Print Sanjiang source theme seal carving creative activities held

February 12th, jointly organized by the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the provincial press and Publication Bureau, Provincial Federation of Sanjiang province and the source of the office, Xining City Federation of Xining, India society hosted a large public ecological creation "reflect the source of Sanjiang" theme of the carving creation activities held. This is the province of Sanjiang in 2006 after the first session of the United States and the United States, the theme of the seal carving creative activities, organized by the province’s large-scale theme of seal carving creative activities. The provincial Party committee, propaganda minister Gio de Maja wrote the title, and awards for the winners. Since the
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Xining Chrysanthemum Exhibition only Yuwuwan flowering month mid autumn chrysanthemum

chrysanthemum is one of the ten famous flowers in China, known as the "flower gentleman", indifferent to the nature, and for people like Ao xue. To the autumn chrysanthemum, in September 17th, sponsored by the Xining Municipal People’s government, the Xining Municipal Forestry Bureau, Xining City Tourism Bureau, Xining wildlife zoo in the fourth "mid autumn gold, to celebrate the national day exhibition was officially opened, fifty thousand pots of chrysanthemums bloom in the Xining wild animal park a new dress. read more

The province issued the opinions to further accelerate the process of well-off people with disabilit

In October 7th, the provincial government issued the "on further accelerating the process of the well-off implementation opinions" came into force, in accordance with the opinions, the province will accelerate the process of well-off people with disabilities, and the province of the province’s 300 thousand disabled people, will move towards a higher level of well-off society.

"opinions" put forward, to 2020, the basic rights protection system for the disabled and improve the rural and pastoral areas; poor people out of poverty; willing and full employment of urban disabled people have the ability to work; the disabled to achieve full coverage of social insurance; for all disabled enjoy medical treatment and rehabilitation services for disabled children; "the popularization of compulsory education; comprehensive to complete the rural poor families of disabled stock reconstruction task.

"opinions" stressed that in the accelerating process of our province disabled well-off process, from the increase of disabled social relief efforts, establish and improve the welfare system, help the disabled disabled persons to participate in the 5 aspects of basic endowment insurance and basic medical insurance, increase poverty alleviation and development of disabled, give priority to the protection of disabled people in urban and rural areas to ensure basic housing and other basic disabled life. From the strengthening of the work of people with disabilities to focus on employment, support for the disabled in a variety of forms of employment, and strengthen employment services for the disabled and other aspects of the 3 aspects of the increase in employment support for people with disabilities.

"opinions" requirements, accelerate the process of our province disabled well-off process, but also to do well for the rehabilitation of the disabled medical services, education, work ability, service disabled disabled people to improve the use of social forces and the role of the market mechanism, strengthen the work of persons with disabilities the leadership of 5 aspects of the work.   read more

Why is it easy to lose customers

now, this is a comprehensive health of the times, in order to more healthy life, we will find that there are a lot of health market franchise. So, today, we will discuss the reasons why the loss of health Chinese Medicine Museum customers? Look at the ways to solve this problem.

1, traditional Chinese medicine health museum decoration environment

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Fruit fresh fruit juice like diffuse four

this is a seemingly ordinary but very changeable business brand project, which is the most common but also the most important items. Eating is closely related to our lives, but also inseparable from our health. Take food and beverage industry in terms of the project. For the attention to health and health of consumers, can drink a cup of rich nutrition Fresh Juice, is a very happy thing! Come to diffuse the seasons, you can easily help you wish! Fresh fruit over the seasons, fresh fruit juice, the four seasons is popular, fishing gold good read more

80 volunteers to persuade people civilized travel

In order to further improve the quality of public culture and public norms of civilized behavior, enhance the city’s image of civilization, from January to October, the city Department of transportation will organize 80 transportation workers as "civilized traffic persuasion", in the city to carry out within the scope of caring for others, Guan Aishe, the love of nature "as the theme of" civilization the traffic volunteer service activities, the public advocate civilized travel.

it is reported that, in order to conscientiously implement the Municipal Committee of civilization "on the in-depth development of caring for others, caring society, caring for nature" volunteer service activities of the notice "spirit, to consolidate and promote the" civilized traffic plan "activity continued to deepen, to take practical action to create a safe, smooth and harmonious and orderly environment, city road traffic safety civilization, the civilization persuade members of civilized persuasion volunteers will wear a ribbon, wearing a red hat, holding a small red flag in the car persuasion, main street, Xining city station, bus station, bus station, in order to guide the city people queuing, actively maintain traffic order, check the" three ", put an end to the inflammable and explosive, easy the corrosion of dangerous goods on the train," littering, spitting, throwing cigarette butts and other uncivilized behavior of persuasion and correct, to guide the general public Our bad habits, establish a new wind, moral consciousness and civilization accomplishment enhancement, abide by social morality.   read more

Ministerial meeting of the province’s organization

recently, the Ministerial Conference held in Xining province. Provincial Party committee, organization department minister Hu Changsheng attended and spoke.

