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Laura Domínguez: “Madrid CFF has given me everything”

first_imgLaura Dominguez (Madrid, 1997), also known Laurite, is one of the pillars of Madrid CFF. Tanned in the white club, which came very young, when he could no longer play with boys, this left-hander has become one of the usual in the scheme of Oscar Fernandez. The footballer, who has gone through the lower categories of the Spanish National Team and the new Promises Selection, will be one of the threats for the Tacon in this Sunday’s derby (4:00 p.m.) in Matapiñonera. The Madrilenian, who confesses to having been a madridista as a child, already has only one passion: her Madrid CFF.Where does his passion for football come from?My grandfather founded a club in Alcalá and transmitted this passion to me. I’ve been playing since I was four years old. I started in men’s clubs and then I went to the women’s club with Madrid CFF.He also played in Lightning, right?Yes. When I was playing in Segunda with Madrid CFF that opportunity came to me and I decided to try my luck in Primera. After two seasons in Vallecas, Madrid called me, which had just been promoted, and it was an irreproachable proposal.What does it mean for you to wear this shield?Madrid CFF has given me everything. Above all, it gave me the opportunity to continue playing when I could no longer play with boys. This club is a big family, which only focuses on the feminine. Many players have grown up here and everything is much closer. For me, it is my second home.In an interview with AS a few years ago he said he was a Madridista …It was Real Madrid, but in the end you forget all that. I only feel Madrid CFF as my team. Now that Real Madrid Feminine is going to come out, we forget it and focus on the Madrid CFF only.Did it hurt that Real Madrid chose the Tacon? In the end everyone has made the decision they wanted. Florentino has put the money in them and we are going to focus on ours. Our president founded this club seven years ago and has taken him to Primera himself, without anyone’s help. Everything has been done from scratch and getting here has a lot of merit.In the Real Madrid-Atleti men’s derby, who would it go with?I would always shoot for the white colors (laughs).Let’s go to his derby against the Tacon, how do they face it?We really want to. It is a team with which we have always had a lot of rivalry. We want to continue adding and chaining three consecutive victories. We know that it is very difficult, but we will give everything to the Tacon.How do you see the Tacon?They have players who stand out a lot. We are in a very good moment both of them and it will surely be a very nice duel. They are giving us a lot of quality.The Madrid CFF has also signed international talents …Yes. The players who have arrived have a lot of experience, have been international with their country and it shows a lot. They are giving us a lot of quality.On the personal side, how do you see your future?I am a coach in the lower categories of Madrid CFF. I really like to train.And, as a player, what goals do you set?My dream is to play as much as possible in the First Division, to make my debut with the Absolute and defend my country in some important competition.Are there any players that inspire or motivate you?I never had female references, because this category was not followed so much. Messi has marked me a lot. And now I also look at Jenni Hermoso. It has a lot of quality, is left-handed like me and also uses both legs.Having been Real Madrid, that their references are from Barça is rare, isn’t it?Yes (laughs). There is more than one who being from Madrid believes that Messi has a talent that nobody has and does not say so.last_img


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