Month: March 2017

Xining science and Technology Bureau held a new rural construction training courses

To do a solid job in the construction of new rural construction this year, Xining science and Technology Bureau on October 14th – 15 held a new rural construction training courses"


to do a solid job this year, the new rural construction training, Xining science and Technology Bureau on October 14th – 15 held a new rural construction training courses". I am more than 40 village Party branch secretary and village committee director attended the training.

in the two days of training, held a new rural construction of new ideas, new development, the special lecture, inspected the north of the city, the village of facilities, agriculture, village and other facilities. The students carried out in-depth discussions on the development of the new countryside.

through training to enable students to broaden their horizons, the growth of knowledge, deepen the understanding of the new rural construction.




Xining 380 thousand rural workers into the city to find a job

at present, the rural surplus labor force in Xining is flowing to the city, and the scale is bigger and bigger. Reporters learned from the Municipal Bureau of statistics, the first 9 months of this year, the city’s rural workers in the job seekers accounted for the main body, a total of 380 thousand and 700 people, accounting for 95.97%. The registered urban unemployed for 14 thousand and 700 people, accounting for 3.71%; college graduates of 1 thousand and 300 people, accounting for 0.32%.

in 2013 the city continue to university employment of graduates, employment transfer of rural labor force, employment difficult personnel to serve as the focus, around the "people’s livelihood, promote employment center, governments at all levels and the relevant departments and mass organizations, mobilizing all social forces, jointly organized" employment assistance "" spring action "of private enterprises recruitment week" and other public employment and personnel services special activities, the first three quarters of the city’s total of 82 screenings held various job fairs, public employment service has achieved remarkable results. Before the three quarter, the number of job seekers registered 396 thousand and 700 people, 4 thousand and 500 people less than the previous year, a total of 4701 units of recruitment registration number 415 thousand and 900, an increase of 19 thousand and 200 over the previous year, recruitment registration number is higher than the number of registered job seekers.

According to

analysis, cause a large number of migrant workers migrant workers are: as the city’s rapid economic growth, increasing the demand for labor; with the rural reform of our city gradually, a large number of the flow of rural surplus labor to city, and the scale is becoming larger. Rapid development of private economy in our city, attracting a large number of migrant workers employment. (author: Xiao Yan)



This year, the construction of fourth Local Railways

In March 17th the construction of

local railway development of resources of the province and the transportation of products of great significance, the reporter from the management department of the local railway construction in our province was informed that this year our province will accelerate the pace in the construction of local railway construction, to the north of Tieshan tin Hobson local railway (hereinafter referred to as the "tin North local railway") will be fully operational, Gongliu to Yiliping local railway (hereinafter referred to as the "red local railway") will be basically completed, Ta Erding to Kendall g local railway (hereinafter referred to as "tacken local railway") will be the full implementation of construction. After the completion of a local railway operation, will be connected with the national railway trunk line, fully open up the province’s mineral resources development and transportation of industrial products new context.



Xining City Bureau of agriculture and animal husbandry development and poverty alleviation conscient

Recently, Xining agriculture and animal husbandry development and poverty alleviation bureau held an enlarged meeting of the central group learning, learning to convey the national, provincial and the city chuangxianzhengyou conference spirit, and take practical action to implement the


recently, Xining agriculture and animal husbandry development and poverty alleviation bureau held the enlarged meeting of the central group learning, learning to convey the national, provincial and the city chuangxianzhengyou conference spirit, and take practical action to implement the.

  is to continue to further promote chuangxianzhengyou activity. The successful experience of , a comprehensive summary of chuangxianzhengyou activities carried out since the formation of effective methods, combined with the grass-roots party organizations in the rectification and improvement of Jin bit upgrade, in order to promote the development of chuangxianzhengyou to normalization, long-term direction.

  two is a solid grasp of the current focus of work. should focus on the municipal government arrangements for the deployment of the work center, a solid grasp of key projects, agricultural services, "food basket" project, fake agricultural and livestock production and livestock product quality and safety supervision, modern agricultural science and technology demonstration park construction work, to promote the people’s satisfaction with the city of happiness and life city construction.

  three is the full realization of the annual objectives and tasks. carefully control the mission objectives set at the beginning, analyze the situation, identify gaps, enhance the sense of urgency and pressure, tense, tightly pegged to the goal, to finish the task, to ensure the full realization of the objectives and tasks throughout the year, with the development of excellent performance to meet the party’s eighteen big victory held.

  Four Party members and cadres should be based on their own pioneering and innovative. with the innovative spirit of the times, constantly enhance the positive momentum and vitality; to fully inclusive and equitable inclusive mind, and the boat, further strengthen unity to cohesion and centripetal force; to hold all the Houde pragmatic, quality, and further enhance the foot field initiative and win the heart.










