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I see the conversion of Amoysh419 Wang Zhan talks about the career path doing the right thing in the

012 years in July 31st, "sh419 certification" conference held in Hilton Beijing Hotel, from the well-known enterprises, universities, industry associations opinion leaders gathered to open the "sh419 certified" comprehensive social promotion curtain. At the conference site, Wang Zhan, vice president of sh419, shared his career experience and stressed the need to do the right thing in the industry."

when users use the keyword search to your website, click to enter a commodity, so much, not looking for that type of baby, the result will lead him directly off your website click on the link below.

two, in-depth target population, single product promotion

there was a time in the Internet to see Taobao customer daily earn 2005001000 a number of articles and tutorials, and found in a large number of online selling Taobao, also carefully read a few articles, some mentioned do flow in micro-blog with long tail keywords, some also do more to explain how the long tail keywords of a commodity to drainage in sh419 Post Bar. Maybe it can do up the flow, but the flow conversion rate, is through a large number of tedious work for us is that these come and go faster traffic today? Roast potatoes together with you talk about how to improve the conversion rate.

, a station humanized interface, enhance the user experience, the user to extend the residence time of

selection of goods also affect the conversion rate, think, or do not choose the cold door goods, this late hard work is probably futile, commodity promotion mom can see a commodity sales data, some 30 days of commission payments, such as goods relatively unpopular said the data is very low, who are not willing to go to the promotion, market demand is relatively low. We can select their own here will promote the goods.


, a sh419 certified, a happy job,

there is an old saying in China: "men are afraid to get into the wrong business, and women are afraid to marry the wrong man."." Wang Zhan said, I am very lucky, in the early development of the Internet Chinese entered into this industry, into sh419, "for each person, the most important is to choose the occupation career of the industry, to choose a suitable for their own development and industry play. Today, the Internet is undoubtedly the most advanced in this era, the fastest growing, the future prospects of the most beautiful industry."

talent shortage in the industry, sh419 is also deeply affected by it". Wang Zhan said, 7 years ago, when sh419’s annual revenue of 300 million, the industry is not a scale, the demand for talent is not large. And this year only a sh419 company revenue will reach about 20000000000, the entire market for talent demand can be imagined. Since the establishment of sh419’s search engine marketing department in 2007, the supply of talents has mainly gone through the internal training mode. Soon, by 2010, the sh419 division had become a "disaster hit" for other businesses, and many of its best people had been poached by 2-3 times as much as others. "Because the market is growing so fast, they need people, and it takes time to train people. The best choice is to poach people from sh419."." Wang Zhan explained.


the overall interface of a web site is two words for the person who accesses it. Feel good can in inside, see, even in their own interest to find some things, prolong their residence time on the page. The Taobao station, images of each product size should be moderate, simple arrangement, neat, described by some soft text, the whole to have a visit to the user as a shopping guide feeling, in this way, will it be possible to increase the turnover rate.

so when I suggest you do the Tao, the best choice of single product promotion. Single product promotion is more conducive to our further target population, we can use the community life shopping plate, group, space to communicate with the target user, of course, not too direct send ads, you can chat with them early some other topic, slowly talked with him very well, then appropriate to introduce them to you to the promotion of the goods. Roast potatoes in such a way that the promotion effect is relatively good, but a lot of skills, to get through in the practice experience slowly.

seeking is the explosive growth, talent supply continues to be scarce, has become a constraint to the development of the industry. sh419 needs to do something,

Internet marketing professionals in the workplace "flip board jump" confirms the fact that the entire industry for Internet marketing personnel need

According to

China well-known recruitment website "51job" data show that in 2012 Internet marketing post demand an increase of 97%, a total of about 1 million 160 thousand, while the number of job seekers is only 48-52 million, the supply and demand ratio up to 1:2.4, equivalent of 2.4 enterprises in a rush to the average search engine marketing talent, a huge talent gap. In the next 3 years, the demand for enterprises will increase by 30%, and the shortage of talents will be difficult to alleviate.

since Microsoft and CISCO can pass IT certification for the industry to train their own talents, as one of the world’s largest Internet media sh419 can also naturally. After some consideration, sh419 decided

women, female supplies has been keen to promote Taobao off the popular baby, in great demand, competition is very fierce, then it The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong.

but, Wang Zhan also admits, the most beautiful industry is missing talent, especially search engine marketing talent.

three, choose the right goods, to meet the needs of

the most beautiful industry, the most missing is talent


Within 3 months of a large number of methods to enhance the site outside the chain

