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Xiaobian teach you to open a wine shop

shop business, of course, we hope to be successful, so I want to learn some skills. It is very important to have some basic skills to open a wine shop. How can we successfully open the wine store? There are tips for successful entrepreneurship, the following is the three major points for the analysis of the opening of the wine store.

reduce venture capital

Learn how to sell their

the customer wants the generous

in the interaction between people, who did not love a stingy person, in the business of open stores in the same drinks. How to succeed in business? Operators have to learn to be generous to customers, especially in the early days of the opening of the wine store do not charge too much, you can even provide free to the customer, so that it can bring long-term effective good business.



Snow beer can provide protection

Since the introduction of Chinese since

beer has been selling wine ranks, one is because of cheap beer, can meet the needs of mass consumption, two is because the beer has become one of a routine food and drink. There are a lot of beer brands, today focuses on snow beer. Snow Beer foam, as white as snow, yellow wine, bright light, fresh, light taste of cool, young and energetic, enterprising brand personality, slightly bitter taste, pleasant soft refreshing, summer iced drink, more trees, a drink after a long time to forget. Snow Beer, not only sold in China, is also popular in the foreign market, is the beer agent to join a good opportunity! Drinks market opportunities together! Want to join to create wealth, to choose well-known brands more secure! So, how do Snow Beer agents? Snow Beer agent security is what


What are the safeguards for

snowflake beer?

1, price protection: the same quality products on the market, due to the high cost of the impact of sales, snow beer unconditional return.

2, patent protection: how do Snow Beer agents? Snow Beer company brewary series of equipment and technology, have been declared national patent, the State shall enjoy the protection of intellectual property rights. Patented technology, proprietary equipment, leading the industry coquettish.

3, quality assurance: beer brewing equipment Snow Beer provided by the company, brewed beer raw materials due to quality problems, Snow Beer company unconditionalreturn.

4, sales support: Snow Beer company unified arrangement of logistics distribution, unified sales channels, to provide free marketing tips, personal tour guide, assist sales, to ensure that your business worry free, safe money.

5, regional security: how to do a good job of snow beer agents snow beer to join the development of the limit, the strict implementation of regional protection policies, your site you call the shots.

6, security: Snow Beer win-win join, free to provide a full set of procedures and set up factories, unified brand, unified packaging, all year round in strong media for cooperation to provide a large advertising support for brand promotion, the sharing of resources, to create a joint China brewed beer industry leader.

7, service security: special help to build factories, snow beer headquarters to join long-term free technical advisory services, free training wine technology, guide the operation. Priority to provide new products, new technologies, and always maintain industry-leading level.

8, security: Snow beer company to ensure a strong economic strength of a successful cooperation, for those who do not operate, can be a safe exit, without any risk.


Your restaurant is also a two-dimensional code WeChat

with the development of the Internet, now more and more chat software, a lot of chat software to bring great convenience to our lives. WeChat exchange platform is a good example, as long as the sweep of the two-dimensional code will make it easy for you to find food. To establish a two-dimensional code belonging to your store bar.



What are the purpose of building materials store promotions

in the current business market, almost every shop will take relevant promotional activities, the purpose of each shop promotion may be different. In short, if you want to open a business hot shop, it is necessary to take the relevant promotional activities. Of course, advance understanding of the relevant promotional purposes, will have a very good role in promoting the development of promotional activities. So, the purpose of building materials store promotions? Let me see small series of.

customers in the purchase of building materials products have what characteristics? Because building materials products are cold attention products, customers in the purchase of these products is often only several rounds of final products, so the sales staff patiently and carefully to introduce customers to our products. Each person’s shopping behavior is impulsive, sales staff just lit a group of heat, often a customer out of the building materials store was immediately blown out by a variety of cold wind, how to do? Customer order in advance with promotional activities to stimulate, in case it is the first to Undue delay may bring trouble., building materials store sales.

because customers do not understand the building materials products, so it takes a lot of time to stay in the store, how to extend the time to stay in the store customers, building materials store promotional activities to become the second purpose. In addition to taking into account the customer’s time, but also take into account the customer’s money problem, that is how to make customers buy more, buy more expensive, this is the third purpose. The fourth purpose is to encourage customers to become your brand duty propagandists, willing to help you with.

promotional purposes one: to stimulate customers in advance orders

special offer, buy gifts and sweepstakes are three main forms of the building materials store promotions, many people are planning to focus on the innovation of content and form, but ignore the promotion purpose of what is it? To stimulate customer orders in advance, there are two ways to stimulate, one is positive, one is negative stimulus. In many promotional activities, my personal favorite is to upgrade the deposit and installation costs returned.

