Sina micro-blog profit modelHow to find an entrepreneurial partner partner team, how to solve the co

Sina, micro-blog’s most prominent resource and advantage is celebrities and entertainment stars. If this resource is invigorated, it will be easy to generate income.

if we now believe that micro blog is very difficult to obtain the profit or rather handsomely, because we are thinking of thinking, that Twitter now profit is how, so is the micro blog China.

for example to explore business model, simply by using micro micro century social philosophy and micro business philosophy to create a micro-blog game, it is not a simple game, not a single business model, but a kind of social and business forms, it can make a micro blog site through the game to achieve sustainable development. read more

How to reduce and avoid invalid clicks of shlf1314 AdsenseAd alliance custom advertising specificati

is the catch up from behind Ali mother strenuously, shortly before the increase in the number of ads, but overall still along shlf1314 AdSense road in walking.

      in theory, invalid clicks are impossible to avoid altogether, as it depends on the user’s behavior and the judgment of the shlf1314 Adsense. On the one hand, the user’s spontaneous click is the webmaster can not control, and in addition, shlf1314 Adsense invalid click on the judge is not open, but also publishers powerless. read more

Talk about my first experience of being cheatedLinkedIn founder Hoffman founder of the second line w


sometimes, when you think about it, it’s so nice to be young, what you want to do, what you think of yourself now, you have a lot of ideas and very little, but it’s a big price.

is a little impetuous, lacking patience and experience.

When the founder of

recently, the emergence of a new trend, many founders in the position of CEO has achieved remarkable achievements, such as Amazon’s Geoff · Bezos Jeff Bezos, Apple’s Steve · Jobs Steve Jobs and the oracle of Larry & middot; Allison Larry Ellison. read more

Everyone Taobao era want to join Taobao customers, please think twiceWhat are the ways to make money

many people of high moral standards is not by the psychological petty people make money, released every kind of information on the Internet, but we think that it can provide free information to earn money? If they can earn money, why not do it yourself, and give you a lot of things if? Half do not know if you jump out, stand in someone else’s point of view to think about it, if you have a long-term, stable, profitable projects, you will be free and I think, submissively? You have the answer to read more

EBay foreign trade station in China, began betaGrowing troubles category Pin website this si


Liu Pingyang thinks, at present many domestic Pin website concentrates in what he says first and third kinds inside. "Because the second is not so close to the money as the first, nor the third as associated with the original business."."

technology news news June 21st, eBay in China foreign trade website has officially begun public test. According to the introduction, this new platform to provide online services for international sellers and buyers of Chinese. read more

Large companies should avoid entrepreneurial disease not too fast reactionIf you don’t see the succe

Internet start-ups aren’t easy. Are you ready to start a business or start a business? Or are you ready for this venture? What are your chances of success?. For entrepreneurs, starting a business is a tough marathon. Success depends on whether you can keep it up. You may succeed or fail if you stick to it, but if you don’t stick to it, you don’t have a chance to succeed. Sometimes, you insist on doing something. There is a saying: if investors in victory, often only embrace failure; if you persist in the difficult, often will get a new success. I hope this will give some encouragement to my friends who are in the difficult period of starting their business. read more

Entrepreneurs say Internet takeaway takeaway really make moneyInternet money three big fudge master

is heavily rack the brains!

if there is any offence, be much more inclusive. More than three are engaged in the field of Wangzhuan is not the same. They are also leaders. But not too many for beginners

began to participate in the big and small road show in Nanjing around July 2014, hoping to get the first financing before the beginning of September, so as to facilitate better work in the second half of the year. However, our scale was far short of investors’ expectations, and everyone said, look at the second half of the year. read more

Do some suggestions English Wangzhuan noviceSEO can make a lot of money, too Conductor financing $20

Besmertnik SEO: love enterprise search engine advertising and display advertising effect is good, but the price is relatively expensive, to social media marketing play effect is not necessarily better than advertising, while the SEO price is cheap and can attract many consumers. When there is a use of SEO when the same type of enterprises, other enterprises must also not resigned to playing second fiddle to choose Seo. Thus, SEO for enterprises, the temptation is very large, how can not "love"?". read more

8 million, fans of Amy and 500 years ago Martin Ruud triggered the content of entrepreneurship think


it is not found the credibility of 4 drill drill 5 even crown, monthly sales of over a hundred sets of agents have no problem here?. This is not who Ling Bo deliberately slandered, but in fact, I am one of the victims. Ling Bo was once in the middle of a month

in the past year, I have been frequently asked how to look at content entrepreneurship in a variety of speech occasions. I think the most important thing is to answer the two questions from the macro logic first, why the content entrepreneurship, and why it happened today, read more

Silicon Valley entrepreneurs summed up 57 entrepreneurial experience product supremeTaobao guest sta


team building,

fund raising

4 makes the most decisions on the basis of consensus, but the only CEO has the final say. From the first day it became clear.

