Month: May 2017

What is the technique of network marketing in 2012

for the development of information now, I believe we have some preliminary understanding, in the minds of the people now, the network marketing has long been within the scope of marketing.

user psychology

keyword analysis

points of transaction

secondly should grasp the characteristics of network marketing:

(1) across time and space. The ultimate goal of marketing is to occupy the market share, because the Internet has more than time constraints and space constraints for information exchange, thus making it possible to break away from time and space to achieve the transaction.

in the preliminary understanding of concepts and techniques of network marketing, you still need to prove the practice, in order to promote your real success.

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How to carry out promotional activities in the shop floor

different times, the store will be taken by way of operation will be different, and in the current era of entrepreneurship, promotion has become the way every shop will be used. The so-called promotion is the use of sales concessions to attract the attention of the guests, so that guests are affected by small profits, but also to the store to provide the possibility of other goods to be bought. This is a very common way of sales, many businesses will play promotional brand, in order to attract customers.

of course, for the promotion of the method if people miss the point, use the means of being It is quite common for, completely clear, will lose the original meaning into something too vulgar to be endured. Many people look at the "20 percent off, 10 percent off" brand and indifferent is the reason. Because discounts are sometimes invisible concessions, only the "fold", rather than the real thing or money.

moreover, for the guests, he did not know how much of the price before you bid for the water, the original price increase, and then discount to fold into the original price, which is the sale of all. Do not store than the mall brand monopoly, each brand of each section are set a good price, consumers can see very clearly, as long as the comparison in discount business, buy the lowest current can, by contrast, the stability of consumers for shop commodity prices do not have much confidence. As a result, in the face of store discount signs, it will not catch a cold.

lottery, how much to buy back the number of visible benefits of promotion, consumers have concerns. For the lottery, many businesses set prizes are unsalable goods or crudely made things, which allow consumers to heat only at first, later also feel boring, who will leave those little things not worth it?

and full fanquan more people spend means, like back over 100 yuan 30 yuan, as businesses are usually 99 yuan, 199 yuan the price of the goods, buy one from the one hundred point difference, buy two and from the two hundred point difference, in order to offer some the customer will pay, constantly imperceptibly. Such a natural way to make consumers feel very sad.

as a store in the floor, we need to put their own advantages placed on the guests can see the place, such as the following methods.


The so-called

434g64mn to really make people scared to it, there is a small shop dedicated to a shocking special, full of some 10 yuan, even 1 yuan there, and shop goods prices from 50 yuan, 60 yuan to 1000 yuan, 10 yuan less than the absolute people the expected price is much lower, solid is 925.


Chengdu Shuangliu open 2016 business competition Prelude


13th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year, Chengdu Shuangliu start innovation and entrepreneurship competition, entrepreneurship competition kicked off a series of activities in 2016. This is the first stage of this year to show self.

1 12 July, Shuangliu County in 2016 the first contest of innovation and entrepreneurship entrepreneurship in the county of the West Airport Center opened. This competition is the annual Shuangliu County science and technology innovation opening, attracted a total of 12 participating projects, involving electronic information, bio medicine, Shuangliu traditional industries, but also includes new electricity, intelligent hardware, modern agriculture and other emerging industries.

through the tournament brought together elements of innovation and entrepreneurship, venture capital and build the project docking platform, innovation and development of double driving contest. It is reported that this is the preliminary contest of innovation and entrepreneurship by the government of Shuangliu County to Zhongguancun Venture Street founder – Control Branch Chong Qing Cmi Holdings Ltd jointly sponsored, aimed at promoting scientific and technological innovation, guide the innovation of enterprise, entrepreneurship, innovation and risk investment project in Shuangliu County docking, speed up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, promote the development of high-tech industry.

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How can successfully open a Xitang store

marriage is the happiest time in life, marriage also has a lot of things need to be packed, Xitang choice is very important, for the Xitang store, I believe we will not feel strange, now in many places are not themselves packing candy, got the store to the package. Now there is a large market, a lot of entrepreneurs in the business, also chose to open a Xitang store. So, how to successfully open a Xitang store.

is currently on the market Xitang often stereotyped, sugar or delicious packaging is not beautiful, or taste and variety generally nice packaging of sugar. Nowadays a Xitang shop must have the market.

Xitang store reminder: brains, to expand the scope of the candy. For example: the wedding of joy, joy, and best wishes for your new home promotion list of joy, son of joy, the title, the children admitted to the TOEFL abroad etc……. These are happy events to celebrate. People buy a bag of candy to share with friends, you will have the opportunity to make money.