deposit upgrade: is a form of positive stimulus, if you buy in advance you will get more. When the customer has not to purchase time, you can advance the advance payment to the merchant, if the final purchase of the building materials store products, the deposit can be based on the amount of purchase gradient. For example, deposit 200 yuan, if the total amount of the actual purchase is 3000 yuan, deposit $500 yuan in cash; if the total amount of the actual purchase is 5000 yuan, deposit $1000 yuan in cash.

of course, to attract customers to pay a deposit in advance of the favorable conditions in addition to the deposit upgrade, if you do not have a choice of businesses can be unconditional refund deposit. Many of the building materials store businesses have already used the deposit upgrade activities, and promotions are upgrading, if you pay 200 Yuan Dingjin enjoy


Xiamen dragon cooperation zone to get rid of the traditional rising to try to take the special field

powerful combination is the choice of many enterprises and regions in the development of a win-win strategy. So, what are the unique advantages and significance of the combination of Xiamen dragon cooperation zone? The following and Xiaobian together to understand it.

last November with China CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Ltd about December successfully signed, just a month’s time, the heavyweight of the central enterprises will successfully settled — 135 kilometers from Xiamen Fujian Xiamen Longyan Shanhai Cooperation Economic Zone (hereinafter referred to as "Xialong cooperation zone") is currently speeding up the construction like a raging fire.

in April last year, the demonstration area, bridgehead and other tasks in one of the Longyan mountain and Xiamen Economic Cooperation Zone inaugurated. Over the past year, Xiamen City, Longyan two work together to promote innovation driven Xialong cooperation zone in the soft environment, system planning, financial innovation and other "invisible" aspects, get rid of the traditional path, the zone is rising "to try to take the special aura, creating difficulties ahead DC speed.

efficiency > construction to cap only 100 days

wide and clean roads, patchwork of green belt, the factory building…… Last week, the reporter went to the Xiamen dragon cooperation area, just a year, Xiamen city cooperation framework has been opened.

, which started the area of the 2 General Plant cap, from the approach to the construction of the cap took only 100 days time.

reporter learned that, so far, Xiamen dragon cooperation zone to speed up the network infrastructure framework, packaging construction Yan Shi Industrial Park, Pak – suban industrial road network, to start the construction of intercity expressway, while speeding up the cooperation zone of water and power supply, sewage, communications and other infrastructure construction, promote the substation, water and the network by the end of the project completed and put into operation, efforts to improve the matching and cooperation zone production and living facilities, enhance the cooperation zone capacity.

service > within one day after finishing three procedures

business sector registration, organization code certificate…… Three procedures, one day after finishing – after settled, China South Locomotive Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Ltd once again feel the speed and efficiency of Xiamen cooperation zone.

is the only cooperation area in China that can enjoy the special zone and the Soviet Union policy. The cooperation zone is optimized in the business environment.

reporter learned that the implementation of the first cooperation in Xiamen dragon District accountability system, the implementation of the service business, while simplifying the approval process, administrative examination and approval speed. Fan Yi, deputy director of the Bureau of economic affairs, Xiamen cooperation zone, said that the recommendation of Xiamen Cooperation Zone


Want to let the long-term profitability of the restaurant look at it

we know now, the catering industry is fire, but not all restaurants are able to profit over the long term, some restaurants opened soon collapsed, these restaurants are closed, there are still some reasons can be summarized.

We all went to various types of food consumption

A, my downstairs "Tianwaitian restaurant" has finally changed hands. I think this is a matter, because they do not understand the service; a Wanda Plaza edge fire Xinjiang small restaurant was closed, it had been expected, because they don’t know how to deal with customers.

two, inexplicably, imperceptibly Street "Chengdu snack", into the money after the first meal of the rules, it makes a lot of customers is not used, they explain that they are fast, so money first. As if they’re just like McDonald’s, are they qualified and capable of doing that?

now the restaurant is mainly divided into three kinds of patterns. A kind of culture for people to open the shop, the main reaction in two levels: first, the decoration of the store has a theme, a culture; the two is the store service culture. This is mainly reflected in some high-end stores. The second pattern is no cultural people to open the shop, mostly small and medium-sized shops, they are selling food to customers, in order and serve the service process, there is no management. Three Hong Kong imported tea restaurant, in the environment, culture, improve service, but in the food service, it is in the show, the formation of two contrast with the mainland food store. One is that there is no content services, one is no content and services.



Novice entrepreneurs open shop purchase guide

for many novice entrepreneurs who, for the first time in entrepreneurship among open shop is a very good choice in the process of entrepreneurship, business shop, to find a suitable source is a key factor.

