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  • Shanghai investors how to choose health care products to join the brand

    The rise of

    is one of the health care industry to get attention, now for more people, if you can have a healthy body, can let them feel the wealth on the side, this is the true meaning of the pursuit of health care. In fact, in Shanghai, you will ask, we are in Shanghai is not a health care can also operate a franchise store it? To solve this problem, please continue to look down.

    first, we must clearly recognize that some informal health care products in the first criterion to join the brand’s pursuit of profit, the market started drilling the loopholes, investors earn money. Investors should carefully examine, beware of the pitfalls of joining.

    know that they will join the health care products to join the strength of Brand Company, a variety of channels to collect the credibility of the operation of the company. In the major categories of users to join the site to review the comments, have joined the store in the brand market research is a good way.

    health care products because of its market operating characteristics, relatively suitable for the operation of the trademark agency model. Health care supplies chain of friends should also remember the market operation risk, we must put the field survey and research, provided by the headquarters to join the program with the local actual situation, to find a suitable way of cooperation.

    and, as Shanghai investors need to understand the health care products franchise headquarters propaganda, understand the brand’s market trends and related products price, be aware of relevant information, real-time attention project. This rapid expansion of the brand image, expand the market area, a win-win operation mode of trademark and franchise headquarters is.

    in fact, no matter what, investors will choose a promising project, too, in the health care industry so that if you open a home health care franchise in Shanghai, to learn more knowledge, to face market competition.

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    Some notes on the purchase of clothing

    For now,

    is nothing more than clothing, make a fuss on the style and quality, so we have to be careful at the time of purchase can not be careless, go astray will bring great losses. That in the purchase time how to identify it?

    The first is the difference between the


    The second is the size of the


    the simplest example: the overall size of a dress 2 cm narrow, the entire upper body effect and quality have great changes in   this little 2 cm enough to considerably reduce the costs.

    again is the workmanship and material attached

    to tour as an example, there are differences between the copper and iron zipper zipper, plastic zipper, different materials also determines the cost of clothing; in a pattern with planar ordinary printing, stereo patches, glial India, maybe the picture color, but the real price of different natural process also different.

    embroidery as an example: 10000 needle embroidery needle embroidery and 8000 exquisite degree are very different, the cost price is also different. For example: exports to artificial trousers labor cost is 18 yuan, while the domestic goods trousers manual is 6 yuan, it really is no foreign economic mind? A penny. Needless to say

    ?The final version is



    What are the characteristics of the project financial incentive in 2017

    ‘s business environment increasingly mature, "working as entrepreneurs" concept is infiltrated into more people’s minds, therefore, in 2017 venture onto the road became more and more people choose. However, due to the fierce competition in the market, therefore, the choice of the business opportunities is undoubtedly a better choice. So, what are the characteristics of the project in 2017 the benefit of small?

    1, store

    cushion characteristics

    What are the characteristics of the project benefit of small

    2017? The operating characteristics of cushion in the first individual efforts, it is best to form a series of different varieties of consumer demand design for the cushion. For love is lying on the sofa to read the newspaper, a design can also head on the elbow supporting cushion, a concave design for children round cushion, so to make the child naked cold.

    is designed for young men and women are a set of cartoon characters, and other animal portraits of new-new generation idol pattern, can rely on and comfort in the arms of the cushion. Finally, it is necessary to carry out a good promotion and customized business. Cushion is a popular commodity, the cost of transparency, the price should not be too high, according to the different types of profit control in 30% ~ 40%.

    2, pillow store

    What are the characteristics of the project benefit of small

    2017? The pillow of many varieties of classification from the function, ordinary pillow, health care pillow, medicinal pillow, and suitable for all ages pillow; distinguished from pillow core material, a silkworm excrement pillow and chrysanthemum pillow, pillow, cotton fiber and water vacuum pillow, pillow, air pillow, tea pillow etc.. These pillows, the store should have sales, other shops to buy also want to buy a small initial waist pillow, pillow, pillow and ear pillow.

    in the management of the store, can according to customer requirements, set for a variety of style, size, height, hardness and different filling materials such as pillows, baby shaped pillow, ear pillow, to the newly married couple with the embroidered pillow, as well as to the elderly produced special pillow etc..

    in sales, promotion and sales promotion can take a variety of ways, such as door-to-door, do not collect freight; for the elderly consumer groups launched the "old day to send a special gift for children to carry out such activities;" children sleep health education "groups; for the newlyweds to carry out the" new heart pillow ". Also with the wedding photography shop jointly launched the purchase of pillows to send free photo card and other activities.

