Month: April 2017

Retail customers in the Spring Festival stocking also need to do four work

do a good job in the Spring Festival, which will promote the store to earn more wealth during the spring festival. Therefore, any one of the shops if you want to grasp the good opportunity in the spring, you need to work in the above stocking. Zhou manager, this year’s Spring Festival my goods, especially cigarettes and less prepared to work with cigarettes are not enough." After the Spring Festival every year, I will hear the voice of the retail customers. Combined with work practice, the author believes that to do a good job during the spring festival goods stocking, retail customers to achieve four quasi:

consumer demand understanding. In the light of the situation of migrant workers, contact them in time to understand the needs of the cigarette brands, specifications and other information, accurate grasp of the workers at the site of the cigarette consumption situation, provide scientific reference for stocking.

mobile consumption. Before and after the Spring Festival every year, to grasp the flow of consumers is the key to the profitability of each store. Therefore, it is necessary to combine the time node in a timely manner to understand and grasp the consumer dynamics, accurate grasp of the surrounding areas to return home and return to change the situation, in order to seize the opportunity.

commodity structure upgrading. With the continuous improvement of people’s income, the consumer’s brand and quality requirements are also rising. Therefore, consumers should be appropriate to enhance the level of consumption of the commodity structure, not only to protect the needs of high-end consumers, but also to meet the needs of other consumers.

commodity inventory estimates. To a certain extent, the number and brand of the store inventory determines the profitability of the Spring Festival sales season. Retail customers should be combined with the survey of consumer demand, consumer demand for the promotion of the structure and the happy event with a relatively scientific and reasonable inventory forecast, to avoid the impact of profitability due to lack of inventory.

Every time

to the season of the year, for any one operator, is the most important natural preparation. However, how to do a good job of stocking, which is a big problem for operators. So, with the introduction of the above small series, if you are a retail customer, now you know how to do a good job in stock?


Entrepreneurial experience of the founder of love gene, Xiamen University

response to the call of the country, and actively carry out entrepreneurship, has become a symbol of the times. A lot of people with lofty ideals have invested in the wave of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship. Today and Xiaobian together to find out, after a 85 graduate students in the entrepreneurial experience of Xiamen University.

last week, is located in Xiamen, a well-known gene sequencing brand – love gene and the Ministry of finance directly under the venture capital institutions China Galaxy investment (000806, stock it) held a signing ceremony, officially opened the prelude to the A round of financing. After the current round of financing, born in 1986, the founder of love gene Wang Xiaobao net worth has exceeded 100 billion yuan, becoming a veritable Gao Fushuai".

angel investors and shareholders

entrepreneurs and a total of

out of Xiamen, the famous financial host Chen Weihong, also appeared in the list of shareholders of love gene.

it is understood that love gene was founded in 2010, is one of China’s first gene sequencing company, engaged in R & D outsourcing in the early years, before and after 2013 to enter the genetic testing, mainly used in major disease risk defense. At present, the headquarters is located in Xiamen free trade area of the cloud Valley powerise.

"we invest in love genes, fancy two points, one team, the two is the big health of this sunrise!" Galaxy investment in China, said Tian Guoqiang, responsible person, China Galaxy investment is directly under the central state-owned financial institutions, the shareholders of the Ministry of finance. Prior to this, China Galaxy capital has set up a special committee of biomedical experts, the establishment of bio pharmaceutical mergers and acquisitions fund, frequently in the field of biomedical action.

it was revealed that the current round of financing the total number of love genes in the tens of millions of yuan, in addition to China Galaxy investment, there are a number of institutions involved in the investment. Thus, Wang Xiaobao’s net worth has exceeded billion.

love gene angel investors – letter letter Li Qiang, chairman of the venture capital Book floating profit tens of millions of dollars, becoming the biggest winner in addition to entrepreneurs. It is worth noting that, out of Xiamen, the famous financial host Chen Weihong also appeared in the list of shareholders of love gene.

observers believe that the investment in love genes, the galaxy investment to further integrate industry resources is very favorable. For the love gene, the background of Galaxy investment finance, as well as in the field of biomedical accumulation, can also provide rich resources for the development of the company.

