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Figure Wang advertising alliance is threatening to reduce personal website survival


domestic well-known webmaster, Admin5 Adsense network founder Zhang

news May 17th, well-known webmaster, Admin5 webmaster network founder Zhang Zhengjun (net graph king) to the Tencent said yesterday, 2009 is an important turning point of China personal website, this year many webmaster suffered from advertising alliance and copyright pressure double play out pressure. Traditional entertainment, download sites difficult to survive, e-commerce, local portals, as well as industry information website is gradually becoming mainstream.

Zhang Zhengjun believes that the previous personal website in order to bias the content and flow based advertising alliance revenue as the main revenue. However, with the advent of the economic crisis and the reduction of advertisers, advertising alliance is gradually fading out, which to some extent affect the survival of the personal website.

, but he also said that the reduction in advertising alliance also created opportunities for the site to find a new profit model. At present, many websites rely on e-commerce and services to get new vitality. "From the recent hot spots can be seen, the traditional download, music, entertainment site has been difficult to operate, and e-commerce, local portals and other personal sites are gradually becoming mainstream."

Zhang Zhengjun said he was optimistic about the popular website is mainly divided into four categories: the first is the electronic commerce website and traditional combination, such as a shopping mall selling souvenirs, can be combined with the Internet to do a sales website and online shop; second is the type of service website, line service can be combined with the Internet, the website needs to a lot of manpower, but the user stickiness is relatively large, the user is more professional;

third is a breakdown of the industry type website, this website competition is not intense, webmaster can use their own good knowledge and skills in a leading position, the network quickly occupied the industry; fourth is the local portal and market website, with manufacturers around the understanding on the Internet, they are also increasing. Advertising, which greatly stimulated the development of local website.

Zhang Zhengjun optimistic about the future of the personal website. He believes that, despite the difficulties encountered in the development of personal web site, but as long as adhere to and maintain rational, personal website will be more and more attracted the attention of VC and users, but also bound to affect the entire internet. At present, there are already a lot of personal websites have become the leader of all regions and industries.

Zhang Zhengjun also revealed to the Tencent science and technology, said he had done dozens or even hundreds of websites, but then gradually abandoned, currently only focus on a Admin5 site. Because he feels that he has found a career that he loves most and is ready to do for a long time, he can find the full impetus from the start of the day.

It is reported that

, chapter Zhengjun founded the Admin5 station network to provide webmaster information and services, the development of several years, already has more than and 10 professional editor, can provide a large number of network > every day


The old chess website Lianzhong visit the capital market opening that break

[Abstract] Lianzhong today opened at HK $3.53, higher than the offer price fell 16.94%, turnover of HK $21 million 780 thousand.


technology news (Le Tian) June 30th news, the old chess Lianzhong website (06899-HK) today in the Hongkong Stock Exchange listed on the main board, shall be opened to break, opened at HK $3.53, higher than the offer price fell 16.94%, turnover of HK $21 million 780 thousand.

Lianzhong bidding price of HK $4.25. At present, Lianzhong stock price of HK $3.83, still higher than the offer price fell to HK $0.42, down to 9.88%.

OurGame announced public offering of shares was oversubscribed by about 10 times, the international placing have been moderately oversubscribed. Subscribe 1 hand 1000 application success rate of 100%.

Lianzhong was founded in 1998, specializing in online chess games, OurGame revenue of 236 million yuan last year, net profit of 35 million 50 thousand yuan, compared with 2012 growth of 15% and 20% respectively.

as of the first quarter of 2014, total registered PC Lianzhong game game player reached 396 million, the total registered mobile phone game game player 51 million. The company’s flagship PC game "landlords every day" and "Poker World (PC version)" can provide a series of online games and games, as well as a large number of social and other ancillary functions. Lianzhong also continues to expand its portfolio of mobile games.

Lianzhong said, 30% of the net proceeds for the optimization and expansion of the network game, especially online chess game; about 20% games for the purchase of complementary intellectual property and distribution license; about 25% used by continuing to hold online and offline comprehensive chess game tournaments and other advertising and promotional activities to promote the network game;

About 15% of

is used to invest in or acquire independent game developers focused on mobile games, focusing on improving mobile gaming development and technical strength; about 10% for the purpose of working capital and other general corporate purposes.