2, forum, blog and other platform in doing all these things, many beginners are in a number of forums and blogs in a fixed blind copy, paste, because it really is very boring, so although it can increase the number of the chain, but the written content is easy to ignore, some people even too lazy to change the account, a two account frequently, the result is not the account was closed, is not the amount that browse, there is no one, not to mention what the chain, flow. Do BBS, blog needs diversity, not limited to several forums and blogs, the best of these sites is high weight, easy to be included. Some of the chain I did before, is four, fifty conversion forum, that included fast and stable, does not appear what repeatability, let search engine to maintain freshness, while visitors will feel fresh, feel useful, reproduced or preserved, can increase the number of chain and flow effectively, even the conversion rate. The title of the article to be fascinating, content targeted.

In addition to post

first, want to increase the amount of site outside the chain, you need to know what is the way to get the website chain:

1, Q & a platform such as love in Shanghai know, YAHOO answers, ask, search, question and answer, the interactive platform can be a very good and needs to interact in the platform to find their general site related questions to answer, answer in the natural join our site link, and help them to solve related problems let it, in what we say is recognized, can be very good for us to increase the site outside the chain of high quality, of course, this is the biggest advantage of improving site traffic.

can increase the chain, also can add the chain at the same time to comment.

3, also known as network network network favorites favorites, bookmarks, link storage tools favorites for the system came into being the inconvenience. The emphasis on the chain network favorites, because now a lot of people only know to do outside the chain, blog, forum, lack of diversification, so the chain is not natural. But if you judge the search engine chain is not normal, it is possible for your site drop right or reduce the effect of the chain. So you let the chain network favorites is one of the means of diversification. Here in addition to love Shanghai collection, search collection etc. there are many web bookmarks, you can try. >

Disclaimer: I am not talking with software such as mass cheating, it can rapidly improve the chain, but also great harm, was discovered accidentally the site must be right down, then The loss outweighs the gain.. The main chain of the needless to say, we all know, how much of a site outside the chain, quality directly affect the site’s ranking, the chain is not only to let love Shanghai day or the day included, more important is the stability of the high quality of the chain can bring good traffic to the site. If you do not a few days will be deleted if it doesn’t what effect is it? How to share with you the following methods within three months of massive promotion site outside the chain.


The latest Shanghai ranked 2011 love experiences


: the first page architecture with SE

third page: the internal rational strong inside chain

Er all know that love Shanghai ranking algorithm updates more frequently, often caused by fluctuating phenomenon ranking. In the rankings, Shanghai love fluctuates several ranking is normal, we do not have to confound, as long as you don’t cheat, just waiting for the adjustment can be observed. Continue to adjust the ranking algorithm also helps us do Shanghai dragon also should keep pace with the times and continue to practice and discovery algorithm changes, changes in the elements, so as to keep up with the situation of search engine. For the optimization for love Shanghai to promote some viewpoints and experiences unisignflex Shanghai dragon briefly talk about their own share. First, I’ll give you a formula look, I think Shanghai should optimize promotion sex according to the following formula to the multiplier. The formula is as follows: love Shanghai optimization promotion page architecture with SE = + high quality original update + page reasonably strong inside chain + high quality link

referred to here is said to update website update. The so-called high quality original is not and you the same information in the network, and the content is for users to provide useful information for users to solve or. False original article current search engine to weight is very low, because now the search engine has been able to distinguish the original from the original artifacts through certain technical means.

within the so-called chain refers to: share the internal links and no >

second: high quality instant update original

Shanghai Longfeng

as owners we all know, the general website is dependent on the search engine to display and publicity. If your site is built not the taste of the search engine, it is a failure of the website. So what kind of website with search engine rules? I simply talk about: first the site layout should be reasonable, the page can not ignore the feeling of the search engine in order to meet the visual experience, what does that mean? That is the page not too many pictures and FLASH and other search engines do not currently have a good recognition the element. In addition, the station of clear navigation is very important, clear navigation can let your visitors know at present in your web site and page browsing, not on the site lost direction. There is, set columns, page URL, first of all to static URL, why do this point you may know. There is a clear URL index to facilitate the search engine grab.

update is also very important, timely update the site information has a frequency to the index of the spider, the spider web feeding only, we can have a good record, a snapshot of the problem will be solved very well. The same stand in the user’s perspective, every day to update the content of the website users is also very love, because he can see the quality of different information on your site every day. Can enhance the user experience and stickiness and loyalty.


