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Benatiq Moroccos Family Code Coherent Law Serving Moroccan Overseas

Rabat – In recent years, the Ministry in Charge of Moroccans Residing Abroad has been focusing on programs designed to protect their rights and to promote their interest in Morocco’s development and integrity.This time, the ministry convened dozens of Moroccan lawyers residing abroad in Marrakech in their third forum held under the theme “Family Code in the Light of Comparative Law and International Conventions.”The symposium, which was attended by Morocco World News, aimed to address  family law challenges that Moroccan expats encounter in their host countries. The two-day conference, which took place on February 8-9, attracted Moroccan lawyers from several countries, especially European ones.During a press conference the Minister Delegate in Charge of Moroccan Expats, Abdelkrim Benatiq welcomed his guests participating in the forum, pointing out the development that Morocco has witnessed in recent years.Read Also: Search moudawana Study: Over 13% of Moroccans Are Not Aware of the Existence of MoudawanaBenatiq opened the conference, emphasizing that the meeting aims to discuss several topics of interest to all Moroccan overseas.Abdelkrim Benatiqa giving a speech at the 3rd Forum of Moroccan lawyers living abroadReferring to the Family Law, Benatiq said that the topic is “of interest to the Moroccans of the world, whether in the countries of transition or in relation to the legal system in the country of origin.” Panelists and attendees discussed two main topics: “The effects of judgments rendered and contracts concluded abroad, in the field of family law, in the light of international conventions” and “the protection of the child in the light of international conventions.”The discussions aimed to face the challenges that Moroccan families face due to the disparities in family law as a result of differences between Muslim legal systems and secular legal systems.Read Also: Morocco to Address Family Law Challenges Moroccan Expats FaceAcknowledging the challenges faced by Moroccans, Benatiq said that “we should not be afraid of the challenges and difficulties facing societies and families.”Speaking on Morocco’s family law, also known as Moudawana, Benatiq added that the effectiveness of Morocco’s family code “depends not only on its relevance to solving problems at the national level but also on its ability to be coherent and to resist the profound changes that the family institution and legal regimes in the host countries.”Minister Abdelkrim Benatiq at the 3rd forum of Moroccan lawyers living abroadMorocco introduced the family code in 1956 after gaining its independence. The text witnessed reforms in 2004 to address women’s rights and gender equality within an Islamic legal framework. It also regulates marriage, polygamy, divorce, inheritance, and child custody.MREs contribute to the development of MoroccoThe official also commended the five million Moroccans living abroad for their attachment to their motherland. Benatiq said that Morocco’s continuous development relies on its MREs. He also invited Moroccans to engage in debating and proposing solutions to Morocco’s challenges.  MREs also received special thanks from the official for instilling Moroccan spirits to preserve their identity and traditions.In July 2018, Benatiq said that Moroccans overseas always show concern for issues related to their country.Migration, which is a major topic for the Moroccan government, was also the heart of the event.Benatiq said that Morocco became a destination rather than a transit country, especially for sub-Saharan migrants.According to the official, 50,000 sub-Saharan migrants have their status regularized and now have access to several services, including health, vocational training, and education.The General Secretary of the Ministry of Justice, Abdelillah Lahkim Bennani, and the public prosecution, Mohammed Abdennabaoui, commended the effective role of the Ministry in Charge of MREs in preserving the rights of expatriates to ensure their smooth integration, in addition to helping them overcome their struggles. President of the Association of Moroccan Lawyers Abroad, Hilal Tarkou Lahlimi, and several Moroccan lawyers living abroad also attended the symposium.


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