Wang Xiaobao said that the current round of financing will be used to strengthen R & D investment, enhance the technological advantage; followed by the end of the race for the end of the market enclosure, the layout of the service team in more places.

physical examination suspected lung cancer



Nanjing old city transformation concern

a lot of times, people walk in the streets of Nanjing, see the transformation of the old city, it is worthy of recognition. Nanjing city invested 260 million yuan to complete the Tiantan village, Yuhua village 42 old residential renovation, a new 279 houses; the construction of Shi Yang Lu Yang Jia Yuan Zi in primary and secondary schools, schools and adult education centers to accelerate the Yongle Road to carry out preparatory work.

2016, the Qinhuai urban construction projects push forward, the effect is obvious, the regional landscape take on an altogether new aspect: to actively promote the 16 BLACK odor River governance, the completion of the 52 standard drainage area construction, the implementation of sewage interception dredging, ecological restoration and other key links to improve regulation.

implementation of the Qinhuai River yueyahu rectification, remediation, remediation Qingshuitang Qingshuitang lead, leaving black smelly, become a demonstration project of ecological management. Invest 260 million yuan to complete the Tiantan village, Yuhua village 42 old residential renovation, a new 279 houses; the construction of Shi Yang Lu Yang Jia Yuan Zi in primary and secondary schools, schools and adult education centers to accelerate the Yongle Road to carry out preparatory work. Southern Metro medical center, Red Cross hospital construction plan to promote. Accelerate the construction of low-income housing, Yang Jia Yuan Zi yanggou, Jia Ying Road, low-income housing low-income housing and a number of projects.

"this year, we will resolutely implement the municipal government held the city of fine construction management" is the spirit of the general assembly, to start, sprint start is the decisive battle "attitude, continue to increase city construction, to solve the outstanding contradictions and problems facing the development of the city from the basic level." Qinhuai district party secretary Cao Lubao told reporters that Qinhuai has a rich historical and cultural and financial business resources, but also bear the heavy historical and cultural city protection, water environment remediation, shantytowns.

transformation of the old city of Nanjing, the focus is not only in the waters, as well as shanty towns, to bring more changes. Nanjing City, the transformation of the old city outstanding democratic regulation principle will be one of the highlights of this year in Qinhuai city construction, the area will be adhering to the "people of the city people’s construction, the city built for the people" concept, and y mobilize the enthusiasm of the masses, the greatest degree to listen to public opinion, people absorb wisdom, reflect public opinion, to resolve people’s concerns, inspire people.

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Former vice governor of Anhui sacked serious violation expelled from the party

Since the establishment of the

party, Party building has been stressed, emphasizing the service for the masses. But there are also some of the officials, in the face of the temptation of the interests of the face, lost their original direction. The day before, approved by the CPC Central Committee, the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the investigation of Anhui provincial government, former party members, deputy governor Yang Zhenchao serious disciplinary problems. At the same time, he was expelled from the party because of its serious violation of discipline.

investigation, Yang Zhenchao violation of political discipline, organization against censorship; in violation of the provisions of the spirit of the central eight violation accept banquets, public funds tourism; violation of discipline, do not report personal matters in accordance with the regulations, in the organization for not truthfully explain the problem, taking advantage of the convenience in the selection and appointment of cadres to seek benefits for others and accepting property; integrity violations of discipline, using his position to facilitate the illegal possession of public property, suspected of corruption crime, in the business for the benefit of others and accepting bribes, bribery crime; breach of privilege caused significant loss of state assets, the alleged crime of breach of privilege.

