Month: July 2017

What kind of person is suitable for business

on the employment and Entrepreneurship of these two choices, Xiao Bian believes that different people for different options, some people are born to start a business, while others are suitable for doing nine to five work. So, what kind of people suitable for business? Here are some of the information may give you the answer.

made the management or has successful experience is preferred: the Lord will join the screening of franchisees, need management skills so as to shop, managers have the advantage; their career success, do other things the success rate will be relatively high, a lot of experience can learn from.

strong sense of service priority: what kind of people suitable for business? In the field of franchising, retail and service oriented enterprises, the owner has affinity, service awareness, is to keep the store open for a long time.

joined the regional situation thorough person priority: some franchise brands only open regional alliance, which requires franchisees to recognize their own status: are you familiar with the local situation, whether to have a thorough understanding of this format, whether both management and sales ability, whether there is a market information collection ability.

what kind of person is suitable for business? People who do management priority, a strong sense of service priority, the situation and their own understanding of the situation is preferred. These three types of people are more suitable for business, if you are one of them, may wish to start the business!


Where to go, the general director of the resignation of new venture will be published

people go up, everyone has a dream of entrepreneurship, the recent, where the father of the director resigned to choose their own business, and now, his latest work will be available!

conference, the original "Hunan TV dad where to go" program director, has resigned venture Xie dikui launched the first venture network variety show "about! Big star "program, has been invited to the Golden Horse winner Ethan Ruan, Huang Jingyu stars such as red meat and resident guests, there will be numerous Hua Yiqi artists as flying guests, and Tencent will rely on the huge user base to achieve cross screen interactive.

"network variety show everyone the impression is taken in the shed slobber, more, but this time we have to do is the first tranche of pure network outdoor reality show. Network reality show, although relatively small, but once not exciting, then the user may turn off, so it is also a challenge for me, but also hope to give you a new feeling." According to the bar! Big star, the program set up, a few stars will be turned into a big coffee Aladdin magic lamp, in the All Star House in the collection of friends wish, and help them solve the problem, to achieve the dream.

in addition to "about! Big star ", Huayi vast will also collaborated with Zhejiang satellite TV" brothers "," run the negotiator ", in cooperation with Iqiyi variety show" I want to go to school 2 "; 66 episodes, Du Chun and Hai Qing in the novel" the woman is not strong "days can not be forthcoming, William Feng, Ma Tianyu, starring Victoria Song the IP film" city of fantasy "has also been successfully finished in theaters summer.

At the same time,



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Shop name also need civilized language

if you want to attract the public eye, the owners in the shop named, will follow what kind of principle? I am afraid that many shopkeepers are following the principle of innovation, the more innovative, the more attractive, but I do not know, a lot of the name of the shop is really unacceptable to the public. Nowadays, a number of business shop owner, when the shop opened business, to their own shop listing, keen to play a strange or vulgar name, in order to attract customers. For example, some food names is vulgar and indecent, what bandit pig skull shop, restaurant, snack bar and Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce devil cripple pig noodle shop, all kinds of name, its style is low, too vulgar to be endured curry favour by claptrap.

one day, my friend invited me to a called "wangbaochang hotel restaurant". I looked at the name asked a friend: "this is the name of the restaurant owner wangbaochang?" The friend replied: "no, the restaurant owner was surnamed Wang, he felt the hotel a long name, more attractive."

I think it’s a little weird. This is a long term, is a product before the liberation of the old society, is to work for the Japanese puppet official, has been condemned by the people, today, in the era of reform and opening up, there were people as signs of shops, to attract business, is really strange, puzzling. Do you think it will be a good business?

yes, the shop owner to his shop to hang a good sign, a novel and eye-catching name, it is a good way to attract business, but the name should pay attention to elegance and civilization, which embodies a kind of humanistic spirit and affinity. Like some shop owner to his shop name is very elegant, warm, with a cultural heritage. Such as restaurants, supermarkets, Huimin heart pharmacies, businesses and people of conscience parity cooks headed hotel. The name is refined and civilized, it is warm, people have a feeling like home to guests!

different countries, different cultures will be different, but for our country, if you can follow the culture, the name of the shop can be civilized words will be more popular. After all, China is a country with a history of thousands of years of civilization, but also a socialist country with Chinese characteristics. Now, the whole nation is, with Xi Jinping as the general secretary under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee, for the construction of a highly civilized, prosperous, rich and beautiful. Chinese struggle, as every one of us should be the national standard terminology, civilized language, with their beautiful words and deeds, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the China dream "due diligence!


What a good small town project as you choose

as long as you can make money projects are good projects, as long as the place to make money is an excellent business location.   2014 County business to know about you, of course, the suitable county entrepreneurial projects which, then, to listen to a small summary introduction for you, now look at the suitable county entrepreneurial projects, which one is you can choose the county venture money project. />