Forget, forget the Baidu search engine to make a stand

this topic, estimates there are a lot of people oppose, not the search engine how do we live? Website how development? In fact, you misunderstood me, I told you to stand to block search engines, you don’t have to learn TAOBAO, because we have the strength of a small station. But we can forget the search engines, forget about it, and never even SITE.

some people ask, forget about the search engine, where the website traffic? Income where? I ask you, but make a lot of money, in addition to the search engine itself, there are a few stops is to make search through our website? The purpose is to make money, there are many channels, electronic business is a way to make money online is really, but there are many webmaster is to begin with the aspects of planning, many owners are stuck in I make a stand, and then put on GG, Baidu alliance, and then worked hard to earn that money flow, milk powder, especially do not feel tired? The garbage station friend, actually I sympathize with these friends, hard ah, but also Baidu’s face is not easy. read more

Ten tips on improving your site

in fact, the improvement of the site is not a time-consuming thing, do not need too much cost input, there will not be a lot of technical difficulties, only a little common sense to consider, and then determined to implement it. And the website after improving the affinity effect is incomparable, the following is to improve the site of ten suggestions:

first, attract search engine

ensures that websites attract search engines. An affinity user site is also a web site for search engines. Add text description and title in a large number of pictures, text navigation bar instead of pictures or Java language menu, avoid frame structure, Flash or any interfere with the search engine spiders index encoding, each page and add the title element identification guide page content matching, the target keywords and search terms for dispersed in the web site. The search engine to search, your site can get good rankings and included into the good directory, if necessary, should ask professional script help write the advertisement text, not only taking into account the readability of the script will do. These are good ways to attract search engines. read more

Personal websites should be kept away from advertising such as QQ winning

the vast majority of personal websites rely on advertising to make money, but personal websites need to be careful in choosing advertising, not to put some illegal ads for what little money. If the personal website in order to earn advertising fees or the owners rush into danger, chained and thrown into prison be punished, it may become the laughingstock of the people! Personal webmaster should keep in mind "do not take ill-gotten gains this sentence.

for now, Google, Adsense, Baidu alliance, Ali mom these three Internet advertising giant, the company strength, credibility guaranteed. It should be said that these 3 ads are currently the largest personal website in china. Of course, some of the country’s small advertising alliance credit is also good, but choose to know more about. read more

Web Analytics the impact of web core content on visual performance

"optimizing and refining information is always the first step in design."." This is a Baidu alliance user experience center Banner words. In the process of doing web design, more and more such a summary of personal experience and ideas. Of course, this pithy sentence actually contains a lot of content, I personally think that this includes at least four aspects: first, from the site of the entire appeals, the website needs to realize what information can be better placed on the page? What information is needed to preserve? And what information is needed in other place the page or simply discard? Two, to have been confirmed in place page information, how to write better text, select images to achieve functional and visual appearance of the perfect unity? Three, important distinguishing information, which is important, need to focus on the performance? And what is the secondary some information? Four, to distinguish the primary and secondary information, in the layout, color, size, namely how to visually highlight and better read more

To code farmers to take a class Uber platform quickly find 100 yards of agriculture, products can be

Abstract: Crowdsourcing innovation of QCode is the programmer’s spare time to solve the business staff is not stable, difficult issues such as recruitment, limited manpower. When you have an idea of entrepreneurship, you can quickly find 100 yards farmers, and achieve rapid product line 3-5 weeks – the vision is beautiful, the reality,


the Internet revolution’s greatest thinkers Klein · Sheki mentioned in the book "cognitive surplus", the Americans a year time spent watching TV for about 200 billion hours, but it is almost 2000 Wikipedia projects a year time required. If we treat each person’s free time as an aggregate, a cognitive surplus, then how big will this surplus be? read more

Tencent mergers and acquisitions Kang Sheng will increase the new choice of small and medium-sized w

users will be released with the domain name and Shengqi Kang under whois information acquisition of Tencent Kang Sheng a has been settled. On the current situation, Tencent mergers and acquisitions Kang Sheng will bring new and small systems to select a new situation, which will be Tencent mergers and acquisitions will inevitably emerge trend.

