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The Site site is not the first home page is not necessarily right down! Please don’t panic

in a blog post on Zac Zac found the answer in the text is to say, about stie:www.xxx贵族宝贝 is not in the home is not to be able to judge a site is down right, love Shanghai algorithm is in accordance with the weight and height of the page to sort the general website home page weight is the highest when site:www.xxx贵族宝贝 the general case will appear in the first place. Some fruit weight will be larger than the weight of home page. So when site:www.xxxcom weight high ranking in the first page will. The home page will sort in the back, in a situation like this is not absolute: from the Site domain to determine whether a site is down right. On this issue the author cited a case as shown below:

visible from above, the author use Webmaster Tools query when it is not in the first place, the site:www.xxx贵族宝贝 home page is not in the first place, in fact, this station has not been right down, from the figure we all see that the station is a good site, the weight of was 3 in Shanghai is expected to flow into love 180 love Shanghai snapshot time is 2013-12-19. while the station keyword ranking did not affected, so this case illustrates the webmaster should understand only from site:www.xxx贵族宝贝>

as a ER in Shanghai Longfeng site optimization process, the most worried about is Baidu right down. With the continuous development of Internet technology, and growth, in order to better serve customers, in order to be more accurate and efficient for users to search information, Baidu algorithm is also in constant development and upgrading, most notably this year, the algorithm from the origin, until the 2 upgrade Scindapsus Scindapsus in the process of this change, many of the station was drop right, pull hair etc.. Now many webmaster began to self review website for diagnosis. On site diagnosis generally is to query the data through the webmaster tools, from the data to analyze whether the site is down right, what is the cause of right down. But in many webmaster to judge whether a site is down right are Site:www.xxxx贵族宝贝 look at the front page is not in the first place, if the home is not the first to judge for the site is down right. So when we found that home is not the first in testing use webmaster tools when the webmaster will be very worried. "I remember" before including the optimization of a coffee machine website, when site in data detection, I responsible for the station to find that home is not the first, I was very anxious around looking for solutions, and other webmaster to communicate. But after two days of site I once again found in the first page. The author also often feel puzzled, then aiming at the problem of query relevant information.




The website is needed before decision what

decided it must change, you need to make the appropriate decisions in the revision before the need for rectification which contents, then formulate rectification method, it can effectively improve the website effect, and can control the negative effect of the revision to the lowest level. The following analysis of some key decision content.

but if it comes to the revision of the CMS system, which means that there is a significant change, including the HTML code, static URL etc.. Even the URL naming conventions changed. But if you choose the CMS station system itself optimization performance, also will have a serious negative impact on the revised website. So in the CMS revision, must be on the CMS system analysis, selection of high quality CMS system, then as far as possible the use of the original URL naming conventions, use the same name as consistent as possible, so as to reduce the negative impact on the CMS revision in the website.

second, the maximum protection of URL does not change. Now many sites in the revision, easy to address before URL will change, such as the content storage directory structure, which will make the search engine that this site is a new site, so before the old site put into the operation effect will be greatly reduced. So before the revision decisions need to be before the site of the URL naming rules re sort, and continue to follow. Includes a folder in the web site space in the storage location. Of course, in the actual process of revision, there will be some change URL address and file structure, the need to pay attention to a little, it is needed to maintain the spatial structure of the original site, and then through the method of 301 redirection, the weight of the old URL transfer to the new URL, when the weight of URL is new re recognized, then the original website space related content delete machine. It can reduce the loss to the lowest level of revision.

third, in a gradual decision must pay attention to modify the contents of the site after revision. Before many webmaster >

is the first web page design, modify or modify the CMS system. The website usually has several different degrees of revision, a revised web design style change, the other is the CMS system. For the former, basically changed is the look of the page, and the content and the corresponding URL usually causes no change at the same time, the HTML code is basically not changed. As a result of the revision of the website style does not normally have a dramatic impact on the website. The scope of its influence is mainly the template itself whether to have the good optimization, the user affinity to.

in the Internet world, the website is inevitable. But once the new web site, if the method is not correct, it is easy to appear a variety of problems, and even affect the site in Shanghai in search engine rankings, so it will bring negative effects to our website.



From the point of view of Google patent domain name weight influence domain name to Shanghai Dragon


in the application, the noble baby very much can be referred for search engine ranking factor, the main content is related to the analysis of historical data files.

