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  • School week to open a tea shop operating details

    almost all schools have a circle of tea shop figure, this kind of shop has been welcomed by students, franchisees also make money keep. If you want to open a tea shop in the school week, then how to operate is the best? If you have not thought about this issue before, you can look at the small series finishing analysis.

    first, not too close to the school, about fifty meters, can not be too far, in particular, can not cross the fork. Because it is too close, the students just out of school, but also did not expect to buy something to eat, or want to buy, too many people, the teacher is still around, teachers are not elementary education spending; and is too far away, the parents may have been picked up the home swiftly. Fifty meters, the largest number of people, the car is difficult to walk, all students sitting in the car, they will want to buy good, and parents feel anyway also go out, let the children go to buy a cup of tea to drink, or buy some snacks to eat is also very good.

    second, health is the first. You can not eat things (of course, taste is also very important), but we must look at reassuring, good health in the next effort, never lose. Such as walls, I spend a lot of money (details of the price will be listed in the future), the wall paste wallpaper, looks very good

    third, the production process of milk tea can not let students see, or can not be fully seen, we must maintain a certain sense of mystery, or after a period of time, students will lose a strong interest. In addition, the drinking machine, sealing machine, can not be placed in a conspicuous place, because the production process will inevitably have a bubble and other things that seem uncomfortable. Among them, there will be many parents will ask you about the pigment, raw materials, shelf life and other places, you must think about how to answer.

    fourth, the students love the ride, so you must form a bustling scene. Primary school students, especially the kindergarten pupils, many are attracted to the other kids come in, they will buy in the process of the other kids show: "Xiaoming, I want to buy tea to drink, do not you buy?". How do you say that Xiao Ming will be reflected in the beginning I did not attach importance to this problem, each time the students are coming from school, I will do twenty or thirty cups, so that when school is selling fast. Later, I found the problem, I just put more like strawberries, chocolate taste every kind of do sell one or two, so this time the school from half hours to about fifty minutes, but selling than before

    fifth, elementary school students like small gifts and other things, not how much money, be sure to engage in such activities. Such as the 61 children’s day, I write a poster: those who drink more than ten cups full, a small gift is a gift a gift! Although notebook, pen, fan and other worthless little things, but many students will to get these small gifts, drink ten cups full, twenty cups of effort, even if the parents understand recommended milk


    Novice shop to keep in mind four points

    for a novice, the shop is actually a business trouble, do a good job can be easily, do not, it is difficult to let the business on track. New open shop venture, the first 3 months of the most difficult, how to get out of business bad circle? Senior shopkeepers share four points.

    The first point is:

    . The principle of master

    select shop business, must be prepared to fight a protracted war rations. A lot of people in the early preparation is insufficient, did not think how long? How long can boil? Or how long it will take the store to give up, give up.

    1. recommended six months to 1 years to support the psychological preparation of the chain

    After the well prepared to fight a protracted war in the process of

    , boil, you can start one by one to exclude the impact factors of the business, the most important point is the analysis of these factors, repeat.

    2. adjustment of more than 300 questions to be considered qualified

    if repeat ratio can account for more than 50%, so that products meet market stores. When you improve, you know where the problem is.

    second points behind the success: in addition to achievement, and the eternal spirit of

    1. is looking for support to continue the spiritual food of

    After the boil

    and then he faced a mentality of the first shop process, do a thorough understanding, and listen to their advice to you, you will find a lot before you understand are overdone.

    2. accumulated 5 successful shop experience


    if you visit the shop success, each person gives you 5 suggestions, then the 5 person is 25 suggestions, this is their experience and the lesson of blood, to.


