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A new algorithm to update and adjust your love in Shanghai also calm it

no matter how search engines can not recognize whether we buy links, our best is to optimize the formal, do not use this method as well, after all, is not easy to hard to do site.

if you don’t know what is love Shanghai fire please patiently observed a week to adjust for the good, can also reflect the situation of Shanghai complaints through love.


algorithm to adjust the lead to drop right third points:

a recent update, is currently a hot discussion is that "the love of Shanghai anti hyperlink algorithm", the news came out, the Internet community and the Shanghai dragon boiling, some people are happy people worry, happy people are those who do regular people, not opportunistic. The people who worry is those who use the algorithm from natural vulnerability, cheating site.

algorithm to adjust down the right the first point:

have a large number of websites related to unilateral point to your site, so the chain end is you bought, or your website experience is good, others give you the link, I believe that the search engine in this area does not necessarily have to recognize, presumably just love to deter these through the purchase of Shanghai warned link chain webmaster.

2012 is the Shanghai Dragon World turmoil years ah, this day Shanghai continuously adjust and update algorithm, each update algorithm, there will be a number of Web site is K or drop right, this year’s love Shanghai update frequency is high, the search engine ranking fluctuations are large, attracted a large number of owners complain about countless.

algorithm to adjust the lead to drop right fourth points:

love Shanghai because it is a new update algorithm, are generally may have from which we may, many people are aware that the algorithm has just been launched, it can’t be 100% perfect, will update the previous adjustment algorithm by some of the regular site, if you are this kind of false hurt good words, this is no way, the only solution is to wait until the love of Shanghai, the next update can restore your website.

external links in our general chain way: forums, blogs, business network, Q >

algorithm to adjust the lead to drop right second points:

Links belongs to the hyperlink, so the Links effect is not outside, and now Links must be a priority among priorities, upgrade algorithm proposed, not exchange links recommended, is probably the only Links we have more links to related web sites that can link the site or indecent cheating on the site, Links now focus on quality rather than quantity, so we must take this check, the low quality of the website rather than not, don’t hurt my website

for only some views in this algorithm update caused a portion of the site is down right reference:


Has your business plan been downloaded yetProfessional fee question and answer website Pearl financi

Ding Hong

records business plans for business information, often with confidential attributes. But in fact, they are not so confidential: in the Internet world, business plan leakage is quite common. What impact will this have on an enterprise,

for infringement, flash Tao said: "if the business plan of the content with the above conditions, human rights and the provisions of the confidentiality obligations of the corresponding words, once someone without permission to open communication, it will cause infringement."



this kind of business plan involves trade secrets? The public distribution will cause infringement? Guangzhou Beijing Yingke Law Firm senior partner flash Tao lawyer said, to determine whether the infringement, first look at the business plan the contents constitute a business secret.

, the San Francisco based company, formerly known as JustAnswer, will use the money to promote products around the world, expand the mobile sector, and increase staff. Pearl currently has about 300 employees, half of whom are full-time. They use the new capital to recruit the first employee was Eric · Erik Zech; Zeke’s first CFO, he will serve as Pearl.

Pearl just announced a $25 million A round of financing this summer, bringing the company’s total financing in 2003 to more than $50 million.

but the business plan for the "public lesson number one" for "entrepreneur’s first lesson"

Unlike competitors such as

flash interface, as long as the technical information or business information to satisfy the corresponding conditions can constitute trade secrets, "relevant information constitutes a trade secret must have a secret, practicability, security three conditions." Specifically, this requires that the relevant information is not known to the public; it can bring economic benefits and practicability to the obligee; the obligee has adopted confidentiality measures for the information.

indeed, anyone can find all kinds of business plan to share platform in Douding nets, sh419 library and other documents.

