Month: March 2017

Walk to Xining to share with everyone

men’s first Wang Xuejun (pictured left) and the most likely to hit the line at the same time as the two. Li Xiaogang photo

in 2013 cool Xining "Chinese dream Valley Cup" international competition and people walking festival hiking experience of walking race, there are a lot of no uniform clothing, no match number cloth hikers, their results will not be included in the game, but to experience the sport of desire and participation with team spirit so that they move forward. On the way, they experience the joy of harvest, in the harvest to keep moving forward, along the way, these amateur players who continue to emit a huge positive energy, infected with the scene of each individual. At 11:10 that morning, the game has been carried out for nearly two hours, in the masses beyond the experience of walking race of 1 kilometers on the track, mayor Wang Yubo is still walking forward. Although he was on foot, but the reporter ran a long distance to catch up with him. Wang Yubo while walking easily chat with reporters. Wang Yubo said that Xining is willing to share with all of us the cool and natural environment of Xining, the peaceful social environment and the humane environment. We advocate, we go outside and feel the nature, close to nature, experience a healthy walk brings us pleasure in walking in a strong physique, with full enthusiasm and vigor, create a better life. At the end of the masses to experience the foot race, the city CPPCC Chairman Li Jinqing and almost nineteenth participants completed a total of about 10 km of the experience. Although his results are not included in the rankings, but did not affect his joy. The reporter found that experience, though, Li Jinqing’s early hair hung up with sweat, but he did not stop a step, go to finish the game. Lin to month was a 23 year old local girl, when she completed the 26.4 kilometer race almost exhaustion. The reporter learned that, due to missed the registration time. Lin month results will not be included in the ranking, but in order to exercise their own, the experience of walking exercise, take practical action to support the home, Lin month on foot for the first time in consultation with amazing perseverance, 4 hours to finish the game. (author: Xu Shunkai)


Several opinions on further improving the grading system will be implemented next month

since March 1st, our province will be formally implemented "on a number of opinions" to further improve the classification treatment system, this reporter learned from the recently held provincial health reform leading group of the second meeting in 2014.

meeting, this year, the province will continue to promote comprehensive reform of public hospitals at the county level, in order to strive for the original basis, the remaining 56 county-level public hospitals into the country’s new public hospital reform pilot area. April will oversee the inspection of the province’s comprehensive reform of public hospitals at all levels in the region, focusing on the abolition of the examination to support the medical care, funding and personnel distribution system reform. Training and training of medical staff in County Public hospitals. According to the county public hospital existing savings ratio of 80% for open recruitment of medical staff. In addition, it will further improve the classification of diagnosis and treatment system, since March 1st, the official implementation of the opinions on further improving the grading system of diagnosis and treatment. In terms of the reform of Medicare payment, the province will pay close attention to the development of a total control of the Medicare payment system reform program. Rational selection of two counties to carry out capitation, DRGs and other payment reform pilot. Increasing the participation rate of urban workers, urban residents and the new rural cooperative medical insurance. As soon as possible on the development of urban and rural residents to raise health insurance financing standards.

meeting the requirements of our province health informatization construction to ensure that the May test run, June officially running; further improving the drug strokes distribution policy, improve the efficiency of delivery, ensure the delivery rate of 97%; two, accelerate the formation of a State Medical Association, in order to adapt to the implementation of the comprehensive reform of the county public hospitals and clinics grading system, new medicine CIS principle control within the 40 hospitals; medical institutions to effectively maintain normal medical order, protect the people’s medical security.

in addition, the meeting also on health infrastructure projects, serious illness medical insurance and other work requirements.



Xining incubator base of an enterprise investment

22, in the city of Xining business incubator base, a base of start-ups and Hubei investment group in the first day’s estate signed 10 million yuan venture project financing agreement, marking the Xining Business Incubator in service has been a breakthrough. City human resources and Social Security Bureau, said Guo Like, hope that more investment institutions concerned about the incubator enterprises in Xining, and thus promote the incubator enterprises to achieve faster development and growth.


