Month: July 2017

Baidu site is actually very simple

Baidu website is actually very simple, just tell everyone to Baidu included new sites method. There are a lot of people say CN domain name is not included, oh, my CN domain name, used as a test, collected 2 days, included time is June 19, 2008, has been in the revision, also not included, formal testing in June 17th, a auction companies of Baidu enterprise station every day, a sand table should be out of love, friends can look at those one or two days, said the new station included out hundreds of thousands of individuals that can not be trusted, but now the past, especially after mid June, is unlikely to be a problem: Baidu not to how do? Look, Baidu to update their station, to let Baidu climbed to his station. But what if Baidu doesn’t come? Then we’ll try to take him. How do you hold on? Keep looking. The simplest way is to create a keyword, such as "seven is different", "eight is different."". Must ensure that the uniqueness of keywords, Baidu search results relevance is low. That keyword to appear in your home page, and there are relevant explanations, the purpose is to revolve around key words to do relevant content. Then go to Baidu update soon, release relevant information. You publish the article around you create keyword write, keyword can use one or two colors, or bold, underline, key link to your home address, the content in add one or two times your home address. Don’t go too far.

is the most important to, plus a good keyword, the information is released, should do now is to trigger Baidu detection database, so that Baidu will follow the new content to find your home page! How to trigger? Can you ask? Just do a keyword, has uniqueness, and low correlation. If someone search the key word, Baidu search will be preferred the most appropriate page, Baidu may temporarily not to you stand, but Baidu can analysis to the new collection of information, and then updates from the new collection of information related links up to your station! Preliminary experiment a bit, probably dozens of times every day, you can trigger, if not to accept your own Baidu keyword, this will do. How to trigger Baidu search to create their own keywords? Too much! Go to some popular forums, published some easy to reply post, the key word to you stand, also can be the XXX keyword search. You can go to the QQ forums, ask what is the meaning of the keyword XXX send 100QB?! you can go to Baidu know, O XXX keyword explanation! There are many other methods, you want to use your brain!! to the popularity of the many places! Like going to the webmaster of the forum released "Baidu was black, search keywords XXX connection address all point to GOOGLE!" can also go to other BBS release Baidu news, tomorrow XXXXXXX! "In short guide users to trigger your keywords, I believe, a dozen people


above method is to use Baidu to use other keywords to update, friend station has already used this method experiment >


Is your WeChat public platform really ready

since the Tencent Inc launched WeChat in January 21, 2011, it has permeated every aspect of our lives with unprecedented speed and strength. It has greatly enriched the form of our communications. And WeChat public platform for the vast number of businesses to provide a good channel for display and communication. Now from multinational companies and government departments to the corner and small supermarkets have joined WeChat service platform, "sweep sweep me! Me!" this slogan can be seen everywhere, so the WeChat service platform really do? What the problems are?

one, business atmosphere can not be too thick. Since then WeChat platform business by businesses in operation, business information published, nature is the main purpose. Of course, the new listing promotion information can be made, but businesses must grasp the appropriate scale, must not be indiscriminate bombing. Blindly pursue the release of business information quantity results can only be counterproductive, after all, no one would like to see only advertising tv.

two, is the target audience positioning accurate?. Businesses need to carefully analyze their products or services to the target audience, their age, gender, cultural background and so on, after fully understanding the information, select the appropriate information, readers need to be pushed to them. For example, the business is a sports apparel brand agents, the target group is naturally young people, and if the WeChat platform often send some health knowledge, I think most of your readers should be loveless.

three doesn’t let WeChat platform become a one-way street". Many WeChat services platforms offer only one-way information push, which they think is rich in content and comprehensive. But when readers need to communicate with businesses, but not get any response, such a WeChat platform effect will be greatly reduced. Therefore, even if the merchant does not have time, 24 hours online at any time to respond to readers’ exchanges, at least should also be given a regular reply, which is also a good opportunity for businesses and readers closer distance. In addition, you can select the appropriate keywords for some typical problems through technical means, and set up the corresponding automatic response function, which can effectively reduce the workload of the business.

four and more interactive activities to attract readers to participate. This is an era of big information explosion, the amount of information that the public is exposed to every day is unimaginable before, so it is very easy for people to be tired and numb to the information in front of them. So, WeChat platform is very necessary to regularly carry out some interactive activities to attract readers to participate, arouse their enthusiasm, let us play together, so as to increase the viscosity of the user, or your WeChat service number will soon be forgotten.

