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Jiangxi Department of Education innovation and entrepreneurship education will be included in the pe

for many college students who want to start their own business, there are always a variety of conflicts between work and study, and may even affect the acquisition of their academic degree certificates. Therefore Jiangxi province introduced new measures for the innovation of College Students’ academic practice open the floodgates wide to.

to support college students innovation and entrepreneurship, Jiangxi province gives priority to participate in innovation and entrepreneurship students into professional learning, the implementation of flexible educational system, broaden students age, academic study, Paul process allows adjustment (course) from school of innovation and entrepreneurship. Support the application of disciplines teachers at the same time as the counterparts of engineers, teachers and technical service enterprises established long-term relationship, the performance of innovation and entrepreneurship education into professional and technical positions of teacher evaluation and performance evaluation; university evaluation in professional and technical positions, should be recognized as the academic achievement of entrepreneurship education professional achievements field.

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Open dessert stores need to master skills

many people like to eat dessert, it is the food of all ages. In the market, its demand is quite large. For entrepreneurs, choose to open a dessert store, the market outlook is good, no problem to make money, the key is to know how to operate, know how to operate, so as to realize their dreams as soon as possible. So, how to open dessert store? In this regard, Xiao Bian made an analysis, want to know, then come and see it!

customer positioning

many people will mistakenly believe that women prefer sweets than men, in fact, this is not necessarily, in fact, the taste of the preferences and asexual points, many men also like dessert. Many young women in order to maintain a slim figure (or in order to lose weight), often do not want to eat sweets, so I would like to open a good dessert shop do not only pay attention to female customers, to do the public business is the last word.

price variety

dessert is a popular price, better price, so that everyone can accept, each bowl sweet about the price of a few dollars to hundreds of dollars, add egg cakes, pastries, decide by the customer. In business varieties not Tandaqiuquan, if you are a person both the employer and employees, the management of seven or eight varieties will keep you busy.

business strategy

dessert price is cheap, variety is very important, but the key is still taste. Food and beverage industry should pay attention to the taste of customers, to attract repeat customers is a better way to have their own special flavor. If there aren’t many desserts poor taste, just don’t fall, Gu Xiaoli, so as not to sell bad signs, because the cost of dessert is limited, do not lose the greater.


for a small dessert shop, the opening must have some equipment, tables, chairs, bowls, spoons, kitchen utensils, raw materials, disinfection bowl, etc.. Limited capital entrepreneurs can act as their own, or let relatives to help, a battle together.

mentioned above are the elements of the shop, and now we are not basically understand ah? Dessert shop how to open? In the shop, he must do a good job related to the preparatory work, laying the foundation for the smooth shop. In addition to the above mentioned, but also have to pay attention to the details of the grasp. In peacetime, they have to accumulate more knowledge, rich experience, to ensure that more and more prosperous business.

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Property developers should give up the mentality of the price cuts

now to office workers, young people the biggest pressure than prices, have a home in the city life need but to buy a house will be on the back of a large sum of accounts, for ordinary workers is not easy. Therefore, the CPPCC members said during the two sessions, the property developers should give up luck, the price cuts.

Since the

The macro policies of the state information center



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The four point is to teach you how to make creative promotions

we have not thought about some of the store business is very good, some people’s business is indeed very bleak phenomenon, which is why? May be because the way of promotion is very good, and now, more and more promotional tricks, but only in line with the needs of the customer’s psychology and the way it may receive good results. Promotion is reasonable or not directly related to the effectiveness of the promotion of good or bad, in the development of promotional policies, we must first target customer market survey, so as to be more conducive to success. Here are some tips on how to make creative promotions:

how to develop creative promotions, low-cost attract

"creative pharmacies" boss put a price of 200 yuan to sell ointment, special price 80 yuan, the news people stampede in, so the pharmacy of fame, Business Flourishes, bustling. The more it sells, the more likely it is to be a deficit, but in fact the pharmacy has reached an unprecedented level of profitability.

reason is that people who come to buy ointment, think that the store is also the cheapest of other drugs, all the way to buy some, while other drugs profit is far from the ointment of the deficit. A loss is a win-win, pharmacy visibility, and earned, pharmacies can be described as fame and fortune.

