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Share modify the website TDK one month after the weights of two levels rise



although this is a problem called a commonplace talk of an old scholar, but Shanghai dragon back and forth cannot do without these elements, but the key is that the author of the site updated to meet consumer tastes is keeping pace with the times, that is to say, write some of the more relevant in the current environment of Shanghai Longfeng paper. The benefits of doing so can let consumers interested in click on your article, by colleagues for the spider included will have a good effect, for example, before the Christmas Eve, Christmas singing activities "," Guangzhou No. six subway line opened near what fun tomorrow "and the upcoming" Eve Countdown "and so on, writing for the author to provide Everfount material for the Shanghai dragon.

, a regularly updated website

said we often hear an argument, is the site of the TDK (Title, Description, Keyword) three elements try not to modify, otherwise it is easy to cause the site is down right.

is shown in Figure 2, this update, can be realistic, and can let you write something new, naturally easy to be included in the spider love Shanghai.

However, if this

(Figure 2)

so we have reason to believe that a point is the experience of others is the experience of others, in fact, modify the TDK does not necessarily be right down, but because there may be modified so that consumers at a glance to see the site of the focus, are interested to visit the site, in this kind of situation, the spider will naturally love Shanghai the record, and then modify the TDK to minimize the loss.

today I queried by the "master of the house site of Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive query platform, Amoy K nets have 3 to 4 weight from the weight to the sea, from the love flow is expected to reach 1040 IP, to know that in the modified TDK, Amoy K net love everyday in Shanghai is expected to flow only 450-490, that is to say, to modify the site TDK this month, let Amoy K net home owners love Shanghai from 2 to 4 weight, rose two.

must appear? Is not the case, because the website Amoy K net in about a month before the TDK changes, and the modified two level more than more than 40 websites, until now, love Shanghai has updated the release of these modified the website TDK, but not in the whole process of any tier two website ranking fell, but several website ranking also rose.

K then we Amoy net is how changes in the TDK will not only be right down, but also can be obtained with an index of the amount of sea rising? The following the recent practice to write out and share with you:



Chen Zhengjie how to choose the best website keywords


Hello, I am Chen Zhengjie. Today we are going to share how to choose the best website keywords. With years of experience and network marketing: four standard keyword selection: (correlation) of a rate (conversion) (a search volume) once (competition).

: the first (correlation) refers to the choice of keywords and website content, for example: the website is the paint industry, then choose the keywords and paint: paint, paint business agent etc.. For example, keywords layout of the site of my www.02082贵族宝贝 is good.


this remind the Webmaster: a lot of Shanghai dragon ER or Shanghai dragon team even Shanghai dragon companies that [love Shanghai with higher scores indicating the keyword in Shanghai love] the greater the degree of competition, this is very wrong. Love Shanghai index and high degree of competition is not proportional! This is why some love Shanghai index is higher, the degree of competition is very small reasons. This article from the original beauty with network, A5 release. Welcome to reprint and complete data to protect the

(search volume) refers to the number of people search keywords, the search is more better. For example, you put the words "novel" in love Shanghai top, will give you a lot of traffic every day.

(conversion) refers to the ratio of transformation of the site by keyword brought about by the flow of transactions (sales website), for example: sell mobile phone website keyword "mobile phone" is not "NOKIA mobile phone" this keyword. "NOKIA mobile phone" than "NOKIA N97 and NOKIA N97 mobile phone" such words, of course, if the news website said this is not very prominent.

Second: !

fourth: (competition) refers to the same type of Web site keywords in the competition difficulty. The degree of competition is as small as possible, in a word: the more people who do the greater the degree of competition keywords. This is the four criteria for the selection of keywords, and if you find such words, then congratulations to you. You will get an unexpected harvest. This is the best choice of keywords best reference


At the beginning of a portal site of Shanghai dragon and the corresponding solutions to problem diag


from the March has passed nearly 7 months, the overall site optimization and the promotion of the changes is different from before and after all, according to the actual situation in the business to be adjusted, so the time can also be combined with the site itself to find some shadow (of course, if you want to read this article, must be combined with the site to see see) it changes. Nonsense not say, straight into the topic.



