How to create a complete network marketing plan

a website construction steps:

1 website construction.

2 keyword positioning.

3 Analysis of key words after the competition.

4 new sites in all frames transmitted to the server before modification is completed, do not modify the.

5 will be coming to the server, not submitted to the search engine, wait for natural included.

6 every day to do some necessary updates, there is no need to emphasize the original.

After the submission of

7 new sites or natural collection, began to update the original or false original articles every day. read more

Five ways to promote blog

a lot of blog friends may be in trouble for one thing, how to make your blog can be seen more users, more than a few visitors, to some comments. If the light on the blog site to edit your blog on the home page, but it is very difficult, after all, so many users, often by the editors would is more familiar with the blogger, they can take the easy way, save time, and the quality is guaranteed, so for the grass-roots Bo the more, the article is difficult to be found no echo.

so we bloggers should learn how to promote, so users are active to our blog, see the article, let you hard every day to write down ideas not wasted. Today to provide you with my summary of the five major ways to promote the blog, but also to communicate with everyone. read more

Site login catalog

landing site directory is a good way to rapidly improve the chain and increase included, for the first time on classified catalogue also need to understand some of the relevant knowledge, here we simply say, I also hope rookie veteran advice.


directory contains only the homepage and other pages not included, some classification requirements of the web site is relatively high to have content, but also have a certain amount of time to visit, visit these catalogues only website content rich and there is a certain to submit. read more

Seriously do stand patience Baidu will eventually be included

I am a new webmaster, recently quite leisurely, suddenly last month made a website, prompted by a sudden impulse, begun in December 16th and December 20th to find a space to hang up, began to promote, then use the new domain name, my site name QQ (sent to collect some QQ space QQ QQ expression things like Avatar).

I went to the beginning of the major search engines to log on, I thought that to log on, will be included faster, and later to see someone else wrote the article, saying that do not log on. read more

Have to look at the QQ space marketing success of the four magic weapons

if your Internet base, website or shop suddenly open, your visitors do not contact you, your visitors do not know you where to go, and you have no way to solve all of this, I think you can imagine that you were feeling anxious and helpless.

No. 3 to No. 4 blog I experienced a moment of life and death, suddenly open, suddenly I and my visitors lost all contact, and I contact the service provider space the answer is still in an emergency repairs. At that time, if you feel the same as I have experienced, should have the same feeling, and the time is still all day. read more

Get rid of the platform dependence fresh electricity thorn is a good idea

Abstract: the Alibaba, Jingdong,, the United States and other electronic business platform for this year’s double eleven have resorted to all kinds of data after exhaust all the skills, is indeed a bit "shock", the electricity supplier in this cultural movement almost all business platform will participate in the orchard every day is like "thorn", independent from several on the platform, the platform does not participate in promotional activities, in favor of its own platform launched double eleven big promotion. read more

Liebo news or the acquisition of men’s clothing brand NOP


] March 26th news billion state power network, the day before the senior electricity suppliers who revealed to billion state power network, Liebo group will acquire online menswear brand NOP.

According to

news, Liebo and NOP both parties have started further contact. Moreover, before NOP had sought to sell, but did not find a suitable buyer.

according to the sources, according to the NOP now and the operation condition of the brand value, Liebo expected purchase price may be 10 million yuan, the maximum not more than 15 million yuan. read more

Birchbox website to create a new subscription model for two years members break 100 thousand

Birchbox website was founded in 2010 by Hai Li and Katia, a new subscription retail model website, as of February 2012, the number of members has exceeded 100 thousand. At present, the amount of financing reached $11 million 900 thousand, employees from the initial increase of 3 to the current population of, Birchbox has been working with the top more than and 130 brands.

and Birchbox as the new site two young people have created what originality has attracted so many members and high-end brand read more

Net sales of new regulations to seek advice Tmall change returns

"pre-sale does not support 7 days no reason to return" to "custom commodities do not support 7 days no reason to return

"network of goods and services from promotions management Interim Provisions" for public comment, which is clear: the network promotion organizers shall not be used in terms of format, set the "refundable deposit, the pre-sale of goods does not apply no reason to return 7 days’ provisions. Reporters found that the famous electricity supplier Tmall has made changes to the relevant provisions of return. read more

The gander unconscious sales to create a super conversion

In fact,

, the current network situation, the network in all parts of the network is filled with the figure of the network, especially small and medium enterprises have begun to focus on online sales. Usually a new station on the line, to go through a period of time, in order to maintain a week on average get hundreds of visitors, in these small enterprises in the new station, the flow to maintain the growth rate is not expected, or even difficult to maintain.

want to get a lot of profit on the network is determined by the number of directional traffic. How to make your site has a strong appeal, it has become a question of concern to the majority of the webmaster. read more

Tmall double eleven rural consumption accounted for 10% turnover of about 5 billion 700 million

Tmall eleven turnover of rural consumption accounted for 10%

[TechWeb news] November 17th news, Alibaba 16, held in Beijing, the two share and exchange of eleven. At the meeting, said the Alibaba, the total turnover of 57 billion 100 million yuan this year, rural consumption accounted for up to 10%.

Alibaba group vice president Wang Yulei introduced: sent to rural commodities, ranked in the top ten are: mobile phone, flat screen TV, boots, wool coat, down jacket, down jacket (female) (male), low shoes, bedding, face care, washing machine. Compared with the urban market, the mobile phone is the most popular commodity; flat TV in the countryside ranked second, but only ranked in the city in the fifth place; washing machines in the rural market ranked the first in the city market is not the top ten in the world, the market for the first time in the City, the world’s top tenth. From the urban and rural sales of TOP10 products, there is still a lot of electricity in rural markets. read more

China’s first B2C data open platform fifty nine seconds to lead the full development of the whole ne

at present, China e-commerce market development like a raging fire, but with the overseas capital market of the IPO window is closed, the electricity supplier has entered the era from the burn to enrich the data age based on the precise effect of marketing.