Yang Zhenchao as the party’s leading cadres, the loss of ideals and beliefs, a serious violation of Party discipline, and the party’s eighteen big still does not converge, do not accept the hand, the nature of the bad, serious circumstances. According to the relevant provisions of the "Chinese Communist Party disciplinary regulations", the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Standing Committee for consideration and approval of the CPC Central Committee decided to give Yang Zhenchao expelled from the party; approved by the Ministry of supervision of the State Council, given its dismissed from punishment; confiscated their discipline proceeds; their alleged crimes and clues and involved and transferred to judicial organs according to law processing.

days ago, approved by the CPC Central Committee, the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the investigation of Sichuan provincial government, former party members, deputy governor Li Chengyun serious disciplinary problems.

investigation, Li Chengyun violation of political discipline, organization against censorship; violation of discipline, not to report personal matters according to the provisions; integrity violations of discipline, illegal holding shares of the non-listed company, taking advantage of his position in the business for the benefit of others and receiving property, suspected of bribery crime; the restructuring of state-owned enterprises in violation of decisions. The alleged crime of breach of privilege.

Li Chengyun as the party’s leading cadres, the loss of ideals and beliefs, a serious violation of Party discipline, the nature of bad, serious circumstances. According to the relevant provisions of the "Chinese Communist Party disciplinary regulations", the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Standing Committee for consideration and approval of the CPC Central Committee decided to give Li Chengyun expelled from the party, dismissed from punishment; confiscated their discipline proceeds; their alleged crimes and clues and involved and transferred to judicial organs according to law.

With the rapid development of economy, people’s living standard has been improved continuously, and the

has achieved great success. However, some officials in the long-term material life, because there is no clear understanding of their responsibilities, embarked on the road of crime


3 characteristics to see if you are suitable for Entrepreneurship

everyone wants to start a business, but not everyone is suitable for entrepreneurship, from each person’s own characteristics will be able to see whether he is suitable for entrepreneurship. Where is the gap between me and the entrepreneurial success? Whenever a business encounter difficulties, there will be a lot of entrepreneurs will issue such doubts, here summed up the entrepreneurial success of the 3 characteristics, to see if you can become a successful entrepreneur.

decisive action, uninvolving

tenacious, never yield in spite of reverses

full network Xiaobian remind: entrepreneurship is a brave career, it requires you to act decisively, entrepreneurship is a wise man’s career, it requires you to have a keen mind, strong entrepreneurial career, it requires that you are not afraid of failure.


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Green custom shop market outlook is very wide

people want to live and work in a green and healthy environment, so they will choose a lot of green plants in the place of residence, if the entrepreneurial choice of such an industry, what will happen? At present, like this green custom shop is many, there is a great market prospect, listen to small series analysis to know why.

plants and collocation is not a simple custom Huahuacaocao, it needs to carry out creative design according to customer requirements, make creative plants can tell stories, express feelings, make it become the spiritual sustenance, gift friends and family "talk" gift. Creative green variety, according to the different features can be divided into the following varieties:


Fresh tea milk tea to join the advantages

milk tea on the market a lot of the spread of milk are blended by the essence, the money spent out of the health, but also can not be guaranteed. Since it is necessary to open the shop to open the consumer trust shop, this is one of the necessary conditions to enable you to get customer support. The fresh tea and milk tea to join the project is such a trusted brand project.

fresh drink good tea flagship Hong Kong style tea and dessert, tea essence regression to provide quality drinks for the market. It can be said that the opening of a new era of quality tea, it is the mainland will be true tea for the production of milk tea brand, the use of high-quality tea and milk, only real milk tea. Fresh tea products do not use any of the low quality tea flavor, the raw materials used are natural materials, quality assurance.

product advantages:

fresh drink good drinks are diverse types of products, including tea pot, not only has many series of tea drinks, also have pastry muffins, cocoa, snacks and other series of great delicacy, the formation of continuous attractive to consumers, occupy a larger consumer market. At the same time, the production process is simple, the cost is very low, high profit after processing, so that investors profit more quickly.

service advantage:

headquarters for the franchisee to provide professional decoration design, free design decoration renderings, and tailored to open the program, a professional supervision to help open. And there are excellent, mature training system for franchisees to develop reliable sales staff, the headquarters will also be designated specifically responsible for the daily management of the store to guide the connection with the headquarters to join the bridge between the headquarters.

earnings protection:

just a few square meters, you can open a fresh drink good fashion drinks shop. Delicious fruit, fresh fruit juice, a variety of combinations bring more nutrition.

fresh tea drinking milk business analysis

1. enterprise scale:

fresh drink good attention to improve the management system and internal system construction, good internal strength, to support the long-term development of the brand oriented.

