Month: April 2017

Join the eight advantages of sea water introduction

health food and beverage recommended seafood restaurant. Since the introduction of brand: a way of keeping good health in Qing Dynasty, the intelligent part of the universe comes from the water, human food source Yu Hai.

Company Profile: clear sea food group was founded in August 2003, is a beautiful coastal city in northern China, Qingdao to establish a pure Japanese cuisine to operate a large high-end catering chain enterprises. Currently in Qingdao, Ji’nan, Binzhou, Harbin, the establishment of nine stores. The sea water shop design and decoration unified by Japanese folk culture style, to provide a unique flavor of traditional Japanese cuisine, with the Japanese standard of intimate and comfortable service, to create a pure Japanese style food culture style. Just a few years time, the sea water catering group has developed into the Shandong region and even the northern region of the most large-scale Japanese food and beverage enterprises.

sea water dishes to join? What are the conditions?

clear sea food join conditions:

1, with excellent management skills.

2, have strong investment ability and risk resistance ability.

joined the eight advantages of clear water

a strong brand advantage

choose a good brand, is the foundation of your success; choose a y support your business, is the guarantee of your success.

two, advanced concept advantage

sea water catering after many years of accumulated experience, with the system, science, advanced management concept of marketing and planning, can provide the perfect join for the franchisee, operating in support and help, constantly conveying advanced marketing management ideas and concepts to the franchisee, the franchisee to minimise the risk of investment.

three, the leading product advantage

headquarters with strong dishes technology R & D strength, has obvious advantages in product technology. Strictly adhering to the high starting point, high quality, high performance requirements, the quality has reached the industry technical standards.

four, ultra low cost advantage

company by virtue of the advantages of a large scale of operation, can be in the supply of products and facilities, given the franchisee’s unusual price, to ensure that the franchisee has the largest profit margins.

five, excellent management advantage

‘s business model: Based on water


Guy open shop business day break million

business has now become a choice for many people, at the same time in such a network era, there are a lot of people have begun to complete their own business objectives through the network as a platform, then let’s look at such an extraordinary network of entrepreneurs.

see Yin Feilei, he was wearing a white shirt and slacks, affinity elegant, confident young breath. His "Feilei dry cargo · shop" entrepreneurial dream college students since January 2013, opened at the end, after 1 and a half years from now accumulated reputation has reached 4 crown, sold more than 3 thousand single monthly average dry cargo from north to south, the daily sales break million yuan.

During the

By the end of

2012, the store ranked first in the annual Taobao food, health shops.

live on their own

2013 in January 3rd, should be the most memorable day of Yin Feilei, that day he and his brothers parted ways. That morning, my roommate came from Nanjing zouqu, just say "you tomorrow without delivery" on the left, he is stunned.

second days, the store is not closed, but also set up a new password, Yin Feilei could not go into. He said, now in retrospect is torn with grief, remain perplexed despite much thought". For a while he slept all night, smoking, as if nothing had happened overnight.

3 weeks, his attitude adjustment, more determined to own their own business, registered in the online shop – "Feilei dry cargo · store the entrepreneurial dream of College students". He will be the first floor of his transformation into a packaging workshop, hired several workers. Because the price is close to the people, attracted a lot of customers. Now the store has 4 crowns, the average monthly sales of North and South dry goods can be recommended more than 3 thousand


Successful entrepreneurs reasonable choice of geographical location is very important – the whole ne

entrepreneurial choice in the catering industry? Quality projects, worry free business, is also very reliable choice. Want to start a successful business, the location of the store is very important choice. Successful grasp of the choice of the location of the restaurant, shop more worry!

drinks joined the brand is now being more and more attention of investors, which with the rapid rise of milk tea in the country and the development is inseparable. But to see the birth of so many stores a lot of investors would hesitate, because the investment is equivalent to the business need to take some risks, face a variety of tea brands, many investors are very concerned about the choice of joining tea really need to assume much risk, love tea here would like to share some effective means to reduce the risk:

1. in the early stages of accession to reduce unnecessary investment

currently on the market in tea or a cold drink shop and tea brand many, do poineering work for the first time when the proposal to choose a relatively small premium brand is relatively good, of course, a better understanding of capital is relatively wealthy investors can also choose a large scale of operation, the operators at the beginning of is a process to adapt slowly slowly experience, reasonable control of initial cost can effectively reduce the risks.