WeChat public service platform everyone is doing, but really do well is not too much, it is a new thing, we are still groping forward, I believe the road ahead will be more broad. The above is some of the author’s humble opinion, inappropriate, please correct me. This article from the Ghost system home, respect the author of labor achievements, please reprint the source, thank you.


Dry sharing Taobao u station application, presentation and promotion experience a large collection

Taobao u station introduces

with the rapid development of e-commerce, the electricity supplier war intensified, the group purchase network game to the major electricity supplier last year, as the electronic commerce big boss "Taobao" is also doing fine tuning and implementation strategy (platform, finance, data), from changes in the rules, 25 independent division change, small and beautiful, U station to launch Alipay recently split into three business groups, CEO for office…… 2013 e-commerce is entering a high speed stage, whether it is to do the electricity supplier or traditional industries you ready?

Application Center closed in May 10, 2013, the existing application of all the transition to U station, this certainty announced the news, in Taobao caused no small waves, U station, and then attracted more attention. The birth and development of U station caters to the concept of "small and beautiful" put forward by Taobao. Whether you are surprised or angry, whether you accept or reject, this is the trend of the times. Not only is the original Taobao application center, operations management, and the Tmall business, Sina apps, Baidu QQ application, application of technical strength and so on…… or operating power individuals, teams and companies, and even Taobao customers and market businesses, have eyes and energy on U station.

whether you belong to which a class of people, you know U? You start out? Are you ready? I from six aspects to present a brief introduction to the [U] station, hoping to give you a reference to.

essentially, U station is a similar beauty and, a platform Amoy group, the platform will also cause no small impact on the two, its purpose is to provide the same one can jump to the Taobao shop link for users. The content on the small station does not have much to do with Taobao, and Taobao users do not have much to do with, they are made by third parties, these are only an entrance. If we carefully analyze these small station creators, we will find that they are on Taobao, through the provision of goods, discounts and other means to attract customers, and thus to share with businesses. At present, many u stations in the Admin5 transfer price has reached tens of thousands of. The U station, like the web site, is a valuable virtual resource.

"small station" name, and watercress, everyone and other sites the same, but also to share and like, you can see Ali intended to highlight the social Taobao users.

Taobao u station application method

access Taobao open platform for buyers applications. Then authentication, and then registered U station, and then certification, through the opening of the note: need to do their own ICP record

has stopped the normal application, opened the competition application, and after the match, retained top 30.

What are the

and U stations,


profile: for individuals, majors, >


I’m standing today

21 today, got up at 6, wash finished, open the computer, look at my station, wow, so many users, scared me, yesterday afternoon program is just pass up, never to do publicity, but this morning I saw the frightened me, why why are there so many registered members, I realized that I was in my QQ name changed to many of my friends do not believe, do not think so because in just 24 hours there are so many members to register.

it is true, my group of 20, basically all the webmaster and, usually in the group and we live together in peace together, something to help everyone, nothing to boast, so and the relationship are doing well, often a friend asked me to do what, recently station, before doing a few stations, but because the server failure died, so also feel shy say they have a station, I usually talk about it, you see my QQ name is very strange, so I registered, this is the popularity of the important station.

here, I would like to thank you for my support, as well as ADMIN5, in ADMIN5 mixed with N long, but has not had the opportunity to see King brother, thank ADMIN5 for our webmaster this show their platform, thank you.