    Two sales focus on customer service

    saw two will be coming, the major stores again ushered in a hot sales time. However, want to let the business booming business, but also need people to do more preparation work, get more customer recognition. In the two sales process, I think the service is the eternal theme of retail customers. Nowadays, customers are increasingly demanding service. Through years of practice, I found that the more in the sales season, the service can not be ignored.

    first, to stimulate the customer want to enter the shop desire. When customers come to the store, we greet customers in what way, so that customers have the desire to enter the store is very important. My approach is to use the "near" approach to draw customers, give him a sense of intimacy. Whenever there is a customer to find out the door, I was the first to use a smile in the eyes of the exchange with the customer, if you know, said: "Hello, come shopping!"

    if a stranger said: "Hello, please come in and have a look!" Instead of asking customers what they want to buy. Because, some customers into the store before buying, did not determine what to buy, but want to see our products and then make a decision. This method is really effective, no matter what kind of customer, in my lead, the basic will be advanced to see, and then, in my guidance, and then implement the purchase plan.

    second, to stimulate the customer want to shop passion. The customer into the store, there are a variety of situations, some customers into the store, because there is no clear purchase goal, let us come up with all kinds of goods and let him choose, then I will patiently and carefully to sell a variety of goods, whether to buy or not to buy, do not show any boredom, say kept saying: "you do not buy."

    this unconditional service will let customers have unexpected satisfaction, they say, didn’t want to go shopping, but don’t feel sorry we are shopping service, feel shy, naturally shopping. For a specific purchase intention, I am always the service needs to do everything possible to meet, sometimes even to pour some tea, a cigarette, a piece of candy, send a pair of Xilian like, after my "sugar coated bullet" action, they are generally no longer choose to go to the next shop than quality the price, and will increase the number of purchase decision making.

    is now a very large number of shops, almost every street has several retail stores, and the operation of goods are similar, if there is no certain characteristics, no doubt can not attract consumers. It is because of this business status, quality service will often become an important means to enhance the competitiveness of shops. Therefore, if you want to make a big profit during the two sessions, you also need to do a good job of service oh.


    The United States Indoorsman rely on the game to buy luxury anchor Indoorsman business model into th

    extra! The United States Indoorsman rely on the game to earn huge wealth, Ho throw thirty million yuan to buy a house, this luxury villa has a large swimming pool, so life is free entrepreneurs inspirational example.

    reported that the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, Mullen (Sunset  Strip) to buy a $4 million 500 thousand (about 28 million 500 thousand yuan) of the house, an area of 115 square, including 3 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and large swimming pool and SPA pool, floor outside the scenery is like a picture beautiful paintings, there are gorgeous locker rooms, bars, outdoor BBQ baked Taiwan, is entirely in the dream house, but also become a real super inspirational story.

    Mullen in the game host occupation has been developed as a new network of occupation. Even in China, the annual income of the top game anchor is also more than the existence of more than ten million yuan level. Don’t say things are not so Indoorsman production does not make money, maybe they have a Mullen.

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    The world’s ten major leather brand rankings

    for fur loved by people all over the world are the same, so let the world fur market has a lot of brands. So, in the world, what brand of leather is good? Let Xiaobian for everyone secret world ten big leather brand rankings, so that we can make a better reference to consumers.

    world ten big leather brand ranking NO.1, snow leopard, snow leopard Zhejiang clothing Limited company is a well-known domestic enterprises was founded in the beginning of reform and opening up has a long history, is located in the "China leather capital" in Haining. Our company is a large enterprise specializing in the production of leather, the company has snow leopard snow leopard dress, unique design style and quality of the production process is the "Snow Leopard" in the area has become a well-known brand maker known to every family.

    world ten big leather brand rankings, Mmonu NO.2, located in Chinese leather of Zhejiang Province, Haining City, founded in July 1993, is a set of sofa, sofa, leather, leather, edible oil and import and export trade in one of the large enterprise group under the 9 manufacturing enterprises and 2 import export company. With an annual output of 1 million 500 thousand pieces of leather sofa, sofa covers 80 million square feet, 3 million 500 thousand sets, 200 thousand pieces of leather, 100 thousand tons of edible vegetable oil.