December 31, 2003, noble baby submitted a patent in the United States Patent Office, called "information retrieval based on historical data (Original: Information retrieval based on historical data), as shown in figure ".

is proposed in the domain of weight, numerous methods to search engine optimization using a variety of the domain name weight really exist for the complicated test – after all the major search engine ranking algorithm is absolutely the core of commercial secrets, is not possible to disclose all the details to the optimization of the staff.

this application is directly related to the information about the importance of the link text as follows:

simple translation, meaning: noble baby in file scoring, and will consider the file connection domain name is valid.

in search engine optimization, the weight of the domain name is always a difficult problem in optimization problems, because the domain name weight and other external and internal optimization, and can achieve good effect in short period, but the major search engines in their ranking algorithm, the weights of the domain name "Gufen" is very heavy the.

March 31, 2005, the document published in the United States Patent Office website, as shown in figure.




has the following contents in this application in section thirty-eighth:


through a variety of tests, the final results show that the domain name weight occupies a very important position in the search engine rankings, the domain description is simple: the higher the weight, the more helpful to the ranking; under the same conditions, the higher the weight of the domain name, ranked first. This requires the search engine optimization in the choice of domain name search engine with enough caution, and pay more attention to the user experience, then the search engine optimization is not required when choosing a domain name >

in this application, there are also described issues related to the domain name server to the weight. The day before a lot of research on search engine optimization team and individual are the patent application report as the domain name weight appeared for the first time evidence.

it is the importance of links can give a link if the file is trusted, weight high? How to file the wooden body weight with a link? How fresh the linked file containing the

The initial ?Other terms


Before the station is not included to expand the two level domain is dug the grave site

two level domain name included, if your site is not included, so the whole weight of the website is a kind of transfer, we should have the website weight is concentrated in the primary site, but your two level domain name has not been included, the master search engine, this time will cause the spider crawling ignore the master directly crawling two level domain, through space log analysis, if you find it, then there are only two ways: 1, increase the chain input intensity, whether through the chain to make a full range of spider web 2, to strengthen the quality accreditation; master the content, whether it is the content of the web site there is a problem. If you master by these methods has not been recognized as love Shanghai, I tell you, you have two choices:

Internet domain name price has been very stable, generally registered a COM domain name prices between 50-60 yuan, which is affordable for several webmaster want to do, but there is a part of the webmaster heart sky is very wide, want to do a dozens of hundreds of different sites, and more of the site spend more costs to include domain name, host and so on. Among them, can be said to do 10 websites need to spend at least 1000 yuan, which for individual owners is a big expense, so have part of the webmaster playing two level domain attention.

After the

master is not included, two level domain name has been included is a satire on the master, to know the two level domain name is just a part of the web site, why the search engine included your two level domain name is not included in your master, from a positive point of view this is why search engines do not recognize you. The master, from the side view is the main content you do well, you can imagine that even the two domain names are recognized by search engines, and your master has not been recognized this is not what is ironic, but after the two level domain name included, if your host is not included, so want to make the master station is included in the search engine may be a bit difficult, love Shanghai spider has to grab your site many times, but is not included, so if your two level domain name was collected, the master has not been received Recorded, so the author suggest you give up the domain name, started a new life.

this part of the webmaster approach is to start a separate domain name, directory in the virtual host, classification of submission, to build web sites is not actually wrong with this method, but some webmaster do not know the domain name included principle, are often the two level domain name included, while the main domain name website has not been in love in Shanghai such a long time on the recognition, two level domain name will not have a good ranking, which is a waste of time, in the face of this situation I told you: is the grave to expand the two level domain before the station is not included here, with the talk.

1, give up the master domain name, the Lord will jump to the two level domain, by this method can guarantee the site of the two domain long-term indexed by search engines or the master has not included, the next time is.


How to make money from bloggingLei Jun I learned three points from Ali, which is the core of the suc

millet try


but, first of all, we have to understand some of the differences in the existing blog products. China blog Blogcn blog has a certain amount of user groups, but these users are often more love writing essays and other emotional words, and recommended the channel poor blog commercial utilization rate is not high. Even so, Chinese blogs and other blogs they represent are personal, strong and low – profile products that provide service only to users without using them. And Sina blog higher openness, plus the classification of the channel recommended, as well as professional comments, writers are more, covering the most content, attention is the highest, so, blog is more widely used. Some have even commented that several blogs, represented by Sina’s blog, are emerging media. Sohu’s blog is indeed adhered to its grassroots purpose, but it is just such grassroots shows its people, the whole is mediocre or even not too much for the majority of Internet users in the writers. Sohu blog status may be sandwiched between Sina blog and Chinese blog, in terms of business utilization, there is still room for development.

because today’s start-up market, 4 years ago to achieve ten billion U. s.dollars should be a great goal. I think it’s too cheap and too materialistic to say this, but I don’t want to hide it. I really think so. I think the goal of "ten billion dollars" will help us a lot.

