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To explore the influence factors of ranking Shanghai know love

three, the content of the answerThe quality of

did not contain the keywords, but the problem is to write very detailed, high reliability.

is that we try to describe our keywords, to ask explicitly stated, of course, do not try to accumulate keywords, make statements are not fluent, normal to add 1 to 2, this ranking is still a little effect, you can look at it more popular word quiz in the front row the description is very well written, I just find the website promotion, found written in very good read more

Why love Shanghai show more about the Keywords content

loves Shanghai "see more on the" keyword "> >" for Shanghai dragon Er, there are also dangerous organic, everything has two sides, mainly to see how we operate, if you grasp the skills, seize the opportunity, the dangerous nature became machine. < >

we see from the chart, "keywords see more on the" key words "content" is to extract the content of the page title. We click see more about "Keywords" > > after love Shanghai into another sort search results page, as shown in figure read more

Love Shanghai credit rating and V buddy, you’re going to do


: if you are a business owner, see competitors in the sex Shanghai Jingjia, and the people of the "V" level higher than you, you are to Shanghai dragon ER pressure to engage in the opponent’s Jingjia website or to give them sufficient resources to support, to make their sites also have the word "V" escort


Baidu now and get out of something new, buddies you noticed? Yes, credit rating and V certification, is seen not above 9998, not 998, as long as 600/, yes, you’re not wrong, really as long as 600 years. The cat thought this thing Baidu out is to search for a user to build trust, the credibility of certification in a certain extent, but also for users to shield the waste site, improve the user experience, so the cat said: the launch of the V credibility of certification, will gradually affect the love of Shanghai Jingjia website ranking and click rate, which leads to influence the weights of the website, so this is a chain reaction, Shanghai dragon ER you know, let us wait and see! read more

Love Shanghai know several ways to answer questions add link

in addition, this method can only be added to WWW protocol as the beginning of the site, but not with 贵族宝贝, the other two level domains (such as bbs.28tui贵族宝贝) at the beginning of the URL is invalid.

2, love Shanghai know, love is to advocate some classification Shanghai link, to observe carefully you can feel. The medical industry audit strictly, the practice remains to be tested, not personally.

1, you can send the chain by hijacking love Shanghai search to do, for example, I want to send our 28 push BBS links to GG search under the 28 push station ranked first, the love of Shanghai search results link to search out the answers in Shanghai know when love, the premise is to push the Forum 28 ranked first keywords or in the first. The foreign chain growth is not great, but it is a kind of network promotion method. read more

How to Knowledge has no limit. systematic study of Shanghai Dragon Technology

Shanghai Longfeng for most web sites, is the best way to get traffic, especially for some less large such as B2C site, because many of the page, tap the long tail, limited cost plus so Shanghai dragon is particularly important. So what we can do to maximize the learning of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon everyone is really the chain so simple? In fact, Shanghai dragon is the Knowledge has no limit. systematic study, Shanghai dragon is not a simple thing. Put some of his own feeling to summarize and share with you today. read more

Improve the site page number included the full occupation of Shanghai love search results

was the first to talk about the increase of the site map, this basically has become the site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization standard, but the increase in map of the non conventional means they need to optimize the original content and the support of the chain, the chain is the site and the spider came to an important cause of the site map site and smooth ergodic, original content can let the spider experience gluttonous dinner inside the site, harvest more web content for the website, which is love Shanghai search engine included the inside pages of. If additional map, no original content and the support of the chain that is useless. read more

Keywords new station how to layout the detailed Laoniao

Title:title tags in the sentence should be placed on your main keywords, the most important, placed in the front. Generally the main keyword set 2-4 can be easily dispersed, too much weight of keywords, is not conducive to ranking. Special remind to love Shanghai suitable for display in the search results, the title is not too long to love Shanghai line search results can show all the keywords for the best.

