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Jingdong registered pat easy fast 3 Rich new top level domain name

renamed China (eName.cn) October 20th news, according to foreign media news, the largest online retailer B2C Chinese Jingdong registered three new top-level domain in.Rich a few days ago, are the "Jingdong" Jingdong.Rich, "pat", "Yi Xun" Yixun.Rich PaiPai.Rich.

.Rich, referred to as rich, rich, is the new top-level domain name of the highest registered domain name, a non premium.Rich domain name registration fee of up to $3000. It is worth noting that Jingdong recently registered three new top-level domain name: Jingdong.Rich, PaiPai.Rich and Yixun.Rich. Pat Network fast and easy net is bought from the Tencent, Jingdong, Alibaba as a Jingdong against chips, pat Network fast and easy network domain name can not be underestimated. read more

Business partner Taobao sour sweet bitter hot away from the body becomes worse

editor’s note: the author Chai son is a Guangdong Taobao venture, choice of entrepreneurial courage to give up high stability. His three months of dribs and drabs worth all ready to enter the field of electricity providers or entrepreneurs who are doing a good job reading.


unknowingly do Taobao has more than three months, these three months for me, can be said to be the lowest point in my life, but also my greatest pressure period, as if to fall to the bottom of life. The past few days have been thinking, I want to write down my life experience, if I do not write, I am afraid that I will forget to write, I am afraid too sad. But today, finally got the courage to write this a few months or some insights and experiences, and give you a share, I hope that the transfer is a positive energy, to inspire everyone to move on. read more

Penguin eating and drinking guide CEO Wang Zhiwei content electricity supplier is a false propositio

Penguin eating and drinking Guide (id:qiechihe), one of the country’s highest quality food and drink vertical from the media, due to the early selection of excellent, excellent video, the industry has become a rapidly rising force. Also because the first will be brought into the field of food assessment content, to get widespread attention. Existing 500 thousand users, monthly sales of more than 2 million.

Wang Zhiwei, Penguin Guide to eating and drinking, co-founder and CEO, graduated from Fudan University. Done consulting investment related work, love to drink wine, love to look around the restaurant. read more

Liebo acquired the city of angels sent a signal to the electricity supplier what


in last year’s double 11 to 85 million yuan in sales ranked women ranked first, while the annual sales of 500 million yuan in the women’s category ranked in the top three, up from 1000 yuan to 500 million yuan in 2005, just over a period of 7 years, the development speed is enough to make the same behavior at. However, relatively few tens of billions of brands on the ground floor, it seems a little insignificant. For the Amoy brand, it seems at this stage began to encounter the ceiling, want to break through 1 billion this threshold is difficult, therefore, to integrate through the acquisition of the city of angels, brewing the next step of the listing plan is undoubtedly the fastest way. read more

Pharmaceutical electricity supplier is underway the first batch of 1 stores were the first nternet

can sell things online is now growing, medicine online retail market also began deregulation in recent days, the State Food and Drug Administration on the 25 day of the month officially approved and agreed to No. 1 shop became the third party Internet drugs online retail platform pilot enterprises.

documents show that the State Food and Drug Administration agreed to Shanghai food and drug administration to Niuhai Electronic Commerce (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Note: Shop No. 1) as the pilot unit to carry out experimental drugs online retail Internet related work on the third platform ". This is also the first comprehensive electricity supplier business qualifications. read more

Staging shopping platform for college students in College shopping backing diversion of purchasin

more than eleven temperature is not over, just when we hesitate to chop hand, twelve with enthusiasm and full of discount Pumianerlai, let the small owners hands itch again. In the face of one after another shopping spree, college students have what kind of attitude? Therefore, renren.com launched the "students – consumer behavior survey, statistics show: 50% students prepare for next twelve, per capita consumption is expected in the range of 200-400 yuan, while the consumption of college students is more diverse, nearly 40% of students choose students staging shopping platform join twelve. read more

SAC double 11 electricity supplier is still selling issues products with high detection rate

this year, double eleven electricity supplier war just over a month, but the story does not end.