    world leather ten brand list, Chuang-tzu NO.3, Beijing industry and Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996, is a set of leather clothing development, design, production and sales as one of the enterprises. The company is building a total of 19000 square meters, more than 500 employees, more than 40 professional clothing designers and technicians.

    world ten big leather brand ranking NO.4, Xi’an Chanel Clothing Co. Ltd. is located in the southern suburbs of Xi’an cultural center, is a design, production factories, hospitals, schools, service industry and other enterprises logo clothing professional company. The company was founded in more than and 10 years, for the enterprise more than 10000 businesses design, making the customers throughout the country.

    world ten big leather brand ranking NO.5, Jeni Xuan poetry is a clothing brand by the famous designer Wang Jing Chinese registered in Hongkong and established in 2005, in order to develop and standardize the Chinese mainland Jeni Xuan poetry LOGO market, the establishment of mainland companies operating in Zhejiang Wenzhou.

    world ten big leather brand rankings, NO.6 Miss sixty is from Italy cowboy fashion brand, but not all women favorite clothing brand, is the perfect sexy pointer of many young women dream of the mind, said Miss sixty, will think of the curves of the female provoke fire, long legs, hip, waist high quality, jeans and a set of single product accessories.


    .XXX domain name registration first days overrespond 50 thousand domain name was registered

    renamed China December 8th hearing, U.S. Eastern time December 6th 11 officially open registration.XXX domain names, in just a few hours to 2500 domain name registrations, as of 7 at 11 in the morning, a total of 55367 registered.XXX domain name.

    it is understood that the.XXX domain name registered retail price is slightly more expensive than other domains, about $30. The first day of the more than 50 thousand registrations brought in $1 million 600 thousand in revenue.

    ICM Hugh Joargun Registration Bureau said: "now, even the.COM domain name looks are not our opponents, we completely excited, we will hold a celebration".

    ".XXX" domain names in Firefox and other browsers marked, so parents easily shielded these contents. In October, ICM registration bureau began selling ".XXX" domain name, as distinguished from other top-level domain retains the right to use the way to pay every year, the 50 days to retain the suffix ".XXX" for registered trademarks and brand owners, in order to ensure that the company’s brand domain name registered by malicious possibility.


    WEB development network launched CMS third party demo platform

    news March 12th focus in the field of CMS webmaster portal WEB development network (www.cncms.com.cn) today officially launched the CMS demonstration platform, the on-line platform for WEB programmers to provide a broad exhibition space, let the webmaster through the actual use of contrast, quickly find their own CMS station program. It is understood that this will be the first to showcase CMS products and the two development and application of the third party demonstration platform.

    According to the

    WEB development network CMS channel director Chen Qingquan, on-line demonstration platform, in the same environment, the same function, users can be more intuitive to compare and test of different CMS products, which will greatly facilitate the individual owners and enterprises, so that they can be more convenient to choose the suitable CMS when purchasing products in. The platform in addition to show the functions of CMS itself, also showcasing some excellent works of two WEB programmers, such as templates, style, plug-ins, acquisition rules and so on, to further promote the exchange of technology and development of inter industry CMS.

    The on-line

    CMS demo platform, and will deepen the cooperation and communication between manufacturers, there has been the integration of discuz, phpwind, PHP168!, the new cloud, PowerEasy, wind, Shopex, nearly twenty of Internet content providers and software products, and these manufacturers will also be more in-depth cooperation. At the same time, the platform has been on-line, statistics etc Yanhuang network enterprise support.

    login login into the membership center, you can enter the CMS demo platform

    CMS demo platform is still in its infancy, so only open to the general membership function of the front demonstration, backstage function experience temporarily only for manufacturers, as well as in the two development templates, plug-in author open. After the platform to improve the function, the application will be opened in the form of VIP member function experience. When will the VIP member include product, website promotion and online discounts and other privileges exclusive activities.

    noun explanation:

    CMS Content Management System (content management system) for the whole station system is usually said. Through the CMS can not understand programming and other professional knowledge can quickly build their own website. Therefore, CMS has become the first choice of many enterprises in the process of information construction.


