Month: June 2017

What are the four major barriers to female entrepreneurship

is now no longer a rare female entrepreneurs, active in the market for women in a few, and many have achieved amazing results. Women have a taboo, to avoid four points is necessary, then what are these four points?

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in the Vin view, she quit business is a natural thing, 5 years ago in a consulting work she is the industry veteran. Thus, since that human, material and financial resources have been equipped with the Vin last month, the boss submitted a letter of resignation, rented an office, recruited two people, printed on a business card ready to go.

two taboo is not familiar with the policy environment and related information

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Qingdao municipal Party committee secretary Li Qun innovation to break the barriers to innovation

hit the youth activities and create entrepreneurial dreams, is also an opportunity for economic take-off of the China again. Qingdao municipal Party committee secretary Li Qun to Laoshan District Chong passenger Street research, investigate the cause of entrepreneurship in Qingdao, young entrepreneurs continue to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship.

12 2 in the morning, the Shandong Provincial Committee and party secretary Li Qun came to the Laoshan District hit off the street, and youth hit off their face to face communication, interaction distance, encourage people to cultivate innovation and entrepreneurship projects, to drive more people to join the public entrepreneurship, innovation, power construction innovation city, venture capital the island, off the record.

in creating Binggo, in the street, young hit off are sitting together to discuss business plan. "How long have you been in business?" "Financing is not a problem?" "How many customers are there now?"…… Li Qun came to the middle of entrepreneurs, we understand the entrepreneurial dream, for their cheering. Entrepreneurship is a trend, entrepreneurship is not failure." Li Qun said, I hope you always firm confidence, the peak of entrepreneurship. In the Binggo coffee bar, Li Qun and guide the creation of the customer’s business mentor who talked to encourage them to pass the genetic code of innovation and entrepreneurship, with their own knowledge, experience and resources to help more entrepreneurs to success.

research, Li Qun pointed out that brought by the dream of public entrepreneurship, innovation opportunities for entrepreneurs, but also an important engine to promote economic development. Departments at all levels should adhere to innovation driven development, the implementation of innovation policy, make good use of market means, build a good innovation incubator with an open mind, accelerate the establishment of creating the social service system, to provide a full range of entrepreneurs, for high quality service.

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Tea shop to join matters needing attention

on the market want to start a successful business too many people, we choose a suitable project, and then to this goal and constantly strive to achieve their career. Milk tea shop to join the small business to get rich good project to help you achieve a better future.

how to join the tea shop? Now for the small tea shop on the street, perhaps you are not unfamiliar, then how to join the tea shop? We are here to introduce you to the introduction of this mini tea shop business, tell you to open a tea shop to make money, let you know how to open tea shop now.


plus the cost of decoration, refined decoration investment in about 20 thousand to 30 thousand yuan, while the majority of tea shop decoration is only around 10 thousand yuan is enough. As for the initial needs of raw materials, the purchase amount is not too much, about 3000 yuan. This calculation, the total investment in a tea shop opened in general can be propped up within 100 thousand yuan. If you save a little, at least 70 thousand yuan investment can be the boss. However, some do not have any experience in the business of milk tea shop owner, to join a business and the market has been ripe chain tea shop may be the most convenient way.

T8 milk tea shop owner in this small tea shop opened before, but also to a few small Hangzhou has been known about the chain of milk tea. And T8’s boss, the boss is also high jiamengfei scared to turn away, then after making inquiries to find the name of a multi passenger station Jiaxing store, join the cost only 20 thousand yuan.

"computer press and press, think back to turn this to open the tea shop." How is the students and young people money into a projectile shop, will be confused by the dense list on the beverage type, can not imagine such a few square meters of the projectile shop, the equipment are in your nose, almost "millet plus rifles" the pattern that can change into so many things, but also with the season change frequently increased in season varieties.


Pig pig barbecue restaurant to convince you to join the five major advantages

pig pig barbecue restaurant since the opening of the turnover has been growing, the world has never been the extent of the decline. It feels like the taste of its name. Pig pig barbecue restaurant to join these five points to make you feel at ease.