1, if your 2 to 4 person team can not make profits in 6 months to 1 years, then there must be a problem. Unless you choose not to make a profit, it must be your choice, not the market.

3 has always had an option exercise plan.

is the competitor analysis website, your best teacher is your opponent, you need a few aspects to analyze your opponent first, use intitle to query the main competitors, they also look at those keywords how density optimization. Second, look at the competitors’ Web site structure and content pages, especially in the pages of the links do well, this is related to the weight of the site. Third, look at the web site of the chain, their main chain from where to come, he can do the chain of place, you can also do? read more

Bitter forced three new board enterprises will be more than one! Because the 832 poor counties have

2, registered in poor areas, the latest year to pay income tax of not less than 20 million yuan, promised to be listed within three years without changing the registration.

When the

file was out of everyone would not pay, yesterday when Lankao County paper Fujie suddenly realized the seriousness of the problem: by 2020, all counties have fled, then in 2017 the relocation of poor counties to listed company do not walk without "reported that trial of the

heard that Taobao set up shop is good, online start-ups paradise, investment is not much, so began to test the water, anyway, do not how much money invested. Sell what, listen to a friend said do not understand the online selling calls is good, do not need to inventory, do not need logistics, but need to buy a prepaid recharge software, this software will be 300 yuan, did not understand to bargain, now know as long as a few dollars can buy up. Kui. Buy after selling software people under the guidance of assistant for uploading the data package, release of goods, recharge to a lot of people, but do not earn money, one can only earn a little money, but found that this software can sell, and sell a up to 400 of the Commission, only to find the original money let the people selling software to earn their own income, and they contributed a sum, since they can sell the software you want, I can. As a result, while selling telephone calls and selling software, the charges are many people, the credibility of a very short period of time rose to a drill, I am very pleased. Software but no one to buy, and make friends with a Taobao account to buy some recharge software in my shop, let the sales record breaking 0 embarrassment, it later, there were some real buyers found I sell calls good, also want to buy the software, a month has sold 2, not easy ah. Earn the money to buy the recharge software. read more

She lost her husband at the age of 22, but at the age of 40, counter attack became a ten million ric

in order to reduce the burden of the family, Chen Xiaoying was forced to quit school to go out to work, did not fully read the junior middle school she had to go to Hangzhou to do a dyeing factory workers, fortunately she met Nie Tengfei in the printing and dyeing factory, this is her first husband.

Whenever you start

‘s father, the whole family had no financial resources, and even survival became a big problem. Chen Xiaoying often ate the last meal, and every time he went to the fields to do farm work, he was hungry and had a good rest. read more

Grassroots from the growth of WeChat, learn from the growth of its brand

, a mobile chat software that sends voice, text messages, video, pictures and text over the Internet to support multiple crowds, is correct. Tencent defines WeChat as such. As a software that has been up for only two years, its growth can be said to be amazing, and it should be said. 400 million of the users are not only the embodiment of WeChat’s function, but also the appeal of the brand. Open WeChat quotes applicable to the crowd, fun, human, social and other personalized labels abound, and as a platform with a large number of traffic, WeChat will naturally be favored by marketing personnel. Especially in the micro-blog activity level drops today, WeChat’s existence obviously has one kind of substitution tendency. read more

Original article is not blog network marketing all

original articles on a website or blog, is very important, and the major search engines have paid attention to original content, but the original content does not represent the flow, this article related narrative is also very much, here no longer repeat. Remember the sunflower this sentence is true: if you want to have success from the palace, if has not succeeded from the palace.

red blog according to its own practice and experience and analysis of many sites, from another angle to explore the original content of the website SEO optimization dialectical relationship. SEO although there are a lot of factors, but for grassroots webmaster, two of them are the most important, at least for now is the most important: originality + drainage. read more