    DY161 movie network and other 8 cases of typical cases of network piracy notification

    of the national copyright administration, the state Internet Information Office, Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of public security four departments jointly issued the "notice on carrying out the fight against Internet piracy" Jian Wang 2014 "special action" (Xin Guang Ming Electric (2014) No. 14), all localities and departments to make timely deployment, strengthen coordination, actively conscientiously carry out the clean-up inspection of Internet piracy cases have been filed to accelerate progress in investigating, actively carry out investigations on a number of newly discovered clues to the formation of a high pressure situation crackdown on Internet piracy. The recent 8 Internet piracy cases focus on supervision of the State Administration of copyright and information is as follows:

    a, infringement of the copyright of the film and television works

    1 Anhui DY161 movie network alleged copyright infringement case. According to the relevant rights complaints, the copyright department of Anhui province and the public security departments to set up a task force on the DY161 film network alleged copyright infringement case investigation. After investigation, the suspect also runs "DY161" and "f1dy" in the two movie website, issued a total of tens of thousands of alleged infringement of film and television works. At the beginning of June 2014, the public security department arrested the suspect chen. At present, the case has been handed over procuratorate prosecution.

    2 Jiangsu speed movie network and other video sites suspected of copyright infringement case series. Jiangsu city of Xuzhou Province Public Security Department found that the "super cool movie network and 22 movie sites suspected unauthorized uploading right people with the right for users to watch videos, download, soliciting advertising for profit, then the above case investigation. Recently, identify the main facts of the crime which has 11 sites, and arrested more than 20 suspects, of whom 18 were under criminal detention according to law; copyright infringement destroyed 2 criminal gangs, seized more than 150 yuan in the capital. Currently, the case is under further investigation.

    two, infringement of copyright works on the Internet music

    3 Guangxi Granville disk network alleged copyright infringement case. January 2014, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Copyright Bureau in accordance with the complaint clues, the Wei disk network alleged copyright infringement case investigation. After investigation, the site suspected of infringing works involving music, video, software, games, download a huge amount, there are a lot of advertisements on the website, constitute a criminal offense. At present, the case has been transferred to the autonomous region public security departments for investigation.

    three, copyright infringement cases of online game works

    4 Beijing Moumou and other alleged infringement of online game software copyright case. According to human rights complaints, Beijing city cultural market administrative law enforcement corps in conjunction with the Haidian Public Security Bureau network security brigade task force set up on hemeimei et al The Legendary Swordsman OL allegedly set up private servers operating profit online game software case investigation. Recently, the suspect Moumou, Li Mou has been arrested, the case is under further investigation.

    5 Shandong, Zibo and other alleged infringement of online game copyright case. According to the obligee’s complaint, Shandong >


    Daily topics Suning PPTV acquisitions drama ended Su Ningcheng’s largest shareholder

    webmaster network (www.admin5.com) October 29th news, Suning and PPTV spread for more than six months of scandal finally fell the curtain. Suning joint $420 million Hony Holdings PPTV. Suning invested $250 million, accounting for 44% of PPTV shares, becoming the largest stock. Hony capital to the PPTV investment of $170 million, representing approximately 30% of the shares.


    for this transaction, the industry are not surprised, announced only a matter of time. But it is difficult for someone to be able to clearly understand the system, Suning in the end what to buy PPTV. In fact, for now, Suning and PPTV, in addition to the money, it is difficult to match the demand from the essential logical find and PPTV.

