How to run a female shoe to learn to watch

women love shopping, shopping when the beautiful shoes are very interested, so a female shoe is a good idea to open a female shoe, the prospects are very good! So, how to run a female shoe? What are the female shoe business skills? Let’s take a look.

A, not too warm.

1, the customer suddenly stopped, said a certain style "love at first sight";

2, looking at a commodity, expressed interest;

3, look carefully at a pair of shoes, means to buy;

4, the customer is looking for labels and prices, meaning has been more interested in, want to know the brand and price;

5, looking at the product and looked around, may want to find a shopping guide to help;

6, take the initiative to ask questions, that need your help.

two, when customers try on, owners should pay attention to what things?

1, take the initiative to help customers shoes;

2, the first to wait for the customer to try to end the consolidation;

3, evaluate the effect of trying to be appropriate, can be slightly praised the words.



Investment in environmental protection is becoming increasingly profitable trend of rapid growth

modern economic development is very shocking, which makes all aspects of pollution become quite serious. Therefore, many people have to explore the environmental protection industry demand. National emphasis on environmental protection has gradually increased in recent years, earnings are showing a rising trend.

"13th Five-Year" period, environmental protection investment is expected to maintain rapid growth. Relevant statistics show that the environmental protection industry professional environmental protection minister Chen Jining took office after the expression of the national environmental pollution more determined. The specific contents include the revision of the "air pollution prevention law" in 2015, the introduction of "ten water", "environmental protection tax law" and the formulation of relevant policies for soil remediation.

According to the

from the economic driving level, said Chen Jining, one of the focus of the work in the future is carefully prepared "13th Five-Year" environmental protection planning. Seize the core to improve the quality of the environment, the implementation of the quality and volume of dual control, strengthen and improve the construction of environmental monitoring system, scientific decision-making system, pollution control, the key to overcome the atmosphere, water and soil pollution prevention and control. With the air, water, soil pollution prevention and control of the three major industrial chain policy gradually landing, industry chain related companies will benefit significantly.

under the policy to actively support environmental protection, the industry boom continues to rise, this is also reflected in the change of the performance of listed companies. According to statistics, the main business for the environmental protection industry, and has been announced in 2014 the results of the 40 listed companies, the proportion of the year on year growth of 6 in 2014, of which nearly doubled the performance of the company’s growth in nearly 75%. Environmental protection listed companies believe that the main reason for the increase in performance is environmentally friendly product sales growth as well as engineering construction orders grew, but also through the acquisition of a substantial increase in the performance of synchronous growth.

the trend that lies ahead, that also makes recommendation


How to join Shu nine incense pot

Hot pot to join in the project of a self up to now has experienced 16 years of Hot pot project, has also been in their own strength to prove themselves in the mouth, consumers continue to praise, it is Shu nine incense Hot pot, then Shu nine incense Hot pot to join? If investors can join?

Shu nine incense, originated in the 2000 "happy every Hot pot Tuzao Shuangnan restaurant" a 400 square meters of small shops. Along the way, we harvest is not only full of honor of the hot pot brand, as well as many consumers from the long-term concern and support of silence, these are all the time in the spur, inspire Shu nine incense. Someone said: "to build a market is more important than to sell a batch of products, to find an industry is more important than the development of a market, it is due to 11 years ago, nine people dare to challenge the Shu Xiang Restaurant traditional pattern, 11 years of pioneering Sichuan restaurant market, which makes us today has 14 straight the number of stores, chain stores catering scale.

as the saying goes: "the world will do in detail, will do in the world is difficult, in the business, Shu nine incense always adhere to" quality, quality, taste, brand "business philosophy, in the fine management, form a complete set of quality management system. Invites all walks of life to join, join the process as follows:

first, the consultation phase

1. telephone communication: intention to join the business telephone consultation Shu nine sweet join relevant policies;

2. interview: intention to join the nine company headquarters to Sichuan interview, both sides understand the adaptability (join intention understanding default store the location of the initial fee, the company provides policy support; Shu nine incense company intention to join the investment philosophy and investment expectations, strength, credit, experience, understand the local relationship). By Shu nine incense company to provide information disclosure table and signed by the intention of the franchisee. Shu nine incense on the field of management and investigation, the identification of Shu nine incense business management model, submitted to the voluntary application of Shu Xiang nine incense.

two, preliminary site selection, market research phase

1. understand the site selection criteria: the intention to join the company to the nine companies in Sichuan Province Advisory site selection criteria;

2. site selection: the intention to join the business according to the nine Sichuan hot pot restaurant site selection criteria, in the local cities to search for site resources; choose 2-3 to be Shu nine incense company inspection;

3. payment inspection fee: intention to join the company to Shu nine incense company to arrange personnel to do market research, and pay the inspection fee;

4. investigation: Shu nine incense company after receiving the inspection fee arrangement >


5 DIY small entrepreneurs to make the most money for

in 2013, China’s hottest small investment projects, the DIY project ranked third. In advocating individuality, advocating self today, more and more people have been unable to accept the same with others, DIY inevitably become a new fashion of modern life. DIY extends to all aspects of our lives, so that people relax in the creation of their own, to affirm their own, at any time to find the reasons for happiness.

the following five projects are currently the most popular and most popular DIY project, many domestic market is still in the blank stage, very broad prospects for development.