tiger sniffing notes: today, the second China angel investors conference held in Beijing, Lei Jun’s speech theme is millet dream". He shared with you about the creation of millet, financing to successfully become a market capitalization of billions of dollars a business process.

shlf1314 released Android in 2008, and the first Android mobile phone was released in 2009. When I saw the first Android mobile phone, I saw the opportunity. I think in the smart phone industry, it will reproduce the history of PC beat Apple 30 years ago. It’s a great opportunity.

now, when we talk about blogs, we tend to think of sina blogs first, because the popularity of blogs among Chinese Internet users is largely due to the celebrity effect of sina blogs. But in fact, Sina blog in the Sina portal matrix, although it has become a traffic third channel, but its profits have been at an awkward point. Because the blog service in attracting users at the same time taking only advertising on the channel instead of advertising links in each textnote blog page, so it only depends on the specific page advertising revenue is really too small. Web2.0 blog that its advantage lies in its personalized, founder of its content is the blog author rather than any site itself, is not convenient for service providers to textnote advertising, especially as Chinese blog Blogcn blog. This means that bloggers with high click rates can use their blogs to make money on advertising without having to be harassed by service providers.

what will I do with this goal? I’m very serious about learning, researching and thinking about the history of the big gangster, such as Ma Huateng’s, like Ma Yun’s.. I really got a big deal when I thought about their entrepreneurial process, especially Ma Yun’s entrepreneurial history.

second, looking for a bunch of super reliable people.

first, we need a huge market. The success of any large company, its entrepreneurial background must be a huge market, and it is impossible to make a company without a huge market demand.

said Web2.0 products though each Internet Co won popularity but there is also difficult to achieve profitability shortcomings, especially the products of such blog how to achieve profitability is the first problem to be solved. Believe and many people have witnessed the blog for China’s Internet brought about by the new atmosphere, so that the public gradually developed the habit of writing logs on the Internet, but also makes a large number of grassroots writers familiar with the public. But some bloggers are hoping to make their own blog to earn some money also does not waste myself so hard even for the codeword creation, is to earn a little extra money anyway. Here, we come to say, use the blog to make money.

first of all, the banner and the connection bar on the main page of the blog are the preferred places for advertising. Users who are used to blogging tend to get used to clicking those too

"I’ve been doing business for more than 20 years myself. Can I start a $10 billion company with my own hands?"

good morning, everyone. I’m very glad to have this opportunity to communicate with you. I started my own business earlier and took longer. After the first company went public, I spent a full year doing angel investing. By the time I was 40, I felt I had some dreams left unfinished, so I started the millet.

in January this year, I went to Hangzhou to chat with Ma Ma for three hours. The main expression was thanks. I said I seriously consider the history of Alibaba more than 10 years of entrepreneurship, I learned from the three points, and these three points is that I am in the process of millet before summing up. I think there are three important points for Ali’s success:

third, relative to peers, there is a sum of money that will never be spent. You might say, "why do you have money that you can never spend?" money helps you see what you see and what you have the courage to do. You have the guts to try something.

I think the future of mobile phones must be software, hardware, Internet phase >

General Assembly designated the topic called "Millet Dream", I founded millet when the heart has such or such dreams, I have a very vulgar target


How to see the effect of website optimization website ranking is evidence.

anchor text

when using the anchor text, an article which don’t use too much, so not much good for website optimization. Although the website optimization must be published, but it is not necessary for each article with anchor text. If the user is interested in a keyword, but through the anchor text to click on links and keywords little contact, will also have an impact on the website image. In fact, this kind of low quality text anchor text is said.

a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel most love is the way with the chain. The chain of website optimization certainly useful, but this is not to say that any chain. When the website optimization, try to content, don’t always use chain. Some people even think that the more the chain optimization, the influence of the rankings better, so they continue with the chain. However, this is likely to add their own a lot of waste outside the chain. This kind of chain not only make the website optimization more and more difficult, or even result in extremely unstable ranking.

as everyone knows, the anchor text can bring more traffic to the site, which has certain effect on the website ranking optimization. However, the choice of the anchor text, we must ensure that the quality of the text. In fact, the anchor text does not necessarily have to point to the home page, if you can point to the product page is also good. In addition, the anchor text is not only a form of changing for several anchor text form on the website ranking is also good.

now to love Shanghai Links than before a lot of strict management. If the site set Links, we must add higher quality links, not just add links. Some link quality is too low, it will cause the site to drop right, followed the natural ranking. So, Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel must.

