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  • British boy to set up the company to sell tax sticker business innovation

    now people entrepreneurship has no age points, whether you are a big age can start to realize their dreams of wealth, but also derived from a variety of relatively wonderful business, now let’s look at it together.

    It is reported that

    reported that Harvey designed 8 "tax stickers", when he received the customer information, the Internet will be for them to view the filing deadline, and these data is printed on the sticker, and then sent to them, each sticker charges 4 pounds, is only the beginning of the 8 week, he has earned 3000 pounds.

    for a lot of people have entrepreneurship is not just a simple business, at the same time, by the British boy who we also can see entrepreneurs need more than just courage, at the same time, innovation in the business process is a very important thing.


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    How to eat food in the steamed stuffed bun

    mainly engaged in high food steamed buns, dumplings and other breakfast package, regular breakfast, first established in Anhui city of Hefei Province, at the beginning only a dozen square meters of small shops, has now developed into a franchise brand, the local brand awareness is very high.

    food in the high bun? Food in the steamed stuffed bun will be wrong?

    In the high

    food delicious steamed stuffed bun? Food in high bun founder Mr. Gao Yifeng in the process of operating Baozipu, production process of painstaking research from the flour buns, selection, and face, hair and skin rolling, to buy ingredients, mixing, spent three years and finally solved the frozen steamed stuffed bun the packages are steamed taste different package problems, and therefore won the national patent.

    food in the steamed stuffed bun? Was it good? The steamed stuffed bun to join the project, food joined in high bun, consider the product’s health and safety, from material selection, production and distribution, strict selection of all aspects of the partners, and designated by the food research institutions to integrate existing products depth development and full range, which completely reaches the standard application of quality and standardization.

    delicious good business opportunities, investment in high food stores steamed bun, allowing you to easily enjoy the rich breakfast market! How high in food / delicious steamed stuffed bun? Food joined in high bun, you do not have too much of the cost of investment, you do not store size requirements, solve the traditional problem of a cook, please restaurant service personnel the price of raw materials, and affordable, is your ideal choice for investment.


    Hi tech Zone held an innovation and entrepreneurship conference to promote the three venture

    venture is a topic but also a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the country and the construction of the important work of Shandong Province, the importance of the reform did not forget the innovation work, before the date of the meeting held only for innovation and entrepreneurship, to promote "three business".

    2 25, high-tech zone held an innovation and entrepreneurship conference to mobilize the region to strive to promote the work of the last venture, and strive to achieve a higher level of new development in the three. Municipal Committee, Party Secretary of the CPC Committee of high tech Zone Wang Xianling attended and spoke.

    comprehensive strength to a new level, the industry entered the high-end, innovation capability significantly enhanced the global city on the new level, opening up to create a new pattern, better protect and improve people’s livelihood.

    specific tasks in action, five points. First, adhere to innovation and development, science and technology to foster new energy support. Two is to adhere to coordinated development, enhance the new level of urban development. Three is to adhere to green development, to create a new system of modern industry. Four is to adhere to the open development, to build the international advanced area. The five is to share the development, create new construction of people’s livelihood and welfare.


    Cosmetics store investment costs

    The development of

    cosmetics market must not be a small series here, I believe we have to understand, recently, a lot of entrepreneurs give us a message, ask: cosmetics store investment costs? Investment advisers believe that, in general, to open a cosmetics shop to start the more adequate funds better.

    This is because the

    this at startup before you need for your venture capital for an accurate prediction, so as to lay a solid foundation for your future development. How much do you charge for a cosmetics store? This needs to be determined according to your brand positioning.

    can be avoided for purchasing their own channels, advanced equipment and a series of complicated affairs. With the strengthening of consumer spending, well-known companies and brands of products are more likely to allow customers to accept, customers are more trusted brand products, at the same time, a strong brand of professional products, emphasizing functional differentiation.

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    Ceramic tile market prospects are good opportunities can not be missed

    is now the real estate of the event, also let the home building materials market development hot development, behind this tile fields are also ready to join. So in 2016, is not a good time to join the tiles? The following is to introduce you to join the three big brick favorable policies for the development of the industry to provide a broader space for wealth.

    tiles to join a favorable policy: new urbanization of the blue ocean market temptation

    2014 in March 16th, Xinhua News Agency issued a "national new urbanization plan (2014 – 2020)". Rural reconstruction, strong western building materials market is strong, public project (hospital, Park) launched, in this wave, the ceramic tile industry channel sink, blossom everywhere, county market large building materials market is no longer a new, vibrant town also appeared in a street building. Although difficult to do business will say, but the rural home a building up small villa, new towns have appeared. Tile franchisee as long as the change from the previous strategy to the tall first-tier cities, a huge blue ocean quickly occupied the three or four line of the city, to create a new world and fortune.

