Jingdong registered pat, easy fast 3.Rich new top-level domain name

renamed China (eName.cn) October 20th news, according to foreign media news, the largest online retailer B2C Chinese Jingdong registered three new top-level domain in.Rich a few days ago, are the "Jingdong" Jingdong.Rich, "pat", "Yi Xun" Yixun.Rich PaiPai.Rich.

.Rich, referred to as rich, rich, is the new top-level domain name of the highest registered domain name, a non premium.Rich domain name registration fee of up to $3000. It is worth noting that Jingdong recently registered three new top-level domain name: Jingdong.Rich, PaiPai.Rich and Yixun.Rich. Pat Network fast and easy net is bought from the Tencent, Jingdong, Alibaba as a Jingdong against chips, pat Network fast and easy network domain name can not be underestimated.

Jingdong in May prior to listing on Nasdaq, the current market value of $30 billion. All along, the Jingdong in the protection of domain name is very hard, not only spend millions with short jd.com to replace the original domain name, the domain name 360buy.com, also protects the jingdong.com series of domain name, the domain name TopLife.com and other luxury prices.


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