Discussion on the pre work assignment of consumer websites

as a consumer website, the site is basically divided into offline and online two links. At first, the bones and flesh of the web were not enriched before. Personally, I think online accounts for 60%. The main work is divided into:

1. The technical framework of the website is constantly improving.

two, the content of the site is constantly filling, of course, the early stage is to rely on search engines to bring traffic. So the content is important. Content is basically divided into business details, the browser useful guidance information. Since it is a consumer Web site, the content must be able to really guide consumption. This kind of content is valuable.

three, community atmosphere construction. The community of consumer websites is a hub for dialogue between businesses and consumers. A community of websites can be very successful if they can really interact with consumers.

line 40% work focus:

most consumer websites initially talk to businesses about discounts. The ability to talk about a few hundred times in a short time, can not afford to talk about one hundred or two hundred.

then the discount is over. Many people make cards and then advertise them. But through this period of operation I found that this operation is very easy to cause the sneered worship a throw. Reason: the city’s consumer websites are increasing, and free cards are everywhere. How to ensure that people use you in many consumer cards, which is fundamental, has a direct impact on your card’s presentation rate. Thus affecting the website revenue. And it requires cost operation, manpower + money + time. The most valuable thing about website operation is time. If this model is really good, I don’t think everyone will discuss it too much.

I personally think that the initial website and business discounts are certain, but this discount and other discounts are not the same, the discount is the introduction, discount talks should be reflected in the interactive. In the community for businesses to open a column, in order to answer consumer queries, the contribution of consumers to give a lot of discount, so that it can stimulate. Of course, this operation is difficult, can achieve business and consumer interaction, the need for all aspects of processing. But this can save popularity. Since it is a consumer type of Web site, then it is necessary to have all walks of life have mastered, this is difficult. The real understanding of the industry is the business itself, and only the real dialogue between businesses and consumers can bring valuable information.

after your website has a certain popularity, the focus of the site will be transferred.

60% online, offline publicity to the site. Because if the site is only relying on search engines to bring traffic, then your website can not hesitate to say that you have been hijacked by search engines, one day you are abandoned, it is a terrible thing. Site should be to face the user, rather than face the search engine. Therefore, to conduct offline publicity of the website. There are many ways of promoting it. For example, the most common is organized activities, activities >


Internet start-ups a guide to getting started

introduction: tide surging Internet, every day, there are a large number of individual birth myth. For example, 01-04 personal IDC hot, how many friends tell me 100M how much money, and several customers today, this year is expected to tens of thousands of servers, not enough? Assured, plus a hard line, fame has a name change if do, two words: money.

03-05 SMS ringtones and PW, old Ding run to tell me, dude, don’t read out, do it, play well for a month to buy a car.

05-06 Google ADSENSE, I have the honor to play a monthly income of twenty thousand, a few months will be Baidu K station, GG revenue plummeted, and we never do it, do not want to do, tired.

last year and this year, a variety of B2C boom, personal overseas IDC boom. No more details. 0506 years, I was still behind the issue of a post, introduced water injection to Baidu flow method. Money was so good at that time. From Baidu with traffic, hang ADSENSE advertising, is the most common way.

At that time the

or clean collection. Unlike Western Union now. At that time it was so easy to make money, I regretted that I missed many opportunities, especially missing the color ring. Oddly enough, are the waves in the vanguard, I only see their lives improved in the short term, and then gradually disappeared, asked about their recent situation, only shook his head and sighed. Days gone, ah, too many people, no profit. This suit is not only the general webmaster have the habit, but I know a lot of the old owners have, like fish, 04 years of real estate network while still popular local real estate network information website, dig is of course hard as can be imagined.

believes that many of our friends here have experienced similar successes and profits, but unfortunately this kind of profit is often short-lived. The Internet is a profitable, catch a wave, when you catch a chance, a lot of people didn’t realize the accumulation of capital in other people into the upsurge of thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers fell sharply, profit, business increasingly difficult, so we had to complain too much, people do low profits, looking for new projects. Until the next wave of opportunities come hastily wake up, slowly began to study, finally I finally * * *, but this wave of opportunities when knowledgeable, early past, thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers are flocking to this industry, make this industry become unprofitable. The repetition of this history has always been circulating in most stations. Okay。 So a few have passed the stage I’m going to tell you about.

one. Why do you want to be a company?

(1) has limited capabilities, and a team can make up for the short board, strengthen the division of labor, and achieve a higher overall ability.