2. research and do a good job in line with the public taste of milk tea

want to do all join the tea shop is also the quality of the product itself, taste the food industry’s most key factors can determine success or failure is food, investors in the choice of tea brand to understand the taste of their products, in order to let the customers recognized the most basic first myself to be recognized, if you even think the taste of the product is poor, how will the customer’s consumption.

3. select the location to be reasonable

joined the tea shop can have larger traffic depends largely on the choice of location, reasonable location choice once the entrepreneurial dream is half the battle,

position is all the necessary factors in the establishment of the business group


Ten brand list waist stool – net

because the baby in our country’s attention, so that our baby supplies market is more and more broad, the product is more and more rich. In short, every parent wants to give the baby the best things, the use of baby straps and waist stool is not. But in the face of the market is not poor baby straps, waist stool brand, how to choose the best brand? Small series to introduce the waist stool ten brands list, and these brands represent the top of the waist stool industry, it is worth to buy and use.

waist stool ten brands list NO.1: Mommy Ya Ni

baby products brand, founded in 2008, the mummy YANNY maternal and child supplies its humanization, professional attitude to the main R & D and production of baby holding waist stool, toddler, anti lost belt, mummy bag and other products, products are exported to Europe and the United States, baby saving, good safety. Backrest with mesh design, breathable, four seasons, with zipper pull head, large insert buckle, silica gel mat. Favored by the majority of mothers.

ten brand list waist stool NO.2: three infant waist stool

is very welcomed by the users, the appearance of fashion, exquisite packaging materials; soft and comfortable, the baby sitting is not easy to heat and long prickly heat. Baby is very light to go out. Three baby waist all used stool materials are first-class materials, such as buckle design for high strength, flexible, especially to rupture at low temperature. The belt felt exports to South Korea to ensure high quality blankets, used repeatedly has good adhesion; using high-quality nylon zipper, ensure that repeated use does not appear to wear; use the waist stool in the sponge material, all pure material sponge, without any whitening agent and talcum powder, environmental protection and water washing is not easy deformation, different inferior sponge is easy to break and deformation.

waist stool ten brands list NO.3: hug bear

got the reputation of "hug bear waist waist stool", leader of high quality material from the design process of South Korea and selected Germany, Italy and other countries, make the texture and taste never absent. The latest products "portable" series developed by the Korean design team holds young attitude, the use of a large number of artificial polymer formed by the combination of Korean flower Yao fabric, texture light, like a deep hug feather light without the burden. Just the right to exercise the wind on the creative design of the sense of fashion, walking in the delicate and playful, gorgeous and minimalist, showing elegance and leisure dynamic, to the world declared a light luxury comfortable fashion attitude.

waist stool ten brands list NO.4: good child multifunctional straps

good children multifunctional strap attention to detail design, head protection, backplane humanization, according to ergonomics, fusion of fashion elements, rigorous design, excellent workmanship strict in demands make your baby more comfortable, more assured, mom >


Pine nuts ten brands list – the whole

in a variety of nuts, pine nuts are a lot of people are very fond of, but also very high nutritional value, which makes the market popular. So, pine nut which brand is good? Let Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten brands of pine nuts, so that you can choose to be more suitable for large brands of pine nuts bar.


nuts brand ranking NO.1, hongsongbao pine: ten brands, high-tech enterprises, brand-name products in Jilin Province, Jilin Province, a provincial leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, Jilin painuo biotechnology Limited by Share Ltd.


nuts brand rankings, ZTE NO.2: national agricultural products processing and export demonstration enterprise in Jilin Province, the key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, China pine nut processing and distribution center, Jilin ZTE food Limited by Share Ltd.


nuts brand ranking NO.3, Fergus: Heilongjiang Province, the focus of agricultural industrialization leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization, enterprise scale and processing capacity in the national advanced ranks with the industry, Heilongjiang Hongtai pinecone Co. ltd..


nuts brand ranking NO.4, Xinwei: famous trademark in Yunnan Province, Yunnan Province, a major agricultural product processing enterprises in agricultural and sideline products processing / sales / export as one of the private enterprises, Yunnan Xinwei Food Co., ltd..


nuts brand rankings: NO.5, of famous brand in Jilin Province, brand-name products in Jilin Province, Tonghua city key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, Agricultural Expo brand, Meihekou Jinsong Food Co., ltd..


nuts brand ranking NO.6, Ji Yuan: Jilin famous trademark, Jilin municipal key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, the purchase and sale of agricultural and sideline products collection / processing / planting for the whole company, Huadian Ji Yuan Products Co. ltd..


nuts brand ranking NO.7, Jade Snow: Hangzhou famous trademarks, brand-name products in Hangzhou City, Hangzhou City, agricultural leading enterprises, with a considerable scale of professional roasted manufacturing company, Fuyang cuixue food Zhejiang Co. ltd..


nuts brand ranking NO.8, Sahalim: in 1998, Heilongjiang famous trademark, China " new authentic wild food " leading brands, pine ten brands, Mudanjiang Sahalim Food Co. ltd..


nuts brand ranking NO.9, ACE: set production / research / processing / sales of nuts food enterprises, one of the industry’s largest enterprises, enjoy a relatively high visibility, Yanji Shoei Foods Co. ltd..