how to develop creative promotion, play with the charm of gifts

in Wuhan a McDonald’s store during the holidays are what All seats are occupied., to attract diners? It is not only convenient, health, delicious food, especially for kids is more attractive toys gifts, each kind of toys are different styles of creative novelty.

children’s needs to bring the family’s consumption, the children eat music, toys hand, happy, and parents to dig a little pocket is willing. Gifts of the original cost is not high, due to the large number, the lower the cost of fast food restaurants with a small amount of free gifts brought a huge return.

how to develop creative promotion, set point consumption

is now a lot of shopping malls launched a membership system, the issuance of discount cards, when the customer reaches a certain number of shopping in the store can get a certain amount of rebate. Such as the cumulative purchase of 100 full rebate of $20, the purchase of $200 rebate is $50, in the form of physical or shopping vouchers to honor, attract a lot of consumers come to buy, and effectively cultivate customer loyalty.

the use of point of consumption promotion is the key to the credibility of the commitment to the policy must be honored, so that consumers get tangible benefits.

how to develop creative promotion, pay attention to innovation

wants to get the consumer’s approval is to be recommended


Summary 2015 he went out of business for a year out of 20 marathons

have you finished your 2015 year-end summary? Whether it is a harvest or barren, 2015 has passed, it is time to take stock of the past, summed up the experience of the. As a food store boss Lu dada in 2015 out of the 20 marathon, all for entrepreneurship.

: "Japanese restaurant is my second job, before reporters for 11 years." In Nanjing city next to Hong Yue, a company called "Guyu said the shop, quite popular and reputation in the diet industry, while its owner is south wit Lu dada. As a reporter for a newspaper in Shanghai, the 11 year old, who has been fighting for a long time, wrote a lot of weighty reports, including the first line of the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008.

and most of the young people in modern times, people think Lu rest time is disorder, "two or three often sleep, get up at 9." Mobile Internet access for a long time, in his words is often brush……" Although the paper reading did not give up, but because more and more professional business reasons, this year the more than and 20 hardcover book, full of wine, with daily feeding, food, sea creature, "at the end of the day or for work."

2015 years, Lu dada went to 9 cities, while tourism is 0. "It’s all because of work, because entrepreneurship. Find food, find resources, study excellent shops……" These footprints, in his opinion, is "worth it"".

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Laid-off workers turned into a million little boss 1 years to open the store earned 100 of the 3

laid-off workers after the success of the venture has a lot of stories, today, Xiaobian to share with you a. Huang Yong Tan, a simple and honest face. From laid-off workers turned into an annual output value of one million yuan a small boss, he only spent a year. He said that through the entrepreneurial training of learning, they have the courage to embark on the road of entrepreneurship, although a small business, the income is 10 times higher than the working time, but also solve the work of 7 laid-off workers.

one after another unemployment trigger entrepreneurial idea

2001 in September, 32 year old Huang Yong from the construction company to lay off the Wu, this is not a wealthy family almost into trouble. Huang Yong worked as a driver, sold security doors, temporary workers…… By the end of 2004, after a friend introduced, Huang Yong finally found a job in a trade company — responsible for the construction of a warehouse of 7000 square meters. After the completion of the project in 2005, he lost his job again.

2006 November, Huang Yong learned that the Department of labor for laid-off workers free entrepreneurship training, quickly enrolled. A class, Huang Yong was attracted by it, easy to understand, many have been condensed by break in the heart of the mystery." "If you don’t have too much money, start with micro projects." Before starting the business must grasp the following five points: the analysis of the market, identify the project, select the brand, grasp the pulse of the market, find their own advantages and make the project to develop a business plan. The teacher’s advice to Huang Yong inspired.

at this time, a friend told him a message, Yang anti-theft door installation company launched a new product – the interior door, looking for agents, pre need to invest 200 thousand, if a fast turnover, lucrative. Huang Yong will make the project plan, a wide range of analysis, the conclusion is that can be put into. However, suffer from lack of funds, only to find partners, each 100 thousand yuan, Huang Yong also find friends and relatives borrowed $seventy thousand or eighty thousand.

2011 in April, Huang Yong’s first store opened in the street by chance, facade sharing, monthly rent 3000 yuan.

he every day to run the New District, 18 storey building went up from door to door to distribute leaflets. Although hard, can harvest a lot, every 100 leaflets, about 30 customers will contact Huang Yong. "Oriental vista, Xiyuan, Han Tianjia park.


