Month: August 2017

New road network entrepreneurship, even without success, is also an experience

university has cultivated my tough character,

September 2002, because family conditions do not allow me to repeat (at that time, brother and brother are also reading, parents are farmers), I came to a university that I do not want to go, and started my college life. In college, apart from doing well in my studies, I started trying to do some small business in college to subsidize my college life. At that time, what was the money to do, tutor, agent, send leaflets and so on, have tried one by one, in the process of doing part-time job, gradually cultivate their own character and a good attitude without fear of hardship.

boring work let me initiation

After graduation,

, like other students, was transferred to the big job fairs. In May 06, after a difficult job search process, I entered an automobile logistics company in Wuhan and started my career. I was changed from a college student to a professional. Summer in Wuhan is unimaginable, the probation period every day are the basic parts of income, placement, on-line physical labor, remember every day clothes were soaked with sweat, remember every day after work tired of lying in bed motionless situation, remember the first month’s salary the excitement, but the thrill is behind the deeper understanding to the people in this world scene of debauchery is so difficult. Two months down people lost a lot, I also by an intern smoothly towards the management positions, the position of management work is relatively easy, every day is a small hunhun days, put their share of things done on all OK, all the other basic do not have to worry about. Began to feel very good, but for a long time, I feel this life is so boring, let me this has not reconciled to mediocrity of the poor boy more and more depressed, and after all, he is still young. If such a day passed, then in addition to a little bit of the monthly wages, what can I get? But want to calm down, after all their problems before graduation, social experience, economic conditions and so on have to make me feel secure, no choice.

met several friends in Wuhan in March 2007, when a friend was preparing to test civil servants in Henan, while several others were looking for jobs in Wuhan. In the process, I put my previous job experience and experience to friends, and analyzes the Wuhan jobs and our college students in the employment process of small skills, my analysis makes them very surprised. A few days later, something exciting happened. A few of my friends used some of my job hunting skills and methods to find a job that would satisfy them. Coincidentally, the friends of the civil service exam I used to give him an analysis of the examination methods, but also admitted to the civil service, and is still the first place in the results were hired. Later, with a friend for exchange, civil service exam experience, I do not know is coincidence, or really play a role, that friend was admitted to the civil service in Hubei. All of these made me very excited. When I was talking with my classmates, they suggested that I should set up an employment training institution for College Students


Responsibility allows websites to advance in the wind and rain

do stand and stocks, from the psychological point of view is very similar. Remember the day of opening stocks, because the stock price rise but also did not sell ecstasy, cash to the restaurant to make friends with congenial persons "zhumenjiurouchou"; the next day, the stock fell sharply, the heart is also the pain cut their meat, really do not want to eat". Until now, the price of the stocks have stimulated not my enthusiasm, really sit see cloud out feeling.

do stand also has a period of history, in retrospect, and the stock market mentality is extremely similar. When I first stood up on the Internet, than picking up a 1W dollars also excited, search engine is not included, I will tell all the people who can tell, every update, modify, hard work, the mood also changes with the site traffic and Chaoqichaola, therefore also had great sorrow too. The only idea in mind is how I can get more traffic, regardless of the quality. After a period of time, especially after we made the Yunnan city online line, the mentality is even more peaceful. This site was formerly a classified information network, traffic information update friends in general, is not very good, we get together to discuss something Yunnan network, the overall feeling of Yunnan network development lags behind other provinces and cities, to Yunnan or to Yunnan netizens leave regret and inconvenience, to get all the garbage station we feel some boring, think about their own struggle in this industry, what should be for the Yunnan

network development?

echoed, several friends have the same feeling. So, start planning positioning and direction of the site to a series of problems, we decided to focus on the development of segments of the industry and the interactive community vertical connection, construct an urban lifestyle portal website in our hard work in the forward step by step. Start early is quite hard, basically completed the work of several people a person, a lot of physical overdraft, a lot of time, have to give up the idea, but the thought of mind, think of you to give up your job to do this site, support each other, slowly recovered.

and the stock market actually caught, up feeling like the site is now increasingly popular. Sometimes some of the data is not updated, I want to sleep, but think if someone to your web site, no new thing is wasting people’s time and trust of others is irresponsible, and he becomes more of a sense of responsibility.

said, "our website is hard on the way forward, in the wind and rain, we encourage each other and spur on, and always feel that there is a force pushing us forward.". Now, is a kind of responsibility in pushing us, than the station, refuse to do more hard, but the station is personal, closing and opening are just what a wrong thought in passing and now, Yunnan city network actually think is not an individual problem. Internet users come in the need for and trust in our website. They feel they have what they need on the web, and they think we can provide them with information, so here we are,


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New station how to learn from other people’s SEO

do it for several years, but the technology is not how good, made numerous large and small sites, now that SEO has been important, you don’t do well, not to search for someone to be away from you, facing so many competitors, and you only continue to competitors, learn to blows the competitors will continuously improve the level of their own. I have a station, Here’s a summary of how I used my competitors in the SEO process. Probably not every one is effective for everyone, but there’s at least something worth studying.