‘s professional toll quiz website, Pearl, has raised $25 million 700 thousand in B round of financing. It and the domestic sh419 know, know almost all the same, not only professional, but also charges, we have had before introduction.

before and after February 15th, when readers attention WeChat public "entrepreneur class" and "send keywords business plan", will be an article titled "85 A wheel, an angel round of financing business plan 2016 -2017 years" you download the sharing to a circle of friends, and will be cut for 2 hours figure sent to the dialog box, you can get the article mentioned 85 A wheel, an angel round of financing business plan download link.

According to

Pearl founder and CEO Andy ·, Kurtzig Andy, said they currently earn more than $100 million. Pearl users can ask doctors, lawyers, electricians, mechanics and other professionals on the site, but they have to pay a certain fee. The fees for each problem range from $15 to $80, depending on the complexity and professionalism of the problem. The company claims to have 10 thousand professionals in 700 professional areas to provide answers to its users.

Pearl: professional fee question and answer website


source: visual China

news reporter "interface, the main lesson for entrepreneurs" account "Guangzhou Jia Rui Education Consulting Co. Ltd., business consulting services including education, occupation skill training, corporate and shareholder named Ke Zhuohua.


China’s "Anti Unfair Competition Law" Tenth article stipulates: "the business secret refers to the technical information and business information which is known by the public, can bring economic benefits to the obligee, is of practical use and the right to take security measures."

, Pearl doesn’t make money by recommending clients to doctors or lawyers. Avvo. Kuzego said that as Pearl’s revenues come from the answer, they have the motivation to provide the best and fastest answers, without recommending users to professional agencies for in-depth consulting services. This is also different from other forms of Q & A websites such as Quora and Ask.

Tao told reporters


venture investment circles have raised considerable controversy.

Pearl URL: Pearl

interface reporter contacted Ke Zhuohua to ask about the business plan source for the WeChat public number, the first lesson for entrepreneurs. Ke Zhuohua replied: "these are all network public information, not our earliest."."


Analysis of website content words is not the more the better

webmasters may think that Tang contrast without contrast, after all, this is not the ancient. But now take the novel to contrast, we know that the Internet network literature in recent years was very successful, there are a lot of network literature at nearly 10 million words, but let people read is like chewing wax. But some people write thousands of words of the mini novels, can benefit people. Even some of the thousands of words no one or two a long and minute statement, let people enjoy the chicken soup. From the point of view of modern comparative literature, the content of quality is obviously and there is no direct relationship between words.

for technical articles, the content of the writing must be clear, the process is very clear, if necessary, need to put on the corresponding illustrations, especially to describe clearly the user easily ignored in the application of these technology points, allowing users to consult the technical content you will be able to solve the problem quickly. It can be regarded as high quality content. Of course, to solve user problems in security at the same time, can be reduced by proper words, the content of a certain degree of simplification, so that it can make the user less attention to those fine.

now many webmaster think, want to improve the quality of website content, at least to write a thousand words, and words is better, the best in publishing these contents, as much as possible paging, a content is divided into five or six small pages, so that it can reflect the content of net station quality, but also think so, the content is easy to be loved in Shanghai included, and included the ranking is relatively high. However, many owners are, to make the update of a serious problem, update the difficulty increase highly, and gradually lose confidence in the website operation, and ultimately escape from the industry in.

content and the number of characters has no direct relationship, do not you see Li Bai’s "Tianmu Mountain ascended in a dream" and "Jingyesi" can spread through the ages, and this two poems a copious and fluent thousands of words, and the other one is only 20 words, from this point of view, the content and quality of the obviously, there is no direct relationship between the number of words.

content is more words really better? Such judgement is clearly arbitrary. And the reason for such a decision is summarized from the media content in website! I believe that this is debatable, want to know the website content from the media content of the website and some other industries have the essential difference, if a dead pull hard set, it is lost in the innovation, and ultimately to themselves in times of trouble.