Hu Changsheng pointed out that last year the organization departments at all levels to implement the party to manage the party strictly policy, conscientiously carry out the party ruling officials, build a strong fortress of political responsibility, around the central task, pay close attention to the main industry, precise measures and policies, the successful completion of various tasks. He stressed that this year, the organization should further focus on the main responsibility for the main industry, strengthen the play as, to achieve the four changes, the construction of a rich and civilized harmonious and beautiful new Qinghai to provide a strong organizational guarantee. To meet the party’s nineteen big victory held the main line, focus on ningxinjuli efforts; use "the two one" study and education of the carrier, focus on normal long-term efforts; highlight the political life of the party "criterion" landing this focus, focus on the tight efforts focus on the key; to enhance the scientific level of cadre work, focus on accurate scientific personnel selection work; improve the management and supervision of cadres often focus on this mechanism, strict management and strict governance efforts; strictly implement a comprehensive extension of the requirements to the grassroots efforts in strengthening grassroots efforts; strengthen the first resource to drive this the concept of priority, focus on efforts to Yucai talents. read more

For you to share some tips for personal business loans

a lot of people want to start their own businesses, their own boss, but don’t have enough money, business loans is very difficult. Do you want to be a successful entrepreneur? Do you want to have a convenient and smooth financing channels? However, individual industrial and commercial households financing difficulties, always plagued individual entrepreneurs, and dampen the enthusiasm of individual entrepreneurship. But if you want, grasp the scientific selection of Loan Tips, perhaps from your success is not far away, as Chinese Bill Gates is not Arabian Nights?. read more

CPPCC members to help poor students dream

The university is about school, poor students families are for tuition to worry about, in order to help them realize the dream into the campus, the morning of September 2nd, vice president Fan Xingliang and a member of the CPPCC Qinghai Zhongxia new building materials Co. Ltd. chairman Ni Borong with sincere love to see Dong Xia Zhen Dun Zi Cun Datong yuan this year admitted to the University Gu Wan one family, and sent 8000 yuan grants.

Late at night, environmental law enforcement in action

21:50 on May 20th, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau law enforcement officers fully equipped for 20. At this point, the environmental protection of the 110 phone calls kept ringing. 22 o’clock, "departure!" The order, law enforcement officers divided driving in the night.

subsequently, Xining in 2009 during the opening of the college entrance examination noise pollution inspection kicked off.

time: 22:10

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Efforts to achieve a good start in the development of social economy in 13th Five-Year

Even Japan, on behalf of the National People’s Congress, I attended the four session of the twelve National People’s Congress, carefully considered the premier Li Keqiang made the "government work report", said, "NPC and CPPCC will thoroughly implement the national spirit, innovation, work hard, make strategic deployment into practical action, the blueprint of transformation for the development of reality, and strive to achieve a good start" 13th Five-Year "economic and social development. read more

Building Leisure corridor Xining Nanshan 42 green area will become a scenic spot

January 5th from Nanshan green headquarters office, from the beginning of this year, Xining will gradually put the annual Nanshan slope before the existing 42 green area construction has become a scenic spot, then 42 different characteristics, different functions and the scenic Forest Park, Huangshui Red Valley Ecological Leisure Park and other 6 scenic spots by the Nanshan 118 complement each other. Km road together, together to form a big Nanshan leisure corridor.

according to the current plan, the city will use 5 – 10 years, will be built into a large Nanshan green barriers to a good landscape, facilities, traffic is reasonable, beautiful scenery of the Nanshan scenic area. Green ecological barrier Nanshan project planning in the 6 major scenic spots, has been opened in the Huangshui Forest Park, Tibetan Plateau wild zoo, Pu Park, Pu Ning Ning friendly Zhizhu tower four spots, red valley ecological leisure park project construction of the main project will be fully launched this year, construction of nine eco tourism park in spring has been implemented by the East District government. read more