My website needs more stinky eggs

open the Internet, I often confused, and many sites, I do not know which one. Like a million roads ahead, where should I go,


, SOHU, QQ, or want to these old faces. Sometimes you put HAO123 in the home also imagine the help I call it a result of a pile of navigation, web site, always can not afford to hook me to click their desire, is my good taste? It is not, I also eat turnip cabbage, it is not picky, that ye not move your hand to open the strings behind many secret words? These two days is always the problem want to break the head, I was too lazy, or stuff does not meet my appetite? When it comes to the Internet, I have more than ten years of age, nine years of the MODEM era. Just get some new excitement. That is not to, now all the fun of worms. Oh, yes, think of this, I suddenly understand, this is rare, now. Much cheaper than the Chinese cabbage, of course bookstalls, looked at the faces a similar plot of the same news website, no wonder that often are sometimes reluctant to use lazy hands. Hey, this site, so much effort built, no one watching, depressed bar. Here suddenly feel Ali’s father is really a wise man, let mom take off the apron, out of the kitchen door, put up the stalls for the sale of advertising out, both sides are happy, the income is really high, the future might mother will organize several web site fairs, some like tickets ready the talent market in Guangzhou, you will find a few stars out of a 5 million lottery website, perhaps to see the website to send the beauty activities, than the big supermarket sales is also lively, ha ha, a large number of sites to hold front, chest hanging on each site, "I am Chinese XX more is the second largest in the world, next to many more excited cheers, all the Olympic passion are out of the scene as the first game of the year CCTV" the same song ", ah, the network nerve is adjustable Move up, every small webmaster are excited, and that flow like water came. Originally, the lack of sense of the Internet market is a bit excited, lack is to show their elegant demeanor stage, that is the lack of a burning passion of the flame, so I always hide in the lonely website that didn’t notice the small corner. So I put one thousand if a combination of a rest, if, if we are together, formed a website alliance, a network evaluation center, a standard website evaluation system, so we are not lonely, because of it, we will continue to see their own shortcomings, we will continue to progress, it will continue to go beyond yesterday, our website will build better, more meaningful, more features, because we have a mirror, you can see your success and shortcomings of every day. LINux’s success lies in its progress from the tens of thousands of organizations of amateur computer enthusiasts, it is their continuous efforts to create the present glory. read more

Where is the stationmaster’s transformation

Hello, or am I a hawker?. The exam yesterday when back thought of transfer station license plate problem! Write its own idea at


now society, people are more impetuous, job hopping is commonplace, and now I also say that our webmaster job hopping,

station (base to transfer necessary after the occupation, occupation)

here is the webmaster is only site webmaster! Rely on advertising through the days of webmaster, website income in general with the flow increase slowly increase,


as long as you do it seriously, you will have a harvest in general. Here are some of the industries that the webmaster may turn to! read more

How to become bigger and stronger in local communities — on the success factors of Tianya


local communities become bigger and stronger — a brief account of the success factors of Tianya is founded in March 1, 1999 and was named as "the most humane community in China" by the end of the year". The division of the newly established small column, only the stock forum, Tianya Zatan, computer technology, the emotional world, Yi Wen notes (later renamed wuwennongmo), the news, sports, focusing on a teahouse (renamed leisure Books), tourism and leisure, Hainan development, mutual aid and other basic Tianya forum. A small local website, how within a year of gains of the large number of users of the heart, and how to become the world’s most influential Chinese community in twenty years? Specific feature set, section arrangement, team operation will not say, and from the background, idea, talent, topic four about the horizon why is the success, hope to provide some reference to the local community management. read more

Website and business do the same, must be speculation


a forum to share my recent speculation, that investment of hundreds of the ocean on the establishment of a web site please pass by, this method is not suitable for you now, the time is not the same, not in a few years ago, as long as you know SEO can make money era. Now to do a good job in a website, in addition to certain skills, but also need some money to invest. For example, I am now the forum server costs plus activity costs, I plan to be 50 thousand yuan.

preparatory work: 1, after the forum program is set up, register yourself with 500 small registers first. 2, no matter what method you use, please try to use the trumpet to enrich the amount of your forum posts. 3, you can change links, try to change some links. 4, submit the major search engines, so that they included. read more