    the current resident population urbanization rate of 53.7%, household population urbanization rate is only about 36% of the average level of 80% in developed countries is not only far below the average level of developing countries is also lower than the 60% per capita income similar to our country, there is a large space for development.

    tile join good policy two: two-child policy change caused the real tide

    and a second tier cities is not there is no space?. October 2015, the eighteenth plenary session of the CPC Central Committee of the Fifth Plenary Session pointed out: adhere to the basic national policy of family planning, and actively carry out the action to deal with the aging population, the implementation of a comprehensive policy of two children.


    is positioned as the crowd just need the market newly married couples and family of the urban population, with the mature in the family two children come, three rooms, three rooms for two rooms for four rooms in the small room for large market, since the two-child policy fully open, has been evident. You can not see the property market in the end of 2015 in the major cities of another round of rising tide.

    two purchase market ahead of the arrival, the number of consumers, because of the first purchase experience decoration on the pursuit of quality of life is strong, consumer demand is also more diversified, the ceramic tile consumption demand the same, in this context, in the product design and quality stability is the strength of the old brand the advantage of brand awareness in the move, the more obvious advantages of showmanship ability. At the same time, the service level of the ceramic tile franchisee also put forward higher requirements.

    The research is also worth

    two children family consumption capacity, the Ministry recommended


    Join dry cleaners need to understand some of the security issues

    with the continuous improvement of the quality of life, the demand for domestic service industry is growing, such as dry cleaners. Especially in the winter, most consumers will choose to dry cleaners to help themselves get some hard to wash clothes, so now the dry cleaners business is very good! But want to open a dry cleaning shop, we must understand some security issues, to ensure their own interests and consumers.

    a, electricity safety

    electricity safety and electricity caused by the accident has occurred in the country, it will cause personal electric shock, causing fires and explosions and other major accidents. These accidents are called in to buy a new set of wall has existed. Some products with the second lowest quality components in electrical components and motivated, often caused by electrical element failure, leakage. For example, in the dry cleaning machine, as happens contactor adhesion distillation control and continuous heating, heat conduction caused by overheating of the oil heat conducting oil heating type distillation box. If the use of inferior torsion heat-conducting oil, will be on the wire terminals. Short ignition will cause serious fire accident; electrical component failure will cause steam heating distillation device and electric steam generator explosion accident. So we have to do regular checks.

    two, daily security

    laundry daily safety measures against fire and theft; prohibit smoking, pay attention to ventilation in store: equipment operation after the completion of the seal. Turn off the equipment, disconnect the equipment power supply; night distillation, ensure the cooling water supply and ventilation should be maintained; agricultural service suspension should be far away from equipment, power line and fire; all reagents should be sealed and standardized to save, eliminate fire hazards; untrained personnel prohibited operating equipment

    three, do routine inspection

    including the normal operation of the machine, equipment parts and the like.

    dry cleaners used more machines and equipment, relatively speaking, the operation is more complex, and with electricity, but also with whom to deal with, it is necessary to pay attention to these security issues! At the same time to ensure the safety of the premise, to provide consumers with quality services, so that the opening of a dry cleaners to maintain long-term profitability and development! I hope these little knowledge can bring help, want to know more about the content can continue to leave a message.

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    Workers earn cash

    if you are a nine to five office workers, but also full of entrepreneurial passion, then what is the best way for your investment? Acting a product is believed to be a very good choice, do not take up the time, but also allows you to achieve your entrepreneurial dream!

    traditionally. Relevant economists do not give an accurate definition of product agents, but in the industry, generally believe that as long as the transaction through the third party products and services can be called product agents.

    After the



    War Within Three Kingdoms creator Huang Kai talk about entrepreneurship

    War Within Three Kingdoms

    is a very popular game now, his original is a youth entrepreneurship, here, Xiaobian tell us about this young man named Huang Kai entrepreneurial story, hope to be helpful to everyone!

    2004, Huang Kai participated in the college entrance examination. Parents wanted him to go to medical school, but his eyes only painting and games. Finally, he passed the professional game design animation school of Communication University of China.