yesterday (December 11th), the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Department Supervisor announced in this year’s "double eleven" period, the various B2C class business platform Day promotional products, sampling results.

sampling according to the State Administration of industry and commerce, in 207 batches of samples, most qualified genuine, but also found that 15 batches of 6 samples belonging to the electronic business platform on the counterfeit goods or highly suspected counterfeit goods, in addition to the quality of 7 batches of samples failed or the label does not comply with the law. read more

The opening of the forum in Davos steel mesh steel electricity supplier industry contrarian rise

eighth years after the outbreak of the international financial crisis, the world economic recovery is still weak, full of uncertainty. Coincides with the summer Davos forum settled in ten years as China, the world’s attention to the East: how to realize the steel industry capacity to target? How to achieve better Chinese economic growth? How can we really win the future industrial innovation? What is the future of the 4 all over the world to hear the answers?.

June 26th to 28, held in Davos in the summer of 2016 in Tianjin, this year is also the new leader of the year will come to China’s tenth year. The next year will be the fourth industrial revolution: the transformation of the power as the theme, the participants will focus on this theme, to explore innovation, remodeling growth, re set system and other issues. read more

Taobao thousands of Japanese purchasing shop due to earthquake suspension


reporter entered Japan shopping on taobao.com, to search related sellers of 5553 people, including 1801 sellers is located in Japan, which has many shops hang out a notice to suspend delivery, rough statistics has more than 1000.

most of these shops to buy Japanese cosmetics, milk powder, daily necessities and other commodities. Many sellers said that the earthquake caused a serious impact on Japan’s purchasing, because of travel difficulties, traffic congestion, shop will be hungry soon". read more

Jingdong 20 yuan transferred subsidiary Mini pick 80% shares behind the profit and loss

Jingdong 20 yuan to transfer its subsidiary shares was 80% Mini pick founder sue

March 10, 2014 Lai Dandan, founder of the Jingdong’s Japanese and Korean brands vertical electricity supplier website Mini pick the receive letter, displays the contents of the Jingdong will store the transfer price of 20 yuan subsidiary – Shanghai is International Trade Co. Ltd. (Mini pick operations subject, hereinafter referred to as the Shang International) 80% of the shares. April 1st, Lai Dandan to the controlling shareholder harm the interests of the company as an excuse to prosecute Jingdong, Shanghai City People’s court has formally accepted the case on file. read more

No gift on the Christmas tree electricity providers generally can not be honored before the delivery

NetEase technology news on December 26th, according to the Wall Street Journal reported that many customers rush to buy gifts before Christmas, but delivery delays make this year’s Christmas is particularly bleak.

Amazon, WAL-MART and Cole department store (Kohl’sCorp) and other companies have promised to deliver the goods before christmas. But the national transport delay families live a Christmas without gifts under the Christmas tree, they absolutely empty, not a gift can be placed. read more

Teach you how to write a good description

We know that

, SEO, user experience is always our focus, less user experience SEO is the failure of SEO, it is impossible to have a high conversion rate, so, good product description or baby description is inside a user experience is very important, we do this, for to improve the conversion rate can play a very important role. Today, I learn the most commonly used and the most reasonable commodity description model. This model can be summed up in three words, the first sentence is in the picture as the center, the second is from the angle of object description, the third sentence is from the perspective of people to describe. read more

Tao Aimin Taobao deal triggered by a series of electricity supplier thinking

following the Taobao C2C platform for the entire network of consumer protection, Taobao has issued a series of new policies, these policies are indicative of Taobao is trying to improve their service levels, improve their own shopping system.