However, the

of course, this does not mean that we are writing web content, can be lazy, it needs a few hundred words, thousands of words can tell a more comprehensive skills, or an industry news, in order to be lazy, just write a title, for research use only some of the text title to illustrate, for news content, will give you a let you guess. This text is not difficult to obtain quality clearance, user acceptance.

In fact, the quality of


A5 optimization team new sites can exchange to the appropriate Links

two: do not cross connection

site weight is high, the switch to the Links quality is also higher, this is the inevitable law of website optimization. However, just at the beginning of the new station, how to exchange the right Links? Many owners of this loss, often inadvertently casually chose Links, resulting in overall trust website search engine PSS. In this regard, optimization of A5 group (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝 Shanghai Longfeng) the following suggestions, help the webmaster to find appropriate and reasonable Links.


often received some webmaster message: "my site is PR*, exchange links, with your website?" a new webmaster must be very happy, your site is not PR wow, have high PR web site to find their own links. But when the owners look at its PR level, what is the number of Links more to see the other output. Such as: a PR3 website if input in more than 40, basically not what role exchange, what is the use? A lot of selling links, PR5 site has one hundred, two hundred links, what is the use of


three: a number of links

: only do similar exchange

five: beware of fraud

not only by virtue of the site included, PR level to judge the quality of the website, because what about "equal", the high weight of the site will not find you a new sites to do links, unless the sky really fall pie, or you have wide connections. The new exchange Links, more should pay attention to each other website has the potential for development, how to present quality, whether through perfect optimization, construction content of the chain is timely and excellent. Encounter this kind of website, then exchange it, your weight will often get in the end is equivalent to upgrade.

four: on site quality

any website, whether new or old station, in exchange Links principle, first of all to abide by a principle: only similar websites Link exchange. The new station is difficult to find suitable Links partners, often do not choose the categories to exchange friendship link. In fact, this kind of website exchange more, especially in the website, on the website of the "rank" is no good at all, unless it is a one-way link.

often have some owners in the "cross connect" exchange, such as: "your A links to my C station, B station I give you the link". In fact, it is really about C, instead of B station, B station is the role of a link workshop. He abandoned the site, you can also expect to bring much benefit to you? This kind of exchange link, is in hand to create a web site link workshop.

‘s "link" fraud villain too much, webmasters may also have to prevent. Often used for measurement: rob>


Confessions of a bitter Shanghai dragon Er (two)

404 error page

404 error page refers to an error page when the page is deleted or visitors enter the wrong column page or the content page. When users access to this page, we can make an interesting error page to prompt the user, you visit the page does not exist. For example, before a popular game "cat surrounded by nerves are often made of 404 page", which can reduce the user’s bounce rate to improve the user experience of search engine spiders are very friendly.


1, robots.txt


two days to see Lou song song website, are a few of the Shanghai dragon article quality is not very high, but some of the things is the title of the party, after seeing it almost didn’t get any valuable content. I am also a very basic Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel, two years ago in the website submission Lou song song a "a bitter Shanghai Longfeng confessional", because of poor writing has not cast off again. But I would also like to express my understanding of Shanghai dragon, if the wrong or don’t feel any value, can I spray a message

! station map

Shanghai dragon basic optimization is the optimization techniques must be done before the site content, Shanghai dragon is not a pure editor, also need some technical skills, here is my report on the optimization of the underlying basis of the summary of Shanghai dragon.

, a Shanghai based Phoenix to optimize the underlying optimization

Robots file is an important document of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, is this document search engine spiders visit a website should first visit, in this paper the webmaster can tell the search engine spiders which can grab, grab those are prohibited. In addition, our webmaster map can also be placed in the robots file, easy to search engine spiders to grab our web pages one by one.

first introduced their experiences, I began in 2010 and specializes in Shanghai Longfeng work. At that time, A5 28, is pushing the search outside every day I will go to the forum, but also outside the chain base. When do the optimization is relatively simple, keyword stuffing, a chain, a large number of Links, the title of the party, these look very stupid and violent methods are very market. But with the development of the search engine and the crowd for the content and value of critical, these methods do not work, really do help to improve the user experience is to change the direction of optimization of Shanghai dragon.

station map is divided into two kinds, one is the XML format map, this is all on the web page to create a directory, use the search engine to recognized language writing, convenient search engine recognition and capture, in order to improve the site included. Another is the HTML format, this is generally on the website of the column index will be sorted out the main directory website, secondary directory, convenient for users to view the contents of the site.