1 small amount of investment:

join fees ranging from one to fifty thousand, you do not need too much start-up capital can start.

2 market prospects:

barbecue pot shop as a whole with the growing more and more, but still can not meet the broad market. The fish as the main barbecue grill is one less and less.

3 professional and technical strength:

we have a professional brand trademark and development team to help you understand the market trends, with a reliable brand logo.

4 dishes easy to learn:

we have a professional development team dishes, so you do not have to worry about food updates.

5 join a large team:

400 franchisees have proved our strength, more than and 400 stores have sprung up in the country, which will allow you to make more investment value, will make your life wonderful.

fish Hot pot series: spicy fish series, lotus series, Yin Jiazhen series taste crisp fish fish, fish, greedy slobber series champion fish series, garlic truffle series, homemade fish Ayu series, boiling fish series, health tower pot, fresh melon pot series, crystal series, Hot pot Yuanyang fish fish Mullidae Hot pot pig barbecue restaurant franchise fee

series: double fish pepper fish series, fish dish series, tin fish series,

series of spicy fish

barbecue series: large cylinder smokeless barbecue series, seafood barbecue, crystal barbecue

Sifangxiaochu series: crayfish, icy crystal fresh melon pot, health characteristics of soft shelled turtle, braised pork, fine cold dish


How to do promotional activities to make amazing results


in the clothing business, by normal means does not necessarily have a lot of sales, so entrepreneurs should consider how to increase sales promotion, this can effectively increase sales promotion, because the catch is cheap consumer psychology. Here is how to do a good job promotion.

"Miyoshi" is:

(1) hang up banners, distribution, hung in a conspicuous place, the best company of several products banners hanging together to highlight the overall effect.

"display" is:

good display of products to pay attention to the following skills:

"four help" refers to:


What are the characteristics of the special word naming method

some shopkeepers in order to give the shop a suitable name, can be described as a great effort, to find their own good words, the results can not be satisfied. While some shopkeepers are using a number of special words, the name of the work becomes simple and easy. So, is it feasible to use the word naming method? What are the characteristics of the special word naming method?

to store the name of the name of the use of special words have two categories: one is the use of words in some industries, one is in the long history of the development of some industries in particular like the word.

1, the use of words in some industries.

For example

Chinese medicine shop Love "Hall", such as Beijing Tongrentang, Hok Tong, Hangzhou Huqingyutang, Cai Tongde hall, Shanghai tonghanchuntang; western medicine shop with "real", such as pharmacy, pharmacy, Huamei Howard Guanxin pharmacy.

2, in the long-term naming process, the formation of a number of industries in particular like the word.

these words used in the official name, it seems to have the effect of communication, let a person know what is the industry. For example, the silk shop with "auspicious" word. Beijing Rui Fu Xiang, Rui Zengxiang, Ruisheng; Shanghai have the same, Xie Dayang, Xiang Yang, Hua Daxiang, Duke of Daxiang Dachang, Daxiang, Daxiang and other treasure letter.

it can be seen that once the use of such a dedicated word, first of all, consumers can be at a glance, although I do not know how the product, the price, but at least you can know what the store in the end what to sell. Thus, the name of the shop is very feasible to use a dedicated word. Of course, due to the large number of such shops, so if you want a hot business, naturally also need to integrate into the name of more features, so that the business will be more prosperous shop.


How to eat sweet taste

cooked food to join the brand what kind of brand influence is deep, what kind of brand worthy of investor trust, what kind of brand by consumers? Shanghai flavor Ya Ya cooked food is such a brand to join.

Shanghai Zhi Ya taste food chain management Co. Ltd is a joint-stock company to the table, leisure food chain management as the core, the spirit of "standardized management", "standard service, integrity management" business philosophy, established in twenty-first Century the success of the franchise business business model. Company in Shanghai, Wuxi, Changzhou, Taicang, Kunshan, Suzhou has a number of chain stores. In accordance with the modern enterprise business model, and continuously forge ahead, and strive to create "create industry standards, leading the development of the industry," the professional chain of food companies, invite the broad masses of people with lofty ideals to join.