Robin Li, open your arms to Chen Tong!

Chen Tong is leaving Sina, where sina is going to last? Tea and a Sina’s sister, we talked about their programs, always feel Sina powerful influence, as the largest Internet media Chinese Sina future is what? Whether the advertising content + success to

tomorrow or the day after tomorrow?

Chen Tong is one of sina’s largest, but also the content of advertising + mode creator, as vice president of sina’s vs editor, Chen Tong would have agreed that it is the spiritual leader of sina. Until today, Sina advantage compared to its rival Sohu, NetEase is also in the content, the Sina brand and content ability is the largest capital, now content leader Chen Tong’s imminent departure, Sina can keep the advantage in the content on


where is Chen Tong going to Baidu?!

Robin Li is in urgent need of a portal, content of the big boss, as long as Chen Tong intentionally, Robin Li will take the elevator from the ideal international office to pick up Chen Tong, then a left ideal International Building, Baidu building. Chen Tong to Baidu is a good choice, not only lose their identity, but also do not lose the future, but the broader space, more challenging and imaginative.

is said to have the idea of Baidu’s acquisition of sina, the last time a friend and an investment bank also talked about these, Baidu needs a growth point, an imagination space. Baidu has the potential to invest in the industry has not yet found a number of projects, has not yet decided in Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu who choose to invest in. Chen Tong joined Baidu, Baidu will have to strengthen the content in a very short period of time, and Chen Tong with a few go getters is very normal things.

Cao Guowei is an occupation managers to consider their own return, Chen Tong think is the future of sina, Sina and the possible relationship between the Sina decided the fate of the future of the future, Chen Tong is gone, is a microcosm of a bygone era of



Deep secret the status quo of globalization of Alibaba

Abstract: from the above five sections of business, logistics, finance, data calculation, UC globalization, Alibaba group "cross-border", to focus China consumers as the foundation, to explore and expand overseas, this may be the 1 stage of globalization of Alibaba. Somewhat similar to the Fosun Group "momentum with global resources Chinese strategy.

from the NYSE bell that moment, the globalization strategy of Alibaba group began to significantly speed. And this year, the layout of the company to further accelerate the pace of overseas.

Ma has said he is eager to set up a company founded by the Chinese, but belongs to the world. This year, we have seen almost all of Alibaba’s core business, including electricity providers, finance, logistics, cloud computing, entertainment and other sectors, are trying to move faster towards the international:

Alibaba electricity supplier business to achieve the global buy, the world to sell;

ant payment service in overseas payment and financial companies continue to overweight;

rookie network and global postal and logistics suppliers docking, build a global logistics service network;

Ali cloud continues to open up new overseas battlefield;

UC chose to seize the space in emerging markets.


in the presumably level, we see globalization plays a significant role in the Alibaba is on the one hand, looking for a new growth point in the world, with the core business domestic slowdown bottleneck; on the other hand to integrate global resources, talent, technology, enhance its global combat capability with global thinking. (Alibaba to recruit two former Goldman executives, served as president of Alibaba and the ant Gold Service Vice President, responsible for global business investment, and augmented reality company Magic Leap, Singapore mobile security and encryption technology company V-Key Corporation).

but we pay more attention to the deeper issues, such as Alibaba, electricity providers and cloud computing and how overseas giants fight? Valuation jumped ant gold dress tentacles which parts of the world? How to improve the ability of cross-border logistics network rookie? Alibaba cultural entertainment sector globalization and what new action


in order to understand these, Penguin wisdom cool · Global Venture Capital Research Institute (IGV) released the Alibaba globalization strategy analysis report, as the wisdom of cool BAT globalization research series final.

Alibaba electricity supplier globalization 1.0

sold the global brand to Chinese consumers and sold it to Asian customers in China

I usually use Lazada online shopping, but bought a mobile phone on AliExpress, affordable." This is the Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, a number of students in an interview with IGV to share. In emerging markets, China’s low-cost manufacturing is still the advantage of Alibaba go out.



