Month: March 2017

Why do investors like the Internet

last week, relying on the Internet within a year, the rapid development of the explosion of red west master won the capital today tens of millions of yuan in the second round of financing, but also "new for old", shutting down the Wudaokou West master universe headquarters ", it is near the new 210 square meters flagship store all. Compared to those of traditional food of old, in recent years the prevalence of the "O2O" store is really fast. So these "Internet plus" the child is no disadvantage? And public comments about them is how? The traditional catering enterprises should learn what to listen to them? MO digs up their material, we chatted.

Even if the

property, difficult to block investment hot

West master is today the capital investment can be pocketed the eye, but in this round of financing in the process of West master still make "separation". Founder Meng Bing and Luo Gaojing on March 9 to the court proceedings, requiring Song Xin to transfer the price of $120 thousand valuation of nearly $24 million in equity. It sounds like a boil, but it has not been decided yet. Is in such a West master in the teeth of the storm, also announced to celebrate the second round of investment put up a pageantry, can not help but small MO don’t think it is to finance the quasi rally hype ~

in addition, MO also found that not only the "Internet plus food" of the West master obtained financing recently, Huang Taiji, called a duck, the old flower also have been visible halogen investment, now the Internet catering industry investment enthusiasm and now the weather continues to heat up


marketing Bo eyeball, difficult to discuss customer heart


founder Huang Taiji improvement, "a duck called aliens" valued at over fifty million, deliver a Mercedes Google glasses delivery, barberry hall posted a death like Huoxiangzhengqi Rice noodles, the event marketing pattern double Internet catering, pocketed the eye, is street aunt can tell one or two to. But Bo eyeball at the same time, the customers have we think so good?

took Huang Taiji for example, the public comment online evaluation for 3, Jianwai SOHO flagship store 1575 evaluation, and the following Samsung reached more than and 800, nearly 60% diners seem not too satisfied. Perhaps to comment said, these Internet restaurants as a start to focus so much on the taste, but also perhaps the brand played too loud, consumer expectations are too high, is expected to bring then the higher the value, the greater the disappointment".

contrast, the evaluation of some traditional snack bar is relatively high. MO believes that the Internet is indeed in the food and beverage industry marketing have a set, but the catering enterprises survive the truth doesn’t taste? Reluctant to leave the taste to firmly seize the consumer’s stomach, seize the hearts of consumers.

Internet catering is not catering, traditional food should learn what

In fact, a lot of

Internet catering business is not just to enter the food and beverage industry, but to the audience of the catering industry as a dozen


Food and Drug Administration no store network ordering a minimum penalty of 50 thousand

third party platform catering service providers should be reviewed on site

(reporter Yang Bin) to provide network catering services, must have a physical store and obtain food business license. Otherwise, will be at a minimum fine of 50 thousand yuan. State Food and Drug Administration recently announced the "network catering service supervision and management approach (Draft)", the third party platform network catering services to the catering service providers on-site examination and registration.

draft proposed to provide catering services using the Internet, should have physical stores and food business license in accordance with the law, in accordance with the food business license as the main format, project management in business activities, shall not exceed the scope of business. Online publicity network catering service provider name and address should be consistent with the real name and address, the publicity of the facade, lobby, kitchen and other pictures should be consistent with the store; publicity information, main dishes and actual dishes and accessories shall be used by the main accessories; publicity pictures should be consistent with actual dishes.

network catering service providers should use non-toxic, clean tableware and food containers, packaging materials, packaging good food, avoid direct contact with food delivery staff, ensure the delivery process of food is not contaminated. Prohibit the use of disposable tableware.

network for catering service platform to third parties, the draft proposed deal with the catering service providers on-site examination and registration, signed an agreement with the catering service provider, clear responsibility for food safety, the homepage prominently publicized food business license. Third party platform should also be catering service provider business conduct and service checks and monitoring, found violations should promptly stop and immediately report to the food and drug regulatory authorities. If a serious offence is discovered, it shall immediately stop providing the service of the network trading platform.

third party trading platform food network provider and web self catering service provider should faithfully record the network ordering order information, including the name of the food, single time, delivery time and food information flow, save time not less than 6 months.

if the consumer through the network of food trading platform to third parties ordering, the legitimate rights and interests are infringed, may demand compensation from the catering service provider network. The third party Internet trading platform provider can not provide catering service provider network real name, address and valid contact information, by the third party network trading platform provider compensation.