Shop explosion of the building to avoid errors

is now almost any open shop entrepreneurs are in constant pursuit of the explosion, however, while building explosion models for shop operators is indeed a great help, but if you entered a misunderstanding, there will be a negative impact on the operation of the shop. So, want to successfully create a burst of money, naturally also need to avoid misunderstanding. So, shop explosion of the building to avoid what errors?

misunderstanding blindly copying

many sellers see Taobao on the baby in the hot, will go to the same style of goods, this is actually a misunderstanding, "volume" of the word has a strong lag after – volume high, means that the baby is in the product life cycle of "maturity", although the current sales unpopular, but this means soon after the baby will enter a recession".

error two for

to do a promotion will certainly produce sales this idea is wrong, there is no hard work to support the promotion of almost no role. Perfect baby page, a good shopping experience, look forward to Taobao that explosive products are amazing details describe the use of the product description, etc. Therefore, a good introduction is not to be ignored.

error three to create a number of explosive

explosion is characterized by the amount of walking, low profit, is the main store sales, but the profit contribution rate is too low! To create a number of explosive is unrealistic, the store’s profit structure is unhealthy!

mistakes four deliberately pursue

deliberately to pursue the explosion of money, then there are two questions behind the explosion of money: 1, bet type management. So, you bet on, will sell, if it goes wrong, the rest will be a large number of unsalable goods; 2, the purchase is not a reference in previous years sales experience, with vision and personal feeling to order, or to order quantity structure is not reasonable, finally out of stock or inventory backlog, unplanned order when the.

Although the creation of

explosion is very important, but if blindly copy or too sedulous pursuit, but can not really create a shop explosion products. So, if you want to shop to create a successful explosion of the above points of view should also pay attention to our attention.


Ming Ding steamed bun shop to join the notes

Ming Ding steamed stuffed bun shop – the leading brand in the shop, the United States and the United States in the morning, eat a good breakfast on the election of the Ding Ding shop. Delicious steamed stuffed bun with exquisite small side dishes, and the perfect partner cooked food, so that you do not eat breakfast at a roadside stand, enjoy the luxury of buns. Because the Ming Ding Baozipu renowned Chinese, a lot of people to join, but there are a lot of people unknown rules can only be failed, so in this small series will give a detailed description of Ming Ding Baozipu joined

Ming Ding Baozipu stuffing large thin, beautiful appearance, strong soft food, delicious, juicy and refreshing aftertaste. Ding Ming Baozipu dumplings variety, both traditional onion meat, pork balls, leek and potato, added ribs bags, zucchini shrimp, spicy squid, Fish-Flavored Shredded Pork etc..

since the beginning of 2009, Ding steamed stuffed bun embarked on the road of chain management, with a unified logo, a unified business model, a unified main category, a unified price standard, a unified quality standards and service standards. The operation of the stores are taken bright kitchen stoves, with transparent light.

cooperation requirements

as long as you have the approval mingdiing big confidence and hard pioneer spirit, good management skills and able to raise 70 thousand yuan venture capital investment cooperation (a fee of more than 50 square meters shop: eighteen thousand yuan (ten thousand yuan fee) + equipment investment +5 thousand yuan of right and left the store decoration +3 million about the rental store +5 thousand yuan of liquidity), can cooperate mingdiing bag. By my company to provide mingdiing bag shop full cooperation business model, marketing strategy, technical service and perfect industry training to the author for many years; and is responsible for technical guidance and auxiliary raw materials supplied by the partners; the number of training set (usually 2-4), training time, learners completely grasp the full set of technology whichever (usually 7-10 days) during the training, free accommodation arranged by our company, and do not charge any other expense. Cooperative store opening, according to the company of professional and technical personnel to need assistance and guidance (expenditure required by the partners themselves); offer partners a unified brand image, store, posters, advertising design; partners according to their store size in strict accordance with the image of the store design and decoration scheme provided by the headquarters, self decoration.

cooperation rules

The scope of protection of

for each partner is determined according to the area density and economic ability (Note: the headquarters will have the intention to do the general agent to join, join a month since the opening area retained by the franchisee in the store and then decide whether to buy the two store). A distance of not less than one kilometer, the headquarters will be according to the difference of each region to distinguish between, and cooperation from the business point of view to draw.