But the Taobao

to the mall users seem to be overdone, pay each year to improve businesses need mall 5 times more than the original, Taobao claims that the move is to safeguard the interests of buyers mall, mall sellers improve service quality. At the same time, as long as Taobao mall mall sellers to meet the requirements of Taobao, it will be returned in part or in full to pay more funds. This statement seems reasonable, but it is clear to squeeze out the existence of small and medium sellers Taobao mall. For the seller, it is easy to reach the requirements of Taobao, so after Taobao return now big sellers need to pay an annual fee of real than before there is not much change, however small sellers in a short time is difficult to meet Taobao’s request, or pay a hefty fee, or out of the two Taobao Mall Road choose one, to continue to develop. For big sellers, they cut down a lot of competitors and don’t have to spend much money. This is undoubtedly the Taobao brand will enhance the mall trick, Taobao mall positioning for the concentration of big sellers, to attract more consumers and increase the market share of Taobao mall in B2C. read more

Why do investors like the nternet

last week, relying on the Internet within a year, the rapid development of the explosion of red west master won the capital today tens of millions of yuan in the second round of financing, but also "new for old", shutting down the Wudaokou West master universe headquarters ", it is near the new 210 square meters flagship store all. Compared to those of traditional food of old, in recent years the prevalence of the "O2O" store is really fast. So these "Internet plus" the child is no disadvantage? And public comments about them is how? The traditional catering enterprises should learn what to listen to them? MO digs up their material, we chatted. read more

Food and Drug Administration no store network ordering a minimum penalty of 50 thousand

third party platform catering service providers should be reviewed on site

(reporter Yang Bin) to provide network catering services, must have a physical store and obtain food business license. Otherwise, will be at a minimum fine of 50 thousand yuan. State Food and Drug Administration recently announced the "network catering service supervision and management approach (Draft)", the third party platform network catering services to the catering service providers on-site examination and registration. read more

October mummy to try O2O mode

with the Amoy brand, some small and medium-sized clothing brand open shop to gain a complete victory of some influential brands, "Hold live", have opened up the electricity supplier in the new territories. While pregnant with a well-known brand in the on-line year October mummy business will reach monthly sales exceeded ten million in April this year, Sequoia Capital investment is not the electricity supplier valuation October mummy when included, but now feel like picking up a wallet. read more

The NBA CN domain name was registered after the mediation to NBA

NBA of the United States to open up the market in Chinese, but met a Guangzhou company registered the domain name NBA! Yesterday, a reporter from the Guangzhou City Intermediate People’s court learned that the case has a NBA domain name was registered in the hospital mediation, the two sides reached a settlement agreement, the domain name from NBA to repurchase all. The case is due to the high degree of concern has been included in the Guangzhou intermediate people’s court yesterday released the 2004 to 2008 Guangzhou intellectual property civil trial of the ten cases, puma company’s large-scale rights litigation and Mashimaro and other cases also were included in the ten list. read more

Analysis on the development of third party payment enterprises in the field of mobile payment

mobile payment after ten years of development, to 2012, the mobile payment policies and standards finally began to gradually refine, improve. Subsequently, China’s third party payment industry development system has gradually matured, basically formed a relatively complete industrial chain structure, its payment channels, payment media and payment applications show a diversified development trend.

at the end of March 2013, China has 223 companies received the third party payment license, license type covered prepaid card acceptance, prepaid card issuance, Internet payment, bank card acquiring, payment, mobile phone payment, digital TV pay fixed telephone system of 7 business. Its distribution areas are mainly concentrated in Shanghai (53), Beijing (47), Guangdong (21) in the three regions. read more

Jingdong low cost strategy refers to the hype Publishing House said to disrupt its system

"each book is 20% cheaper than its rivals." Following the announcement 4 days after the launch of the price war, Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong yesterday (December 14th), said on micro-blog, will be a substantial reduction in the book membership price within 24 hours, to ensure that more than 20% cheaper. Since then, the book B2C market price war began.

and Liu Qiangdong will be at the end of the matter is relentless commitment or a gimmick, anyway, publishers are not willing to watch the book by the Jingdong "cheap". Century Publishing Group Vice President Shi Hongjun after the discovery of the company published the "intention" suffered the Jingdong below the purchase price sales, no longer hold the. "We are the statistics of how many books below the purchase price of the sale in the Jingdong, Jingdong will be also officially negotiations, asking them to stop the behavior, otherwise it will refuse to supply read more