took over an insurance information portal, before nearly half a year, due to various reasons to leave Shanghai Longfeng this circle to do marketing and intermediary, so in just over and do a lot of homework, aiming at the existing problems of the website made a diagnosis problems, and provides the corresponding solutions for the problems, now have the time to give it to share out, is also the record he was at that time the occupation course of

three, the deployment of


3), and the products of the long tail word

content update frequency



site is currently doing keyword introducing flow

, a website


1) home brand

site structureThe quality of the content



, the 1 main factors influencing the website includedThe domain name

7) site map site map or the use of sitemap


At the beginning of March when


2, website indexed in problems and solutions:


askKeywords flow Two,

2, introduces relevant problems and solutions of


2) web server access speed

pictured above Xiaobian was included in the site, mainly from the introduction of traffic, keyword layout, keyword ranking and data statistics and analysis of five aspects to start, so this article is in accordance with the logic of sharing

page has > title


2) Tag classification and thematic core keywords


page content layout structure

1, the introduction of traffic classification




Six points on the construction of the station group

four points, the construction of website

old domain name those who have been through or are still included in Shanghai love love Shanghai included, must have a reverse link and weight. YAHOO link, at least there should be the reverse link from the home page, if you encounter the same industry that is better.

station group construction is necessary for the novice webmaster no contacts and money, we come from the homepage of the chain mostly rely on Links to achieve, but the number of our master can do Links is quite limited, this time on the need to set up our resources to do the master station one-way links or find other sites do cross links. Station group in the search engine appears to be cheating, although the search engine for the station, there is no perfect measures, but the station group construction still carefully, the author summed up the five points station group construction, for the novice webmaster reference.

stations should be based on the keywords you do depends on the difficulty, is generally not less than three, if the keyword is not difficult also can be one to two. Don’t get too many stations, so the limited time and energy, and to the joint K.

three points. The choice of the template.

is the name of the site, to be unique, not simple words, generally 4-6 words is enough. The content updated daily 2 article pseudo original article is enough for

points, select the

The number of

does not need to spend energy to decorate the chain, only need to rely on the existing PR advantage to find Links. Do you Links best blog. Outside the chain of each other’s best is the less the better. It is not relevant, but must be a blog. Links must register the way to contact each other, so that problems can be timely treatment.

template selection is very important, have the ability to do your template, do not have the ability to be able to buy a template. Don’t use a free template, between each station group template cannot be the same. Energy Limited webmaster recommended blog program do stand group, two articles every day to a very relaxed and happy.

stations and our main station in the same space, this is a disadvantage for the establishment of the station group, the search engine is based on the same IP to determine whether you are using the station group of cheating, so it is suggested to be placed in the two stations and the main station to a different one. IP points to no more than two of the resource station.

six points,

we do station group’s purpose is to gather the weight in a short period of time, and love Shanghai for the new domain name credit take at least 3 months. So we must choose an old weight domain in the choice of the domain name, the domain name generally choose pr3.

two points, the number of sites

domain name

five points, the construction of the chain

spaceWe do not recommend


Shanghai dragon website security can not be ignored

, a website vulnerability can allow hackers to implant trojan website content was tampered with, how to deal with this

now webmasters to quickly make their website promotion success, many people use other website vulnerabilities, hackers through the means in terms of their site outside the chain linked to the others on the site, so as to improve their website weight, and also through the implantation of wood Malay to steal other people’s accounts, even pop-up ads this dialog box, let others site suffered heavy losses. When your site safety problems when the content of your site is completely may be a fish, but many hackers love to show off, is to put the content on your site is changed beyond recognition, data were also ruthless if tampering is the electronic commerce website can also cause trade disputes, if the site the data on no backup, then your website will suffer a heavy blow, basically back to the night before the liberation of

recently, the Internet has many security problems, many websites will be linked to horse, was black, for our Shanghai dragon worker, also warned us, Shanghai dragon website security can not be ignored, must pay attention to it, can not let their Shanghai Longfeng optimization results into East


