Month: June 2017

What are the advantages of investing in health porridge

Rice porridge is what we usually sense like porridge, steamed stuffed bun Steamed Buns has become an indispensable part of life Chinese, today Xiaobian to recommend is a relatively good porridge to join the brand – Kang Kee good porridge road.

Kang good porridge Road Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986 into the food and beverage industry, has been in Guangzhou, Hongkong, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Taiyuan, Kunming and other places in various types of restaurants, restaurants, star hotel. By learning and understanding for many years in the catering industry, founded in 2000, "Kang Kee good porridge road in Kunming, the Guangdong area of old beautiful porridge, nourishing stew, exquisite snacks such as health food into Kunming, and Cantonese restaurant fast tekan remember good porridge road to join to create deep color. To serve the people’s livelihood, green health new series of Chinese fast food.

Kang good porridge road has been to follow the good life good neighbors good taste business philosophy, adhering to the purpose of the people close to the people, adhere to the public to provide health and health, convenient and fast food. The reasonable way of eating health food and health maintenance base, "Kang Kee good porridge road with you to create a wonderfull life, do your good neighbors, good taste for your food, people love the restaurant next door.

What is the advantage of

investment to record good porridge road?

advantage one: the market risk is small – let you have success

"Kang Kee good porridge road" to delicate and beautiful products, reasonable product structure, accurate market positioning, won the favor of target customers. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people advocate green food, pay attention to nutrition and healthy diet. Good porridge road conform to the trend of the times, to "nutrition health, delicious fashion" as the theme of consumption, won a larger market space. At the same time, good porridge road to 200 square meters of stores as the standard store, small investment, greatly reducing the investment risk!

advantage two: exclusive formula, unique flavor, let your market competition invincible hand

"Kang Kee good porridge road" to Hong Kong and Macao porridge, snacks, snacks based products. Through the reasonable ratio of industrial processing and seasoning production procedures, can achieve completely standardized product core condiment company through homegrown approach to ensure the uniqueness of the ingredients, so as to improve the single core competitiveness in the market management. The company according to the needs of consumers, the 10 series more than 100 kinds of products from the appliance to taste, have carried out comprehensive integration from the quality of raw materials, product sales structure and developed more than and 20 kinds of flavor type, fully meet the wide choice of consumers. Its unique taste, flavor of the compound so that the store in the same dining market has absolute competitive advantage >


How not to hurt the foot shop

guests in the shop after the consumer has the feeling of injury, the impression of the store is also very poor, so how to get the store sure? How to attract repeat customers, so that the store to get a better operation? So, if a store wants to get a good long-term operation, naturally need to do not hurt the customer". So, how do not hurt foot shop?

first: about effect. As the operator foot store, there must be a clear understanding of the foot store is not the hospital, even if the hospital did not dare to boldly cure. For the effect of customer attention, pedicure division should combine professional knowledge to give the correct guidance. For example, for some guests lumbocrural pain, can tell the customer, and these problems is not a day for two days, the same is not a short time can be resolved, so the health care project is not low, the price is not cheap, but if the long-term insist, will be from quantitative to qualitative change, the compared with certain do not, there is a big difference.

Second kinds of

: About pedicure accident. This is a lot of foot store most headaches, occasionally a store will make trouble. General to the foot of the guests, in the body is more or less of a problem, some of which customer’s problem is more serious, the physical condition is relatively weak, sometimes a little attention will be a problem, so the foot store should pay attention to reflexologist technical training, the introduction of new projects in the foot must examine carefully we must ensure that no danger of anything going wrong. If the division is not professional clearance, coincidentally, the problem is more serious physical problems, the consequences can be imagined. But in case of this accident, the foot shop must go as soon as possible, is in the shortest possible time, in order to avoid New problems crop up unexpectedly.

third: on the forced sale. Whether it is the formulation of performance tasks or store reflexologist daily sales, which is a very important point, is to sell before the customers to do the analysis: physical problems, key demand, economic capacity, consumption characteristics and so on, and according to the customer can afford, given purchase suggestions, only in this way, the sale will be targeted instead of letting the customer feel reflexologist were forced to sell in.