2. brand features:

company to establish the brand as the guide to improve the quality of the brand as the basis to promote the overall level of the enterprise to improve.

3. operation Industrialization:

headquarters will be part of the traditional manual operation into standardized mechanical operation, unified, standardized technical standards, >


Gray dome to bring green energy-saving environmental protection business opportunities

not long ago, North China suffered haze invasion, the grey let Beijing become the capital city. Under the gray dome, the green energy industry ushered in the development opportunity. Join the environmental protection industry has great business opportunities.

haze, get the attention of the government and the people. Now China’s air quality standards are increasing year by year, which will lead to the government and some related enterprises to invest in air purification. This has led to the development of the air purification industry, which can be seen in the air purification industry to enhance the space is very large, green energy conservation and environmental protection is a more worthy of attention and investment in the industry.

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Children’s park need to pay attention to four tips

weekend all right, parents will bring their children to the children’s playground to play, children’s playground fiery market, investors have become an industry concern. With the arrival of the baby boom, the baby industry continues to develop, open a children’s Park is the choice of many entrepreneurs. Children’s paradise in the course of business must pay attention to details.


two, the children’s Park to timely replenishment. Children’s park must be timely replenishment, the market if there are some new game equipment, new toys, can be introduced in time.

three, children often have a promotion. Open children’s paradise must win the support of manufacturers to investors, to continue to promote, because the supermarket is also a focus of food, they will often promote.



How will the profit maximization – Lucai shop

you don’t think Lucai store is not a matter of how to operate the project, if the operating properly will bring no small gains for you. So the question is, how to let oneself as the restaurant operator investment does not make sense, how can we do open Lucai shop to maximize profits? We need investors to pay attention to the following aspects:

, a Lucai store location

open Lucai store location is to choose the location of business premises Lucai shop. It is not only related to the enterprise market development ability, attractive to consumers in size, more important is the strategic impact on the long-term benefits. According to the relevant data show that the direct and indirect effects of the quality of the successful operation of Lucai store address on it in many factors accounted for about 60%. We can see that the Lucai store address selection is an important factor to determine the successful operation of the Lucai shop.

in the supermarket, bustling streets, residential areas, near the vegetable market can easily shop, location, and the larger flow of people, and is suitable for open Lucai stores. Two of the same size and the same grade of the restaurant, and even dishes cuisine quality, service level, management level, the promotion methods are roughly the same, but only because of the different geographical location, operating efficiency is likely to be quite different. This confirms the importance of Lucai store location.

two, interior design and layout

open Lucai shop designed to help those business success, make the product easy to Lucai store sales, but also can produce a kind of appeal, make some food consumption habits, guests willing to design good, consumption characteristic of the store decoration.

restaurant unique store design, attractive, unique style, distinctive features, of temptation and so on, and therefore attract a large number of consumers to buy. A wide range of target market, unique store design and easy store location, so that you make big money is no longer just a dream.

three, do market research, select the target market

to do a market survey and its purpose is to understand the economic situation in the region, the level of consumption and the characteristics of local food and beverage industry status and trends, business tourist market, market supply situation, in order to seek investment opportunities, determine what type of business is most appropriate to join Lucai store etc..

open Lucai shop consumer groups is quite extensive, so it does not exist without the consumer market, but investors should definitely be responsible for their own regional customers are prepared to fight the war do?.

Whether you are a

operator open Lucai shop or are preparing to invest Lucai shop investors hope the above introduction can bring you some.