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Nintendo Increases SNES Mini Production Brings Back NES Mini

first_imgStay on target Don’t Expect Any More Nintendo Classic Consoles4 New Gadgets You Should’ve Bought in 2017 One of last year’s hottest items was the NES Classic Edition. Unfortunately, only a small number of customers were actually able to purchase one of these miniature systems. If you wanted to buy one of these retro consoles, then we have great news for you. Due to high demand, Nintendo is now promising to re-release the elusive console in the summer of 2018.Today’s press release only says Nintendo is bringing the system back next year, but we still have some questions. Chief among them being, how many units does Nintendo plan to produce? A limited supply will just see a repeat of what happened last year, with folks scrambling to get their hands on a console. It’s also unclear how long the NES Classic will be available for. It’s entirely possible that it will only be available for a few months just like the original run.AdChoices广告Along with this announcement, Nintendo also stated it would have more SNES Classic Edition units available on September 29 of this year. Like the NES mini, the SNES Classic instantly sold out when pre-orders launched. Nintendo promises to produce more of these systems than the NES minis. That’s a smart tactic considering how this system has an arguably stronger lineup of games.Love for Nintendo’s classic systems hasn’t waned over the years so its no surprise that the NES and SNES Classic Editions are so highly sought-after. Nintendo isn’t exactly known for listening to its fans, so it’s good to see the Japanese gaming giant give the folks exactly what they’re asking for by restocking/increasing supply of the diminutive consoles. Perhaps this time, anyone who wants to buy a system won’t have to go through proverbial hoops to get one. Our apologies to anyone who paid ridiculous prices for an NES or SNES Classic Edition on Ebay.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img


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