fourth: over marketing. Due to the fierce competition in the market, many foot shops can only continue to change the pattern by relying on patterns to attract customers to the store and generate turnover. Model does need, but too far. Guests experience more, it will become more and more smart, the more engaged in activities is less than the store. Therefore, there must be time for customers to recuperate, spend some thought keep off, do a guest, guests keep well, customers do well, no matter what the other foot store mode, are very difficult to poach your guests, you can make the activity when the guests are not particularly resistant.

in fact, these problems, I am afraid that many foot shops have been encountered in the course of the operation >


Secret Internet part of the fire inside

With the increasing number of Internet services,

Internet industry, the growing demand for part-time jobs, more and more college students to join this part-time industry. Why the Internet industry so part-time? Next, the future of the Internet in the future part of the fire inside.

2014 for college students part-time industry, is fast for a year, and this year can be said to be very hot, we can understand the hot degree of this industry through such a series of financial data: March, part-time cat got millions of dollars level A round of financing; in April, 10 million by bluerun on deer the yuan angel investment; May, pocket also received tens of millions of part-time A round of financing…

"Internet plus part-time" time to become a new outlet of entrepreneurs and investors chase, I had a part-time business experience (but unfortunately failed), in this industry quite touched, in my opinion, part-time industry is hot, can be said to be natural, and the result of joint action.

A, industry has long standing and obvious

user pain pointsThe traditional way of

the above this kind of situation is real, and very common, in addition to low wages, the two sides did not sign any part-time labor agreements, students and businesses have no security, the whole process is completely in the "vacuum", safety has become a big problem, the payment of wages has become a lot of casual, plus a lot of experience "" cheater inside, leading industry become part-time students cheated, dragons and fishes jumbled together, is It is quite common for dove.


Open store layout guidelines

in life, we can see everywhere in some convenience stores, but some of the convenience store business is very good, and some of the convenience store business is not very good, one of the key factors is the decoration and layout of different styles.

1, convenience stores in order to facilitate the convenience of fixed customer shopping, it should ensure that the goods are placed on the same class as far as possible.

2, the special offer goods stores Duitou display should be eye-catching, Duitou shoulds not be too big, too complicated, so as not to affect the Duitou effect, reduce the unit sales of stores.

3, the shop is located in the aisle about 80~90 cm, different from the supermarket design. According to the peak of the store reasonable arrangements for the layout of the goods, will be difficult to pick up the goods and selling goods separately, in order to avoid the peak shoppers blocking the aisle, not for other customers shopping.

4, the height of the shelf should take care of the needs of a large number of family women, the central shelf should not be higher than 165 cm, it is best not to exceed the level of 6. At the same time, we should pay attention to the use of the end of the shelf, because this is the store’s gold point, the customer in these places to stay the longest time, should be equipped with some of the best-selling products of high margin.

5, general convenience store due to the small store, the customer shopping faster, so you can not insist on customer deposits, in order to save customers shopping time.


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How to apply for venture capital

for many college students entrepreneurs who, now all aspects of the country’s entrepreneurship policies are very good, especially for college student entrepreneurs loan policy, then, the majority of students should be how to apply for some business loans in time?

students how to apply for loans to

simplified procedures. Where college graduates (within two years after graduation, the same below) apply to engage in self-employed or bid for the private sector, can be registered by the industrial and commercial departments at all levels of the green channel priority registration. The scope of its business in addition to the state banned the industry and commodities, will release the approved operation. Restrictive, special business projects, allowing the application side to submit special approval procedures. To apply for the establishment of private enterprises in science and Technology Park, high-tech park, economic and Technological Development Zone Economic Zone, teshiteban, in addition to need to pre-approval of the project, implementation "pledge registration system". Applicants to submit applications for registration, capital verification report and other major registration materials, can be issued a business license, so that in accordance with the provisions of the relevant materials within 3 months. Where the application for the establishment of a limited liability company, with college graduates human capital, intellectual and industrial property rights, non patented technology and other intangible assets as investment, registered capital of 40% allowed offset.