Forbes Shanghai dragon dead social popular real-time content

this view of Thorkild Andersson published in my personal blog, immediately attracted a large number of comments. In these many commentators in, Thorkild Andersson is engaged in Shanghai Longfeng industry counterparts. These people in my blog message content, can be divided into the following five types:

2, to promote their own

3, in order to accuse me of being "linkbait" (link bait) and wrote a blog;



5, agree with Thorkild Andersson, and published their views on the future development of Shanghai dragon industry.

technology news (Zhong Tao) July 24th Beijing time news, the American magazine "well-known financial Forbes" recently published marketing expert Ken · Krogh (Ken Krogue) analysis of the article said that the search engine optimization in the traditional sense (Shanghai dragon) has been passed in Shanghai Longfeng industry after transformation, has been to social networking, real-time content of popular time.

from the previous operating practices, Shanghai dragon is divided into "white" and "black hat" Shanghai dragon. As the name suggests, "

Shanghai dragon and inside and outside Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon branch. Shanghai Longfeng accounted for about 15% of all Shanghai Longfeng processing activities, which requires the network designer to design a website, and Google can follow the corresponding requirements, so that these sites can in Google search rankings in the top position. Shanghai dragon involves writing outside, press releases, blog, comments, embedded keywords and "reverse link". Due to the development of Shanghai dragon industry, currently outside Shanghai Longfeng treatment also include social media, strategy.

The following is the full text of the article:

1, I think Thorkild Andersson is a great speech (or comment; not enough to go upon)

I often quoted by bomber pilots in the second world war one sentence: "when you flew bombing over the target, the fire also suffered the most intensive." Thorkild Andersson further elaborated for their point of view is clearly justified. I will summarize these explanations, while increasing the number of background knowledge.

4, claimed that Thorkild Andersson’s view is untenable.

I will Tencent

in March this year, I was in Utah Shanghai dragon industry well-known expert Adam · Richardson (Adam Torkildson) support at lunch. He had a speech that I felt very shocked: "Google (micro-blog) after the doings are making Shanghai dragon becomes obsolete, Shanghai dragon industry will end in the next two years."

is the so-called "Shanghai dragon", "search engine optimization" (Search Engine Optimization) the first English acronym.


Some views on shlf1314, Adsense, KDo Taobao half moon income 80 experience summary


the answer is: No, cheating is

answer: cheat and invalid click!

first blog, I use Sina’s blog, the main use of single product promotion. In fact, the blog is also a single product promotion tips. Blogging is a place for journaling. Don’t think simple advertising will buy. You have to think in reverse thinking, you will like a full advertising blog, and also relish to see, and go to buy it? Maybe there will be, not many.



the only reason: you broke shlf1314’s interests, or you couldn’t benefit googel, and advertisers complained,

will do regular K, the answer will also be: invalid click too much,


what is invalid click, that is, can not give advertisers the interests of the click,

! !

is under 50% K probability, because this is real data, it can also bring effects to advertising!

to be a good Taobao, diligence is a must. Do not always want to do a blog, hanging advertising, find a code, do a web site, change a PID, you can wait at home to get a commission. That’s daydreaming. Maybe lucky people occasionally make a deal, and then act like a fool. And for what is the difference? Want to become a good Taobao customer: industrious, hard, hard, learning is a must. Muddleheaded wrote these. Hope to inspire everyone.

third level: true traffic points, but violations click, such as import traffic that is, pop-up to their own Adsense station