New year’s day so far Xining 2100 traffic accidents were private ease the processing pressure

March 19th, Xining city traffic accident fast claims service center, from January 1st to March 17th this year, Xining City, a total of 2100 traffic accident by a driver private, which greatly eased the pressure of traffic accident in our city.

it is understood that the city traffic accident fast claims service center since its inception in July 1st last year, received a total of 7296 property loss of traffic accident cases, which in January this year received a total of 722 cases, 811 received in February March 1st to 17 accepted 567 cases. According to the introduction, the main causes of traffic accidents, the vehicle is not required to make the line, speeding, illegal lane change, illegal U-turn. A minor traffic accident, the parties should be in ensuring the safety of the situation, quickly moved to the vehicle where traffic conditions (without warning), consultation (without treatment by accident), negotiations to resolve the issue of compensation. City traffic accident fast claims service center director Lu Fengjiang told reporters, with the growth of the vehicle, the city minor traffic accidents has been increasing, more and more drivers after a minor accident should be moved to the roadside vehicle self negotiation, to avoid the traffic jam phenomenon. Lu Fengjiang said that if the vehicle minor traffic accident, the driver does not immediately move the vehicle to affect the flow of traffic, the traffic police department will be fined 200 yuan on both sides of the accident driver, and a total of 3 points. read more

New initiatives of urban and rural medical assistance

north of the city continued to increase financial livelihood investment, innovative urban and rural medical assistance new initiatives, so that the masses of the poor to enjoy the party’s largest Huimin policy.
is a total investment of 127 yuan, the implementation of the two serious illness relief to the rural medical assistance object region 421 City area. Investment of more than 12 yuan, in line with the conditions of the temporary relief of 67 urban and rural poor people to implement a temporary relief.
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2016 future star winter sunshine sports meeting of our province’s delegation to participate in the f

Jointly organized by the State Sports General Administration and other units in 2016, the National Youth Future Star winter sun sports conference, held in Lake Jingpo, Mudanjiang, from to 20. The 15 person delegation composed of athletes in our province, Xining city sports school students will participate in this event for the first time the snow football, snow and ice, snow dragon boat crossing the obstacle, the snow five big game of tug of war.

this session of the general assembly, in addition to the establishment of the Mudanjiang Lake Jingpo main meeting site, also set up in Beijing, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang 6 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) level of the venue, and the sports industry department in Heilongjiang province 17 city, county-level city and forest farms, a prefecture level city venue, the formation of the national winter sports program linkage, youth sports festival. read more

North model to create a strong propaganda atmosphere

in order to further increase the creation of national environmental protection model city propaganda, raise public awareness of the model, participation and satisfaction, and create a national mobilization, public participation, National Model City strong atmosphere, recently, I set up a large billboards in the salt Zhuang overpass, formed a strong propaganda atmosphere in order to promote the model. The general public to participate in the "year" to work on our region continue to strengthen the model propaganda, raise public awareness of the model has a positive role in promoting. read more

Northwest’s first ring railway network will constitute

13 reporters from the Qinghai Tibet railway company was informed that the new Dunhuang to Golmud railway project, the Qinghai Tibet railway and the railway station at dungog Yinma gap renovation project officially started the day before. Dungog railway is an important connecting line trunk line of the Qinghai Tibet and Lanzhou two railway between the series and Lanqing railway, Lan Xin railway, the Qinghai Tibet Railway into a steel dragon, composed of the Northwest’s first "ring railway network".
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Fulfill the functions of commercial law and promote the integrity of the work of building a clean go

To conscientiously implement the administrative law and the construction work conference, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce held a working meeting on the afternoon of April 11th, to convey the spirit of the meeting, combined with the actual business work to make arrangements

to conscientiously implement the city’s law administration and the construction work conference, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce held a working meeting on the afternoon of April 11th, to convey the spirit of the meeting, combined with the actual business work to make arrangements. read more

Do business frequently tally shop

In fact,

shop also like our home, the need from time to time up, otherwise it is easy to become a mess of goods, it is not attractive to customers. The shop at the beginning, because there is no experience, no matter how many cigarettes into the purchase, as long as there is a place on the shelf, just to get piled up altogether, a lot of goods shelves out of order, you have me, I have you, even do not know whether there is a cigarette, where specific goods. As a result, both customer complaints and business, all day in the face of a mess of shelves, it is very big. read more