(2) has limited financial resources and is often lacking in resources when opportunities come


A small webmaster fuss

had nothing to do last month and did a lyric literature forum. Mainly include lyrics, literature appreciation, that is, in the lyrics of the rhythm of the literature to appreciate. Do some promotion, did not play any role, and Baidu is not included, Google it today, accept tomorrow K, I do not know what to do. I’m a beginner. I’ve seen a lot of promotion these days. In Baidu, and dispatch, 163, Tianya, Sohu have established blog. My name is a blog called lyrics literature. Is estimated to produce some effect: Baidu is still completely indifferent, Google brought me the lyrics to K literary forum, Tianya lyrics instead included literature (that I built), but the lyrics and the literary blog but also home. I can only comfort myself when I am sad.

it’s true that Baidu is busy. Google is very atmospheric, be of two minds. Really, I have to post every day on the BBS, can flow to very little, registered people is very few.

is the experience of the past few days, and now feel exhausted. Know how many people on the Admin5, I hope to get some advice, I do these above are not all redundant,


, just say something else. I don’t need to say more about the purpose of this forum. So I’m looking for Wangzhuan information, early know Wangzhuan this thing, but now only try. It is said that this has been very hot, but the fire to the money less. Finally did not find any chance, no way to start. Blind stroll, see pig eight quit this station, and want to study or design, go to pig Ba Wan whole. Well, some things have to start from scratch, I’m a little afraid of the beginning. Learn photoshop. Then download a loaded, prompt registration error, and go to register. Looking for a long time, no results, but also do not know how to do. There is no way to listen to it, and chose the "high end" singing "go to the end" and Wang Zheng’s "the more pure, the more happy" cycle to listen to. Do not idle, the financial crisis is very serious? To see what are China tech companies, is also a search in Baidu Shuidao?, no relevant information. Later, I thought, I guess I have made some money with sanlu. Forget it. Look for a net. It’s really hidden, not found, and the adult feelings are ignored. In order to protect the minor children, it is worthwhile to say the bottom. Isn’t there an official who molested children recently? It seems as if nothing were done. Unconsciously, more than half of the day’s time, what do you do in the afternoon?. What should we do when someone like us doesn’t know the technique and wants to be a little webmaster? When I’m secretly grateful for the layoffs, it’s time to learn something. What is good, so in the future want to pretend to be a webmaster to be easy to expose.


Just graduated college students regrets SEO, along the way is not easy

it has been 6 years, access to the internet. It’s hard to lose too much lately, SEO. 2009 graduates, jumped out of the thatched cottage, looking back to the past! In the early years of the university to help others modified a QQ code website made the first RMB. Later, self-study, plus efforts to gradually promote the development of the network direction. Do not less than 20, the size of all, all the way through the work pressure, worry about personal gains and losses, the feelings of the storm!

recently worked at a company, mainly responsible for website promotion. Try various ways to improve the website, down-to-earth, for the sake of the company, a month to the company’s new station PR value of 0 liters to 3. Baidu originally only included the home page, now has reached thousands of, ALAX ranking promoted several W. Admit that SEO is not a master, but not a beginner. More than 10 of their standing, ranking every day in the promotion of these days, a thing happened to me too much, my friend and I did ASP flowers website, the company is also operating e-commerce flower website. BOSS found my own website of flowers yesterday and was ready to sue me for infringement. Here, I don’t want to say anything more. Will it snow in June?.

A, company website: China boutique flower network


B, their website: China discount flower network


for the above site, we do technical analysis:

A website uses PHP+MS-SQL development, website picture and content, Internet resource is shared,

B website uses ASP+ACC development, website picture and content, Internet resource is shared,

website art, two concepts, we can first see Kazakhstan, you know, I do not understand how the matter?

question 1, is it work in the flower industry website, you can not do the same industry Web site?

answer: now I’m on probation with the company. I haven’t signed any confidentiality contracts with the company.

question 2, did I steal the company’s website source code for private use?

answer: Heaven and earth conscience, I am a just debut college students, this copyright law, how much should be clear. Illegal things, I dare not do it, any expert to analyze my website, and you can not pull the edge.

question 3, will you take away the old client of the company,


answer: I have been working in the company for so long that customer service systems rarely log in because of the techniques I do. So there’s no contact at all. QQ customer service account password, how can you take away your old customers?. QQ every day is their own, the company’s QQ what I do not know.

4, is not stolen by the server and the domain name ?