Optimization of the keywords ranking why not stable

well, the word "Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon" has no difficulty? Just love Shanghai, love Shanghai for you to find relevant results about 268000 (love Shanghai regularly clean junk pages, so great changes), PC (computer) index 58, mobile index 27, fell in love with the sea is 2 pages. The sea fell in love with the top 20 web sites, the shortest time site is 9 months.

website 1 shortcomings: user experience.

website 2 disadvantage: authoritative, it lacks most of the site.

today, most of the site is the original content, compared to those collected copy site advantage is much better, because the love of Shanghai, the original site is also paid more attention to.

No matter how long the word

for years and have been doing so, Shanghai dragon, Shanghai will certainly give the evaluation of love this site is very high, but also pay more attention to. Certainly than the new popular.

domain name 1:


time 2:

but sometimes to love Shanghai second page 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, most of them are in love in Shanghai before 2 pages, visible, my site belongs to the site 20 in the name of love Shanghai.

is up to do, we look at our own strengths and weaknesses.


The content of

everyone to love the sea search "Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon", see the rankings in the first few trouble, give me a minute, I just used the noble baby chrome and ie10 two version of 37.0.2062.120 browser were tested, "Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon" the words in Shanghai love home page eighth.

who are you? And what relationship? You do this for a few years? How many customer cases? You are not a good title, how could people believe you? Not just as simple as the rankings do go up.

like those domain names containing "Shanghai dragon" SJZ Shanghai "dragon" site, itself has certain advantages, because the good domain name will let you save a lot of manpower, time, weakness, this is the domain name advantage, so we must choose a good domain name before.

optimization ranking why not? I love for example, take their own site to push 1 push studio, one word is not stable, what word? That is "Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon", although the word is a regional word, but the competition is very fierce. So, I website ranking is not stable is normal.

so, if you want to play for, or >

Some sites do

this is all sites missing, how to enhance the user experience? Thought to the user’s perspective, your site can solve what your site to the customer? How to attract customers?



On site Shanghai Longfeng optimization process in the content construction of thinking oriented anal

first, the user needs analysis to statistics every hour and moment demand analysis is one of the core factors of our conception of website content. The main reason is the sufficient analysis you have to face the demand of consumers, as long as we can understand the needs of users according to the demand of creation to meet the needs of users, such as your site in the process of background statistics found that many friends are online search sites that sell jade is good, like the long tail words I found the website, with this opportunity, the author specifically targeted to write many articles, on the long tail word analysis and writing is a writing power and blasting point, secondly, is to solve user problems in certain aspects or doubts, to better meet the user’s search needs, this article is sure to be better to obtain the user’s favor, so enhance the site PV and viscosity is a natural.

as everyone knows, Shanghai dragon website optimization process, the content of the factors is the first one, he is not only the site of the blood, the best is the entrance site full of vitality and user interaction, how to effectively build our website content? The author today in its own web site in the optimization process and you do a little bit simple sharing, the author’s own website is a single page Station Guest, do the main keywords is Lantian jade, the author will make a detailed interpretation and everyone.

third, to find their own selling points, improve the content of the difference. After we analyzed all sites in the same industry content, this time you may find the Internet sites of the same type are very similar and identical, this time the author suggested that we should carefully consider my website and other websites at different points in what place, I mainly want to highlight the theme of the website which aspects of the problem, the next how to do is to put their own content to make a difference, instead of doing a same and peer web content, but the search for differentiation is a key factor to test planning personnel and operation personnel of the core, first requires a clear understanding of the industry, secondly, to their own products and their business must be done to end, can recite fluently from memory to their own advantage, inferior products, well. The author suggests that the resources of the strength of the company or individual can use the website or tag page for web content aggregation classification. Similar to the special website for >

second, a detailed analysis for the website of the industry. For example, finishing their own industry peers or competitors to their website, website structure, website content to conduct a comprehensive analysis, see their website is how to set the title, see their website content is how to do, how to embody the long tail words in the article, see their auxiliary column keywords and keyword is how to layout, although the content changes between the same industry website may be similar, but careful analysis can always find some do not good or others to do good, we must carefully leak filled this time, do everything to help the user to user details experience.