second, to ensure the quality of

optimization personnel should understand some contents of the chain. If the release of a large number of the chain through the mass software, although it looks very time, method is not very ideal. Even when serious side effects on the website optimization. From the present situation, the situation in Shanghai is hitting the waste outside the chain of love. In fact, for the website optimization personnel, it is also a waste of the chain opportunities. Although there is no way to dispose of all, but certainly there will be some benefits for website optimization.

updated every day, the chain also did a lot of, put a lot of time cost in website optimization, website ranking is not seen by how much. This is the Shanghai dragon personnel often encounter problems. Although a lot of investment cost, but as long as the rankings do not, there is no way to prove their strength. In fact, the website ranking to do a good job, is not updated in a few simple passage, add a few outside the chain can do. So, how can we improve website rankings? I do website optimization from the angle over the past several years, there are some very important factors.

third, strictly specified Links standard

first, the careful use of the chain.


Beginners to learn several problems must be considered the website optimization

second, our website to provide services for users to think about those problems. Each type of site service user groups, age, patterns vary, we take enterprise station for example, as a professional Shanghai dragon Er, to increase the number of content and link for the site to consider the most is not every day, but how customers can through their own site to get those valuable things for example, business news and information is the user to understand the business information window, honor is the cornerstone to increase customer trust, and contact or the user is answering the first time and customer communication enterprises, enterprises and users is the most effective way of communication, in order to further enhance the service quality of site, many companies also set up a special line communication training, business case and production workshop, machining process, these are no doubt help users better understand the enterprise I believe, companies have done the necessary station details.

in the learning process to optimize the we must consider carefully and careful thought as a new optimization layout, I have always thought that we cannot be without thinking under the condition for site operation and maintenance optimization, then you need to pay attention to those pre optimization details need those who stand in? Analysis and thinking of our optimization problem? The author through some thinking about the following talk about how to optimize the process optimization process in our regular.

third, on theory and practice problems. Beginners is our biggest problem every day to read a lot of books or articles optimization optimization, but many of these theories seem and our actual operation is very different, this is very normal, because what is the experience? Experience is from practice, summed up a lot of others without your own validation directly used use, have a lot of problems, because a website will often spend a lot of effort, merely subjective and drawing on the experience of others, certainly not.

first, the optimization process of empathy is the first thing we have to think of. Many practitioners do not pay attention to our website optimization objective and on-line serving? This will make the optimization work from the beginning as a fly without head, here the author suggests that we should stand in the user’s point of view, analysis of Web site to provide users with those valuable things, either content or extrapolation the site, to help users solve those problems, this is one of the. Secondly, from the search engine to consider. The purpose of search engine is an entrance information, to find their own solution to the problem of information or make a lot of people through the search engine, and our site as a bridge between the search engine and the user, for the user to provide quality service to the spirit of content for the search engine to optimize the the deployment of thinking. If our site can provide users provided valuable information to help users find the search engine, then effective flow weight and website search engine to give our site, it will certainly increase.

The new


360 search optimization can not be ignored to dare

so why in the 360 search engine optimization? The author thinks that at least have the following advantages: first, the 360 is more inclusive, so the optimization difficulty is not so high. Second, 360 search engines have improved, so the algorithm is more stable and fair. Third, because 360 is a new search engine, in order to provide search services, then we need to gather more content, if blindly call love Shanghai search results, is advertised to love Shanghai, but also not conducive to their own development, as long as the content of your site original enough, the quality is relatively high, generally can be included. Fourth, 360 itself has entered the second largest search engine ranks, plus the security software this strong background, limitless future development. Fifth, computer lab 360 more love fool operation, which will undoubtedly bring greater development space to 360 search engines.

of course, in addition to the above five reasons, including 360 for the webmaster has better affinity, so it must be the webmaster to bring 360 to fully understand the search engine itself.

so for a careful webmaster, the search engine of the future development of the market will usher in a lot of variables, after the withdrawal from the market China from Google, love Shanghai quickly fill Google had 30% of the market space. But when a company enters into the very influential, is often the most vulnerable time, but this time, it is to catch the 360 chance, so there will be a 360 search engine. 360 and the emergence of the search engine, even in just a little more than a year, has completed 30% of the market share, it is enough to see the potential of 360.

said that although the current 360 search in terms of user experience and performance are not able to love Shanghai and par, but with 360 of its own in the security market, is also the advantage on the desktop, the rising market space is huge, so from the perspective of the development of future 360, is currently the most likely and love Shanghai competitive search engine, then in the possible development background, the majority of owners need to pay attention to the optimization for the 360 search engines, and to be first in the world, which it is possible to obtain more profits.

the current search engine is a circle of love in Shanghai alone, the situation from the perspective of market competition is obviously not good, but from now many of our search engine performance, experience and results will undoubtedly love Shanghai’s accuracy is the highest, so love Shanghai alone is no ground for blame. But in the Internet community, follow the same flower hundred days of red principle, even if the mobile phone has become the Empire of NOKIA and Motorola, are not closure, was acquired by the acquisition, and many enterprises website on the Internet for those of us onlookers raging like a storm, who is It is quite common for the.