After graduation from a primary school career journey

was envious of successful people when they were young; they had enough time to control their money, and they were free to spend money when they wanted to or when they needed it. They have too many mysteries to be admired and respected. After I came out to work, I felt that everything was too far away from me. The gap between dream and reality was too great. I lost my former dream and had to go back to the reality of life.

clearly remember that I have 95 years of study, our hometown is a famous national poor county, everywhere is a mountain, home is a staple of potatoes and corn, the 97 years of junior high school graduation, I have to face the problem of early school tuition. After leaving school, I eased the financial pressure on my family, so that I could go to school at the age of 10, and I was on the road to work.

my father asked a friend to find me a job. He said he was working, but he didn’t have any salary. He was an apprentice and learned how to fill the car. Just to work what I do not understand, master told me to do what? I have been living in the countryside, no TV, so the TV at home in the master, then the most popular TV series is "The Flying Fox Of The Snowy Mountain", I am tempted to take advantage of the master is not at home when I was in watch TV, then the master did not say me, but after a period of time the master spoke to me and said: "your father told you to learn your skill, you do it every day Oh, so sorry mom and dad." From that after I did not watch TV, to seriously study the repairing technology.

not long after, a village neighbors to find me, said a few days ago my brother on the way home from school drown, then heard the news when you cry, I very love my brother, 86 years of the tiger, at the age of 4 in his home play. My father is a carpenter, get in the house for others, the axe accidentally fell from the sky fell in her brother’s face, his face scratched 4 inches deep, not the head injury and bones, we felt so lucky, if you drop on the head when his brother may be dead. Often hear people say "will escape from death in a great catastrophe to come", we also report that hope, so the opportunity to study for my brother, but 96 years or drown.

is a blessing, not a curse. It’s a disaster. But I have no intention of working. I go home and cry with my mother for half a month. But in the end, we have to accept the unfortunate fact. In July of the same year, my aunt’s husband died, my mother died in December, a year in the home killed 3 relatives, the world does not know why you do this to me? What can we do, in addition to bear or endure, ordinary people may not understand at this time our family in the feeling of the heart, in addition to pain or pain. The new year soon, the greater misfortune slowly closer to me, my mom and dad to divorce, father to Guangdong to go to work in Shantou, the mother didn’t know to what place, leaving me alone at home to celebrate the new year, the year I was 16 years old.

says poor people


Increase the role of the chain on the site

            as individual owners are hoping their website can overnight flow can reach tens of thousands, for this purpose the webmaster to pay a lot of energy, time and effort invested in its website, made a lot of work. As a result, up in the morning, open the site traffic statistics system, and indeed found that traffic is still the original flow, there is no change. Baidu search or original collection of those information, no progress.

I according to some of my own experience, talk about some of their own practices, I hope you can help the webmaster. In addition to doing some necessary web site promotion, the most important as a personal website, I think it is still necessary to work hard to honestly do their own content of the site. Will receive the attention of search engine. How to make your site’s content? In fact, the personal data, do not pass the audit, and then review their every day dozens, hundreds of course content, remember to take the title to revise its own title, the content of the framework is to change, do not let the search engine to the feeling the same content, or in their own plus some of their own ideas in the content, it will allow the search engine to feel every time your website has its own content, rather than duplicate spam sites. So accumulate over time, slowly, your site traffic will naturally come up.

finished the work, don’t think that you still have time in Everything will be fine., outside the above chain, or search engine will think your site not what weight, the effect will be greatly reduced. Do the chain, but also pay attention to the quality of the chain. So how to increase the chain,


to increase the chain of methods:

1. find your friend’s Web site to help you add links to your site. One-way links to your site the best effect.

2. in Google and Baidu to query your site’s theme. Look at the reverse link in the first page of the website. The reverse link query a Web Query: link: website. Then contact these sites with you exchange links. Or pay for one-way links with their.

3. has been included in the blog search query station, each week to open a blog to your site and copy the contents of a to blog. Copy the contents to the site must have your site keyword content content in.

replicationIf you can write a

4.. Special feeds into some large sites. Let them add links to your site. One day two days. You enter your published title in Google and Baidu search. You can see a N site to reprint your website content. So called soft Wen wrote, it most Meng.

5. go to some large blog that has been indexed by the search engine for individual blog content. Give them comments below. Plus your site link.