    3, health Flower Bonsai shop

    What are the characteristics of the project benefit of small

    2017? Not only has the general health of potted flower flower bonsai ornamental value, but also has special medicinal value, will be placed in the interior, Yang Jian


    On the occasion of homeopathy for catering to join new skills

    food and beverage industry threshold is low, fast earnings, but really not so simple to make money in this line. Especially now in the fierce competition, you want to make your food stores one upmanship, you must first learn to understand.

    1, relying on business center

    insiders have said "in the commercial real estate planning in the past, catering ratio rarely exceeded 20%. Over the past two years, the proportion of the catering industry began to rise, gradually reaching about 30% or 40%.". The power of the district’s economy is increasingly apparent, can rely on district economy drainage, to enhance brand awareness impressed.

    however, the shopping center catering brand is the touchstone, if the performance is still no improvement, one is to think about the values of the power of two is required to reflect on their selection and operation method.

    2, community economy

    in the north of Guangzhou first-tier cities, densely populated city, the scale is too large this kind of urban diseases, let the community economy has become a new trend of economic development is difficult to avoid the "urban diseases" are to the catering industry growth brings new opportunities.

    3, the use of O2O concept

    O2O for the food and beverage industry, will no longer be parallel to a traditional food and beverage category, but a variety of food and beverage in the form of a tool. In the "Internet plus" era, the early catering business to O2O concept deeply rooted in the operation management, open online and offline channels, mutual drainage.

    this "open" is not simply play concept, fry brand, but can help catering entrepreneurs truly enhance the brand coverage, expand customer base, increase the store.

    4, seize the campus economy


    Wang Liping relies on a keen insight to seize opportunities

    when many people lamented the development of the market is not good, but the owner can continue to grasp a variety of business opportunities. Owner Wang Liping, is a cheerful, enthusiastic young man, operating Shanghang County wholesale supermarket has been 11 years. The 33 year old boy always said to do business like a wolf, have a keen insight, "the wolf can insight into the food infested our shop to seize opportunities, to operate tobacco wolf freely, big embrace popularity and wealth."

    highway business opportunities to grasp

    Wang Liping’s shop is located near the intersection of high speed, in the highway construction, he immediately thought that this is a good opportunity, there will certainly be a lot of migrant workers. He used the brand match method, advance understanding of multi-channel brand characteristics and construction of the migrant workers in the cigarette smoking habits, and then refining the core value of "Septwolves" brand, the classification of the wolf taste and consumer tastes match.


    will "Septwolves" tentacles extended to the migrant workers, expand consumer pack. In addition, he also made the ratio of food and workers, so that each worker can find the taste of home in the store. The workers to return home to visit relatives, Wang will send some small gifts to local, this warm and friendly shopping experience is to let his shop full of guests.

    wedding business frequently about

    Wang Liping’s father was a local teacher, in the local small prestige event often to consult him, ask what to prepare for it. In the shop after the upgrade, Wang Liping became famous in the local tobacco store, and the store varieties and his genuine goods at a fair price enthusiastic service, so he often undertakes wedding smoke. Wang Liping will be the wedding banquet consumers are divided into three types of consumer groups from high to low according to the price, classification and promotion: high class consumer promotion mainly "immortal", "immortal"; in the consumer promotion "Luxuries" and "wolf"; low class consumer promotion "red wolf" and "double happiness".

    Wang Liping also used the opportunity to carry out the wedding banquet "wheel of fortune happiness" independent marketing activities to attract consumers to buy wedding cigarettes. Longyan fencer Wang Weifa is Caixi, he won the World Youth Fencing Championships Men’s team champion foil after Yijin return, Wang Liping seize the opportunity to carry out the celebration of "small Tong Xian" feast promotion, let his shop selling more than and 30 "small Tong xian".

    tourism business opportunities recommend

    "Wang, today, my wife came to a number of foreign relatives to visit the memorial hall for a while. To go back to see what kind of specialty back?" "How to point our Shanghang Caixi tour box? You can put two packs of cigarettes, a person to send a box of two, and the atmosphere, and good-looking, face……" Mao Zedong nine to Shanghang, three Caixi.