Dai Zhikang said, Tencent mergers and acquisitions Kang Sheng will not force users to choose Tencent system, but there will be a dedicated service team for the maintenance of Kang Sheng system products before service. If Dai Zhikang is right, so from this view, the acquisition of Tencent Kang Sheng not only promotes for small and medium-sized websites and acquisition of Tencent Kangsheng for small and medium-sized website will also create more value in the platform, revenue etc.. read more

Teach you how to write an article in the public number that you would like to share

many enterprises or business operations in the micro WeChat public number, one of the most common way is to write articles, get the user’s attention through the article, and the article to attract users to take the initiative forward and spread, but how to write an article to make it the number of years in the public is willing to share the


said that the open public number to operate the first thing to do is to increase the number of fans, yes, this is the first goal, but increase the quality of the fans is also very important, otherwise there will be a number of fans, but few people patronize public phenomenon. Of course, after the fans, to ensure that content quality is the operator to achieve the second goal, which is to make fans become loyal users a great secret. As for how to increase the number of fans, Xiaobian are not one by one analysis, this article focuses on how to achieve the second objectives, write the public number of article content. read more

Talking about happy net of Baidu’s top spot

People who are constantly looking at Baidu or Baidu search rankings know that

is a good place to go. Now happy network has and two websites. And it’s all very hot. On the surface, it looks like the "campus network" and so on. Remember when Kaixin first debuted, did not support registration, and had to be invited to register. The more it is, the more registered people there are. Why,


1: happy network settings are convenient for users to experience, as long as a little mouse, you can leave footprints, gifts. read more

The appearance of Baidu and the connotation of Baidu

Baidu has gone through 8 years and has been on the market for 3 years. Today I have a special understanding of "Baidu" and some Baidu related data reports, and have sorted out the impression of Baidu in different roles over the past few years. Have to admire, Baidu really has a gorgeous appearance, but at the same time feeling gradually blurred connotation.

in May 2000, Baidu for the first time for the portal site – Silicon Valley power search technology services, after the rapid occupation of the Chinese search engine market, has become the most important search technology provider. In August 2001, released the search engine Beta version, from the background to the public oriented independent technology providers to provide search services, and in the first Chinese PPC business model, October 22, 2001 officially released the Baidu search engine. read more

The impact of domain name deletion or deactivation on network promotion

do SEO in a lot of people no matter how to optimize the site is not included, if there is such a problem urgently is of no use, may your site have a variety of reasons are not included in the search engine, which had the greatest impact domain was deleted, if your domain name is deleted after it is likely before information is included in the search engine, when your domain is deleted, search engines will not be included in the long time, if you will slowly disappear even in the search engine K was closed, so that the domain name is deleted it has a great influence on the optimization of SEO, and down infer why well before the domain name registered people say do not do, the possibility of a, this site has no use for the previous owner, so it is not in the renewal, if such a good point, you do not have SEO What effect?. The possibility of two, before the owner of the domain name using the domain name for SEO promotion, but there may be a violation of the treaty search engines are not included, so the previous owners of this domain is useless, so naturally death and automatically delete it, if you continue to do SEO, this is very troublesome, because the domain name has entered the search engine blacklist, but you still may be how to go to make up the possibility of? Three, domain name is deleted too long, the search engine has been too long without crawling in the domain name, so this time requires a lot of work to lure spider crawling to your site. The above three points most likely, so that the domain name was deleted has great influence on the optimization of the SEO, so that you do SEO webmaster, to the history of the domain name record detailed check before registering a domain name, if you are unfortunately registered this domain, how to optimize, I have some methods we can try. I hope you can help solve these problems. read more

Several basic ways to improve user experience

We often chat in the

user experience, the user experience can say smallpox drunk, are often very difficult to make it clear. But no matter how the impact of the Internet users of the product, loyalty or user experience, therefore, we should start from the most basic way to understand the user experience, with a specific method to improve the user experience, it is not empty talk.

first, think like a user. It sounds like crap, everybody knows, but it’s the ultimate way to improve the user experience. As operators of Internet products or product manager, we tend to think of this product function, page layout and response button will allow users to have what kind of feelings, but we often lack the user to think how to want to use your product, which brings the inconsistency of product design and user needs, but also the product developed after the user experience of root cause of the poor. read more

Small day project companies lose the mystery of what is not missing why grow

[introduction] on July 2013, users broke the news at micro-blog, Renren’s "happy network" business has stopped, layoffs have been disbanded. All happy network is a one-stop wedding preparation service platform for Renren, which was launched in July 2012. This is not everyone’s first failure of the sub project, and earlier relying on Renren platform windmill network, hoping to rely on Renren platform for social tourism exploration. In the establishment of less than half a year on the failure, and in today’s Renren’s "sticky net" and the news of the sale, everyone on the list of sub projects on the exploration, it is difficult to harvest a success. read more

Name one of the most guilty things I’ve ever done in the domain name space

I am Qiu Donghua, Qiu Donghua is me, my real name is this, 05 years on the domain space agency, I have been convinced that the sale of the real name system, because I have a reputation behavior can reflect the integrity of your attitude, just when the agent and everyone else, have a to realize the cognitive process, I also encountered black service providers, is to pay agency fees run away or low product quality, service and garbage, I remember when I first made a call the next network of agents, read more

When pornographic picture gate meets Chinese stationmaster

years ago this time, the network hot topic more than many, Gala events, pornographic, Southern China tigers, pornographic is one of the most popular and most discussed events for this event, my personal attention is not a lot, always watching others in argumentative, everyone in the discussion group where can I find pornographic pictures, and all the public sale of pornographic incident at Taobao pictures.