Xining City Industrial and commercial system of red shield farming action full of sound and colour

to strengthen the supervision of agricultural market, regulate agricultural market order, improve the self-protection ability of operators law-abiding consciousness and farmer consumer groups, launched a comprehensive industrial and commercial city of Xining "red shield agricultural special action.
branch of the city to focus on training, organization of agricultural households to seriously study the "seed law", "agricultural market supervision and management measures" and other laws and regulations, to purchase inspection certificate and invoice into the sales ledger and fill in the identification of counterfeit agricultural commodity content knowledge explained. At the same time, the area of agricultural operators to carry out a special inspection. The total of 2 households and the village "two account two votes a card of a book" not standardized business households on the spot are corrected, 4 of households, the long-term management of agricultural commodities system is not perfect business carried out clean-up, shall be ordered to handle the change or cancellation of registration.


Xining 6 billion 200 million yuan medical reform funds to benefit people

Xining medical reform work adhere to the "basic, strong grass building mechanism, the principle of human resources, work hard, make difficult and expensive and other issues have been effectively relieve

drug zero profit cumulative profit of 112 million yuan patients

in recent years, medical insurance has become a hot topic of the public, along with the proposed measures to improve the health insurance, Medicare has been encouraged by the initial insured, became active insurance. With health care, people see a doctor in the heart more practical. Xining citizens Li Guoliang calculations, in 2014, his mother was admitted to a hospital because of fractures, because the mother has workers health insurance, hospital discharge settlement, he only dig 232 yuan.

in recent years, Xining city to achieve the health insurance of urban and rural residents and municipal planning, urban and rural residents per capita Medicare funding criteria from 2009 of 220 yuan and 154.3 yuan to 550 yuan, workers, urban residents and the new rural cooperative medical insurance rate reached 99.2%, 99.8% and 99.6% respectively, the universal health care system basically established. Urban and rural residents in three, two, a designated medical institutions hospitalization reimbursement ratio reached 70%, 80% and 90%, the establishment of urban and rural residents illness insurance and medical disease emergency rescue system, alleviate the burden of medical insurance, basic medical needs of disadvantaged groups.

in order to effectively solve difficult problems, beds, Xining city to accelerate the comprehensive reform of public hospitals, the implementation of separation to separate affairs separate, separate pharmaceutical, for-profit and nonprofit public hospitals at the county level, the city’s 14 city, all included in the scope of the comprehensive reform, to achieve full coverage of the reform. As of the end of 2014, the city’s non-public medical institutions reached 52, accounting for the total number of medical institutions, the number of beds in the number of 1449, accounting for the city’s medical institutions, the number of beds prepared by 21% of the number of 37%.

in medicine, Xining city to break the "yaobu" old mechanism at all levels of the city’s public hospitals and primary health care institutions to implement all the basic drugs lingchalv system, only the zero profit drug cumulative benefit patients 112 million yuan. The consolidation of the new comprehensive reform and operation mechanism of basic health, rural doctors annual income reached twenty thousand yuan, higher than the provincial average level, "Wangde" have been further consolidated.

special service to become the hospital brand

environment has changed, the service has improved, more and more people are willing to go to the municipal hospital at home to see a doctor. Last year, Xining public hospitals at all levels to carry out the five free ten minus and the convenience of the service measures, the social credibility of the medical industry to further improve the 26.

can not be out of the hospital will be able to balance the cost of hospitalization, doctors and nurses in the hands of mobile rounds, mobile nursing records of the entire treatment process, greatly reducing the error rate. In Xining, the first implementation of the first hospitalization settlement new model of medical services, there have been 250 thousand people benefit. Municipal 5 public hospitals were carried out at noon clinic, the province’s most clean hospital, outpatient service demonstration window for the content of the "one hospital;