    Korean Hot pot franchise business note

    Korean Hot pot stores business is not easy, after all China local Hot pot enough strong, if the project product characteristics is not clear, it is difficult to win out of competition. If you have questions about the operation of such shops, Xiaobian compiled a few suggestions, hoping to help you find the right direction of development.

    combined with the characteristics of the brand to the site, the location of the shop is more careful choice, we must pay attention to the surrounding traffic, traffic conditions and the surrounding residents and units. Entrepreneurs who operate the shops, the flow is the money flow, do not be afraid of competition and selected in remote areas. In fact, the business district shops are more concentrated, but help to accumulate popularity, but we should pay attention to the problem of dislocation.

    business Korean franchise Hot pot, Hot pot taste must be good enough, so as to get more customers, but also often outside of leaflets showmanship, so as to ensure the stable rate of customer, to have dinner at the same time in the daily operation of the customer, not the same time, to enhance the rate of over Taiwan, must from welcome, meal, meal service, etc. to do better, reduce customer complaints and complaints, can improve performance.

    Korean Hot pot stores operators must have their own advantages, such as product features, service advantage, environment and other aspects, only do a lot of detail work, enhance the brand competitiveness of the project, you can shop out, get more people’s attention, to further develop the business space.

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    There are three main ways to open a furniture store

    now the people’s living conditions are good, the greater demand for furniture, and the demand is very high, the furniture store, be sure to choose a good supply of goods, so as to win a good reputation, establish favorable foundation for the development of the store. So, how to choose the source of furniture store? What are the purchase channels? Friends who are interested, go to see it with the small series.

    is now a dazzling variety of brand furniture Merchants join

    advertising is now some of the brand is actually joined the brand is not a real manufacturer, usually on behalf of the processing. I believe you can see the XX manufacturers to produce the product name inside the XXX brand on behalf of processing products…… This kind of investment brand, personal point of view, for reference only, very black.

    two is the wholesale market purchase

    open furniture store how to purchase? If it is the local wholesale market, then your products and a number of products around the same, so that the profit space is not good. Open a furniture store. Many things are made of mainland goods. If it is to Yiwu, Shanghai, Guangzhou, where their shipments, the effect should be good.

    said it again, so the preparation of the shipment should be sufficient. Go to these places to investigate the cost of the market, but also a lot of Oh ~ ~, and some goods, a small amount of time, the price is not suitable for retail. If you can help in some foreign friends, it is awfully.

    three is a direct purchase from manufacturers

    of course, this is the best profit, but the financial pressure is relatively large, the number of manufacturers shipped more than wholesalers there, to prepare enough funds and warehouses. In case of poor sales of goods to the backlog of time, there will be a large amount of money pressure phenomenon. So have enough mental ability.

    open furniture store how to purchase? If you are in small and medium cities, their product price may not be suitable for the local consumption level, but also some franchisees do well, this is not too good to say. If it is in large and medium cities, do you have enough money to make him stand out from the many brands? And large and medium cities to join the relatively high cost.

    there is one thing that some of the franchise brand, the product does not have a very good protection mechanism, if there is time, go to the south to focus on the production of a place around, you can find the same thing. Of course, if the financial strength is very good, you can not care about tens of thousands of dollars to buy their brand authorization, you can consider joining.

    choose this industry is very promising market, this is a worthy of recommendation


    Several big profits to make money industry secret

    in today’s society, the ultimate goal of many people to entrepreneurship are actually making money to gain wealth, but there is no entrepreneurial direction and often will choose a lot of people in the business, in fact, in the society in which there are a lot of very profitable projects and businesses can choose, let’s take a look at.

    1 real estate industry   real estate sector is the largest inflow of funds. The era of huge profits in real estate does not end, outdoor advertising real estate is the city skyline, a variety of rich list, real estate tycoons has occupied half of the country. In the hot seller’s market, the price of the house just by the developer’s mood, 10 thousand today, tomorrow may be sold to 10 thousand and 2. The listed companies in Xiamen, more than 1/3 enterprises / real estate. In many places, the country’s macro-control policies have not been eliminated, the local government has long been ready to, busy to give developers preferential deregulation, to purchase subsidies, which also shows the importance of real estate in local finance.