as far as I know, on the morning of September 2nd, the Taobao website was hacked, there was a shock: " 1 yuan shipping events, all using Taobao " the third party tools "group purchase treasure" have been implicated in the accident are treated in an emergency. There are many dangdang贵族宝贝 last month even "price" incident, including "1 yuan adidas shoes" incident to the system error dangdang贵族宝贝 refused to cash. This is for our Shanghai dragon network maintenance workers and caused heavy losses. Besides the past, Shanghai dragon Why forum also appears to be attack phenomenon. Many bloggers have attacks by hackers, such as the September 1st attacks, 28 push BBS, 28 issued a notice, statement and hit the golden egg big turntable as plug-in vulnerability has stopped using the plug-in, but just 28 push a learning station, and not what the commercial value, otherwise. It will also face significant losses.

server intrusion The following


hacker noun every webmaster familiar, we know a website if hacker attacks, the owners in the search engine optimization efforts will be in vain, each site is flawed, as long as you grasp the hacker website system vulnerabilities, if he wants to attack then, the website will face the hitherto unknown disaster. The Shanghai dragon, the hacker technique also is Shanghai dragon black hat, for a white hat to optimize the station, how to prevent hacker attacks by hackers is a lot of people will lead to what results in trying to solve the problem of the website.

is entered, the present commonly used hacker attacks and countermeasures and prevention methods on this problem, there are many online.



Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel detailed analysis of IIS log method


: a IIS log file to record what "people" to visit your site, including search engine spiders in what time by the server port to which path to access your website under the domain name, through access to the path server status code number, then you can know what the spider action, we actually can use FTP to download can see, download the file name is logfile, we can see a lot of common status code, and then log in for example 200: successful access and download page to download the KB number; 301: permanent redirect; 304: page 400: no change, error request; 403: the server refused request; 404: 500: dead link; internal server error; 503: the service is not available, the code we should keep in mind! This is Shanghai Dragon The first essential skills of practitioners of

for Shanghai dragon optimization personnel, IIS log is our website optimization compass, barometer is our optimization, we can through the analysis of the IIS log to website optimization direction effectively, thus speeding up the process of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, IIS log is vital for Shanghai Longfeng optimization workers, so we should log IIS how to analyze

five: from the IIS log to see their website article is not already being included, the weight is not very high, if you can try to update the site every day.


three: at the beginning of the line on the website will certainly have a lot of content updates, the new website is to enrich their own website, and spider crawling is to find useful information on the site, and then return to the search engine and crawl to the contents of the index, but also can not be equated to be included in the content in fact, these we can from the IIS log can see you into who found the content they want from what path, what path is not grab, this is not the path that you want to grab the key to overcome the problem of

two: when your site on the line, you will be at the first time your site submitted to the search engine entry, if you submit to the corresponding search engine website, it will be immediately sent to spider on your site to grab information, of course most is very difficult to let the spider to grab the initiative, you to give your website to do a little bait, if the spider, then we can see traces of the spider immediately by logfile, so it can improve the confidence of their construction on the site you can see, after all, love Shanghai spider to your website

! ?

four: in fact, the search engine can through a variety of code to analyze how the quality of your website, such as the 404 page too much, then return to his result is very poor, you do not get good rankings, so the website logfile file code for the website optimization how important



Summarizes the three views influence of improved website love Shanghai algorithm

two, high weight website also face investigation

a simple example, suppose we give A the keyword of the website "Shanghai dragon" has done a lot of the chain, the search engine will be a short period of time to calculate the number of votes and the corresponding chain gives its ranking, followed by the judgment of the search keywords Shanghai dragon and Phoenix into the site is really able to meet the needs of users through the user the act, if not or other sites has more obvious advantages, so love Shanghai search engine will reduce the words "Shanghai dragon" ranking.

chain was that many webmaster is one of the most important factors in Shanghai Longfeng, not even one, in the eyes of many owners, the chain will be the main factor of keywords ranking, from the optimization of the previous results, the chain has occupied a large proportion, no matter how the architecture, content of website quality. As long as there is a large number of the chain support, keywords can also achieve excellent results, the development of software, software group, is to rapidly increase the number of the chain, quickly let the ranking keywords generate customized.