Provincial Venture Park was named national incubator

recently, the State Ministry of science and technology announced the 2016 annual National Science and technology business incubator list. Among them, the Qinghai youth entrepreneurship Park recommended by the provincial science and Technology Department, the Ministry of science and technology audit publicity, the success of the 2016 National Science and technology business incubator". The successful approval for the development of the park provides a higher platform.

is to promote the "1000 enterprises three year action plan" implementation, to create a good eco innovation and entrepreneurship, improve our province National Science and technology business incubator (hereinafter referred to as the incubator) evaluation work, last year, the provincial science and Technology Department of Qinghai youth entrepreneurship Park recommended as the "2016 National science and technology business incubator" selection unit. Report to the national Ministry of science and technology. After a few months of rigorous screening, ultimately, get approval and made the 2016 National Science and technology business incubator title. It is reported that science and technology business incubator is to nurture and foster high-tech SMEs services. Through the provision of business incubator venues and infrastructure for science and technology newly established small and medium-sized enterprises, to provide a series of service support for the enterprise, reduce the entrepreneurial risk and start-up costs, help and support the growth and development of small and medium sized enterprises of science and technology.

in recent years, Qinghai youth entrepreneurship Park Innovation Incubator, strengthen cultivate and foster high-tech enterprise service level, for small and medium-sized enterprises in our province, especially in early youth entrepreneurship provides a service platform, helping them in the business on the first step to grow up. Up to now, a total of 777 incubators have been set up to support more than 680 young entrepreneurs. In the future, Qinghai youth entrepreneurship Park will continue to strengthen the entrepreneurial services for young people in Qinghai, for the development of China’s science and technology business incubator to make greater contributions.



Seminar on marriage property inheritance law held in Jiefang Road community of Xining

July 13, 2012 morning, Xining city Jiefang Road Street office community comity arrangements in accordance with the district’s social service activities, the community organized a marriage and property inheritance law, "lectures, invited the director of the District People’s court Liu more than 60 residents.

Liu, director of analysis of the current status of marriage and family, explain in detail the relationship of marriage and family should pay attention to the problems in the segmentation of the marital property in the divorce and the way to deal with the loan dispute, combined with the provisions of the relevant property in the new marriage law, how to correctly handle the family property from the aspects of legal succession, testamentary succession and legacy the heritage, processing and so on, to avoid family disputes, marriage and family make life more harmonious and stable. He stressed that strengthening the "marriage law" and "Inheritance Law" and other legal knowledge is necessary, not only to prevent the marriage disputes unstable factors, and the majority of church community residents to use legal weapons to protect their rights.

, welcomed by the residents of the masses, they have said the family related legal marriage, to learn, learn how to use legal weapons to protect their legitimate rights and interests, how to handle the marital relationship, promote family harmony, together to create a better family circle.



Xining 2014 government work report for comments

the morning of December 24th, deputy secretary of Xining Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo chaired the 2014 "government work report" comments forum, invited the Xining Municipal People’s Congress and CPPCC members, representatives of the public and the parties representatives, comments on recommendations. Participants around the "report" of the main content, theme extraction and layout, structure, speak freely proposed each one airs his own views, many valuable comments and suggestions.

participants agreed that the 2013 Xining municipal government work to overcome the pressures and difficulties in economic development, improve people’s livelihood, city function and image promotion etc., have made remarkable achievements, worthy of a lot. The work of 2014 has new ideas, new ideas, new concepts. At the same time, the participants on their concern, straight from the heart, encourage the free airing of views put forward opinions and suggestions.

Wang Yubo said, listen to the opinions and suggestions of the delegates, very enlightening, the government will fully study and absorb the constructive opinions and suggestions to further revise and improve the good "government work report", in order to become fully reflect public opinion, expression of feelings, good report expressed people of new expectations.