Provincial support model city to create evaluation end

July 16th, the reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, from the beginning of June the province support work leading group office of the provincial military consultations composed of two working groups of the province’s 8 states (city) to declare the 21 double support model city (county, district) to carry out a comprehensive evaluation and inspection work. At present, this work is over.

it is understood that 2015 is a new session of the national and provincial support model city (county) named in recognition, in order to further improve the province’s support model city (county) to create quality, promote the province’s support to create work to a new level, according to the "Qinghai province support model City (county) implementation measures" to create life management and annual work arrangements, from the beginning of June the province support office consultation provincial military composed of two working groups of the province’s 8 states (city) to declare the 21 double support model city (county, district) to carry out a comprehensive evaluation and inspection work. The working group on the basis of the inspection, listen carefully to the local support work leading group in recent years, the work report of support on the grass-roots units, schools, community, street, key special home, take field trips, watch the report, discussion exchange, access to information and other forms of evaluation checks. Mutual support around the rich content and obvious effect, presents many highlights. Among them, Xining city in Datong small mountain community, the Kumbum Monastery and the Dongguan mosque as a model to carry out a wide range of support "eight" activities; investment 36 million yuan to build the Northwest’s first youth aviation science education and national defense education demonstration base; Datong county government benefit about 20000000 yuan, 96361 military forces allocated to build 69025.3 square meters of land.

At present,

, double support office evaluation group for feedback, carefully combing summary, fill gaps and lack of investigation, study and put forward specific measures for implementation of the rectification, rectification and track inspection to improve the situation, to ensure the completion of the high standard of work to create, for the next step held a Provincial support model city (county) named in recognition of the general assembly, lay a solid base.



Xining city traffic police detachment used car market to make the masses more convenient

people to buy a used car, easy to handle it? The reporter learned that, in order to regulate the Xining second-hand car market, convenient for people to apply for the second-hand car trading business, Xining City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment this year in the Xining union of second-hand car market, set up second-hand car accreditation service hall, specifically for the transfer of the registration of vehicles (second-hand car to roll out and settled within the jurisdiction of the transfer) business, greatly facilitate the work of the masses.

through nearly 2 months of operation, the masses can complete all formalities directly in the second-hand car market in the past, effectively solve the masses for vehicle handling back and forth between the market and the trouble, at the same time, in order to prevent the masses deceived, rush service hall to crack down on the car care and illegal intermediary to better protect the legitimate rights and interests of both transactions.


Swimming enthusiasts hope to build swimming pool

With the increasing awareness of national fitness, swimming has become one of the popular sports. According to a group of conservative data from the swimming association, Xining’s swimming enthusiasts at least 1 people. Many people love swimming, swimming in the city are few, a few swimming only half in the renovation of urban energy, they hope to build 1 swimming pool.MS

it is understood that the city is only 3 seat open swimming pool: Victory Hotel Royal Spa, Simon water world and Sea Lake Sports Center natatorium. At present, the decoration of Victory Hotel Royal Spa and Simon water in the world are closed, only the sea lake Sports Center Natatorium in normal business, but the swimming pool can only accommodate 600 people, simply can not meet the demand of swimming enthusiasts in our city.


Wang Yubo serve as a lasting blue sky for the people

July 8th, Xining mayor Wang Yubo chaired the air pollution comprehensive management leading group working conference. The meeting conveyed to learn the important instructions of vice secretary of provincial Party committee, party secretary Wang Jianjun on the comprehensive management of air pollution, informed the comprehensive management of air pollution on the first half results, criticized the management work in place of counties, parks, businesses, the next step of work requests. Wang Jianjun pointed out in the instructions: "the comprehensive management of air pollution is unyielding, also battle. Kenyinggutou, battle call to further unify their thinking, to further consolidate the power of the need for further iron fisted control, need further strict liability, is the only way to ensure that no relief, no rebound. After the start of a new round of pollution control campaign in the city, with the government’s play, as a cadre, for the people in exchange for a lasting blue sky."

since last year, the strong leadership of the provincial government and the municipal Party committee, the city under the cooperative effort, stable and better air quality in our city. The first half of the year, the excellent rate of air quality in our city increased by 28.2 percentage points compared with the same period last year, in the year of April 3, poor natural conditions, the air quality in our city in the capital city in Northwest China continuously ranked first. Wang Yubo pointed out that the practice of illustrating a hard truth: as long as the set ton output capacity determination to implement, work progress.