! ? !

on the Adsense K number of research! Account related issues: Online circulation is to change IP, personal experience is as long as the Qing cookies basically not associated

! !

has been a Taobao customer for half a month. Half a month to pay, but also return. In fact, as long as you work hard and try to learn more from your forefathers, you will surely reap something.

second level: software mutual point, found dead, this is actually similar to the first point, but expanded,

, shlf1314, Adsense, why K, your number?

shlf1314 how to distinguish between invalid click: first, the above invalid click, and there is no knowing, after all, I’m not a Adsense engineer,

key issues

below, I’ll tell you about my experience, I hope to help the novice. My Taobao promotion mainly depends on blogs and websites:

so I’m using the guided shopping method. I usually write a blog first, and then I can do a single product promotion according to the products involved in the blog. My blog address is:, we can go to see, refer to. Besides, website promotion, do Taobao customers, not put in less capital, always want to empty handed white wolf, perhaps there are successful predecessors, but most of them are failed. So I registered the domain name first, bought the space, has made a Taobao navigation station.


my website address is: signpost shopping navigation. All the links on the site are my one by one to fill it up, the store is also a through the mother of Ali’s background to find a higher commission crown shop. A lot of people’s website is a look at the others early code just replace PID in a hurry to upload, do not go to see a promotion when the code has expired? The shop is still there? You go to see your promotion is not connected or alimama domain? Now the promotion is in taobao domain. Are you always complaining about new people who don’t have any income? Have you ever thought about these issues,

the first level: own points, found dead! This can not bring benefits to advertisers, of course, can not bring benefits to shlf1314!

cheats all K,

what’s the reason that destroys shlf1314’s interests?

experience is in my martial arts network Ali www.aliwushu.cnGG account was K after, and I hope to help our friends!


New Year gift of red childrenAs a Taobao customer about my real Wangzhuan experience


,, OrderField=d.Price& BranchID=2& BrandID=465& RecordCount=40


, 6.colour, zone, color zone, low price, Spring Festival,

dear League member:

and I built a website, at first, I hesitate in the end choose what procedures do CMS or blog, because CMS is too complex, he is also a novice what are not so I chose to do a WordPress of the Taobao guest blog, which is poor Amoy network www.qiongtao had a domain name I think nearly a month, constantly consider, think the word sh419 poor Amoy network almost can not find, but Larry, will give users the impression more, soon to be included, also give me a promotion brought a lot of convenience, because a lot of places to send links, leave a poor Amoy network to allow them to quickly search, sh419 search drop-down I have the menu name of the site, when paying people to do a basic template, updated daily articles, the original is false, this is some sh419 a lot of shopping guide articles may be self SEO technology has been too shallow, not cold on the sh419 WP only included the home page, but I think it is enough! Then hesitate to buy cheap space, has led to open quite depressed, so thoroughly the head surface a website.

redBaby mother Mall – 100 yuan to send gift or over 300 minus 30 yuan in cash concessions gift lot ~ ~

4. radiation hazards looming – radiation protection – mother to baby and their first gift!


,, Site=01& BranchID=6& DepartmentID=176& BrandID=960

3. new happy buckle suit 42% off

is such a state I lasted nearly half a year, almost every day at the 100+ commission I would never go to Houston in the first half of this year a total of publicity, down more than I earn more than 10 thousand money, this is true, but I think this is the rookie level, every month to 5000+ a lot of people, you can use sh419 Search related keywords and taobao, usually ranking all the money, why so many people rush to compete for the 200 billion share of the cake.