, a Shanghai love will reduce the weight of the chain value


high weight website before it can be said that neither sleep without any anxiety, fear and worry is not included in the site, the site’s ranking, because the weight of high site, have the confidence of the search engine is also very high, the content of the web site update occurs slowly neglect, poor quality, through the acquisition of content to update the site

with the improvement of user experience, proposed the strategy of love Shanghai hand: the implementation of efforts to combat the poor quality of the content; the one hand to provide search engine to provide reference index: Shanghai dragon basic knowledge and suggestions for the webmaster, let everyone a more focused search engine. In fact, the Shanghai dragon Er, before a lot of Shanghai Longfeng content and knowledge have become the past, want to do website optimization more reasonable, should read and master guide search engine optimization love the official launch of the Shanghai, in order to better deal with the search engine algorithm every time change. The recent search engine changes, summarizes the impact of individual factors: three views website

in the continuous improvement of the search engine algorithm, one must not be out, that is the user experience, as can be imagined the site itself factors is the search engine the most attention, people believe that the future search engine mechanisms will pay more attention to the site optimization, while reducing the weight of the chain a low value, because the site is the root cause of the user experience, only to create a good website to be able to solve the needs of users; outside chain only play a supporting role, also play a role in the vote, the vote a lot of high quality the chain can quickly increase the overall weight of the site, also can bring good results keyword ranking but, the duration to be determined by the user, if the internal site do not ideal, then search through the user’s behavior to determine the site Whether it is valuable for web site, and make adjustment ranking.


Shanghai dragon flood era webmaster should be how to retreat

focus on industry dynamics

in Shanghai Longfeng work in the course of several years, feel the best state that every day landing sites to understand the latest developments, such as love Shanghai webmaster forum again today to update what algorithm, an industry broke what love Shanghai bad case, this news although sometimes seemingly and not take sides however, to understand the industry dynamics will let you the overall trend of Shanghai dragon and Phoenix have a great direction, and will not easily go astray, see other webmasters some outstanding cases at the same time, also can let you have more power to do something.

The values of the


a lot of friends in the initial site, do not know their own on site

a few years ago, Shanghai dragon is a new vocabulary, then I just go to college, do the operation of the friends told me that there is a dragon called Shanghai industry, the development of good, let me look at this thing, because the author also entered the Shanghai dragon era, and participate in the early days of Shanghai dragon WHY training it can be said that at that time, Shanghai dragon is very easy, no matter is the baby still love Shanghai, as long as you don’t cheat, the normal update site, increase the chain order, the effect will be very obvious site keywords.

Determination of

is not optimistic about the situation analysis and summary of

today, Shanghai dragon in the internet almost everywhere tend to flood the trend, mass, industry driven formation of links to the sale of the industrial chain, the emergence of a large number of pseudo original software makes normal industry become more complex, "where Chinese will be complicated" this sentence is also applicable to Shanghai dragon industry. We see, no matter what form of cheating within the industry, there are still owners behave most seriously, update the site, exchange links, and reasonable publicity. But in recent years, Shanghai continued love algorithm in disarray, so many rules of the owners also become frustrated, helpless, no matter what you do or have the right to be reduced, even by the K example, the author in this year is also suffered setbacks, but also summed up some truth, is willing to share with the webmaster, common progress.


once the site is down right and be K, many people first reaction is to blame love Shanghai, actually this kind of practice not only for nothing, also let oneself lose some of our confidence in the website, the correct approach is to first in the industry website, QQ group in the observation, if the majority of people and you are the same, so don’t panic, is likely to be search engine, search engine is relatively stable in most of the time, but does not rule out the possibility of sudden accident, basically if the situation encountered most of the websites of your website and the same industry are the same, so please continue your work before, wait, there will be a good result. If you find that only a small part of the site as you drop right, then we will observe the log ab initio analysis, observation, in the chain, the chain, outbound links, website security and so on, believe to be able to find the root cause is right down.


