Individual website stationmaster says to die not

More than 70%

network is personal station, believe that the success of personal site is not much, the Internet is full of uncertainty and the carrier at a loss, then the individual station to how to make your own website to avoid risks, not lose the direction to adapt to network and social actual demand and refused to die

?The cause of death at

personal site:

1. content can not keep up, the point is not brilliant, and content reorganization is not a person can easily complete, need to broaden the knowledge and new personality to participate. read more

Website design analysis draw line diagram, easy to ignore several things

through the observation work and summary, I found a lot of new interaction designers and product, drawing a line in the diagram will ignore some important content, important problems and lead to visual designer communication cost increased, rework increased, decreased work efficiency, design quality. In order to solve these problems, on the one hand, we need to strengthen communication; on the other hand, we need to consider the design of wireframe in the visual angle, so as to make our cooperation more tacit. read more

[original]dede website modify template path tutorial, refused to stencil leak stolen

I believe we used Dede website there are many, many times we are directly copied a templetsdefault folder name to modify the template to change out the path, but if you do the template, often a lot of local

is not considerate because not all functions are available. Access to functions that do not exist, and sometimes expose the true path of the template.

1, batch modify template file


method uses batch modification tools. For example, your template directory is, then you need to batch replace {dede:global.cfg_templets_skin/} and $cfg_templets_skin; > for /templets/default or other security paths. PS, batch modify tools, there are many online, I use the Qingyun server that is easy to use (not AD) read more

Fanchon let your prices can not flow

further increase the site traffic IP, the site every day to update, included, how to say these become traffic,


can have the very method on the Internet, here I say, fanchon collection. Website with good words, every day for their own web site to bring good traffic, and practical is relatively strong.

updates his website every day. Conveniently, the above information on the website, first-hand information to a large collection site, at the same time, you can bring good traffic.

Now the

network, basically in the right click on the above can be directly, this method can easily save yourself a lot of time. At the same time, also can quickly and conveniently reprinted content to the network, share with others. read more

Meet again, Shandong SEO team interview

in a driving school friend of a busy week of network maintenance, simple operation of the software, and those of the poor coaches and students in completely escape from the space station. Although the salary is good, but also people tend to feel in such a comfortable life to indulge themselves, their do stand level will drop behind. Yesterday, resolutely refused to drive the leadership of the stay, and then back to Ji’nan, to fulfill a commitment to meet with the Shandong SEO team Bai Bing. read more

Clear user experience requirements through user experience research

After discovering and analyzing business objectives and customer needs,

should translate them into experiential requirements and (final) features. Guidelines for defining experiential features and experiential requirements include:

·: BACKGROUND: what is the platform for submitting experience? Is it a browser on a desktop computer, or a wireless device like Palm, VII, pocketPC, mobile phones,


· environment: what is the experience of environment? The way home office??? The dim light? There is no danger? The user experience is occurring on a single platform, desktop computer, handheld devices, mobile phone or read more

It’s not easy to be a novel station

see some friends to make a novel station, I have a heart, because recently been reading novels, feeling novel traffic is very large, so I also started in May in a novel energy-saving


program is Jackie, a server shut off for 24 hours a day by a collector, alas, more afraid, or novels stand easy.

I am now and Baidu consumption time, see when it included more pages, anyway, the server is shared with several friends, / month / person /150 yuan, the price is OK, when the investment fiction station to play. read more

Share some ways to deal with cyber cheats

Two days before

, 1 met a liar, the cause is this: he bought my program, let me help the installation and debugging, do not pack after the service fee is 50 yuan, the Taobao deal, we sell program is to help others to do well, give him finished directly after the station, but in the chat in the process of feeling of the people is also very good, he will not let me teach him from distance, then I want to teach people, will help him get up in the remote QQ. As we all know, QQ distance is relatively slow, I am also very patient with half a day to help him. Finally, he asked, can you name, I can say, and tell him how changed after setting, and then he changed the domain name. In the evening, when he had finished all, he pulled my QQ black and asked for a refund on Taobao. That’s why I didn’t provide service. I thought, "why is this man a liar and a little suspicious?". Finally, how he is not back, but I got angry, because the 50 pieces of money does not matter, but I spent half a day to teach him, not necessarily a grateful heart, in turn the pig so heartless people make unfounded countercharges, must not let him go. Before doing sales skills learning website sales. ( when they encountered a liar, so there is a little experience, is not afraid, and about his search for his together available information (which is really a stupid liar, Taobao transaction, buyers can find information all about him, home address, telephone, mobile phone what), so I A5 out to expose fraud to cheat issued stickers, detailed chats and events (thank you webmaster friends posted the top, attention) describe out, we are very angry, he taught a technique, in turn return kindness with ingratitude evil for good. Good is the Baidu second days included in this post, it is like a liar in the online business to pull off the assembly line, estimated his QQ was a liar search out the post, lost a lot of customers, he let me know, I do not delete, delete, Taobao there is also no confirmation, no way at last he still beat me, darling confirmed. read more