Public comment or over $100 million financing

                February 28th, directors, senior vice president Long Wei in an interview that the Sohu IT, is indeed financing, will be bigger than before all domestic financing and group purchase website. The reliable sources said that this round of financing amount of at least $100 million. Specific financing information will be announced soon.

although Long Wei did not disclose the investors in this round of financing, but he also said that the participation of the public comment network investment is a long-term investor, they are consistent with the concept of public comment. According to industry analysts, the public comment on the huge scale of this round of financing, and even more than some of the company’s IPO financing scale, I believe this is the last round of public comment before the listing of financing.

according to the information disclosed by the public comment network, the company has achieved profitability in 2008, revenue reached $30 million in 2010. As early as last year, there was news that the public comment is starting the listing plan. And this degree of public comment to accept private investment rather than public offering, is also considered to be a large-scale investment, the layout of the market to buy signs.

talking about why not pick up in the capital market of IPO, Long Wei said, for the purposes of public comment listed is not the goal, he believes that in the next few years, public comment will have a more substantial market value of listed companies is a process of natural growth in the process.

according to the statement of the dragon, this year is indeed a rapid development of public comment network, and one of the key expansion of the business is to buy. It is reported that, at present, the public comment buy business is mainly concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai and other 8 tier cities, and this year, the group will rapidly expand its business to the country’s twenty or thirty cities. At the same time, the public comment network will invest 2 – 300 million yuan for marketing, to enhance the group buying business.

in fact, as early as last year, there have been rapid expansion of the group buying site announced the establishment of hundreds of cities in the country to buy business, while the expansion of public comment is somewhat slow compared to. In this regard, Long Wei explained: buy site in the early stages of rapid expansion of business is easy to produce problems. Because of the limited resources and manpower, a lot of group purchase website had to establishment of sub stations in the country by the way of agency, the controllability of this mode of operation is small, have a negative impact on the group purchase website brand is very easy. Last year, the main focus of public comment on the accumulation of experience, including the operation of the law and the exploration of elite talent training. This year, the public comment will copy the experience to other cities, however, the public comment will be mainly to take the direct mode, the possibility of looking for agents in the local model is smaller."

with the handle and other sites get huge financing, Groupon entered the China, fierce competition has been in the reign of terror group purchase market. For the group to buy the market competition pattern, Long Wei believes that after this year’s reshuffle, buy site save >


China is suffering from disaster, the international community is doing

when 2004 was known as the "century plague" in Indonesia earthquake and tsunami natural disasters, Chinese as a developing country, in India Ocean tsunami relief process, China of the affected country provides a rapid, sustained, comprehensive and effective rescue, not only to provide $60 million 500 thousand, also sent by the outside world praised as "Chinese rescue team medical rescue capability is the medical team first class" and the relief items of $2 million 600 thousand.

China has launched a mechanism to raise aid to other countries, an unprecedented mechanism in china. China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs issued a notice through the major media, asking the public to give love, for Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and other areas were hit by the December 26th tsunami. The agency said, in any case, the state and the people of the affected people Chinese always sympathetic, always actively donated money for them." In this report praises Chinese efe.

now, let’s take a look at these international acclaim, as affected countries over Chinese, when China themselves under natural disasters, when located in China southwest of Sichuan earthquake disaster, and lead up to 13 days 19 when the disaster killed 12012 people, 9404 people were buried in the ruins, 7841 when people are missing, 26206 people were treated, what to do in the international society?

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman 14, said: "Chinese occurred after the earthquake disaster, many countries and regions, including Japan, Britain, Romania, Chile, Mexico, Portugal, the United States, European Union, Israel, Afghanistan, Cyprus, Spain, Germany, Russia, Romania, Laos, Ross, South Korea, Jamaica, Antigua and Barbuda, Kampuchea Singapore, Chile, France, Tunisia, Holland, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and other government leaders and relevant government agencies, expressed condolences to the Chinese government leaders and relevant departments, some international institutions have also been proposed to aid the wishes of."