< >


Chongqing rich new ideas online village to help poor households

Internet era of our economy and the formation of a close relationship with the Internet, a single entity economy has been unable to adapt to the development of the market, then the demand, so the active use of the Internet is very important. Reporters today from the Chongqing municipal Poverty Alleviation Office was informed that since the "Chongqing online village" the year before activities started in two months, a total of 17 million 790 thousand yuan of sales of agricultural products, cooperation in 2119 households, of which 820 households, poor households accounted for 39%, bringing 179 farmhouse consumption to achieve revenue 3 million 300 thousand yuan, driven by poor households on average the income of 9953 yuan.

in order to change the living situation of local people effectively, and improve the people’s living standard, the reporter understands, "online village" by "rural tourism + agricultural products" service mode, through the platform focused on planning a number of poverty-stricken areas and city community relative to the outing flowers, cool summer, spot picking, panic buying special purchases for the Spring Festival etc. the main contents of the rural tourism line experience and high-quality agricultural products into the community publicity and marketing activities, and guide the village service station or with the autonomous organization of rural tourism, promote local product sales. At the same time to guide consumers through online booking, offline experience, the way the trunk to buy, to solve the problem of difficult to buy fresh agricultural products in poor areas, to help farmers increase income.

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The captain Hot Tea, HK Style why so popular whole

has been a popular product in drink tea in the Hot Tea, HK Style, not only consumers love to drink? Investors are also very optimistic about the brand, so why the Hot Tea, HK Style so popular, each store is long queues, whether the Hot Tea, HK Style what is the perfect condition, which makes their business so successful. The main reasons are as follows: three

brand system perfect

the main variety of large and medium-sized food catering equipment and brand franchise, rely on the information platform for rapid and efficient optimization, marketing management modernization, scientific talents management mechanism, perfect customer relationship management system.

product excellent


company has a strong professional team, there is sufficient for the study and understanding of consumer tastes, consumers know what love tastes, can give consumers agent different products and experience, consumers drink a can remember the product, and the return rate is very high, the strength of excellent products allow the franchisee to make money without stopping.

products rich and varied


Hot Tea, HK Style product variety, affordable, comfortable environment, favored by consumers. Join the Hot Tea, HK Style, need not what experience, investment is also very flexible, they can operate independently, the operation is simple and convenient.


Hot Tea, HK Style franchise is a worthy franchisee to choose a brand, good products, good brand is worth to join! Is the best choice to join


If you read more than

simple introduction to the captain Hot Tea, HK Style joined the advantage of this brand to join interested, please message in our website below, we will arrange for staff to contact you after seeing the message.


All business can not be crude and careless

business is very fierce fierce thing, but some people in the business is still easy also how to protect such crude and careless, the popular business development? Huaian city retail customers Zhang Cheng, last winter to eat "yabakui". Originally, in the winter of 07, a gift of wine in the local market is very good, so in the coming winter this year on the occasion, he did not examine the market, two not to the factory to research on a large number of the introduction of the goods.

but let him unexpectedly, this gift of wine in the Spring Festival just before the sale is not a long time, manufacturers have launched this product upgrade series, after upgrading the products not only in the packaging and taste than the original product more attractive packaging, taste more mellow, but the price has not changed, which makes the Zhang boss hoarding inventory into sales of "burden", blame yourself without consideration, regardless of the brand to enter the market conditions are ripe, the more the introduction of a large number of large quantities of goods piled up in warehouses are not sold, the money did not earn, but also cook a pot of cooked rice. To this end, Zhang boss is regret, regret that he did not grasp the opportunity to make themselves in a passive.

analysis of

analysis: retail customers Honglang Jiang

Zhang boss of the problem, a lot of examples around us. The reason is to consider the week, greedy for power, regardless of the consequences, there is no timely and manufacturers and manufacturers of the sales staff in a timely manner to communicate the results caused by. Shop to engage in business, and not with the strength to do the market, but a kind of intelligence Bo kill, who came out on top, who will be able to win the initiative in the market.