Wang Yubo requirements, a blue sky is not only livable, but also increase the sense of civic pride, to better develop the advantages of cohesion. Air pollution control work in our city heavy task, responsibility, can not relax at any time. The District, departments, parks to make continuous efforts to implement an important work requirements of the provincial government and the Secretary Wang Jianjun important instructions, tackling the problem, seize the key, continue to strengthen, improve and deepen governance. First, to advance the construction of ecological civilization to lead the work of the various areas. The coal dust pollution prevention and control in the first place, the full implementation of coal gas and coal market norms of governance work; continue to strengthen the dust pollution control measures is not slack, ensure road dust, construction site dust does not rebound; vigorously promote the gas control of industrial enterprises, ensure the enterprise stability discharge standards; the full implementation of vehicle control measures, effectively curb vehicle exhaust pollution. Two is to strengthen the government’s executive power as the fundamental, and then improve the understanding, measures to further strengthen the effectiveness of re consolidation, accountability and then follow up on the implementation of the work. Three is to improve the long-term mechanism as the starting point, strengthen the responsibility to implement, strengthen the management of the iron fist, reflecting strict from the real, to promote the comprehensive management of air pollution institutionalized, normalized.

the day of the meeting by the Municipal Committee, discipline committee secretary Ma Haiying presided over the vice mayor of the city of China, informed the relevant circumstances, the city leaders, such as Fan Guoqing, and so on, and then attended the meeting, attended by the president of the people’s Republic of China, and so on, as well as in the meeting of the leaders of the people’s Republic of China, such as the leaders of the people’s Republic of China, such as.



Provincial CPPCC Standing Committee held its eleven session of the twenty

eleven session of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC held on July 7th to 8, held on the twenty. Chairman of the CPPCC Provincial Committee and the opening ceremony of the meeting held in the closing ceremony. Vice President Luo Zhaoyang, Bao Yizhi, and so on, and so on, and so on, 52, the Secretary General of the Standing Committee of the people’s Republic of China, the Secretary General of the Standing Committee of the people’s Republic of China, vice president of the people’s Republic of China, vice president of the people’s Republic of China, vice president of the people’s Republic of China, vice.

Provincial Standing Committee, United Front Work Department, Wang Liming, deputy governor, was invited to attend the meeting.

conference around the "improve the scientific and technological innovation capability, to provide scientific and technological support for the sustainable development of our province" to carry out thematic consultations. The Standing Committee meeting of consultation is an important part of the annual consultation plan, is also the provincial CPPCC implement the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping in the national science and Technology Innovation Conference, the General Assembly academicians, Chinese Association of the Ninth National Congress, an important measure to boost the innovation of science and technology work in our province. Before the provincial CPPCC research group consisting in Haixi, Haidong, Haibei, Xining (National) economic and Technological Development Zone, key enterprises and universities, research institutes carried out thorough investigation.

meeting, Wang Liming introduced the province, improve the ability of technological innovation to support economic and social development; Bao Yizhi made "  improve the ability of technological innovation, to provide scientific and technological support" for the sustainable development of our province’s economic report; Cheng Yinong, Zhang Wenjun, Ma Jingang, Li Fafu, Bai Yongqiang, Zhang Zhouping, all star, Huang Ziping, Wang Hai, Zheng Aijun, Tang Xiangjun, in the country 12 members on the science and technology project management innovation, improve the scientific management system, improve the ability of scientific research of Tibetan medicine and other aspects of the conference. The comrades of the conference focused on the theme of the group were carefully discussed, put forward a series of targeted comments and suggestions.

members believe that science and technology innovation, science popularization is the implementation of innovation driven development strategy wings, is an important support for sustainable economic and social development. To carry out scientific and technological innovation closely around the development path with the characteristics of Qinghai, ecological protection, deep processing of resources and other areas of scientific and technological issues targeted breakthrough. To scientific and technological innovation and precise poverty alleviation, better play the role of science and technology to help the poor. To continue to promote ecological resources, deep processing of agricultural science and technology innovation ability construction, scientific and technological achievements will be better used in production and life, the science and technology innovation has become an important support to accelerate the transformation of economic development and improving people’s livelihood in our province.

meeting also informed the provincial CPPCC eleven session of the four meeting of the main work, considered and adopted the personnel matters.



Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce remediation non-standard advertising language

to create a civilized city public advertising, not only to enhance the city’s civilization quality, create a good atmosphere of a city, but these advertisements on the standard written language is often unsightly. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the creation of the national civilized city of Xining City, the city of Industrial and Commercial Bureau will this month within the city carried out again to a city public advertising language the word does not regulate the campaign in the early months of the campaign, there are 5 units by the Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce business wide at work correct personnel.

It is reported that

, Xining Industrial and Commercial Bureau contact actively with the construction of spiritual civilization in Xining City, the steering committee and urban management and other departments in creating a civilized city public advertising propaganda, strengthen supervision and inspection, to ensure the effectiveness of remediation. All kinds of Xining area of a city publicity carrier conducted a comprehensive inspection, ensure all kinds of promotional materials, a city of high quality written language specification, elegant appearance, and resolutely put an end to all kinds of publicity language is not standardized, words errors, ambiguous phenomenon, "do the task, measures, personnel, responsibility for the implementation of" four. In the August renovation in the city Industrial and Commercial Bureau supplier wide dispatched inspectors to 352 passengers, vehicles 81 times, check the Xining news media 8, advertising company 195, billboard 375, LED display 75. Some of the advertising business unit production of public service advertising language is not standardized, and even the use of 5 units of the wrong words in a timely manner to correct. (author: Ding Li Zongfang)