2. Dove music BUCKLE! Another Valentine’s Day!


,, & OrderField=b.SaleNum& BranchID=2& BrandID=1750& Rec>; Page=1&

,, BranchID=0& DepartmentID=76& BrandID=432

5. AUPRES New Year special offer

,, BranchID=0& Departmentid=90& SortID=78

said sh419 Post Bar promotion, you know, not a lot of moderator Post Bar, we can look at Taobao is off the link, the military is a hotly contested spot, send a link to article every top ah top, is my homely food. Secondly, it is sh419 know, register vest yourself, ask yourself answer, is also my commonly used method. In fact, the most important Taobao page promotion, the reason I do not say more, we must understand, Taobao Q & A, Taobao forum and Taobao gangs are good promotional positions.

1. to buy 1 Mead Johnson 2 barrels or 5 bags of milk powder sent an 200g1 bag and a limited number of babies delivered so far! Only available on the day of January 22, 2008


shlf1314 CEO confirms to will establish poineering incubator foster oneself leave the post, employee

dynamic alliance!

expects the latest account of February 21, 2008.

settlement period: 08 years in February 10th -08 year in February 16th; on Sunday to Saturday for a natural cycle, a total of 1 weeks.

if you have any questions, please refer to the union administrator.


, shlf1314’s internal staff have always wanted to do new projects, and many of our products are developed this way." "On our current scale, we want to ensure that these projects achieve their ambitions in a comprehensive and thoughtful way," he said." shlf1314 is very interested in the idea, he says.

webmaster information alliance group: 5084047

more information in

want to join the Admin5 alliance channel, please contact

: the total payment amount is divided into more than 100 yuan. Free of bad debts, full exemption, free bank transfer fees taxes, fees shall be borne by us.

Sandahl pichardo Iraq;Sina

note: for some suspected illegal advertising operation of the union members, have been frozen and delayed treatment, shall be deducted.

fast Alliance uiuni 08 February 10th -08 year in February 16th has been divided into complete payment, please check, we also hope to create more revenue.

for the first time to let you know the domestic

if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback


if this advertisement for you, please visit the official union address: uiuni

Area 120 is a completely new approach. It is not only an incubator, but also a continuation of the spirit of "20% project" to a certain extent. In fact, the inspiration for the name 120 came from 20%.

shlf1314 CEO ·

: top.admin5/u Alliance

our aim is: We sincerely provide the best quality, the most lively service for you! Your maximum benefit is our success! Uiuni fast alliance, you and I YOU I and win-win alliance.

try new, much better income! Support faster, faster development of

Admin5 every day look at the channel alliance ah, a lot of information to make money online.

technology news Beijing time on May 20th morning news, shlf1314 CEO Pichai Sandahl · Sundar Pichai confirmed to the "Forbes" magazine, the company plans to set up a "business incubator Area 120".

"we also have a huge set of centralized infrastructure and services that can help people solve new problems. It’s more like an incubator." Pichai says.

UI fast alliance mail: ui@uiuni

knows that shlf1314 allows engineers and other employees to spend one day a week on part-time projects, but the implementation of the policy has shrunk dramatically. However, shlf1314 wants to meet the new employee’s entrepreneurial passion through different ways, some of them can be within the new project started at the same time, with the help of shlf1314’s venture capital funded part of employee turnover business.

technology blog The Information took the lead in reporting the news last month, but the company has always been silent about it. Pichai spoke in an interview last week about the future of search and shlf1314’s own. He disclosed that the project is still in the planning, has not yet been finalized.

"this provides a positive opportunity for some of the 20% events." Pichai says. Instead of spending one day a week on part-time projects, the employees can spare 6 months to specialize in the project. shlf1314 will rent huge computing resources to some of its projects, he said.

The Information says shlf1314 may invest in projects that eventually separate Area 120 into an independent company. The blog also said that the project will be headed by shlf1314 Corporation Development Director Tang ·, Harrison Don Harrison and Photos director Bradley ·, Horowitz Bradley Horowitz Co leader. Yu


Watch out! A technology company named after its founder is more difficult to succeedReJeune set-top

‘s researchers were two economists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stern ScottStern and Guzman JorgeGuzman, whose findings were published in the latest issue of the Journal science.