Beijing food and Drug Administration Department of the relevant personnel, online ordering platform, easy release of fake information mainly has three kinds: one is the network store brands and industrial and commercial registration is not consistent; two is the store operation between photos and the actual operation places do not match, some operators from the network to download pictures to cover up their own store the three is dirty and messy; store the actual place of business with the registered place position does not match.


October mummy to try O2O mode

with the Amoy brand, some small and medium-sized clothing brand open shop to gain a complete victory of some influential brands, "Hold live", have opened up the electricity supplier in the new territories. While pregnant with a well-known brand in the on-line year October mummy business will reach monthly sales exceeded ten million in April this year, Sequoia Capital investment is not the electricity supplier valuation October mummy when included, but now feel like picking up a wallet.

in recent years, some of the "net" of traditional enterprises have suffered in Waterloo, the e-commerce is fragrant "hoe" defeated. There are some struggling with the traditional enterprises, although the online success, with the loss of huge profits is offline exchange, it can be described as "losing money earned crying". Some of the traditional enterprise network marketing once up, will directly affect the store’s sales agents, to complain incessantly.

is also the traditional clothing enterprises, October mummy the opposite situation, the first month of business is only 28 thousand yuan in sales, after a month was 100% growth, to September this year, more than 5 million sales force, the monthly sales of more than ten million online October mummy, let the industry speechless in the growth of network speed.

in early 2007, October mummy have begun to focus on the subway ads, so when the business in the rush, October mummy already famous in the subway. This makes the business at the end of the year when the winter came, many electricity providers have been evacuated from the subway ads, but still in the October mummy, unremittingly and moderate brand in the October mummy has become one of the brand in last few years the fastest growing enterprises, also make its business is profitable.

In this year, Taobao

once a year the highlight of "double eleven", the first time to participate in the "double eleven big promotion: October mummy distinguished record products (including pregnant women occupy, confinement meals and other pregnancy related products) 98% market share, was completely in a monopoly position in pregnancy. The turnover of maternal and child products ranking, the top two are children, third is the October mummy’s flagship store, the turnover of nearly ten million.

in order to develop business, from the beginning of this year, October mummy began testing the waters of online transactions, pick up the line "O to O" (on-line to off-line, online and offline combined marketing) mode, such as online on sale, the original price of 1500 maternity can take 400-500 yuan price. Customers can also directly open a new store online shopping experience maternity, enjoy the value of shopping experience.

"in the future, we will strengthen the experience of this online customer line mode." According to Zhao Pu said, they are brewing a big brand, together is a month of meals, pregnant women, pregnant women and postpartum weight photo related industry. This is like a boat on the aircraft carrier, the formation of a mother and child category of large industries. In the experience of the store, pregnant mothers who can print a variety of pregnant women service coupons, play >


The NBA.CN domain name was registered after the mediation to NBA

NBA of the United States to open up the market in Chinese, but met a Guangzhou company registered the domain name NBA! Yesterday, a reporter from the Guangzhou City Intermediate People’s court learned that the case has a NBA domain name was registered in the hospital mediation, the two sides reached a settlement agreement, the domain name from NBA to repurchase all. The case is due to the high degree of concern has been included in the Guangzhou intermediate people’s court yesterday released the 2004 to 2008 Guangzhou intellectual property civil trial of the ten cases, puma company’s large-scale rights litigation and Mashimaro and other cases also were included in the ten list.

according to the reporter, a Guangzhou interactive information technology Limited registered domain name before, so the American Basketball Association Assets Limited (NBA Properties, Inc.), also known as the NBA product of Limited by Share Ltd will be the company to court.

after the Guangzhou intermediate people’s court judge of the trial work, the parties finally reached a settlement agreement, registered the domain name of the Guangzhou company, agreed to the domain name unconditionally transferred to NBA.


Analysis on the development of third party payment enterprises in the field of mobile payment


mobile payment after ten years of development, to 2012, the mobile payment policies and standards finally began to gradually refine, improve. Subsequently, China’s third party payment industry development system has gradually matured, basically formed a relatively complete industrial chain structure, its payment channels, payment media and payment applications show a diversified development trend.

at the end of March 2013, China has 223 companies received the third party payment license, license type covered prepaid card acceptance, prepaid card issuance, Internet payment, bank card acquiring, payment, mobile phone payment, digital TV pay fixed telephone system of 7 business. Its distribution areas are mainly concentrated in Shanghai (53), Beijing (47), Guangdong (21) in the three regions.