new sales, there are certain advantages, but its shortcomings are also obvious. The advantage is just entering the market, the profit ratio of the old brand is relatively high, the disadvantage is not yet recognized by the market, there are troubles, because this kind of new products into the market, manufacturers will be based on the reflection of the market, timely strategic adjustment, Zhang boss is according to the experience of acting, prior lack of preparation, and it made him suffer.

shop: engage in business can not be negligent, be very careful, have a long-term vision and careful thinking. Once careless, retail customers tend to make their own business suffered losses, many goods in the market sales are sluggish, for the latter to restart a lot of difficulty. Often let business get into trouble.

peer weapon: retail customers Xu Chuangao

had just started, I also encountered such a thing as a boss, in October of that year, just as the weather turns cool, a power Hot pot manufacturers to the promotion, the price of only 60% last year, I would like commercial street counterparts, to join the ranks of panic buying, which know, time is not long, the manufacturers have launched an upgraded series, the original.


Lava Cake – preferably joined the business with a small capital

lava cake? In the food and beverage market, not only has a high popularity, join Lava Cake project, or very much the choice of market development. Lava cake to join the project, the best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs.

many people love to eat sweets very much, and representative, cake and chocolate is sweet in the lava cake, clever fusion of the two, bringing a new delicacy experience, lava cake investment products grilled to eat a spoon down doing rich chocolate pleasure, thick chocolate cake infiltration in the mouth, slowly open, fragrance, taste and vision to achieve excellent results, the formation of a cake can also taste the fun experience of two.

diners are very popular delicacy for dessert, so if you choose to open a lava cake shop, will have a huge market opportunity, lava cake investment, the product is only a piece of chocolate cake and ice cream ball, dotted with green mint leaves, scooped up a piece of cake, chocolate out of chocolate Luzhou has spread. With fresh vanilla ice cream with the entrance, semi candy doctrine just fine.

for entrepreneurs, is most concerned about is how to project investment and profit, investors are hoping to find a most suitable project, lava cake investment projects of small investment, quick return, low risk, high profit, no season, four seasons of the year sales income is stable, the most suitable for the majority of small and medium investors. Lava Cake merchants, chocolate and butter cost 2-3 yuan, sold to customers 5-9 yuan, net profit of more than 200%, do not want to make it difficult.

in the dessert market, lava cake not only has a high popularity, join Lava Cake project, or very powerful choice. If you are also very excited, then act quickly!


To open a snack shop – how much money probably need a

what is a snack? This small thought should be good to snacks, snacks and of course there is also a great feature is the ability to spot. Usually a snack is a food that is eaten outside the time of three meals a day. Under normal circumstances, in addition to three meals a day, people’s lives are known as dinner food, the rest will be called snacks. Snacks, with the time to eat with respect to the kind of unrelated, such as the general southerners as pasta snacks, but it is the staple food of the northerners. Snacks can be divided into three categories, the original product snacks, processed snacks and processed snacks. Now consumers pay more attention to the quality of life, and eat delicious snacks is a very popular choice, so the market is very impressive, the shop is also a good choice, then the snack shop to join

need how many money?

how much does it cost to open a snack bar?

has just joined the snack bar to join the ranks of investors, the bear the brunt of the cost is to join the fee. But the initial fee how much largely means the snack shop business over the years accumulated a good reputation and brand influence by investors successy, has a very important impact on the future business performance.

Effect of

size on the snack shop to join the cost is very large, on the one hand is to open the snack shop size will not only affect the brand related charges, will also affect the store rent and renovation costs. Specific franchisee is to invest much money, is to look at the brand to set the threshold to decide. But on the whole snack bar to join the development of the industry, the investment cost is not high. At the same time in the operation of a good brand, the annual profit even is a common, visible snack shop franchise industry investment cost is not expensive, choose a good brand, in the business to profit is quite high.

compared with the independent operation of the snack bar, the cost of joining the snack bar will be lower, such as Iraq taste, the general shop needs about fifty thousand to one hundred thousand investment. Including to choose a suitable site for a second tier city, shop rent is also more expensive, so the cost may be more, but overall fifty thousand dollars is enough, plus shop decoration, about ten thousand or so, the overall cost is not much difference.

In addition to this,

also affect the cost of joining the store at the beginning of the snack bar for investors to support. But it’s different from the store. Like some irresponsible businesses received the initial fee to investors after no, while others like it responsibly sweep away the light snack shop in the shop will process each link of investors is difficult to answer, need to understand.