‘s first B2C data open platform – fifty-nine seconds, is the chief executive officer of the precise marketing of electricity supplier. Its core advantage is the summary of the entire network data, free of charge on the network media, developers and businesses three pillars of the industry launched the whole network data precision marketing model. "The traditional e-commerce model has been difficult to adapt to the rapid change of market demand, e-commerce integration" network "concept, or will become the owners of such media and the development of small and medium-sized enterprises is one of the effective solutions of mobile e-commerce." China Electronic Commerce Research Center analyst Zhang Zhouping told reporters. As a major bright spot of mobile e-commerce, the whole network e-commerce model, represents the future of e-commerce and mobile e-commerce towards integration, integration development trend. read more

Share several efficient electricity supplier website marketing methods

What is the most difficult operation of

website, it is the marketing! Especially business website, marketing factors often occupied half! But the improper marketing methods, not only consume a large amount of cost, more terrible is, will cause deficits, according to statistics, this year the recruitment of Internet companies are not optimistic, which is greater than the ice age scene has ten years ago the Internet, now the electricity supplier website, save marketing costs and improve marketing performance, will be the effective method to increase income and reduce expenditure, here I come to share the electricity supplier website marketing methods of high efficiency and low cost, the hope can help to the webmaster friends read more

Network marketing plan implementation plan

in order to better carry out the group purchase network marketing work, improve site traffic and the number of registered users, group purchase network brand construction and Wallace, to ensure the successful completion of the task group purchase group purchase, the maximum benefit, the combination of business liaison department, technology department, website promotion department and other departments cooperate with each other, the successful completion of network marketing the working group purchase network. The following is the work of various departments: read more

Cai Chongxin Vice President Ali Ali is trying to avoid a positive war with the Amazon

for attractive global business market, Ali is firmly take the "low" strategy.

in yesterday’s Hongkong business meeting, vice chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Cai Chongxin said in a speech, the Alibaba will temporarily and rival Amazon direct competition.

Cai Chongxin admitted that Alibaba is trying to avoid each other’s forward line, the short term will not enter each other’s major markets.

November 3rd, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong said at an analyst meeting, said Alibaba to global expansion is a long process. Cai Chongxin’s speech is a supplement to the speech of Zhang Yong, once again stressed the Alibaba for the global market to take a wide grain of the slow tactics. read more

Wo Wo Group launched the 55 Living Mall will have on the future of open peer

news in October 9th 9, Wo Wo Group group purchase website officially launched a new domain name, and the site location for the 55 Living Mall, but now is still in the future of the group purchase Wowo products, the platform will be the other group purchase website open.

is currently 55 Living Mall platform is still in the Wo Wo Group group purchase products, products including catering, leisure and entertainment, delicacy, beauty and health care and other categories of Turisthotellet. Wo Wo Group official said the site now just on the line, the future hope to B2C, will open to business, and the open peer group purchase. read more

Taobao last year half the rate of complaints

May 28th, the reporter learned from Taobao, in 2008, Taobao network transaction complaints significantly reduced, close to half of the rate of complaints in the network transactions in 2007.

it is understood that, in 2008, the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce high tech Zone Branch received a total of 600 cases of Taobao complaints from the same period, while the same period Taobao achieved net purchase transactions amounted to 99 billion 960 million. In other words, in 2008 Taobao online retail transactions, every 100 million yuan transactions, there are only 0.6 trading disputes. read more

Jingdong registered pat easy fast 3 Rich new top level domain name

renamed China ( October 20th news, according to foreign media news, the largest online retailer B2C Chinese Jingdong registered three new top-level domain in.Rich a few days ago, are the "Jingdong" Jingdong.Rich, "pat", "Yi Xun" Yixun.Rich PaiPai.Rich.

.Rich, referred to as rich, rich, is the new top-level domain name of the highest registered domain name, a non premium.Rich domain name registration fee of up to $3000. It is worth noting that Jingdong recently registered three new top-level domain name: Jingdong.Rich, PaiPai.Rich and Yixun.Rich. Pat Network fast and easy net is bought from the Tencent, Jingdong, Alibaba as a Jingdong against chips, pat Network fast and easy network domain name can not be underestimated. read more

Business partner Taobao sour sweet bitter hot away from the body becomes worse

editor’s note: the author Chai son is a Guangdong Taobao venture, choice of entrepreneurial courage to give up high stability. His three months of dribs and drabs worth all ready to enter the field of electricity providers or entrepreneurs who are doing a good job reading.


unknowingly do Taobao has more than three months, these three months for me, can be said to be the lowest point in my life, but also my greatest pressure period, as if to fall to the bottom of life. The past few days have been thinking, I want to write down my life experience, if I do not write, I am afraid that I will forget to write, I am afraid too sad. But today, finally got the courage to write this a few months or some insights and experiences, and give you a share, I hope that the transfer is a positive energy, to inspire everyone to move on. read more

Penguin eating and drinking guide CEO Wang Zhiwei content electricity supplier is a false propositio

Penguin eating and drinking Guide (id:qiechihe), one of the country’s highest quality food and drink vertical from the media, due to the early selection of excellent, excellent video, the industry has become a rapidly rising force. Also because the first will be brought into the field of food assessment content, to get widespread attention. Existing 500 thousand users, monthly sales of more than 2 million.

Wang Zhiwei, Penguin Guide to eating and drinking, co-founder and CEO, graduated from Fudan University. Done consulting investment related work, love to drink wine, love to look around the restaurant. read more