What process do men join yelikon

brand men’s shoes to join choice, has been very popular with the choice. Yi’erkang men’s shoes? The strength of the brand. For business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very has the advantage of choice. An open their own yelikon men’s stores, no doubt, is a very wise choice!

has joined the men’s yelikon what processes?

, a site selection and application, applicants must join in the local downtown merchants have their own or lease to the store, and fill out the yelikon branch to provide "values questionnaire", "site questionnaire" and "store franchise application form".

two, site visits to assess the total company regional manager or yelikon branch shop responsible person, the on-the-spot investigation of the applicant and the franchise shop, and write the evaluation opinions.

three, confirming yelikon branch manager according to the evaluation opinions agree with your approval to join the application, special circumstances will confirm to the yelikon group headquarters approval.

four, apply for decoration, recruitment, once the application is confirmed by yelikon branch staff to help you fill in the details of the store decoration application form ", and help you start hiring manager and clerk.

five, confirm the decoration and props cost – yelikon branch professionals, make relevant plans, elevations, lighting circuit diagram and effect diagram "according to the actual situation of store, and calculate the cost of renovation and related items detailed amount.

six, construction guidance, training by yelikon sent guidance to the branch store construction. Head office and sent professional trainers to carry out professional training for the store staff.

seven, acceptance, opening, after the renovation, the yelikon group headquarters or branch sent for approval. Branch staff and assist the store in accordance with the establishment of the company or a unified business plan for the preparation of opening.

eight, the opening day, Kang area manager or yelikon branch is responsible for the unified control, you can rest assured of opening.

through the above description, I believe everyone to choose to join the men’s yelikon project, there has been a lot of understanding. The best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs. If you are also very exciting. So, hurry up!


Protect the environment quality of Beijing electric vehicle fast charging station officially put int

in the daily life of the majority of the advent of electric cars, for our lives to provide a great convenience, in the use of electric vehicles, the charging problem has been a good solution! In January 17, 2017, the official operation of electric vehicle fast charging Beijing flyover Art Center Station, the station is currently the largest scale in the core area of the capital service, the strongest public electric vehicle charging station, charging electric vehicles and effectively meet the demand. State Beijing Electric Power Company marketing director Shi Jingjian introduction, during the Spring Festival, we will increase the density of the inspection of these charging piles to provide strong protection for the people to travel the spring festival."

it is understood that during 13th Five-Year, the national electricity in Beijing actively serving the capital city function positioning, scientific and reasonable to carry out the electric vehicle charging construction, the core area of the capital there are a number of cultural sites, historical relics and leisure park, the national electricity in Beijing according to the regional characteristics, in the area to carry out extensive site selection and construction. This time, the construction of the center of the flyover Art Center charging is put into service Beijing four center city positioning specific initiatives.

close to the Spring Festival, electric car owners travel significantly increased. Moreover, the recent art center has also introduced a lot of repertoire, many viewers are electric cars to watch the show. Therefore, in order to ensure that these people in the theatre at the same time, can smoothly for their car charging, our staff working overtime for equipment inspection and acceptance, to ensure that the station put into operation before the spring festival."

using the latest charging technology   charging time shortened by half

flyover Art Center is a new landmark of the capital culture, adjacent to the natural museum, Tiantan, Taoranting Park Park, with a dense, large traffic characteristics. Therefore, the choice of charging stations in this area to maximize the needs of the owners to meet the demand for electric vehicles. The site has a total of 100 DC fast charging pile, is currently the capital of the core area of the largest and most powerful public service charging site.

"This station

charging pile adopts 60 kW fast charging technology, charging ability, charging efficiency than previous fast charging pile increased nearly 1 times, but also greatly shorten the charging time, only need 15 to 20 minutes to complete the ordinary electric passenger car power supply, the average can provide nearly the 5000 charging service, can effectively meet the fast fill power electric car users travel demand." Shi Jingjian introduction.

to build the city’s electric vehicle convenient charging circle

for the implementation of Beijing clean air action plan requirements, the development of electric vehicles, in recent years, the national electricity in Beijing according to the Beijing municipal and state gridcorporation deployment, actively participate in the preparation of the "Beijing city electric vehicle smart charging for electric planning" service development, increase the range of Beijing City recommended