    Suning and Lenovo Hirotake, bought all the shares of PPTV in addition to founding management team, can only be interpreted as, Suning in transition to its radical Internet strides, buy a future, a possibility in the future to seize the opportunities, of course, can also be said to be PPTV to Suning drew a cake PPTV, to start first for the "living room" of the pit. Living room, no doubt all the Internet giant to grab the next site. And as their own Internet companies Suning naturally can not give up. The ecological construction, not even a short duration of time, apple, today also failed to integrate video into their environment, many domestic manufacturers are also in the expectation and exploration of the road.


    since its inception in 2005, PPTV’s "gossip" has multiple versions, media reviews, "gossip" includes Youku, Baidu, Alibaba, Hunan TV and other heavyweights, but ultimately chose the bigwigs and not too detached suning. In response to the reason, Tao Chuang pointed out that the Internet industry is from the virtual service to the real life, the integration of online and offline economy is becoming the development trend of the industry, Su ningyun embrace the Internet development strategy in full compliance with the. Tao Chuang said at the press conference, PPTV can be leveraging Su ningyun 3500 stores under the line resources flow and expand the brand, terminal and service. But this does not seem to be able to do only Suning, PPTV most care about or can not maintain their own independent development

    PPTV choose Suning? The most direct reason is that apparently, after missing several rounds of capital cooperation, short-term opportunity not listed and sustained financial support of PPTV, it is difficult to adhere to the independent development in the case, to supplement the new financing cash flow. In Suning investment, changes in the structure of shareholders, the future of PPTV can also choose to market in the domestic A-share market A. Business, PPTV had previously stressed the video live and media platforms, Suning Appliance and 3C product hardware, can help promote the content of the PPTV.

    PPTV is seen as the last piece of high-quality video industry to compete for resources, with the completion of the transaction, the video industry


    Telecom station across the board approach where can reasoning

    starts at 7 a.m. on the morning of April 1, and the easy to travel and Travel outlets are not open in some areas of the. For the first time, received a notification, the domain name is not on the list of telecommunications, the company needs to provide detailed information and record information. After half a day, the network has been restored. This is in less than a month for the two time the case, the loss of business also don’t tell, can only swallow their teeth.

    what’s going on? Why some areas not open? Because in some areas, the 80 port of our server was closed! The reservation is Yi did not comply with the rules? No! The record in 05 years ago is ready! Don’t say ICP, we have ICP that is why! Letter? Because Dongguan Telecom to check whether the vulgar information "on the grounds that the hows and whys of a matter multiple IP segments, across the board, there is no illegal information are all blocked! Not complain, also do not understand how our Internet managers why must use this method to deal with the problem. The problem, we call a service call to consult, or no answer, or say to notify the other leaders! Special treatment, but the network said too many people who request, processing is not over, was closed with thousands of machines, you have to wait for


    carrying the fight against mobile Internet pornography, the banner, the Ministry of SY once again trampled on the dignity of network practitioners. This sentence is seen by the leadership, may be uncomfortable, but the fact is that. Before the Green Dam incident, the Ministry was a head of public opinion at the idea that green dam, a few support of public opinion is also considered to be public opinion; the final result is the Green Dam settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Through this incident, the Ministry suddenly found that the public is not good, but now it seems that T did not want to go deeper.

    from the beginning of 2010 January, so the CN domain name will provide the company’s documents to prove otherwise! All stop parsing! The first two years of CNNIC to promote the CN domain name, with 1 yuan price (opened up 40 renewals is selling) CN domain name, even if it is a dog, you can also come to a Wangcai.Cn, does not require the audit data finally, to achieve a performance goal, is the world’s largest country China domain name domain name registrations. Now? CN not all individuals! Must be a company or other legal institutions! If your personal cn is to effectively, so only the transfer! And the domain name transfer has long been the domain name registrar fees, ranging from 100 yuan to more than a few thousand yuan.

    so under remediation, a large number of outstanding personal sites disappear, many web hosting service providers are actively preparing for the flight (the server moved abroad), each network access providers are not easy headache. Domestic domain name can not be registered, we have chosen.Com. Chinese money away to such people, maybe others still smile.

    webmaster network, I am not complaining, not complaining. Check Huang, check vulgar, we are very supportive. We only hope that the telecommunications sector, with a reasonable way to inventory, respect for the results of our work. One off thousands