How to join the

flavor Zhi Ya cooked?

flavor chain process:

Consulting – – to choose the shop shop on-site assessment and audit by signing the franchise contract, pay the relevant fees for the relevant license, store design – Recruitment – Storefront decoration transport personnel to the headquarters training project acceptance – examination after store — try to enter the business cleaning and publicity activities, issued the official business

flavor chain conditions:

1, with legal business qualification;

2, have a certain capital base, good financial credit, have the ability to resist the risk of investment;

3, network marketing, sales organization team, channel and terminal sales experience is preferred;

4, there are basic stores or have been operating in the deli can avoid joining fee.

believe you on the taste of how to join the text of this article has a certain understanding, if you want to join now please act. If there is anything that is not clear in this process, please leave a message below our website.


Let the new model of education with you to explore a larger market

The so-called

is never too old to learn, only the continuous efforts to learn the knowledge that we can not be eliminated by the world, but with the accelerated pace of life and other factors, many people can not get the class in the classroom, which the achievements of the huge market of network education!

The development of

network far and education for the occupation education is also a gospel. Most adults go to work during the day, and then go to the evening to participate in any kind of extra-curricular training activities such as these people’s   physical strength and will is a test. As long as to build their own websites on the Internet and employ some of the famous professors and experts to their online school to teach, and then after the relevant business of the Department of Education approval business,   the enormous potential of online education is waiting for those visionaries in favor of /p>! "After

but with network, want to accept training has become a very easy thing, just turn on the computer, you can choose the class time and learning into   degree, can also choose to have what the famous professors to train you, does not need the online school covers an area of large buildings, not natural need a great investment in infrastructure construction.



Transgender girlfriends girlfriends into a true love point praise

a woman after the British girlfriends girlfriends girlfriends, despite the fact that two people were opposed to the family with the opposition, but eventually got the understanding, and now they are full of hope for the future.

JamieRaines is a student at University of Essex in the United Kingdom, but also the Reds on youtube. Jamie was a girl, at the age of four, she suddenly realized that he is not a boy?

in the next time, she has been plagued by the trouble. She didn’t care about it, and thought that the idea would disappear when she reached puberty. So, at the age of 18, he began receiving testosterone therapy. This treatment will allow JamieRaines to appear in the body of male hormones, changing his voice and body. For example, grow a beard. He made a decision – to change his daily photos are recorded, so that everyone can see the process of their transformation, so he became the network reds.

He is going to record only a year when

however the degeneration process today say the key is not Jamie, this guy, in addition, there is a very legendary experience, he has a girlfriend, the girlfriend was supposed to be her bestie.

things to say to his high school, he met ShaabaLotun, he is now the girlfriend in high school at that time. At the time of the first meeting, Shaaba in fact, he did not have much good impression, when the only common point is that everyone likes photography. So they later became a classmate in a photography class, they see each other every day, slowly familiar, and finally became a girlfriend.

When the


Li Keqiang went to the high tech Zone during the investigation into the public space

to promote entrepreneurship has now become one of the main strategies and objectives of our country at the same time, now some domestic major leaders visited around the economy at the same time, also concern around the suspicious venture.

in summer during the Davos forum, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee, Premier Li Keqiang at the Liaoning provincial Party Secretary Li Xi, accompanied by governor Chen Qiufa in Dalian around the industrial upgrading, innovation and entrepreneurship study.

in the comprehensive administrative service platform, the person in charge, they by way of purchase of social services, to provide financing, low rent venues, logistics, legal services for entrepreneurs. Li Keqiang is pleased to say that you are more than one of these reform initiatives. Creative customers with knowledge and creativity, surging with ideals and passion. All levels of government and all sectors of society to the country to support the "double" policies.