Promotion of small and medium sized enterprises website and network camp sales experience

          when it comes to the development of enterprise websites, business owners feel a lot of emotion. Especially small and medium enterprises of enterprise website increasingly disappointed: " thought huataijiaqian, then there will be snow on the enterprise website orders, did not think the enterprise website does not bring business, but has accumulated a variety of increasingly high cost and a lot of annoying spam! " corporate website is the enterprise; the main as chicken ribs, tasteless gesture. read more

New road network entrepreneurship, even without success, is also an experience

university has cultivated my tough character,

September 2002, because family conditions do not allow me to repeat (at that time, brother and brother are also reading, parents are farmers), I came to a university that I do not want to go, and started my college life. In college, apart from doing well in my studies, I started trying to do some small business in college to subsidize my college life. At that time, what was the money to do, tutor, agent, send leaflets and so on, have tried one by one, in the process of doing part-time job, gradually cultivate their own character and a good attitude without fear of hardship. read more

Responsibility allows websites to advance in the wind and rain

do stand and stocks, from the psychological point of view is very similar. Remember the day of opening stocks, because the stock price rise but also did not sell ecstasy, cash to the restaurant to make friends with congenial persons "zhumenjiurouchou"; the next day, the stock fell sharply, the heart is also the pain cut their meat, really do not want to eat". Until now, the price of the stocks have stimulated not my enthusiasm, really sit see cloud out feeling.

do stand also has a period of history, in retrospect, and the stock market mentality is extremely similar. When I first stood up on the Internet, than picking up a 1W dollars also excited, search engine is not included, I will tell all the people who can tell, every update, modify, hard work, the mood also changes with the site traffic and Chaoqichaola, therefore also had great sorrow too. The only idea in mind is how I can get more traffic, regardless of the quality. After a period of time, especially after we made the Yunnan city online line, the mentality is even more peaceful. This site was formerly a classified information network, traffic information update friends in general, is not very good, we get together to discuss something Yunnan network, the overall feeling of Yunnan network development lags behind other provinces and cities, to Yunnan or to Yunnan netizens leave regret and inconvenience, to get all the garbage station we feel some boring, think about their own struggle in this industry, what should be for the Yunnan read more

New station how to learn from other people’s SEO

do it for several years, but the technology is not how good, made numerous large and small sites, now that SEO has been important, you don’t do well, not to search for someone to be away from you, facing so many competitors, and you only continue to competitors, learn to blows the competitors will continuously improve the level of their own. I have a station, Here’s a summary of how I used my competitors in the SEO process. Probably not every one is effective for everyone, but there’s at least something worth studying. read more

Yanjiao life circle; local life gateway; profit sharing


, I worked with 163K for 2 months, and now I have recovered about 10 thousand yuan of investment and realized the profit. Expected in November net profit of 10 thousand yuan.

first, the status of the city portal area introduced

1. Yanjiao is a 30 minute drive from the Beijing CBD car place, is a small town, belonging to the Hebei Langfang, but the distance is so close to Beijing, Tiananmen is 37 kilometers, so more than a few counties in Beijing from the Tiananmen near it, 1/2 of the population living here is the white-collar work in Beijing. So the residents of the Internet rate is very high, these people buy a house here, here to buy Building Materials Building Materials City, looking for the decoration decoration company, to the supermarket shopping, here in the hotel restaurant invite friends to dinner, shopping malls in here…… Here, the boss and buy a lot of CEO our 163K program home area almost 60%, has a computer, put in the store, 50% have access to the Internet, mostly just bought, or just for the broadband, 50% can only print type, not the Internet, they are QQ, but many are not even the QQ album pass. read more