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100 Babies Born Daily in Morocco to Unknown Fathers

Rabat – It is surely a shocking figure. 100 babies are born daily in Morocco whom their fathers are not known.The number was reported by the Moroccan Centre for Human rights (CMDH) in a statement on Wednesday. Other distressing numbers were revealed.These figures came as Morocco celebrated yesterday the International Day for Street Children.According to the same centre, the huge number of children born to unknown fathers means half of them might end up in the street. The centre’ statement added that 3 children out of 10 end up in the street, taking all sorts of drugs.The statement pointed out that different factors are contributing in increasing the number of street children such poverty and the failure of education system.“Street children are the main source for the rise of criminality in our country,” warned the statement, adding that these children are prone to being recruited by terrorist groups.A call for the government to come in aid of families in need was issued by the Moroccan Centre for Human Rights.A similar call to NGO’s was made. “Civil society must double efforts to come up with projects and practical initiatives to save street children,” says CMDH.


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