The sustained and steady growth of consumption level

society, bank card consumer penetration continues to rise, and the near field payment technology continues to mature in popularity, good social macroeconomic environment, the third party payment will usher in a wave of development in the spring, the market scale will increase by 50.5%, the market scale will reach 19 trillion and 400 billion yuan. In this seemingly bright future behind, need third party payment enterprises according to their own advantage with the development of policy, seize the opportunity to spread business layout, will let the dream come true with seemingly bright future.

analysis of the development of third party payment companies operating independently:

The rapid development of

mobile Internet, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the Internet industry, but also forced the traditional enterprises to look to the internet. With the support of policy and technology, has brought the huge opportunity for the development of the whole industry to pay more.

advantage analysis:

1 strong technical ability. Third party payment companies want to gain a foothold in the market, the lack of technical strength is the first element of deal, using technology advantages, by strengthening the chain enterprise cooperation, expand the brand influence, expand the market against the non independent payment companies.

2 in the first place to form a market advantage. By virtue of the sensitivity of the market analysis and the advantages of independent identity, are generally ahead of the traditional telecom operators and group operators to enter the market quickly, in the competition has a first mover advantage.

3 customized service capabilities. Third payment business is relatively flexible, in business services and more down to earth, to consumer feedback timely processing, and customized according to the needs of personalized service, so as to strengthen the ability of traditional electricity supplier.

disadvantage analysis:

1 relies heavily on a single industry. Independent third party payment application is relatively simple, resulting in low risk resistance. It should analyze the market environment, combined with the unique advantages of resources, innovation and development, and strive to expand the application of e-commerce business areas, to reduce the single industry >


Jingdong low cost strategy refers to the hype Publishing House said to disrupt its system

"each book is 20% cheaper than its rivals." Following the announcement 4 days after the launch of the price war, Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong yesterday (December 14th), said on micro-blog, will be a substantial reduction in the book membership price within 24 hours, to ensure that more than 20% cheaper. Since then, the book B2C market price war began.

and Liu Qiangdong will be at the end of the matter is relentless commitment or a gimmick, anyway, publishers are not willing to watch the book by the Jingdong "cheap". Century Publishing Group Vice President Shi Hongjun after the discovery of the company published the "intention" suffered the Jingdong below the purchase price sales, no longer hold the. "We are the statistics of how many books below the purchase price of the sale in the Jingdong, Jingdong will be also officially negotiations, asking them to stop the behavior, otherwise it will refuse to supply


Jingdong accused of low-cost strategy hype

behind the price war from Jingdong Book channel on the line. Just over a month, Jingdong through continuous price cuts, and frequently provocative traditional books Dangdang B2C site and Amazon two.

December 8th, on the same day in the U.S. stock market, the Jingdong launched the book sales, back over 100 yuan 15 yuan coupons, back over 200 yuan 30 yuan coupons, which is equivalent to the basis of the existing discount and hit 15% off.

in this regard, Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing said, the price war for all competitors will retaliate retaliation." Li Guoqing also responded by micro-blog said, the price war is a false proposition. We have parity tools, are down, and no price advantage." Yesterday, Liu Qiangdong said on micro-blog, "this morning, we honored the commitment, has been on the basis of the price of Jingdong to give members twenty percent off. If you find any member of the book price is not cheaper than 20% can report, we will continue to cut prices within 24 hours, to ensure that more than 20% cheaper, until the price dropped to zero!

noted that the "daily economic news", the Liu Qiangdong said the Jingdong is micro-blog just book products twenty percent off again in the "Jingdong" price basis, and this price is only for December 4th had the Jingdong had shopping membership, which had "every book cheaper than rivals 20% slightly different.

"price to zero? Where is he selling books?." An unnamed publisher said, Jingdong move just starting from their own commercial interests, the purchase price to the publisher network channels are basically the same, the Jingdong can not do every book cheaper than rivals 20%.

reporter then Dangdang and Jingdong after the comparison found that, in fact, Jingdong is not like Liu Qiangdong said, each book in 14 have done less than competitors’ 20%. To Lang Xianping, said: financial transfinite war, for example, Jingdong quoted price of 21 yuan, membership price of $16.8, while Dangdang as long as $15; Henan who provoked who Jingdong price of $7