Love Shanghai hot real time preview adjustment algorithm

preview only for search results page for the latest information of this type. When we move the mouse to the vocabulary when real hot inside, the result is a preview of the search results page home page top, and belong to the latest information related to this arrangement, but when we move to Zhou Chenghai when the name, the result displayed is not the case, as shown below:




just love Shanghai is adjusted, but this is probably only to have love Shanghai accounts. Because only love Shanghai accounts in Shanghai love home to add real-time hot columns, actually love Shanghai before the launch of the home page to add the application, has been in Shanghai account for love publicity, tell everyone, love Shanghai registered account, can get a better user experience. Now the further expansion, perhaps is also just a test. But now let’s look at the Shanghai love this test, we can get the guess what.

from the results we can see that love Shanghai is pursuing the latest information this list ranking, how to make the site is our webmaster pursuit of adding the latest list. But the latest relevant information or observation we found that the site is a list of famous news sites. We can not think so, the relevant information is the latest hot love Shanghai for real-time of algorithm. The double s weight-loss drug 贵族宝贝cmxmc贵族宝贝 original, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you

in fact, before this, Shanghai has love love Shanghai in the search bar drop-down box preview test, but now has been removed, and now to be a preview of real-time hot test. Otherwise, guess, love improved Shanghai’s next step algorithm, will add the preview function. In the other search engines have a preview function and performance is good, love Shanghai is already in the hands of the test.


However, this seems to be


How to deal with the website about web site optimization process snapshot stagnation

: the first space suck. From yesterday afternoon to now, the speed of the open web site has been very slow, bloggers use is free hosting, free hosting fan phenomenon is there, the website does not open, the user can not access the site, when the spider to update the site can not access the site, it would give you a web site what new flow, your site what update it does not know, so snapshot of stagnation is quite normal. So the website in a line, the webmaster should find a good host for your web site, can save money on top of this, the most basic independent IP, free trial period, stable server, good customer service service is to want some, bloggers are now ready for foreign GoDaddy host, in it the Chinese website (贵族宝贝godaddy.idcspy贵族宝贝) that can provide SSL certificate for the electricity supplier site trial.

second: the suck. Website update frequency is usually in the morning update, the spider on the site of the update frequency also have certain habits, but did not update the article in yesterday morning, the update can not according to the original frequency, of course this article love Shanghai is searched but did not put into the database. It is possible that the original is not high enough, the spider web site can not find what they want, so not included is normal, but this space and suck, website open speed slow also has a relationship, may the spider didn’t come at all sites. So stationmaster people often say content is king, the webmaster can not ignore the content in the website optimization status. If it is because of the suck, snapshot of stagnation, the owners will update the high quality articles, attract spiders to crawl sites, as to how to attract the spider, previously also wrote "on new sites to lure spider web". To write high quality content is not very difficult, sharing website traffic sources, users come to your website to see what, for the user to write something is really high quality.

is also love Shanghai big update day last night, an act of love in Shanghai, let the webmaster glum, blogger sites are not exempt, keyword ranking dropped, no more snapshot snapshot overnight stop, we have to think of ways to solve the problem, find the problem, bloggers on their Kedeng blog analysis of the reason.

third: the chain suck. Love Shanghai big update, prior to update, the webmaster should seize the time to make the high quality of the chain, the blogger was very busy those days, nor to do outside the chain of high quality and stability, just also delivered a few soft, although the soft effect is good, but now the Internet is not good and soft to be reproduced, links disappear so the soft effect Not the least trace was found., what, who also don’t know. Do the chain is basically in the forum, but the forum outside the chain is very unstable, update time, outside the chain of a few hundreds, the quality of love in Shanghai on the site outside the chain is very important, reducing the chain >


How to ER and Shanghai dragon net to catch fish

method two: make full use of the advanced search

has experience of the old fisherman will determine where to fish, so they will cast their nets often gather in the place to fish, but not every smart fisherman put the nets in the few places, they will find a new place to put the bait. The same reason, many Shanghai dragon ER have a clear mind, do the chain to find those high weight website, but a lot of people do every day the chain is limited to the few sites: Shanghai know love known to every family (space, Post Bar, experience), Tianya, NetEase, Sohu, Sina, A5, Chinaz, ask, Shanghai dragon why, the site of the chain effect is very good, we all know that, but it’s not necessary to spend all day in these sites, the Internet is very big, we can go to dig some new sites. (before this, it is recommended that you install can display the browser plug-in below PR Alexa with convenient operation):



then is the display list in the selection of high quality website: we can see some of the posts are before a few minutes or a few hours and then released search records, we can see these sites into PR and see if this ranking, 2 are OK, we can think of some method of post a topic or reply. These skills I believe we all know more than me, in which I don’t do

we need to find some update website, how to find? We can love Shanghai in the search box enter a keyword + the date;

date transmission

said that if the Internet into a world of waters sea, Shanghai dragon ER is him, so the station is outside the station is link bait, fishing nets, and the spider is fish. A fishing people know that fresh bait is easier to catch fish, we built the station, station to have fresh content to lead the spider, it is often said that the original, the contents of many predecessors have said, not discussed here, mainly to a say how to put good net catching fish, following from finding a site with looking for friends of the chain in 2 aspects:

method: find the key word

looking for friends of the chain of this topic is not new, but to see a lot of Shanghai dragon ER to spend some time Links exchange group, at the beginning I was ignorant, in the group.

