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UAE Police Deny News that Moroccan Woman Served Remains of Boyfriend

Rabat – In a post on his Instagram account, the Abu Dhabi police chief said that the different social media platforms and local newspapers that reported on the incident ran disproportionate coverage of the event, overstating the events.The police official added that the “inaccurate and unreal information provided by the local newspapers might interfere with the normal procedure of both police investigations and the trial.”Read Also: Moroccan Woman in UAE Kills Boyfriend, Cooks His RemainsAccording to the Emirati Emarat Alyoum news outlet, another police official indicated that the ongoing investigations have proved many details “wrong,” namely the part about feeding the victim’s remains to Pakistani workers. Abu Dhabi police called on social media users, news platforms, and citizens to be cautious while reporting such delicate information.Emirati newspaper the national reported on the incident on November 19. According to the paper, the suspect, a Moroccan woman, butchered her boyfriend and served his remains to nearby Pakistani workers. The woman was said to have been angered by the man’s plan to divorce her and marry another woman.


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