Xitang store points: to collect more information about the types of candy, candy new variety, taste and price, and according to customer requirements for good taste, high quality, reasonable collocation of candy, and the new packaging design, highlighting the new tastes and interests, in order to achieve the effect of out of the ordinary. Packaging personnel must undergo professional training.

if the guests choose the candy packaging itself is very beautiful, also can choose enough grades, transparent glass packaging, let candy candy at a glance; if the guest is very general, you can use pretty wrapping paper put it up against; if the guest is ready for the old 50th wedding anniversary, so can some sugar free collocation candy, to prevent the elderly may have diabetes, hypertension etc..

if you can venture into this business is very good, after all, marriage is a common thing, to open a Xitang store, is also a great demand in the market today, and every year there are a lot of people get married, it also provides a huge market for the. Want to have new friends, can also consider opening a Xitang store, certainly to make money.

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Let people live more convenient investment projects

where do people’s living standards improve? "Convenience" two words is a very abstract and very intuitive answer, so we have reason to believe that all can bring convenience to consumers must be a good investment path, such as convenience store!

the format originated in the United States, then derived two branches, namely the traditional convenience store and gas station convenience stores, the former in Japan, Taiwan and other Asian countries to China mature, the latter is more prevalent in Europe and america.



Micro-blog selling sushi fire Chongqing sister at home to earn a million

you’ve heard about micro-blog, but have you ever heard of micro-blog selling sushi? Recently body reported a little girl at home to buy sushi, fire! The whole network and small series together into the Chongqing woman, to know her story.

in Han Yu Road micro shop Chiya Zushi is following this idea, to win a lot of repeat. Unlike other restaurants, many customers come here, because the love is called "sushi" of salmon in sina on micro-blog, micro-blog released this love the way of life, came to this shop.

here is the social networking site collection here is a staircase into the shop, hung on the wall in front of a pot of lavender, glass in the cupboard A Doraemon dolls, a popular Japanese pop wave. The whole store looks clean and tidy, with the owner’s taste.

"I’ve logged Chongqing group purchase, but also delicious dog anonymous Ma Jiafa post, but later found that the group purchase is peibenzhuanyaohe, the customer does not buy it, eat dog post also has suspicion advertising. Later discovered micro-blog, only to know that the effect of micro-blog is the best." Sushi shop owner LILY said.


and Guangxi fans point takeout began, LILY just published some sushi new photos and some advertisements, in Sina micro-blog for example: "always is the best flavor" and the like, but the reaction is not warm, even some fans are also "zombie fans", not only pay attention to, comments, forwarding. Later, Li Kaifu’s book "micro-blog" change everything for her inspiration, the above mentioned "if you want to use micro-blog to promote your business, please do not use hard LOGO and" advertisement ", because when you first fan >


Investment to open a tea shop to do what plan

The so-called

360 line, adventure.has, regardless of success are likely to do what business, but we must make adequate planning and preparation in the process of joining the investment in the network today Xiaobian to open a tea shop as an example, tell you what to do plan to open a tea shop.

A, industry analysis. To have a certain degree of understanding of the industry, do not just look at the surface of the phenomenon of thinking to do, or to see friends or others do well on the thought that they can do. There are some things that can’t be copied Some shops business is very prosperous, its management level you can do? Some stores are very high, can you do it? Some shops are very profitable, it has gone through a number of wind and rain, you know? The man is afraid of the wrong line, the woman afraid to marry the wrong lang." This is the truth. When you analyze the basic trend of the industry and the market, the next step to prepare.

two, analysis of their own. As the saying goes: the enemy, victorious! It’s not that easy to say here.

1, the first analysis of personal management ability, logistics ability, character, see if it is suitable when a shop owner. It’s very important.

2, second in assessment of their environment: one is the degree of family support; two is the economic ability (see how much can the investment, will not affect the other existing business or industry, not only do the tea shop to know tea can’t be eaten.) ;

3, finally positioning business strategy, is after you open the shop how (at this point, many people are blind, love to do some unrealistic dreams).

three, analyze what you want to shop for the local industry (that is, know your future enemy or strategic partner), which is itself. Be sure to use the actual data to explain the situation, this will take a certain amount of time, energy and financial resources, I hope to shop friends do not save this work.

Prepare basic conditions

Understand the

2, can purchase the equipment?

3, and the procurement of raw materials to facilitate long-term supply and demand?

