NFC雕像Wii U 3DS平台宣布灰蟋蟀2013推迟到七月

今天任天堂宣布任天堂雕像平台(NFC)为Wii U和3DS。

目前,Wii U是内置NFC支持的唯一平台,但任天堂已经表明,它将在明年推出了3DS。



尤其独特的NFP是什么,它不是为某一个软件的标题副产品作为一个平台本身NFP有作家功能以及读者的功能,所以它不仅能告诉在Wii U GamePad是什么人物雕像,也是一个紧凑的数据量每一个独特的游戏可以写入和读取。也就是说,你可以自定义你的NFP提高或训练你自己的任天堂人物,例如



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后看5000冲浪在世界各地146个国家,一个研究团队发现了长得最快的人气在过去的二十年。前十名分布在六个不同的国家:澳大利亚,新西兰,越南,秘鲁,和哥斯达黎加。三海滩旁边对方在澳大利亚是第八,第九列,和第十位。 read more


伊万诺弗兰科夫斯克的–基于社交平台teple密斯朵”宣布了一个独特的“社会餐馆的开放,城市空间在Kyiv 500。该项目将收集500个社会投资者谁将投资的总和,在餐厅$ 1000。

Kyiv、乌克兰。由日式/ 500px图像

通过这一概念,餐厅的收入的80%将被转发到在乌克兰首都社会项目融资。此外,餐厅将作为一个免费的平台,提出各种社会项目和行动。非政府组织“如果osvita ‘,以及流行的连锁餐厅的druzi ‘,将提供城市空间500与管理知识。 read more

Bear paw bag Taiwan creative small poineering good choice

Taiwan snacks have been popular in the market, the success has attracted a lot of attention franchisee. Many small entrepreneurs want to be a good opportunity to get rich, to get a smooth development. Bear paws Taiwan creative package is a good choice, can promote the smooth development of your snacks career, allowing more peace of mind.

in Taiwan: single store selling 6 NT $

bears the most popular delicacy popular night market in Taiwan District ". By "Kangxi", "fashion magazine", "special game player", "delicacy of" s Go "early adopters of let and other media reports and a strong recommendation. read more

Chinese Internet entrepreneurs conference was born dark horse Tencent training camp

2014 China Internet entrepreneurs conference held today at the Beijing International Convention Center, the general assembly to build a mobile entrepreneurial ecosystem as the theme, to explore the status quo and future of mobile entrepreneurship ecosystem. At the meeting, Tencent announced that it has reached a partnership with the entrepreneur magazine, will set up a dark horse Tencent special training camp, together to provide entrepreneurial guidance for Internet entrepreneurs.

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After 80 years of love into the cause of the girls into about 500000 yuan

a very delicate, looks a bit fragile after 80 girls, love outdoor riding to the physical demand is very high, and will be in Hainan this hobby into a career. Industrial and Commercial University Of Chongqing research two girls Hou Shuyuan, with a burst of effort, starting from scratch, set up a "ride" 517". Today, post riders won wide acclaim, the annual turnover of nearly 1 million yuan, net income of about 500000 yuan.

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To go drink at the top of – flow

whether we are busy, or in our leisure life, we can have a drink, let us into a better relax. So, the choice of entrepreneurial drinks to join the project, no doubt, is a very choice of business opportunities. Successful venture, a trusted choice, you are still hesitant what?

consumers are now pursuing the taste buds on the enjoyment of a taste of the drink is very popular with the public, and now the beverage market in the development of more and more quickly, many people have seen the business opportunities. Join a drink shop is also a business opportunity. read more

College students to join the enterprise should pay attention to the trap

students themselves alone business is not an easy thing, so this way to join chain has brought a lot of convenience for the students, but we know   these, the chain is also a lot of Swindlers Company today we have dragons and fishes jumbled together, look at the students to join the enterprise should pay attention to what the trap.

undeniable, join this way, as the current entrepreneurship has brought convenience. In reality, there are indeed a lot of college students through the chain to find a suitable for their own survival and development of the road of entrepreneurship. However, the chain is also very easy to be used by a number of Swindlers Company, therefore, it is necessary to remind college students, beware of falling into the trap when starting a business. read more

A rich 20 years of entrepreneurial experience highlights


need wisdom? Of course, in order to become a good entrepreneur, with more entrepreneurial wisdom is necessary. So where does entrepreneurial wisdom come from? From the book, you can learn from other people’s entrepreneurial experience. The following is a rich 20 years of entrepreneurial experience wisdom, worthy of entrepreneurs who read.

– there is a dream, and strive for the

if you decide to start a business, the first to establish the first target for the company to create a stable economy, and maintain the independence in the economy. Also, don’t be afraid of failure, learn to learn from failure. read more

Mr joined the brand – business volume

French rolls snacks in our Chinese catering market occupies an important position in investment. Mr. volume is China’s catering market authentic French pretzel products, Chinese Nutrition authentic French style and China consumers by combining the Mr. volume of French rolls quickly became the young men and women’s fashion snacks. Investors have come to visit the headquarters to join the wind.

mr. roll rolls the French fresh vegetables and meat quality by scientific collocation into rolls of products, make a small burritos gathered all kinds of nutrition. Chinese always pay attention to health and diet, raising the five colored red, Yangxin food, green food and yellow food, nourishing spleen, nourishing white food, black nourishing food. Mr. Mexico is not only a roll, rolls French onion Beef Roulade, Orlean chicken roll, ham egg rolls, and iron iron skewers, vegetables, snacks, delicious hamburgers, French nutrition soup, salad cream, French main meal, meet different tastes, meet the nutritional needs per day. read more

Who joined the coffee taste good good opportunities

in our busy life, to point to a different kind of delicious is also very good. How’s your coffee? Delicious coffee choice, good taste, good project, who joined the coffee project, is a good opportunity to join!

tired of people always drink coffee to eliminate fatigue, which is a lot of choice of office workers. In fact, the function of coffee is far from it, otherwise it will not be so popular around the world. Of course, the coffee tastes better. Who’s coffee?

to see whether a project is worth joining, not only to look at their own can be suitable to join, but also to see what the project itself has advantages, in addition to the team behind the project is what strength. The headquarters of hundreds of annual investment funds in the dozens of well-known media, including CCTV, the local TV, magazines, newspapers, professional large portal sites for three-dimensional advertising, all for multi-channel publishing brand information, enhance brand awareness, influence and appeal, help the terminal stores and agents wide popularity, increase sales. read more