2. column layout

if you put the three tag keyword layout well, let these three labels complement each other, your site will have a good start. read more

Shanghai Longfeng copy thinking more sincere and a little less routine

as a Shanghai dragon Er, we must let the reading people see our main point in writing, rather than at the time could not see any nutritious food. The main purpose is to see people reading the needs of their own resources, they seem half found not in experience is talking about the world, in the end with the theme of the 10 Fen relations are not, if you change the angle as the masses do you want? When writing, you can refer to the following:

why do this in the first place? Because the peace of mind is the primary factor to each industry, I often meet some friends on the Internet, once more, all sorts of strange things things too much. Occasionally seen some really good pre copy level Shanghai dragon Er, they also made some contributions to the large portal, finally passed. I believe that Shanghai dragon Er less there will be a feeling that, once they see their articles to be reproduced and countless discussions, the heart is excited and expansion; this is the norm, a necessary stage and we want to improve the weight. But some er for Shanghai dragon in order to improve force, feel the cow, "bull", then the mind has made expansion up to get out of hand. Do not know you have not heard a word " in success often the most dangerous " other unknown factors, not dangerous, but you and me; well, point to namely stop. read more

Shanghai Longfeng novice to learn to guard against the chain trap

today is the topic of many of my friends have seen a commonplace talk of an old scholar, but still talk about it, talk about Shanghai Longfeng novice to do outside the chain. Shanghai Longfeng work foreign chain is an important part of the chain good can enhance the role of large websites, especially one-way links, which also produces a variety of chain trap. If outside the chain into a trap, do not work, may also do marry clothes for others, their work is in vain not to fall down is good, others accounted for a great deal. Most of the chain trap is the use of some of the more subtle means tricks on the source code, so that the link is not a substantive role for your website, but the page can be seen on this link, some new friends not based often will see a link you think this place can do outside the chain, in fact not exactly (in the Cong blog to see him less for some take this so-called master bluff is abhorrent), following a brief introduction about the chain common pitfalls. read more

Site construction and optimization can be entered as the accumulate steadily

blind anxious to listen to others’ advice their head is the do what you want to do, without thinking, such thinking must be fail. The choice of the construction site or when want to go beyond the competitors, always want to know what their own to do so on the consequences of. Also need to do some what kind of preparation work will reduce the risk to a minimum, to maximize the opportunity. If you choose the wrong direction, or lack of preparation may be caused by a fatal blow. This is not alarmist, too many such examples. A simple example: Shanghai dragon Er doing optimization, will be the first to understand the analysis of industry, competitive analysis, web site, began after the optimization of the website, not just for the crash, and optimization model to optimize the site and have the same. Because they know what they are doing, because the judge thought error will be the consequences of what they are to optimize the professional personnel in Shanghai dragon. Therefore, even if a website optimization. read more

Talk about several factors affect website ranking in Shanghai harem in love

third, the site facilities as concubines beauty, if itself is not beauty, even if you have the brains, another patron, the emperor don’t look you in the eye one eye is useless. It means that your content is good, then the chain lineup huge, the hardware does not pass, in vain. Do not believe you when a few times, estimates will be directly love Shanghai "emperor" to pull into the blacklist. So, you want to rank well, we must find a good server.

This article from the

second, PinFei Sheng pet unabated must have the help of foreign aid, the website is no exception. At this time, the site requires the construction of the chain. The chain is also as can be imagined importance for a web site. Want to wait for love Shanghai "emperor" favor, these backer is needed. The chain is the most important, but also of many, the highest weight is Links. The second is the anchor text link, then the picture link and so on. A lot of Shanghai Longfeng company to optimize the website optimization, mainly through the form of the chain. For example, the same type of sites to exchange links in order to improve the overall weight of the site, in the forum, published an article in the blog, is a chain of construction. read more

Shanghai Longfeng site audit where to start

2, initial data

link evaluation the first thing I do is in the process of audit in the browser to open my mobile phone lottery software website, and perform data export. There are hundreds or thousands of links to the web site, I will go directly to the inbound links tab, and then exported to CSV documents. The export needs of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions of websites, from the "senior" report to OSE, these are some help.