Spring grass playing the symphony of love in the car

Time is the twelfth lunar month twenty-eight, the air is full of strong flavor. Late 8:25, Xining railway station waiting hall packed, packed with passengers everywhere.There are more than and 50 minutes away from the

K9803 train driving time, eager visitors can’t wait, in 2 wicket long queues in front of. Late 8:40, reporters follow the crowd stop. On the train, the reporter saw in addition to the 8 hard seat carriage full of staff, 8 hard seat carriage, only 2 cars full, the remaining cars were all empty. A conductor told reporters that this time period, from Golmud to Xining is hard to get a vote, and from Xining to relatively easy to some. The festival is just the reverse, every year is the law.

reporter on the platform to see the train conductor Hou Baoxia. Chat rooms, she saw a female passenger on crutches helped his family hard to move the car 11, immediately stepped forward to ask. Learned that the passenger injured his spine due to a car accident, to the year before the disease is not good, had to return to Golmud for the new year. Hou Baoxia immediately after the train attendant and a simple discussion, the passenger berth from the middle of the sleeper to adjust to the location near the toilet, so as to facilitate her toilet. After that, she repeatedly told the passenger’s family, there is a need to help inform the staff of this car.

a conductor introduction, this thing is too much for the conductor, but also very common. But every member of the train carefully with love moves, all touched the passengers.

then, the reporter in the 16 hard seat car to see, Hou Baoxia and duty officer is a careful look at the just received the conventional and emergency medicine, Song Tieli. They have available Kyushin Pills, quick cold capsule, children only paste, carsick medicine and prevent altitude sickness medicine, classify them after the summary. They say, sometimes in the course of the train running, especially in the evening, if there is a sudden illness passengers, these drugs are emergency drugs or life-saving drugs. In the 15 hard seat car, the reporter saw the conductor was carrying a kettle to each passenger pour boiling water. In 12, a conductor, as usual, took out the sewing kit to facilitate the passengers in need. In the No. 14 car, a train attendant was posted long train mobile phone publicity card, she said that each car has such a contact card, because it is convenient for each passenger in the first time to find the conductor, but also one of the measures for the convenience of train.

late at night, the passengers have already fallen asleep. The train has crossed the Tianjun Guan Guan tunnel, all the way forward…… At this point, Hou Baoxia and colleagues are installed in each compartment just received U shaped anti-collision rubber. She said that the most important function is to prevent the installation of the rubber door to squeeze the hands of passengers. Then she went to the 12 car, and his colleagues with the "Friends of the elderly", children’s books and other books and children’s toys in the park. She said, don’t underestimate these toys, sometimes some children always crying by car for a long time, these toys coax will be better. (author: Chen Jun)



Qinghai economy in action the waste tongue is shameful

February 4th in the afternoon, who lives in Xining Tongren Road, No. ten, Yan’s sister is busy cleaning the hall. How about the snake spring festival, sister smiled and said: "this year, our family who are striving family. Cd!"

asks why, sister talking: there is a saying, not good for small. Although this is a simple sentence, but the implication is a lot of. We also want to start from the side of the little things, in the end, will be able to make the side of the "small" and become "big"".

In the life of

Yan sister optimistic, enthusiastic and concerned about national affairs, she said, he learned from the Internet a year nationwide public funds spending reached 300 billion yuan, there are some people living a glamorous life, they spend money like water to waste food, what kind of situation? Look at the hotel swill bucket "rich" dishes, these people will have no sense of shame?

is Yan sister brushs glass kitchen stopped, to reporters about a little story she saw on the Internet: three Chinese dining in a British restaurant, checked out on the table, many debris, left, when they leave the table, the table is an old neighbor she found, reported to the police, three haven’t walked out of the door, two police stopped them, pointing to the table leftovers that you waste, a fine of 100 euros. Three think impassability, food money we paid, this is our private affairs. Police said that the meal is a social wealth, we should cherish, no one has the right to waste.

she said a little deep, think of our country there are so many poor people, some specific social groups, the waste of the tongue, is really worthy of their tongue, but I’m sorry their conscience ah. If only the satisfaction and the pursuit of appetite and forget the social responsibility, such a waste of food, not only "terrorist", but also a blatant crime". (author: Lan Xintian)