reminder: according to individual province Industrial and Commercial Bureau staff, the relevant policies have been implemented, college graduates in the relevant formalities of self-employed, in addition to bring all the required materials, put forward the relevant application, but also to bring the university graduates employment recommendation, graduation certificate and other relevant information.

entrepreneurship of college graduates by college graduates for loans, the borrower, guarantor by the stable income of their family or relatives or family members to provide the corresponding effective asset combination recommendation


Panzhihua University, the third generation of youth college students entrepreneurship plan competiti

may be in order to encourage college students to start their own business, perhaps in order to select a more outstanding entrepreneurial projects, in short, under the current entrepreneurial tide, a variety of entrepreneurship contest is held. The Panzhihua University Entrepreneurship Competition Finals held on the day before, attractive numerous student entrepreneurs.

5 on the afternoon of 12 may, the Panzhihua University, the third "Youth" college students entrepreneurship Contest Finals held in the auditorium. President Huang Shuanghua, deputy secretary and Secretary of the Party committee Li Shangzhi, vice president Shi Weifu, Party members, Panzhihua City Commercial Bank, the Secretary of the board of directors Shi Lei, the Department of scientific research, recruit students department, responsible person (Committee), two college students work and the person in charge of Secretary of the Communist Youth League, Panzhihua University teachers and students to watch the game.

PPT, the project team by the respondent, multi angle full explanation of the development direction of entrepreneurial projects and prospects, showing the "Internet plus", integration, diversification of service innovation pattern, brought a wonderful visual feast for everyone. Through the new media vote, the production of 300 tons of high-quality titanium alloy ball powder, 4000 tons of titanium alloy, the project won the first prize.

Huang Shuanghua speech. He stressed that only with basic knowledge, strong sense of innovation, perseverance and entrepreneurial spirit, is in line with social needs, welcomed by the enterprise talent. He hoped that the students cherish the opportunity to exercise in school, study hard, to lay a good foundation; cherish and create school innovation and entrepreneurial opportunities, help their development; emphasis on cooperation, adhere to the win-win situation, make innovation leader, social leader.

It is reported that

, the tournament is divided into preliminaries, semi-finals and finals in three stages, 34 teams selected from 104 teams in the qualifications has been "a business plan competition into the Provincial Youth College, one of the best 10 teams for the final.

as a very strict correlation finals, to enter the finals, are enough to let us know the advantages of such an entrepreneurial project. Of course, with the start of the entrepreneurial finals, the development of entrepreneurship for the Panzhihua University will naturally have a greater role in promoting.

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How about 10000 catering to join

venture to join the selection of the project, if you are a super powerful investors, then join the brand must be able to match your atmosphere. What kind of food and beverage project is good, must be through the baptism of the history of the river brand, in order to have a strong market competitiveness. With the development of enterprises to join the 10000 catering for more than ten years, the development trend of China well versed in the catering industry, to understand what is the better way to ensure the smooth operation of the project. Wanke catering to join provide different support for the success of the project is choosing a project you. In many brands of 10000 catering to join in several very successful cases to entrepreneurs share.

The secret of

‘s 10000 catering to join the exclusive memory rinse to bake the success of creative collocation and trends. First of all, the exclusive memory rinse to bake this project is according to the 2016 tide and custom delicacy food, and 10000 catering to provide the most advanced equipment –3D scene generator as the exclusive memory of this brand, enough to attract the attention of consumers. In addition to the promotion and development of the project, put forward the line of 10000 catering to join the mode of thinking, namely Internet plus mode of thinking as a guide, online marketing and offline business combination, to join the investment provides in-depth mining potential customers, improve convenience and safety, with the last meal service. Wanke catering to join have senior brand management team to follow up entrepreneurial projects, a comprehensive consideration of factors combined with the market competition situation, industry development prospects, people’s consumption demands, make the brand franchisees lasting risk-free profit.