Roku is one of the first manufacturers of streaming set-top boxes to market. But the market has become more competitive, including apple, shlf1314 micro-blog, Amazon and other manufacturers have launched a similar product.

researchers look at the company’s innovation levels include patent numbers and levels of development after six years, such as whether they are acquired or listed by other companies.

Among the many indicators that

sources said, Roku as early as 2014, has submitted a secret file to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission SEC, apply for listing. The company is currently drafting a new registration paper to show its business model shifting to high margin advertising and licensing revenues. In addition, Roku also hired Morgan Stanley and Citigroup as one of its lead underwriters. So far, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and Roku declined to comment on the report.


initial public offering will be able to test investors’ popularity of Roku. As the founder and CEO of Roku, Anthony Wood Anthony Wood pioneered the concept of digital video recorder DVR, and is also a pioneer in helping consumers cut traditional cable lines.

The shorter the company with the

, Tencent, California, USA, Silicon Valley is the center of global technology and Internet innovation, and Silicon Valley has a large number of start-up companies and technology companies. Recently, the American scholar for the entrepreneurial quality and development of Silicon Valley technology companies, carried out detailed quantitative analysis, and through the map shows where Silicon Valley firms are more successful, they also found some interesting patterns of the development of Silicon Valley companies.

Roku is one of the few to allow the use of Roku Channel Store add channel mall streaming media set-top box products outside the custom channel, this leads to a large number of third party piracy channel influx, many users can obtain a large number of high-quality content through will be able to pay a small fee. Mexico court this month issued a ban, ban local retailers to stop the purchase or sales of Roku media player. Mexico media giant Televisa holdings cable operator Cablevision initially launched a lawsuit, the court in Mexico last month was proposed temporary Roku ban, but now the court will this command into a formal ban.

study conducted a detailed index of innovation and business development for a large number of technology companies in Silicon Valley and California. The researchers point out that they want to differentiate between the average Silicon Valley companies and the technology companies that actually create jobs and bring about economic growth through an indicator system.


Abstract American scholars have made a detailed quantitative analysis of the development of Silicon Valley technology company, and obtained some interesting findings.

also, companies with registered trademarks are five times more likely to succeed than companies that do not own registered trademarks.

name, the more successful the subsequent development; and the company name is not more successful than the company under the personal name of the founder. In addition, the official registration of joint-stock companies, the probability of success is non joint-stock companies six times.

study also found another surprising phenomenon, the lower quality of innovation and entrepreneurship in the surrounding areas of universities and research institutes, including University of California at Los Angeles and the California Institute of Technology. Stern said: "this is a very fresh discovery."." Chen Xi

through the index of research, they draw a map, which can see the "real entrepreneurial spirit" of Silicon Valley in the end is how to form, and geographical "Silicon Valley" is different. the deeper the color, the higher the level of innovation

Roku offers paid advertising options to partners and divides advertising revenue with media companies that publish applications on the platform. In addition, Roku also put the software license to SHARP, Hitachi and other companies, allowing them in the production of a TV set with Roku streaming media application. < >

map display, entrepreneurship and innovation high quality areas including San Francisco Bay Area South East from shlf1314 to Millbrae and Burlingame, and the San Francisco area in the vicinity of MarketStreet, and Berkeley LawrenceLivermore, near the laboratory etc..


Tencent Technology – Roku, the veteran streaming set-top box maker, has hired an investment bank to prepare its initial public offerings IPO at the end of this year, foreign sources reported Thursday. It is reported that Roku’s goal is to value more than $1 billion at the time of listing.

Roku said in February that the company had revenues of $400 million last year, of which $100 million came from the media and licensing division. Compared with competitors’ products, Roku platform is open to more TV applications, such as Amazon, Prime, Video, Hulu and shlf1314 Play. Unlike Roku’s approach, Apple TV has only recently announced its support for Amazon Prime Video.

also found interesting phenomena in the study of large technology companies. For example: