Some notes on the purchase of clothing

      For now,

      is nothing more than clothing, make a fuss on the style and quality, so we have to be careful at the time of purchase can not be careless, go astray will bring great losses. That in the purchase time how to identify it?

      The first is the difference between the


      The second is the size of the


      the simplest example: the overall size of a dress 2 cm narrow, the entire upper body effect and quality have great changes in   this little 2 cm enough to considerably reduce the costs.

      again is the workmanship and material attached

      to tour as an example, there are differences between the copper and iron zipper zipper, plastic zipper, different materials also determines the cost of clothing; in a pattern with planar ordinary printing, stereo patches, glial India, maybe the picture color, but the real price of different natural process also different.

      embroidery as an example: 10000 needle embroidery needle embroidery and 8000 exquisite degree are very different, the cost price is also different. For example: exports to artificial trousers labor cost is 18 yuan, while the domestic goods trousers manual is 6 yuan, it really is no foreign economic mind? A penny. Needless to say

      ?The final version is



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