Xining city traffic police detachment used car market to make the masses more convenient

people to buy a used car, easy to handle it? The reporter learned that, in order to regulate the Xining second-hand car market, convenient for people to apply for the second-hand car trading business, Xining City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment this year in the Xining union of second-hand car market, set up second-hand car accreditation service hall, specifically for the transfer of the registration of vehicles (second-hand car to roll out and settled within the jurisdiction of the transfer) business, greatly facilitate the work of the masses.

through nearly 2 months of operation, the masses can complete all formalities directly in the second-hand car market in the past, effectively solve the masses for vehicle handling back and forth between the market and the trouble, at the same time, in order to prevent the masses deceived, rush service hall to crack down on the car care and illegal intermediary to better protect the legitimate rights and interests of both transactions.


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