this official statement to us the meaning is clear, that is, a lot of sympathy for the country, but the country is willing to provide timely help rarely. Willing to immediately and promptly went to the disaster area to give the actual disaster of relief in the country is very rare. We do not count on the support of these so-called international friends, as mentioned in a letter of condolence to Beijing, "I believe that the Chinese people can rely on their own to overcome the disaster." But whatever the reason, this period is after all, China’s Sichuan is suffering from a rare earthquake disaster. As of this morning, the core area of Wenchuan earthquake rescue work is still difficult to expand. We lack too much, drinking water, medicines, quilts, and the epidemic that will soon follow. At this time of Wenchuan, no matter where you are today, we have to do a Wenchuan. More power to join, you can save a life! So, this time to show the value of the two countries of Russia and Australia,




YAHOO said its only response Icahn plan will be sold to Microsoft YAHOO

According to

CNET website reported on June 4th, YAHOO chairman Roy Bostock in late June 4th by Carle said in a letter to Icahn, Icahn don’t fully understand the current situation, and all his plan is to sell YAHOO to Microsoft.

Bostock said in the letter: "your letter is a serious misjudgment recently on Microsoft and YAHOO in a series of events. It is clear that the lack of a credible plan for YAHOO’s future in your letter is only a repeat of YAHOO’s ability to sell itself to Microsoft."

after Icahn in an e-mail denouncing YAHOO CEO Yang Zhiyuan hinder Microsoft acquisition of YAHOO, and YAHOO to give up a staff leave the subsidy program. The plan would increase the cost of Microsoft’s acquisition of YAHOO, and sources said the plan is one of the differences between Microsoft and YAHOO.


A 3 and a half years website lawsuit lost to event

at the end of 2006, Nanjing Hanzhoung Gate Street, Auchan supermarket upstairs a "Xicihutong" sale price, because of the same name and "Xicihutong website", the real estate has just appeared, won the attention of people. But the site is not happy, accusing the development of the famous brand, and set out to fight. One is the real estate, a website, a long-running trademark dispute two originally irrelevant "Xici". Recently, the lawsuit ended in triumph.


property named "Xici"

"Xicihutong" real estate is located in Hanzhoung street, Auchan supermarket upstairs, project a total of only three floors, one of the smallest apartment layout is only 19 square meters, the main city of Nanjing has created a record of the smallest apartment layout. In 2006 the project has just appeared, big names have attracted people’s hot.

Nanjing most users know that "Xicihutong website is a comprehensive community website has a large number of users in Nanjing. At first, it was thought that the property and the site is a family, but was unanimously denied by both sides. The website accused said, "Xicihutong website was founded in early 1998, and this property is obvious in near the famous".

real estate agents Nanjing Real Estate Investment Consultants Limited (hereinafter referred to as synchronous company) general manager of history just recalled, when "Xici" this name never violated the interests of the website. "This project is Xianfang, as a result of the transformation in the apartment layout design re positioning, to create fine decoration of large-sized apartment apartment, the three layer of every floor is long and narrow, a bit like alley, so they think of the name of the xicihutong."

The history of

just said, just began to think of the name, also have concerns with the website name whether tort, but consider this case in accordance with the project location, and has previously consulted legal advisers, lawyers say "Xicihutong website scope does not include real estate, real estate will not use this name tort.

sued for patent infringement by the wall

"Xici" after the opening of sales, but then came the lawsuit. "Xici" website reported to the Nanjing intermediate people’s court to stop the infringement and claim 300 thousand yuan, in October 16, 2007, the Nanjing intermediate people’s court accepted the case.


website on the grounds that the real estate aspects without authorization to use the name of foreign promotion, sales, is in a "Xici" brand awareness and brand effect of the ride, to seek illegitimate interests, infringement of trademark rights on the website.

In the

case, the website has been the "West Temple" and "Xici" registered as a trademark, the main business scope is the network, are not involved in real estate. The site that one of the most important reason is: "property infringement Xicihutong" has become a well-known trademark "as everyone knows".

"if it is a well-known trademark, then the scope of protection is relatively wide, even in other areas, other people can not just make"


Because involving violence, obscenity Betta YY six rooms and a number of network broadcast platform


network broadcast the pace of development of the industry is staggering, the scale is constantly expanding, according to statistics, in Beijing alone there are more than and 30 enterprises engaged in the webcast. This will inevitably lead to violation of social morality is gambling, drug-related, jurisprudence problem.