actually can be seen, 10000 catering franchise is the most important product development technology, has been based on the current trend and development of different products. Wanke catering franchise invite well-known delicacy master Lv Changhai, contemporary culinary Dean Liu Qiusheng as a technical consultant, more authoritative food researchers continue to follow up, to provide all kinds of delicacy brand high standard class state, under the technical guidance. Wanke catering franchise also launched many nutritious brands, such as space capsule fish. With green natural ecological quality management mechanism to control the quality of the product, and the creation of space capsule barbecue, room astronauts, magical dining table and other advanced equipment, with higher food cooking technology as a support.


project today’s achievements, all cannot do without the support of thousands of restaurants joined behind, at present, many entrepreneurs choose Wanke catering to join, is to choose success, hope oneself can get paid real returns. Wanke catering franchise stick with delicacy, Chinese moved to help entrepreneurs realize the dream of philosophy, and take practical action to support the franchisee. All the achievements are due to the passengers catering to join your accomplishments, perhaps in here.


How to carry out children’s clothing store promotional activities

clothing store promotional activities are very common, almost every shop has its own marketing strategy, if you are running a children’s clothing stores can learn marketing knowledge, the headquarters of strength so that franchisees can easily help Denver based strength helping, so you can easily denver.

theme of the development of

children’s wear in this part, mainly to solve two problems: to determine the theme of the activities and packaging theme. The price is the price discount?? gift coupons? Draw?? service promotion demonstration promotion?? consumer credit? Or other promotional tools? Choose what kind of promotional tools and what kind of promotional theme, to take into account the costs of the budget activity goal, competition environment and promotion and distribution.

children’s promotional activities in determining the theme as far as possible to the art of "pull the tiger to do the banner", dilute the commercial purpose of promotion, so that activities closer to consumers, but also to impress consumers. Generally speaking, children are facing the parents and children of such a dual consumer groups, so for the parents, may be largely to highlight the "environmental protection, health care, educational" these topics, and for the children of the direct consumers, their interest is often "fun, fantasy" these themes.

active object

this event is for all children, the parents of the target market or a particular class of children and parents? Active control over the scope of? What is the main goal? What is the promotion of secondary objectives? Is mainly to attract parents to buy or to attract children to buy (note here? Although the children through their parents to buy the final consumption to achieve, but the focus of the two most of the time are very different) these choices are correct or not will directly affect the final effect of promotion.

promotional activities

now the children to the brand in the market condition? In this activity to achieve a what purpose? Treatment is to increase sales of inventory?? is against competitors? Is a new listing? Or to enhance the brand awareness and reputation? Only a clear purpose, in order to make targeted activities. There is need to emphasize that because of the difference between the Chinese children’s clothing brand is not so obvious as adults, in the implementation of activities, we must clarify the difference competition with the brand, even the subtle, strive to make our brand advantage talent shows itself.

children’s clothing store promotional programs can be a lot of difficulties in the development of franchisees, if you want to do a good job of promotional work can be a lot of attention to the relevant information. The above recommendations can be used as a reference, businesses can be based on the actual situation of the store to develop their own promotional programs.


Students become laundry customers

now the children, are holding spoil at home, a little bitter shall, once the University, are left home, and do not say such a living to do laundry, is dry. The school is not a good condition to wash, so specifically for students to become laundry. An opportunity to make money.

Market analysis:

key high school number 4000, accommodation of more than 2 thousand people, and those students study burden is heavy, many students do not want to wash clothes, the clothes have to change it every day. Key high school students have just come up from junior high school, a lot of people at home do not have the habit of doing housework, and they have to face the college entrance examination, how can there be so much time to do housework?


Successful management love love show early training mode

vision of the investors will be found, China’s education market is a huge consumer groups, therefore, the domestic education industry continues to attract the attention of investors, operating a love love show early training has become the majority of business entrepreneurs cradle.

"ear", listen to the views: one is to listen to the opinions, the specific management practices are in accordance with students’ interests and the interests of the masses, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations policy permits, not condescending, but to listen to a learning attitude and help teachers attitude. The two is to listen to lectures, the class into a class. To improve their ability to "know" in the class, so as to continuously improve the management decision-making ability.