10.25 love Shanghai earthquake on some speculation web site is down right


4. love Shanghai products chain implicated. Many people may have not to consider this problem, how to say my other sites use the same technique to optimize are no problem, but the love of Shanghai Post Bar chain of love Shanghai station was drop right, so it is probably because I love the Shanghai products do influence the hyperlink. Love Shanghai anti hyperlink algorithm if the implementation of the first to check it should be Shanghai love home products, so that a period of time in the recent don’t love Shanghai product links.

recently and we may discuss more is to love the latest news on Shanghai "love Shanghai – Ultra connection algorithm ‘, in the love of Shanghai the news just released second days have told me his love Shanghai station was drop right, unfortunately his small station is the main performance of this drop right is such that the website and website snapshot whose what changes is the keyword ranking all 100 to fall away. Why is there such a problem, what are we there resulting in improper operation site is down right? Here is the small series of some speculation that a web site is down right.


3. love Shanghai algorithm to update the injury site. I believe that many people know, love Shanghai often by some formal algorithm to update the web site optimization, for if this is the case, generally when the next update can be restored. So we don’t know whether the site is injured before the first not on the site for action to wait a week’s time to look at the site in decision making.

1. site outside the chain of high quality. Most of our website chain from the forum and blog, forum outside the chain is mostly webmaster forum, I think most people like me, such as A5,28tui etc.. The forum outside the chain of resources are used too much, not to mention what nature is outside the chain of high quality.

2. is probably to love Shanghai WWW domain name right down again. Because my site has been optimized with the domain name WWW, some time ago I think we all know that the love of Shanghai with the WWW domain name of a large area of K station, if it is for this reason that can be optimized without www domain name, the domain name of the first use of 301 weight transfer to take the domain name WWW.

above is the editor of their website according to the current operating practices and the website speculated several possible reasons to own the site was down the right, below small to do is according to different situation formulation method to restore the site. I send the latest information feedback to you hope right down to everyone in the recovery love Shanghai website can help you here.


Grassroots webmaster share Shanghai dragon record growth


was the first to do the chain first consideration is the love of Shanghai know, with products related to the love of Shanghai, try to answer plus links can make the landlord satisfaction is accepted, of course, this is likely to be temporary, because love in Shanghai know when your website there is a certain number of times it will automatically do not pass the audit, the next step is to through the webmaster forum to post, successively in the laggards, A5, 28 and other well-known forums, the second is in the blog writing and posting classified information network with Web links and the anchor text links, and high quality website links (you can buy or exchange), the need to do is to update the text at the beginning, is updated every 3 days later is updated once a week, on time more than 20 days a month is now 2 times the effect, here we may doubt why Now the effect is reduced? Here I will give you talk about the optimization of experienced rough

? According to the current become an expert? Shanghai dragon

site is Google promotion, the current Shanghai love weight, noble baby PR was 2, fell in love with the sea included more than 85%, more than 95% noble baby collection, each big search engine keywords are on the home page, the site is relatively 3 months can be considered a success, what are the deficiencies also please advice:

upload space immediately after the visit their website, the normal display, began to submit your site to various search engines, and then is the chain, add original content website



said that I believe we are very eager to know how to quickly become Shanghai Longfeng experts, many people may have seen the Shanghai dragon network introduced cheats like, say what I think are the master, forever just empty talk, we want to let oneself quickly become Shanghai Longfeng experts, we must go to practice, just like life as we are not out of the minds of the good, but from the details of their own experience, ADO, here I give you my simple Shanghai dragon about the growth experience, then in the analysis for the specific case now how do we do not like me into the blind walk less the machine

site is made of pure static pages, spent his spare time half a month finished, total page has 40 pages or so, basically frame no problem, there may be lack of content (you can visit the website), due to technical limitations do not set the site and robot.tex information, upload to space (Overseas space);



network development of Shanghai dragon has become the most popular topic, I believe many people talked about the Shanghai Dragon technology is full of mysterious curiosity, in fact, when you really understand Shanghai, you will find that the original you are a Shanghai Longfeng expert, then we know how to make their own cognition of Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon