Month: April 2017

Prosecutors last year to correct the law to reduce false temporary more than 20 thousand

The four meeting of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate work report of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate Cao Jianming

13 to the twelve National People’s Congress last year, the procuratorial organs to strengthen supervision and correct the illegal commutation, parole, temporary probation. In the case of "reduction of false leave" which does not conform to the statutory conditions or procedures, the 20062 party shall be subject to supervision and correction; if the decision or decision is not appropriate, the authority shall supervise and correct the 2727 party.

of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate work report pointed out that the procuratorial organs to strengthen supervision of duty crime, financial crime, criminal gangs and other criminals scoring assessment, supervision, off-site transfer condition identification and other aspects, put forward opinions on the case by case review. The original county level and above the bureau level criminals "temporarily reduce false" cases, were reported to the provincial procuratorate and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate for examination. With the prison, the people’s court to build a commutation, parole online handling platform to promote online convergence, information sharing, leaving traces of the whole time, synchronized supervision.

in addition, the prosecution also carried out the community inmates take off pipe leak special prosecution. The implementation of a comprehensive verification, tracking supervision, correct tube 7164, drain pipe 3614; for serious violations of regulations or probation conditions disappear, urging 1063 people imprisoned execution.



Wang Guosheng in Xining to inspect and guide the work of green hills

8 31, 2009, Secretary of the provincial Party committee Wang Guosheng to Xining, North and south of the mountains to inspect and guide the work of greening. Wang Guosheng pointed out that the north and south of Xining greening work is a work in the contemporary, Lee in the cause of the millennium. According to the major requirements of the General Secretary Xi "and promoting the ecological and environmental protection", with "13th Five-Year" plan, continue to carry forward the spirit of perseverance, hard work, and unswervingly promote the south mountain afforestation project, continue to build the plateau landscape garden city, the construction of the beautiful livable Xining.

along the steep mountain, Wang Guosheng came to the Beishan green point, on seedling growth and technical personnel, management personnel, cordial conversation, asked the infrastructure, species structure, survival rate of trees and so on, understand the progress and management work of greening work in question.

wangguosheng fully affirmed the achievements of the north and south of the Xining mountains afforestation and the mobilization of participation, unit contract and professional landscaping, professional management and protection of the practice of combining. He pointed out that in the previous provincial government under the leadership of the whole province, after 27 years of unremitting efforts, Xining north and south two mountain green, a big success, not easily won achievement.

wangguosheng stressed that the Huangshui River lived nearly 60% of the population, to the South and North Mountain greening is an important part of the construction and protection of ecological environment in our province. We should remember the General Secretary Xi exhortations, continue to do a good job of forestry and water conservation and ecological construction of this article, summarizing the experience, adhere to good practice, to persevere grasp the North-South mountain green, to mobilize all social forces into the ecological environment protection and construction in the north and south into the green mountain city construction, city development services, to improve the living the environment, let Xining mountain more green, more clean water, the sky bluer, increasing the well-being of the masses of all ethnic groups.