"DIY" / > Accessories

is the personality of young people to pursue and the one and only, DIY accessories will not only satisfy the personal independence of conduct psychology, it is the symbol of fashion. In the jewelry store, customers can take a small container of choice, and then choose their own production line.

bead jewelry price ranging from a few dollars to ten yuan, a product accessories about tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars. Although the price and the market price of jewelry is almost the same, but because it is DIY, each product is unique, buyers can also get a lot of fun from DIY. A string of beads, a brooch can highlight the personality of consumers and aesthetic.

"DIY" chocolate shop

"DIY" Taoba

Taoba quiet for a lot of people provides a good way of self-cultivation. With a piece of mud, pinch out their favorite items, has become a lot of fun.

now Taoba connotation seems to have not the traditional "ceramic art", and become a new play of ceramic art imagination and creativity of the author. A turntable, a pull embryo machine, a mud, sitting in front of the stage, make a love the other with their own hands…… Is it a "ghost" in the classic scene taste?




At the age of sixteen I left home I began to start empty-handed Road

I was born in a small village, there is a very poor village, perhaps, was born in a small village where is my misfortune, perhaps it is my lucky… I was very naughty, do not go to school, third year, one day I was playing truant father caught, he severely beat me, scold me no good, I used to dawdle. I was very angry with was supposed to pay for books 136 3 cents away…

I the first car to Hangzhou, to the future, only 91 dollars in pocket, I can’t stay in a hotel, because I know that I only have enough money to eat a few days meal! I wandered on the edge of West Lake, there is no mood to appreciate the beauty, thinking about how to survive, I was only 16 old, can not sleep at night, during the day in a public seat sleep, after two days, I began to find a job, I finally see a snack bar in the move, I don’t see what people recruit, ask the boss I fit, he began to say I was too small, but I said. As long as there is the lodging place, he asked me 400 dollars a month to do it, I was only more than and 50 dollars, I have no choice…



How to do a good job in the curtain shop

curtain is not only used to shade the sunshine, but also a very good decorative products, is now more popular, now the family curtain becomes one kind of essential products, is the foundation to ensure personal privacy, some entrepreneurs saw the curtains market hot, choose their own operating window curtain stores, then entrepreneurs how to do business?

how to do a good job operating curtains? Some curtains are very beautiful, but not conducive to cleaning, for consumers who are not conducive to cleaning should focus on tips, the province’s consumers to buy at high prices, to the final because of the problem of cleaning complaints shop. When the curtain shop shopping guide staff in the recommended brand fabric products, taboo endless, as speaker

how to do a good job operating curtains? Entrepreneurs should also pay attention to is the size of the selected window shops can be long-term development. Select the location of the window should also be taken from the local market situation to consider.

how to do a good job operating curtains? Correctly grasp the effective traffic, good at using all the favorable conditions, the road to success will be less obstacles. If you can focus on the peer and the curtain shop related goods gathered lots or blocks, it is more conducive to business.

how to do a good job operating curtains? Today, the operation of the curtain shop, the need to integrate all aspects of the factors to consider, the preparatory work needs to do a good job. In this kind of area the consumer level is confused, the people of all ages and social classes have. According to the needs of consumers to make professional recommendations, will soon win the trust of consumers, to seize the consumer’s wallet.

can choose this kind of business sectors, of course in the business you need to sum up a lot, grasp more business management, business management curtain franchise management to succeed must ensure that their products have convenient cleaning, to have their own store area, has a geographical advantage, do preparatory work, is the basis of normal business!

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How to make money in the vicinity of the school jewelry shop

improve the standard of living, people continue to increase demand for small accessories, so home accessories in the vicinity of the school to open stores can also gain a good business, and want to get considerable income to master certain skills to make money.

Next to the

is the second decoration shop area of only 20 square meters, but the overall effect is to make people feel very fresh and chic, so as to cater to the young people’s psychological.

finally cost according to the actual consumption ability, the students’ consumption level is not high, so the jewelry cost is relatively low, it is important to enough new styles.



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2016 entrepreneurial projects

always has good day for business and on the let small build up the family fortunes, also want to start to do business impulse, I believe many people like me more or less thought of doing business with it, even if not to do business, and would like to know some things about entrepreneurship, for example, what are the business of good projects, small today Xiaobian take you to see what a good start this year!


How to carry out the innovation of cooked food store

business can not always be immutable, it is necessary to innovate from time to time, especially in this era of rapid change, entrepreneurs need to have a sense of innovation, then how to innovate? This is not the same as the practice of all walks of life on this issue, today we take the deli, for example, look at how to carry out innovative business deli.

1, highlighting the main cultural

2, expand business projects



How to improve the sales performance of jewelry store

to open a fashion jewelry store, to seize the psychological needs of more consumers, in the vast market opportunities, achievements placed in front of you, the road to become rich more secure. Let’s go and see what learning techniques are available.

now fashion jewelry sales prices rise, a lot of people, a lot of people earn money, many people are at a loss. For investors who want to join the fashion jewelry industry, the master of some business skills is essential. Today, the author on a lot of entrepreneurial novice, to introduce some fashion jewelry store management skills, hoping to help you successfully set up shop.