I have been to these events is not interested, but this thing is so long, not only did not stop, but more and more warm, look at the various forums, blogs, portals and other events are similar reports and comments. In fact, this thing could have small, small, but more and more outrageous, become a major news event, even been classified as international news. Deserved it! Who let him meet China webmaster! read more

Sports industry investment hot! Tiger founder said, 1 billion U.S. M & A will occur

Abstract: Cheng hang forecast that the second half of this year to early next year, the sports industry mergers and acquisitions, the level of 1 billion U. s.dollars will occur several, the entire sports industry will be very hot.

as early as March, we have reported to you, tiger diving sports and founder Cheng hang, I think he has already been very understanding. In a recent lecture, a dual identity of the founder of tiger bashing away Hangzhou to meet with you again, brought to the hottest "Internet plus sports" views, let us look at the history of Hangzhou exactly what was said. read more

The chain of a web site is still very important

website optimization, website ranking has now become the network marketing, search engine marketing (SEM) mainstream topic. So how to make good use of the search engine platform, SEO has become a force that cannot be ignored. But the success of SEO is winning the link.

little brother has a small movie network, mainly to do online movie keywords, but now I’m in the key word inside the station, more and more behind.

I carefully analyzed what the reason is, the answer is on the chain.

in Baidu search online movie the first web site, I in the webmaster online inquires, just included 5 pages, but the chain has more than 7800, I carefully look at the chain, basically all blog mass or BBS mass. I looked down slowly in front of the station except for a few, the other is a lot of chain. read more

My network ten years 1999

wants to publish directly in stationmaster net, but half day editor does not open. In fact, I do not write the soft text, and I did not want to use this way to promote their website. Thank you very much for the comment of the last article of "big bird". As a webmaster, we all have our own stories. Most of us devote ourselves to youth.

, 99 years, the millennium is coming,


New Year’s day, I went to Hangzhou internship! At that time, I have more familiar with the computer, but are in the DOS, the average can chew a book every week, almost every week to see the computer newspaper. One day, in the bus, occasionally see a natural audio and video places, you can access the Internet, in Hangzhou, what position has been forgotten. The first time to go, looked at the announcement, online 10 yuan per hour, deposit 200., then pocket only 100 dollars, and the waiter said 100, with identity cards mortgage, she actually disagreed. Second days, with 200 dollars, open the computer, with the Win98, actually do not know what to do! Two hours on the muddleheaded. read more

Site analysis of fifth advanced segmentation Six Meridian Swords pulse packet segmentation

— content grouping, subdivision,

"as the basic unit of the website, recorded a variety of digital content, like a forest site analysis of the blog page; or the enterprise product publicity page, contact page; page type complex point like ecommerce site: home page, landing and various activities of all kinds of goods and merchandise page list page it is too many to count, plus the shopping cart page and other pages in the shopping process, the content of the website of this series is composed of a large electricity supplier website. If one by one to analyze all the content, it is neither realistic nor what do data analysis results; subdivision, often want to focus on a classification of goods (such as the classification of goods a brand summary) or a class of function "(for example, all goods list page summary) the filtered data, but how different forms of web content the classification, after class and usually pay attention to what indicators? This is the website analysis advanced segmentation Six Meridian Swords – fifth pulse" wants to talk about. read more

New station from zero to have novice webmaster do station experience

Hello, I often see A5 predecessors wrote articles, benefit greatly, today first published my own ideas, written badly, I hope we understand more

I am a complete novice webmaster, used to be engaged in computer maintenance, has been engaged in the hardware, the computer in recent years the rapid development of computer, low price, sales profit is very low, my income is not much, so I got the idea of this website, want to send it out get out of hand.

I was engaged in the hardware, although all belong to the category of computer, but when the true operation, I know how hard it is, space erection, the art I can, but the site is really painful procedures, I remember I was in time for me to find his program source the Internet, next to the space, waiting for a long time after the discovery of this program is too restrictive, or not for me, then find, seek, is looking for a night, but it pays off, is found. read more