1.Meta optimization

‘s own writing of meta is sometimes a confusing thing because it’s always not perfect and, if it doesn’t work well, you have to make changes based on search engine performance and site statistics. But with competitors, you can save some time. What we have to do is choose the keyword related to our web page, and then refer to the competition to integrate the keywords into the meta.

2. page layout

Html the use of tags, keyword density and location, URL naming page layout have a large weight in SEO, especially for Baidu, so the study of the competition according to the characteristics of their web page layout modifications, you can save a lot of time, but the weights of each web page is not the same, so you not only to study the leading competitors, also can look backward than their competitors, take the essence and discard the dross.

3. internal link

An internal link structure model of

is not a small project, you will find the truth when you do ZhengZhan optimization. If you don’t have enough external links to prove which pages are important, then you can prove them by internal links. When every page you link to the home page, search engine, of course, think the home page is important, give very high weight. So you learn the internal link deployment of competitors and the performance of the related pages on the search engine, and then make a similar deployment based on your own site. When your website has many pages, you will find that internal links and external links are equally important.

4. links

when you don’t know who you are and who you are looking for, a competitor is like a light that lights you up. Although you may not have competitors such resources and brands, sometimes, but others have pointed out the direction for you, and the rest of them go on their own. When your website reaches a certain level, other people are naturally happy to link with you, and when your website looks good in others, others will automatically find you to link.

5. external link

analyze the external links of competitors, but if competitors are black hat, message boards, blogs, you don’t study. Because probably


Yanjiao life circle; local life gateway; profit sharing


, I worked with 163K for 2 months, and now I have recovered about 10 thousand yuan of investment and realized the profit. Expected in November net profit of 10 thousand yuan.

first, the status of the city portal area introduced

1. Yanjiao is a 30 minute drive from the Beijing CBD car place, is a small town, belonging to the Hebei Langfang, but the distance is so close to Beijing, Tiananmen is 37 kilometers, so more than a few counties in Beijing from the Tiananmen near it, 1/2 of the population living here is the white-collar work in Beijing. So the residents of the Internet rate is very high, these people buy a house here, here to buy Building Materials Building Materials City, looking for the decoration decoration company, to the supermarket shopping, here in the hotel restaurant invite friends to dinner, shopping malls in here…… Here, the boss and buy a lot of CEO our 163K program home area almost 60%, has a computer, put in the store, 50% have access to the Internet, mostly just bought, or just for the broadband, 50% can only print type, not the Internet, they are QQ, but many are not even the QQ album pass.

2. Yanjiao netwall, Jingdong hotline are local well-known portal website, ranking basic within 10 thousand, for more than 4 years. So I am still full of challenges to do this Yanjiao life circle again.

two, webmaster heroes background

graduated from the Department of computer science of Liaoning University of Chemical Technology in 1999. He was called Fushun Petroleum Institute at that time. 4 years of studying computer, basic school English level 6, neither the computer program, did not understand the hardware installation, the database is to understand some of what the SQL statement, but not the SQL language programming operation.

came to Beijing in 1999, the 2 and a half years of training, there will be five strokes will be able to find a job in Beijing, then worked in China enterprise network for 2 years, working in the first half of the Alibaba, later work in a well-known Beijing network company for 4 years and 8 months, sales training manager from the training, do business director, deputy general manager of the last 2 years, is responsible for the affairs of company size, company from the initial development of 6-7, to nearly 60 people. During the period, we have rich experience in network marketing, website construction, business negotiation, marketing strategy, staff training, team building and enterprise culture construction.

by the end of 2008 in Yanjiao to buy a house, there are a lot of understanding and awareness of Yanjiao in June 2009, turnover, because it is already 35 years old, so basically impossible to do or which company deputy general manager, try to do something themselves, met 163K advertising in Chinese station webmaster, is 163K powerful, deeply attracted to beautiful atmosphere interface, remember that when there is a month’s time, every few days and asked 163K Yang Hao questions every few days to ask some questions, after 2 months of investigation, comparison, analysis.