in Shanghai the input field enter the keyword, displays the search results, then we can see at the bottom of an advanced search, click the "advanced search", out of a page and then choose to search our limited "time is" choose "drop-down menu in recent days, with the best way is that we can look at the opponent in the past few days, where the hair of the chain, we can also go to. (this way some injustice, but in a way, this is also the competition is relatively feasible!)

Looking for friends of the chain:


Network promotion personnel need to have nine query tool

1, website ranking.

Alexa ranking query address: 贵族宝贝alexa.chinaz贵族宝贝/


3, the channel access ratio of

ranking query

Alexa ranking query tool is a tool to estimate the site visits. For your own website, we can accurately count the installation of 51la, cnzz and other statistical code access, but if you want to understand the other site is hard to do. Then we can use Alexa tools to analyze the competitor’s website, to understand the situation of other sites in the same field.

website ranking mainly by site visits to decide, generally speaking, the higher the amount of access to website ranking will. " global ranking " refers to the website ranking, all web sites in the world ranking Chinese " " refers to the site in all Chinese website ranking. By ranking, we can be very intuitive to understand the different site quality.

for larger sites, different channels are generally existed in the two level domain name form. In this way, we can have an understanding of each channel access. " in recent months, website access ratio of " is mainly for IP users; statistical data access ratio, " in recent months, the proportion of " page access; is the main user PV for statistical data access ratio.

Alexa ranking query tool is mainly about the following three aspects of the information, Yue Hao to " Zhongguancun online " as an example for everyone in detail.

here is a numerical estimate, although not the exact figures, but very useful. In general, the greater the value, the more accurate data.

network to promote the strengthening of the consciousness, more and more people began to join the network to promote the army. In order to win in the fierce competition, we must do network promotion personnel know " ". Friends, is to deeply understand the promotion of your site; itself, is fully aware of the competition website promotion. Website promotion can be reflected through some relevant data. Yue Hao believes that if the network popularization personnel can master the following nine query tool, will be able to carry out a comprehensive understanding and analysis of the site, to make a more reasonable promotion target and promotion strategy.

the following data tells us that in.

daily daily website We use

, a Alexa

With the


2, IP and PV


How to update the content of the website optimization


many owners often reprinted content from other sites, enrich the website, think you can enrich the content of the website, the search engines often come to visit my website. In fact, this is very wrong, as the saying goes with your enquiry, the content does not need too much, but must ensure the quality. High quality original content, of course, can effectively improve the site’s weight, and if the owners do not have the time to get too much of the original content, but also can be used to solve the pseudo original, reproduced charges of pseudo original content etc..

The attention of the pageSince

website in Shanghai Longfeng, keywords and chain, similar to the social one dress, and it can than a person’s speech and deportment. Dress, wear no problem, do not need to do too much, but the conversation is different, with the increase of time need to constantly improve, otherwise your website search engine will gradually be eliminated.

so, how to update the website content? How to update the content of the website, webmaster friends shared his experience for us:

"content is king", according to a website, the website content update is very important. So, the webmaster is how to update the website content? From the optimization perspective, how to update the content of

website Shanghai dragon, keywords, website content, the construction of the chain can be said to be the three most important aspects. These three aspects of the pros and cons, we do not hard to distinguish. But a friend is such a metaphor used here is suitable for:

if the original content is actually relatively small it can be appropriate to reduce the other duplicate content that page. At the bottom of the information, such as navigation, some less appropriate, can also achieve high difference each other.


The independence of the ?

original content, reduce the content of


many webmaster friends just pay attention to the original, so meager, attendance etc under the original capital, to the separate page content. Although these general conditions are absolutely original content, but most of them only a few words. The difference between each page and page 30% of the minimum, otherwise it will be regarded as a large number of duplicate pages, duplicate pages, and against the Shanghai dragon aspect.

pay attention to regular update, general >

content, there are some differences between

short content need to pay attention to different problems, so the original content longer, it is natural to the corresponding section. To make full use of natural resources, the specific number of word segmentation, according to the content of the page itself. Generally between 1000 words -2000 words. Section can increase the original content page, adding the page included, naturally the weight is not a small benefit.

regularly updated