4, is to join or create their own brand?

five, find a shop. According to their ability to invest and competitive ability to find the shop, to see the current berth situation, but also to the future development of the situation. To evaluate the level of consumption, low consumption of the place is not suitable for large investment; similarly, the high consumption of local low investment. There is also a neighbor or whether there is no peer, the quality of the price, if the shop is now no competition, later >


How to open a mobile phone shop

hand a cell phone, under the current economic conditions in China has almost been popular, because of this, many people will think of investing in a mobile phone shop to make money. However, entrepreneurship is not a simple shop to talk about, naturally will involve more factors. So, how to open a mobile phone shop?

now many college graduates find it hard to find a job, there are a lot of young couple want to make more money to support their families, in fact, for them, is a good choice of a mobile phone shop. However, many people feel that now we have a mobile phone, the mobile phone market will be saturated ah? Industry experts told us that due to the recent rapid replacement of mobile phones, many people are a year for a cell phone, so now open a mobile phone store is still promising! Then we have to consider is how to open a mobile phone shop!

first we have to consider the location problem. Open mobile phone shop as far as possible not to choose a small population of the town, the center of the city is not the best, because the rent is too expensive, the best between the two. Analysis of competitors is also an important aspect of customer traffic analysis. The location of the store should try to choose the relative concentration of similar shops and the development prospects of the place, which is more favorable for the operation of a unique commodity shop.

followed by mobile phone brand choice. Now we are mainly based on domestic machines, such as HUAWEI, millet, etc., high profit margins, began to make profits, brand earn less, but can not do, such as apple, Samsung, etc..

said that the choice of the brand can not say that the purchase channels. Purchase of goods is very important, with the supply is much easier, the more expensive the higher the supply of goods, the more stable the source of the smaller the risk of business. If you do not rest assured that other channels, you can also choose a brand to join the investment.

in order to ensure the continuity and development of the mobile phone store business, after-sales must do a good job, how to do a good job of after-sales service? As long as you think about the user’s mobile phone, the time to repair the heart, and to provide some of the skills of mobile phone users will be very satisfied, but also to visit again.

in short, now the mobile phone market still has a lot of room for development, if you want to venture capital, operating the mobile phone business will be a very good choice. Of course, if you want to successfully open a mobile phone shop, the above points also need to pay attention to.


Milk tea to join the chain investment skills sharing

milk tea to join the chain investment hot, more serious homogenization phenomenon. How to do a good job of investment? Many beginners want to learn some useful experience. Xiao Bian finishing some suggestions, hoping to help franchisees do investment management work, and quickly learn it, you can not miss a good profit.

1, open tea chain stores have new ideas, to attract attention, send beauty service.

2, effective to avoid competition, increase the high profit, high added value of the species, do not have the other things, so that they avoid some of the competition, the formation of the difference (the other side because of the limited or the other reasons).

3, do buy is also a kind of marketing, buy play, a multiple copies on the discount, the students have a birthday offer, surprise.

4, to help their friends to help themselves, often send them some small coupons or concessions, a long time will find that they really will bring you new customers.

5, a number of aspects to understand, if the combination is not effective in the front, it is necessary to the other side of the price advantage, the introduction of lower priced similar competitive products, but can not reduce the amount of quality drop, you have a good grasp of their own.

milk tea to join the chain how to invest? Many novice investors want to learn some practical experience. In fact, want to do a hot business, need to go out of their own characteristics of the road, so that your shop is different, attractive, so you can successfully sell the market, you know how to do it?

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How to join the subway shop


hot drinks consumption mainly carbonated drinks, wine and so on, but with the improvement of living standards, health awareness has gradually become one of the prerequisites of consumer consumption, what kind of drink is healthy, what kind of beverage project is the market. Tea is undoubtedly one of the. Subway drinks are the most popular consumer drinks store, in the face of huge profits, subway drinks have become a consistent choice for investors to join.

is a popular drink to join the underground railway project, which adhere to the natural green business model, without any additives, all drinks are also selling is done now, and the modern people to pursue the concept of diet is very fit, not only that, all of the franchisee can get full helping headquarters, even if there is no experience of investors also, you can realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

how to join the subway beverage shop, join the process as follows:

1, click on the proxy query whether you join the region is a proxy.

2, investigate the local consumer market situation and development trend.

3, contact regional agents to determine the intention to join and investment scale.

4, under the guidance of the agent, the final location of the program.

5, click on the "subway" beverage franchise agreement to clear the two sides cooperation, rights and obligations.

6, pay all costs, with the regional agent signed the "subway" beverage franchise agreement.

7, appointed by the regional agent 7-30 days of on-the-job training, training during the preparation of the shop.

8, training assessment, the shop opened.

subway beverage stores let you not only run the tea shop, including the classic Hong Kong style tea, Fresh Ground Coffee, mousse smoothies and other products, let you easily earn a wealth of life. MTR milk tea shop to join, is the first choice to join the brand drinks.