    2 tobacco industry   if the industry does not make money, the state has long banned citizens from smoking, ha ha. Do not you see, big profits every year is the tobacco enterprise, from Hongta to Shanghai tobacco group, from the "double happiness" to "Septwolves", have made a great contribution to the national tax revenue, although each pack of cigarettes are written above: "smoking is harmful to health". There are about 3 smokers in china. 500 million   (which is equivalent to the total population of many countries), an average of one per person per day, can bring about 1/3 of China’s fiscal revenue. The treatment of workers in the tobacco industry has jumped to NO. 01, even the town of tobacco workstation also let many people like a flock of ducks.

    3   in the financial industry; the loan had make people know that interest rates so high ah, it is hard to avoid making money! Due to the monopoly of the financial industry, the financial industry directly led to huge profits. This is not surprising, as long as we look at the bank deposit interest margin. The one-year deposit rate is 3. 5, while the loan interest rate is 6. 56, there is a profit, the profit of 87%, four state-owned bank profits doubled each year, and a number of small and medium-sized bank loans is more than 1 points of interest, in a blink of an earned 200% profit. The insurance industry is also a financial windfall, they can pull in the policy of what can be promised, which was a bit naive, when they have a total of ten thousand reasons to refuse.

    4 perfume industry   beauty of the heart, there are people, perfume is quite a market. The perfume is in recent years many people especially young girls a consumer favorite, Valentine’s day, birthday, expression love all cannot do without a bottle of perfume recommended


    Why customers are picky

    many operators have lamented now is not good business to do, because it is more and more captious customers, after all, the current can provide the service shop is more and more selective, customers were naturally picky. In the face of customer critical, as an operator, if you want to be a good solution, you need to know why customers will be picky. In fact, the customer after the analysis of the breakdown is a specific classification, different situations need to be treated differently.

    modern business rule "customer is God", so even if the critical customer not love, be patient reception. Why customers are picky about their reasons, the sales staff should pay attention to observe, do more exchanges, accurately capture God’s intentions, in order to provide the appropriate commodity trading. According to the daily business experience, I focus on the customer is divided into stages of critical, specific, critical, critical and emotional picky.

    stage critical. Caused by external factors, the impact of a wide range of society, the harm to the public caused by the event of customer picky. Such as tonyred, melamine, food additives and other harmful plasticizer exposure, at a certain stage will cause great shock on a group, resulting in this part of customers will be more picky in the purchase of goods. Treat this kind of customer, we have to aim at its doubt psychology, eliminate the worry in time. We have just received the food safety inspection department, and now do not have such goods, and follow up to recommend the associated alternatives to achieve sales.

    specificity. A customer who has a particular reason for his own. For example, allergies, diabetes, high blood pressure and other sick customers, they are in health considerations, due to illness constraints, only in shopping, especially when you have to eat food scruples. As long as we do "an antidote against the disease", to avoid the taboo can help the customer to choose the appropriate goods. There is also a situation, such as ethnic minorities fasting. Once encountered a customer to buy milk, I was recommended mengniu. The other apology smiled: "can not Mengniu, Yili what the milk will do. I am a Uighur, the name of the cattle also can not, ha ha."

    picky. This is the general sense of critical, worthy of the picky people. Blame little variety of choice, blame the bad light can not see clearly, blame the service is not in place for her respect and so on. We really need to consider some improvement, but only some aspects have politely explain; nagging, some want to discount; in general this type of customer purchase with sincerity. As long as we grasp the scale, patient reception will be able to facilitate transactions. "Picky customers are the real buyers." A generation of wizards, hongdingshangren Hu Xueyan it came to the point.

    emotional criticism. As the name suggests, is caused by momentary mood swings. For example, stroppy lover, wronged little woman, was hit hard by the old man would occasionally become extremely emotional, pick won’t listen to reason.


    Uncover the three circles of the entrepreneurial circles say goodbye chicken soup

    entrepreneurial skills, entrepreneurship is chicken soup very much, in fact, business circles also have a variety of lies, now, Xiaobian for three lies we pierce the business circles, want to know a look!

    This is the best

    on Financing: "exaggerated three times don’t matter"

    asked for the financing of fraud has become the voice of Zhenge fund neither painful nor itching, founder Xu Xiaoping had the financing fraud described as "a new understanding of the industry," China commercial civilization really to achieve the truth, everyone abide by the bottom line, but also a number of years".

    According to the wisdom of things with the