    One day

    2006 in the summer, went to Beijing for a foreigner to open Huang Kai with friends "games" play "kill" game – this classic game was just the rise in the country. Huang Kai played with relish and inspired, he wanted to use a similar principle hand game, creating a strong impulse.

    through continuous research and improvement, Huang Kai "War Within Three Kingdoms" prototype released, named "Three Kingdoms". He made a number of game cards, in the first half of 2007 began selling shop in Taobao.

    homemade "War Within Three Kingdoms" open shop selling, the popular game on both sides of the Changjiang River

    see mother live free, Du Bin requisitioned her family do free labor. Huang Kai and Du Bin on the computer to design a good picture version of a square size, to store the inkjet printing, printing comments to the card, and finally by Du Bin’s mother with a guillotine put into a picture card game version. A year later, they sold a total of more than and 100 sets, not too much, not too small.

    < >


    Sixth aunt Chuanchuan Xiang how to join

    Malatang is our mouth

    Chuanchuan Xiang, in the catering industry in many clusters of incense to join in the project both six Chuanchuan Xiang sought after by people, just because of its origin there is a touching story…

    Sichuan is Leshan Minjiang, Qingyi River and Dadu River confluence of Sanjiang. In Leshan, Sanjiang (called Jiazhou) together, was fierce, destroy three river wall, often caused the boat crash tragedy. Tang Kaiyuan, a monk Haitong mage sympathetic to the masses, trying to take advantage of the power of Dharma, to reduce the water potential, Yong Zhen Feng tao. He is all over the world, offering money carved buddha. His Buddha also moved the people along the river. Because many builders, in daily meals, also can not meet the demand. So the surrounding good cooking women have come to help.

    In order to facilitate the operation of

    in the cliff Mason food, a natural six refers to the old lady, for the convenience of call call she put the vegetables and meat prod six woman dressed in a pan, cooked, and then sent to the mountains, let people use chopsticks to eat the delicious delicious meals. Sometimes she has to transfer a good seasoning small pan put on the cliff, hot food to eat craftsmen.

    Sixth aunt do

    string dishes spicy delicious, with the scent of a man Xiangpiao, everyone, as for chef to sixth aunt. Sixth aunt year after year, regardless of the wind snow and rain, always can see both six teeter back. Sixth aunt with bamboo delicacy inspire sentient beings, accompany sentient beings, until the completion of Yong Zhen Sanjiang buddha.

    people in memory of six woman, will follow her vegetable with bamboo strung, eating hot, eat and talk, on this road, communicate feelings. This * * dining way evolution to today, has become today’s Chengdu near Leshan popular sixth aunt Chuanchuan xiang.

    Sixth aunt

    later Mr. Yang Lin, in the mining and inheritance of Sichuan cultural essence of the mission, in studying ancestral secret recipe on the basis of combining the modern eating habits and health requirements, as well as traditional Malatang ancient recipe essence, visit teacher, consult a Chinese medicine experts, bold innovation, unique advantages the motherland medicine, a unique configuration of both six bottom material and dry dish sixth aunt formula, named "sixth aunt". "Six woman" officially registered trademark. In September 2007, six Shiva catering Co. Ltd. was established, "sixth aunt Chuanchuan Xiang was born.

    Sixth aunt Chuanchuan Xiang

    so how to join? Sixth aunt Chuanchuan Xiang joining process:

    1, investment advisory: investors by telephone, fax, online message, such as the way to the headquarters of the professional investment advisory consulting related matters, access to relevant information.

    2, field visits: investors to the headquarters of the project site visits, and business communication with the headquarters staff.


    Missmilk yogurt project market prospects for the development of good

    delicious yogurt, in our lives, has always been very important to the existence of. Missmilk yogurt? The quality of yogurt, for business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very potential brand to join the project. Join missmilk yogurt project, has been very hot to join the project!

    yogurt food rich consumer life, but also for the health of consumers has brought a lot of protection, so that consumers enjoy the tip of the tongue, the market demand is very large. Missmilk yogurt family for many years to provide consumers with more delicious and nutritious yogurt food, in the market by numerous consumers trust and support, the market prospect is very broad.

    missmilk yogurt family has a huge brand advantage, and in the market has been developed over the years, by virtue of their rich products, and products are tasty and healthy, has won numerous customer support and trust. Have a strong R & D team at Missmilk headquarters, they can according to the change of the seasons, developed different yogurt products for consumers throughout the year there are new products listed, very accord with modern consumer’s life philosophy.

    missmilk yogurt join make money?

    missmilk yogurt family brand’s product line is very rich, I believe that the various needs of consumers can be very good to meet. Not only that, the reason to choose Missmilk or missmilk, because yogurt family has transparent kitchen, still insist to do now is to sell marketing, protect the consumer’s right to know the production of delicacy, so we will be more assured to buy Missmilk yogurt, to win consumer trust and praise more.

    In fact,

    choose to join the missmilk yogurt, open their own brand stores, is a very wise choice. Brand project, join more reliable! So, what are you hesitating about?