] titanium integrated media has been in the network broadcast platform in the teeth of the storm and stalls thing.

today morning news, according to CCTV reported that the Ministry of culture announced today, broadcast, YY, Betta, tiger panda TV, TV, pearl, six banners live room, 9158 network broadcast platform for allegedly providing Internet cultural products containing obscene, violent, abetting crime and so on, were included in the list. Ministry of culture has been deployed to investigate and deal with the relevant law enforcement agencies involved in the enterprise, will promptly publish the results of punishment.

this, panda TV responded that: in each live platform, the most stringent audit of the panda, so the situation is the least, the online search on 1~2. Second, panda TV will announce the overall public strategy, which means that it will be promoted to the strategic level of the company.

in recent years, the network broadcast industry is developing rapidly, its unique interactive entertainment, innovative business models, large anchor and user groups, has become an important part of network culture an important field of business model and cultural market. Webcast of the pace of development of the industry is staggering, the scale is constantly expanding, according to statistics, in Beijing alone there are more than and 30 enterprises engaged in the webcast. This will inevitably lead to violation of social morality is gambling, drug-related, jurisprudence problem.

in the second half of 2015, in the betta so broadcast platform to live made people "as the representative of the pornographic incidents, violation of social morality even gambling, drug-related problems occur frequently, and even some companies as a means of financing, listed manufacturing gimmick.

is also in this context, just yesterday, Baidu, Sina, Sohu, Iqiyi, Youku, music, cool, reflecting off, pepper and other more than 20 in network performance (Live) the main person in charge of the enterprise jointly issued the "Beijing Convention" webcast self-discipline.


convention mainly includes six aspects: since 18, real name authentication for all anchor; add a watermark in all broadcast live content storage room; all the time not less than 15 days; for broadcast, gun and politics, drug-related, jurisprudence involving violence, the content of the anchor, the circumstances are serious will be included in the blacklist; audit personnel 24 hours real-time monitoring of the broadcast content on the platform.

Tuo Zuhai, President of the Beijing

Network Culture Association also said, at a critical juncture in the voice, in front of the right choice, consider the value of corporate culture and corporate sense of responsibility." He said, in the national network of live broadcast industry, Beijing to set an example in the industry governance in the development of innovation as an example. In order to maintain and lead the harmonious and healthy development of the industry."



315 amazing shady mobile telephone fraud push, Unicom selling customer information…

    A5 nets ( March 15th evening news, "consumption in the sun" 315 party once again reveals the "reality" of the destruction of power, every day received dozens of telephone harassment? Even a WiFi bank card stolen brush? In your knowledge of your identity has been used as money laundering and fraud…… They are hidden behind the amazing scenes.

editor for you to sort out the 2015 3.15 party exposure of Internet related information:

public WiFi

CCTV 315 party scene at the scene to invite the audience and the three professional network security personnel to play the role of hackers, hackers demonstrated the use of free WiFi network to steal the user’s e-mail account and password process.


users log on to the Internet using WiFi, to go through the corresponding gateway, and provide the source of the WiFi can use the gateway to listen to the user on the internet. PC and the Internet is different, mobile phone internet packets sent most is not encrypted, so easy to get caught crack.

was hijacked, the user’s privacy will be exposed, but this does not mean that the password is cracked directly. However, once the account is hijacked for users of online shopping and other more important accounts, once the password is expressly cracked, it is likely to suffer greater losses.

CCTV suggested that in order to ensure the safety of personal information, try not to use in public places do not need a password free wifi. As far as possible the use of businesses with a password WiFi network. In addition to the use of mobile phones to pay the account or send the best time to turn off the phone WIFI function, the use of mobile phones 3G, 4G data traffic operations.

harassing phone calls

telephone harassment day ten? The other side also posing as police and bank fraud, who is behind? "Telephone harassment" for three consecutive years to become the 315 exposure in tonight’s topic, 3· 15 party, CCTV exposure to the industry insider.


According to reports, China Mobile

party, China CTT provides support to telephone harassment, even to the "10086, 110" green light for such telephone fraud, telephone fraud false calling number display, are allowed to pass through.

in addition, there are other kinglun technology specialized technology company, to provide all kinds of support calling number.

real name system useless


operator "in a flagrant way" and Chinese Unicom, in order to impact performance at the end of the year, China Unicom staff secretly by consumers to leave "