1, the factory supply is king    

Third, diligent. I believe that is the most God helps those who help themselves. A lot of people will say, I have neither friends nor foreign trade factory, a lot of opportunities to participate in the party, then I would not find the source of foreign trade since? What are not, the industrious and not by your own decision? No information, may wish to check online, such as the Ningbo base in which a piece of clothing the title, what can be found. As long as the basic information to run out, waiting at home is definitely not the end.

2, the wholesale purchase of    

if it is from the big city developed a wholesaler purchase, the price is very advantageous, it is particularly worth mentioning is that here, you don’t need to go to a lot of goods, you can enjoy special discount wholesale price, compared with the manufacturers purchase way, which greatly reduces the purchase the threshold, reduce inventory risk, and the price is not much higher than the direct manufacturers, is very suitable for small business sellers. Therefore, the seller of large cities, where the wholesale market where the purchase, is also one of the best channels of purchase.


Rich two luxury wedding ceremony Sichuan rare luxury wedding

domestic merchants network integrity platform, provide all walks of life to join a good project, entrepreneurial projects, rich money business opportunities, business ideas, business guide, join the information industry news etc. detailed introduction of services for the majority of entrepreneurs, is the ideal choice for web entrepreneurs looking for investment, entrepreneurship, join, chain, good project agent. The whole network for their support of the majority of entrepreneurs looking for their own entrepreneurial rich project, the success of your entrepreneurial dreams of wealth!

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Why join the highly acclaimed Sirui 1000 meter

line in the Chinese snack industry is a very powerful snack brand, is a small food and beverage industry in the big. Catering to join the project selection noodle also join many investors in this small series of choice, we recommend a noodle well-known brand – "thousand Sirui" vermicelli. The "thousand Sirui" brand vermicelli belonging to a large Chinese fast-food chain enterprises – Ji’nan Giant Department of food. Thousands of Sirui to traditional bridge noodle primarily, together with the modern fast food delicacy sale, to create a leading fast food chain brand vermicelli.

1000 Sirui using standardized production, no chef, no smoke, can make beautiful tasty show, has become the fast food industry "join darling", created the store popular success.

1000 Sirui joined the highly acclaimed noodle why?

tip one: popular for centuries, millions of gold and silver

vitality: a hundred years of history, has a strong vitality

popularity:: rise in the folk, spread in the folk, won the public love.

uniqueness: the rich national customs of Yunnan, give people a kind of enjoyment.

secret two, secret recipe, people want to eat


features: 1000 Sirui vermicelli bridge noodle taste with hemp, spicy, fresh and fragrant. Health, nutrition, good taste, won the majority of consumer recognition.

sweet: sweet without you, warm milk

acid: acid but not cool, eat refreshing

fresh: fresh and not thick, authentic

: salty and salty unabated, Maotai rich

light: light but not thin, vegetables and sweet

spicy: fortunately not strong, hemp and not dry

three, Sirui thousand secret vermicelli, four reasons to required:

1, avoid the use of the brand! Free of design and construction fees! Free market margin!

2, general catering profits are not less than 50%, thousands of Sirui profits generally between 50%-65% bridge.

3, a thousand Sirui contract is valid for three years. During the active period of the contract, after the expiration of the contract and then do not charge any additional fees, after the signing of the event, the annual need to pay management fees.


Which to join the original wooden doors

wooden doors in the modern life of the application of a wide range of market demand, so many businesses are eager to invest in wooden items. Which brand is better to join the original wooden doors? Many businesses are recommended six hi source original wooden doors to join the project, the strength of trust!

six hi source wood stores opened the whole sales planning, advertising planning guidance and training. According to the pattern of ancient wood doors with classical six hi source modelling perfect, to create gorgeous exquisite life, the style of European style wooden doors, with its elegant taste, exquisite technology, perfect presentation of luxury and classic wooden doors. Six hi source wood doors and environmental protection, and sound insulation effect is very good, no harm to the human body, to create a comfortable living environment.

six hi source wood to join the climate and the condition of high temperature and high humidity and even worse environment have in-depth study of prevention, treatment on wood is very strict. Polymerization of man-made wooden doors? Six hi source of the original wooden doors to join the " do professionals can do fine, do fine in order to do a good job in order to do strong, strong in order to become bigger and bigger to do long " for the action of the south. Six hi source wooden doors to join the company to the quality of survival, reputation and development, is committed to creating the highest cost of the original wooden doors brand!

original wood to join the brand, will have the advantage of more reliable choice. Six hi source of the original wooden doors to join the company to provide products and other protection, I hope you can bring to the enjoyment of high-end consumer quality, if you want to do business as a proxy to act quickly, you can not miss a good opportunity.

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