⁢敬楥癥⁹潵⁷楬氠扥⁷楳攠瑯⁣桥慴楮本⁩浰牯癥⁴桥楲⁷敢獩瑥⁲慮歩湧⁴漠獩浵污瑥⁴桥獥⁤慴愮⁂敦潲攠瑨攠敭敲来湣攠潦⁴桥⁢牵獨⁦汯眠牡湫楮本⁣汩捫渠瑨攠獥慲捨⁥湧楮攠牡湫楮朠楳⁶畬湥牡扩汩瑹⁴漠捨敡瑩湧⸠周攠獥慲捨⁥湧楮攠敮杩湥敲猠瑯⁵獥爠扥桡癩潲⁴桲潵杨⁣潭灲敨敮獩癥⁡湡汹獩猬⁩浩瑡瑥⁰敯灬攧猠扥桡癩潲Ⱐ瑨攠畳敲⁢敨慶楯爠桡猠湯⁶慬略⁶慬略映扥桡癩潲⁡湤⁢敨慶楯爬⁩映瑨攠摥瑥牭楮慴楯渠楳⁥晦散瑩癥⁶慬略…煵潴㬬⁴桥⁳敡牣栠敮杩湥⁷楬氠扥⁲散潭浥湤敤⁴漠瑨攠畳敲⸠周攠獥慲捨⁥湧楮攠扥桡癩潲畤杭敮琠浡礠扥潲攠捯浰汩捡瑥搠瑨慮⁷攠業慧楮攮⁔桥慸業畭⁥硴敮琠瑯⁰牥癥湴⁣桥慴楮朮‼⽰㹆潲⁥硡浰汥Ⱐ瑨攠景汬潷楮朠਼瀾⸠㰯瀾਼瀾‱Ⱐ瑷漠祥慲猠慧漬⁴桥⁢污捫⁨慴⁓桡湧桡椠摲慧潮⁢礠捬楣欠牡湫楮本⁣牡穹⁦潲⁡潮朠瑩浥⸠周敲攠楳⁡⁳整映步祷潲摳⁡湤⁣汩捫⁳潦瑷慲攠瑯⁣汩捫渠瑨攠啒䰠瑯⁩浩瑡瑥⁨畭慮⁳敡牣栠瑯⁣汩捫渠瑨攠啒䰬⁩渠潲摥爠瑯⁩浰牯癥⁴桥⁲慮歩湧Ⱐ愠晥眠浯湴桳⁡晴敲⁴桥⁦慩汵牥⸠䡥湬礠瑨敮⁣汩捫⁴漠敮瑥爠瑨攠獩瑥⁷楴桯畴⁴桥灥牡瑩湧⁢敨慶楯爬潲瑨敲⁷敢⁰慧敳Ⱐ瑨楳⁳潦瑷慲攠扥桡癩潲⁩猠楮瑥汬楧敮琠獥慲捨⁥湧楮攠敮杩湥敲猠牥捯杮楴楯測⁳敶敲楴礠睩汬敶敲⁴畲渠祯畲⁷敢獩瑥⸠䉥景牥⁉慩湴慩渠愠獵湳桡摥⁩湤畳瑲礠睥扳楴攠獯⁲畩湥搠晵瑵牥Ⱐ扬潯摹敳獯湳℡℠㰯瀾਼瀾⁩湶慬楤⁣汩捫⁢敨慶楯爠慮搠敦晥捴楶攠畳敲⁢敨慶楯爺⁩湶慬楤⁣汩捫⁢敨慶楯爬⁣汩捫⁴漠潰敮⁴桥⁰慧攠慮搠湯琠潮汹⁳敡牣栠扲潷獩湧⁢敨慶楯爬⁷慳⁳敮瑥湣敤⁴漠湯⁶慬略映畳敲⁢敨慶楯爻⁥晦散瑩癥⁵獥爠扥桡癩潲⁦牯洠瑨攠獥慲捨⁥湧楮攠汩湫猠祯畲⁷敢獩瑥Ⱐ扲潷獥⁰慧攠湵浢敲⁩湣汵摥猠扲潷獩湧⁤数瑨Ⱐ慮搠牥獩摥湣攠瑩浥Ⱐ瑨攠畳敲⁩渠瑨攠湥硴⁴業攠瑨攠湵浢敲映癩獩瑳⁷楬氠扥⁡渠業灯牴慮琠扡獩猠景爠摥瑥牭楮楮朠瑨攠獩瑥⁳敡牣栠敮杩湥⁶慬略⸠坨敮⁡渠楮癡汩搠捬楣欠扥桡癩潲⁴桡渠瑨攠敦晥捴楶攠扥桡癩潲映捬楣欬⁹潵爠獩瑥⁷楬氠扥畤来搠慳⁴桥⁵獥爠癡汵攠楳⁩湶慬楤Ⱐ慮搠湯琠牥捯浭敮摥搠瑯⁳敡牣栠敮杩湥⁵獥牳⸠㰯瀾਼瀾⁳潭攠晲楥湤猠慳步搠浥Ⱐ瑨楳⁩湶慬楤⁣汩捫畴獩摥⁴桥⁶慬楤⁣汩捫⁨潷慮礠瑩浥猬⁷楬氠扥畤来搠慳漠癡汵攠潦⁴桥⁳楴攬⁉⁤漠湯琠歮潷⸠周攠獯汵瑩潮⁩猠瑯⁥湨慮捥⁴桥ⁱ畡汩瑹映祯畲⁳楴攬⁩湣牥慳攠瑨攠癡汵攠潦⁣潮瑥湴Ⱐ楮捲敡獥⁴桥⁵獥爠數灥物敮捥⁡湤⁶楳捯獩瑹⸠周楳⁩猠睨慴⁷攠睡湴⁴漠晩湤⁴桥⁲敡獯渠睨礠䱩湫猠畮摥牳瑡湤⁲敬慴敤⁣潮瑥湴⁷敢獩瑥⸠䄠景捵猠楮⁴桥⁦楥汤映浥摩捩湥⁲敳敡牣栠獣桯污牳Ⱐ湯琠卨慮杨慩⁌潮杦敮本⁷桥渠瑨攠獣桯污爠睩汬灥渠卨慮杨慩⁌潮杦敮朠灡来⁩浭敤楡瑥汹⁳桵琠摯睮⸠周楳⁢敨慶楯爠楳⁲散潲摥搠睩瑨潵琠癡汵攮⁉映祯甠楮獩獴⁴桡琠浥摩捩湥⁣慮⁡汳漠汥慲渠卨慮杨慩⁤牡杯測⁉⁴桩湫⁩琧猠潮攠潦⁴桥⁦敷⸠卯⁷桥渠湯…杴㬼⽰� read more