Running to improve the details of three new sites included speed to seize the multiplier

because human beings have a common problem is that the new government took office three fire, a new station will have a lot of energy to operate the site, so the content and the chain of new sites are soaring in a very short time, but this type of website construction boom is not enough to get love in search of Shanghai the engine is the focus of attention, if words are also negative attention, because for search engines, more want to see is the website operation for a long-term stable construction, rather than the frenzied days of construction, the next few days and there is no static approach, even if one day the chain growth rate the content of growth too fast, too much, it will be like Shanghai that is cheating, will be the site close to the black box in the longer time.


, a new online early not to install love Shanghai statistics

a new website successfully embodied a large number of many of the efforts, so many owners want their website once launched successfully, it can be the love of spiders in Shanghai included, and then hope to get a better ranking, in order to achieve profitability. But this idea if we do not pay attention to some skills, want to improve the site rankings and included speed is not a very simple thing, because some of the new site after just entering the Shanghai love field, Shanghai will enter into love box detailed observation, such as many defects of new station and the update speed of fruit the structure of the site, so the site to be released and get some ranking is very difficult.

two, website launch chain and content construction step by step

for a new website to avoid getting into this awkward situation? In fact, the method is very simple, as long as the focus on the three aspects of the details below you will find a new love Shanghai smoothly through the detection period, and received approval to increase the love Shanghai love Shanghai ranking is not a very difficult thing.

A new

webmasters on the line just on his website very high, wish every day through the love of Shanghai to look at how the website traffic statistics, but it is for those sites has been in operation for a period of time, is very appropriate, if a website is just on the line, so love Shanghai statistics will be installed backfire, because the installation process is to love the Shanghai statistical code embedded into the website, web spider through the code to extract traffic data on the site, and then back to the station to understand the statistics on the sea of love. If a new web site to install love Shanghai code, is a website is completely exposed in Shanghai love field, and a new station in terms of structure or from the contents of the original and the chain and forming quality can not be compared to the site, so in this case will appear to show the love of spiders in Shanghai your ugly, this is clearly not love spiders in Shanghai’s favor, not to mention the site included speed will increase.

So how to

three, do soft chain and quality chain

Early enthusiasm


The construction of the chain of social resource

two, CMS

has a very good effect in a few years ago, as a result, some webmaster, others will copy the template, add your own website and link, and for other owners to use.

look, love Shanghai’s search results, there is also a growing number of micro-blog, renren贵族宝贝 website ranking, and included the amount of the long tail word ranking is also very impressive. So where is the chain construction, not only very high quality, but also get considerable traffic sources.

analysis: there are many CMS systems free on the Internet, many websites especially personal website or some enterprise site, is to use the CMS system available, such as Dede, shopex, WordPress, ECSHOP, as the program is open source, the construction site is very convenient, as long as the corresponding template can be set.

chain construction has been the site optimization personnel, every day will do. So, what are the effective method for the construction of the chain, the chain can establish a stable and secure. Today, following the 10 swine Q chain construction method described above, then 5, I hope all of you how to do outside the chain, there is a little inspiration.

however, in mid April in MADCon, Shanghai, Lee love said, relying on free chain template to obtain, in effect slowly lose. Of course, if it is by invitation website webmaster manufacture template, one-way links added by the active site, if the site is similar to the theme, or the number of Q pigs still think of these links, the quality is quite high.

these social media, communication objects are to their friends and family, around the people around. For example, everyone in the online, on which a romantic novel good-looking, then Q literature stands on the reader, recommend a few, similar to ordinary female emperor’s wife, poisonous and handsome husband is a high school student, and other users, to enter the station after reading literature, also feel very good in their circle, many times Q pig station repeated literature recommendation, or web link address, which can be considered to be a very good recommendation.


familiar with the CMS system of the webmaster, can make different style template free for other owners to use, the only requirement is that adding template producers on the website of the Links. This template, add Links way for the chain.

analysis: here there are relatively well-known Sina, micro-blog, micro-blog, Tencent, renren贵族宝贝 Douban network such as social media, love Shanghai optimization guide, on how to obtain a ranking pointed out that the determinants which website can ranking in front, is recommended.




, a social media website

template system

analysis: the strength of the network.