1, the rapid identification of non natural link mode read more

Discussion on how to strengthen the credit business website website

All kinds of

third party certification


professional website image

no matter what type of website, should set up a separate page put on their website contact, contact to write more detailed better, let users in the website, want to contact us, can be found in a variety of ways, as users encounter problems, want to seek help or customer service is what happened. Do not contact us, if contact is not correct, or not all users will think you are a liar, you will doubt, therefore, we must have the contact details, including website, phone, QQ, email etc.. read more

Create a personal experience to share the love of Shanghai Encyclopedia

now have a lot of people want to try to create your own entry. But think it is too difficult to create a successful entry. So, how to quickly create love Shanghai encyclopedia entries, I summarized a little experience to share with you, although not what tips, but if you carefully analyze learning my three little experience, will be audited by the probability of large.


2, create entries before the directory structure you want to create the best entries in the book or other places make a note, in the edit entry will not go wrong. read more

From the following 2 aspects of the construction of high quality chain


2. external links anchor, the anchor chain can not are the same, to do within the chain like natural recommended, does not affect the user’s reading, best to let users of content users good at giving systematic guidance, linger, so the chain is successful.

The stability of

1. the best chain is released to the highest weight, can release the highest quality website, but this is not as spam, such as submission, are like this, the weight can give site transfer is very useful. The article makes the high quality website recommendation of your web site, readers will think your site has some readability. (the chain is not related to any use of read more

Design of website of Shanghai dragon too profound to be understood diagnosis

design company more and more attention to the network promotion, now this society no matter what the industry wants to survive, the effects are not despise the network, even now the three year old child will be online, what you want will be to buy online, this is, in the design industry issued a warning to us to enter the network otherwise, sooner or later will be eliminated by the society. Perhaps it is because we have seen the influence of network promotion, design companies have now recruit specialized network promotion Shanghai dragon talent, but because the boss do not understand, therefore, network promotion personnel recruit sometimes are not really master, often are a lot of new sites in the hand, when problems arise unable to find a solution, it is common to. read more

A new algorithm of nobility baby what Shanghai dragon is safe method

2: turn to page (cloaking), hidden in the search engine and the real user for two different sets of


listed above have a common characteristic: who are the website optimization method is very effective, can quickly improve website search results ranking in the noble baby. Also, they have a common point that can easily be found noble baby. Use these methods to optimize the website, sooner or later will face the punishment of noble baby.

J. C. Penney last week, due to the promotion by the nobility baby right down punishment for the use of paid links; and this week, the Forbes website for selling links and more sites were punished, punishment have emerged, Overstock is facing the same situation right down. The new algorithm in the noble baby these large, have been sacked for similar reasons. In such a grim situation, what is your station now safe? So there is a problem today: search engine optimization method is dangerous and what kind of what kind of method is read more

The importance of Shanghai bread crumbs navigation dragon optimization

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended:

user experience

solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attackedTopic: Learning >


Keywords to optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

3 and bread crumbs, "this kind of words can take home" into the site name, should pay attention to details. Breadcrumb navigation in Shanghai Longfeng although not the most important, but also has its role as Shanghai dragon is the detail, Shanghai dragon the key lies in the details, the details determine success or failure. read more

Three stages of love Shanghai down the right of recovery

two: site and domain normal

: a normal recovery site included

did not experience the site is down right webmaster is not good webmaster, have not experienced efforts to restore down right after the webmaster is not good webmaster, every webmaster are more or less experienced their operations or the construction site is down right through, especially for domestic love Shanghai, as the world’s largest Chinese search, many time is always unique. For example love Shanghai right down, does not seem to be a webmaster can understand that, according to their own website for the website home page is right down to talk about his love for Shanghai right down summary: read more

To improve the user experience of the website by hovering

Pacific computer network homepage classified according to the contents of the theme into hot spots, visitors would appear in the drop-down page after hover. Above will in general with the site back to the top of the hover button, this approach can indeed mentioned a lot of user experience.


, a large portal home page set

trademark registration entries:

can refer to any Wikipedia entry page for a page, Wikipedia is using a directory or paragraph in the form of division, and follow the scroll down, can help users quickly find their own content, and can quickly return to the top. read more