The medical website how to coordinate the relationship between the Shanghai dragon and the user expe

has been observed for a period of time the flow is smaller, the number of advisory also have some more, but found.

Shanghai dragon The

medical websites are doing to have a doctor needs people to see, is to bring direct benefits, not just to see a spider. Some of the webmaster very care hospital included in the site, site traffic and the keywords ranking, as everyone knows, a good user experience, is the verification of medical website quality standards, can bring the hospital consultation quantity is the ultimate goal. read more

The medical industry site optimization is why every love Shanghai to suppress


this is a hospital I was looking for K station, please see below the promotion effect of

four, station groups: Hospital Station feature is the Love Lane station group, big promotion efforts, making search results of chaos, the user experience is poor, causing users don’t know which is which is the official website of the vest, do good can monopolize a keyword, so that the user does not select >

, a cause of credibility problems: do what should pay attention to a reputation, the medical industry is no exception, after all medical large blocks of fat, as long as a little bit of qualified hospital like to eat, so there is some "cry up wine and sell vinegar" speculation, but obviously not the strength blowing on the Internet, causing the user consumption by deception, including the love of Shanghai itself has a problem, Nanjing Shanghai dragon see a hospital station is "pulling", but also the promotion of the first, and the search principle is not completely opposite, who have money who are either not at first? The qualification can be on the front page, is "pulling" station is definitely a reason. read more

The water flow when the site optimization appreciate

wants to write an article, write the name since water flow, when to cherish, his explanation is a little bit of user, we should treasure, then with this title, say oneself should pay attention to and pay attention to the parts in the structure, which must be considered down, water flow, when to cherish and every user, every resource will become a driving force for you later, after all only let the user satisfaction to make us satisfied, can be recognized by others.

a small visitor, first of all, you must understand him to enter the site to remember! Everyone into your site is not see your technology how in place, if others do not need to use, you do not use too much, remember to enter the Taobao search that love Shanghai product manager and I forgot the name, since he is a product manager, it is a product of a large number of tests, others are cattle, really cattle, will the user experience to do so, he said, the user experience is not technology, today is not how much you do brilliant effect, I completed the application of a function not tomorrow however, it should be helpful for local users, only the user knows what the user needs, and need not what I think of the user, this is the user experience, from the user’s point of view To consider the user’s thing, that is the real experience. Remember to see this period of time was already very know, this is the product, this is what we should do every one. A little pan, then introduce belongs to our user experience, we often neglect some places, I believe that everyone has to help, has not the same place. read more

The optimization result from the rain Shanghai dragon forum is obtained by K

analysis of the wolf rain Shanghai Longfeng site ranked first, the Internet has a different analysis, combined with their own experience, talk about the rain of Shanghai Longfeng ranked first view:

3, the domain name is a domain name at the same time the bombing, resolved to the same site, this principle in many years ago have been proposed, namely multiple domain names or the same domain more than two domain and a binding site, will enhance the rank of master.

rain Shanghai dragon website ranked first, a lot of people did indeed violate the "benefits", finally, to the artificial intervention, from the love of Shanghai completely removed, it reminds me of the last L-carnitine case, large stations occupied love Shanghai in the first three pages, thus causing the large-scale adjustment of Shanghai love and I supposed that this is one of the reasons for classification of information website weight increase, this method can effectively eliminate the station group. read more