Sixth aunt Chuanchuan Xiang how to join

Malatang is our mouth

Chuanchuan Xiang, in the catering industry in many clusters of incense to join in the project both six Chuanchuan Xiang sought after by people, just because of its origin there is a touching story…

Sichuan is Leshan Minjiang, Qingyi River and Dadu River confluence of Sanjiang. In Leshan, Sanjiang (called Jiazhou) together, was fierce, destroy three river wall, often caused the boat crash tragedy. Tang Kaiyuan, a monk Haitong mage sympathetic to the masses, trying to take advantage of the power of Dharma, to reduce the water potential, Yong Zhen Feng tao. He is all over the world, offering money carved buddha. His Buddha also moved the people along the river. Because many builders, in daily meals, also can not meet the demand. So the surrounding good cooking women have come to help. read more


Missmilk yogurt project market prospects for the development of good

delicious yogurt, in our lives, has always been very important to the existence of. Missmilk yogurt? The quality of yogurt, for business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very potential brand to join the project. Join missmilk yogurt project, has been very hot to join the project!

yogurt food rich consumer life, but also for the health of consumers has brought a lot of protection, so that consumers enjoy the tip of the tongue, the market demand is very large. Missmilk yogurt family for many years to provide consumers with more delicious and nutritious yogurt food, in the market by numerous consumers trust and support, the market prospect is very broad. read more


School week to open a tea shop operating details

almost all schools have a circle of tea shop figure, this kind of shop has been welcomed by students, franchisees also make money keep. If you want to open a tea shop in the school week, then how to operate is the best? If you have not thought about this issue before, you can look at the small series finishing analysis.

first, not too close to the school, about fifty meters, can not be too far, in particular, can not cross the fork. Because it is too close, the students just out of school, but also did not expect to buy something to eat, or want to buy, too many people, the teacher is still around, teachers are not elementary education spending; and is too far away, the parents may have been picked up the home swiftly. Fifty meters, the largest number of people, the car is difficult to walk, all students sitting in the car, they will want to buy good, and parents feel anyway also go out, let the children go to buy a cup of tea to drink, or buy some snacks to eat is also very good. read more


Novice shop to keep in mind four points

for a novice, the shop is actually a business trouble, do a good job can be easily, do not, it is difficult to let the business on track. New open shop venture, the first 3 months of the most difficult, how to get out of business bad circle? Senior shopkeepers share four points.

The first point is:

. The principle of master

select shop business, must be prepared to fight a protracted war rations. A lot of people in the early preparation is insufficient, did not think how long? How long can boil? Or how long it will take the store to give up, give up. read more


Two sales focus on customer service

saw two will be coming, the major stores again ushered in a hot sales time. However, want to let the business booming business, but also need people to do more preparation work, get more customer recognition. In the two sales process, I think the service is the eternal theme of retail customers. Nowadays, customers are increasingly demanding service. Through years of practice, I found that the more in the sales season, the service can not be ignored.

first, to stimulate the customer want to enter the shop desire. When customers come to the store, we greet customers in what way, so that customers have the desire to enter the store is very important. My approach is to use the "near" approach to draw customers, give him a sense of intimacy. Whenever there is a customer to find out the door, I was the first to use a smile in the eyes of the exchange with the customer, if you know, said: "Hello, come shopping!" read more


The world’s ten major leather brand rankings

for fur loved by people all over the world are the same, so let the world fur market has a lot of brands. So, in the world, what brand of leather is good? Let Xiaobian for everyone secret world ten big leather brand rankings, so that we can make a better reference to consumers.

world ten big leather brand ranking NO.1, snow leopard, snow leopard Zhejiang clothing Limited company is a well-known domestic enterprises was founded in the beginning of reform and opening up has a long history, is located in the "China leather capital" in Haining. Our company is a large enterprise specializing in the production of leather, the company has snow leopard snow leopard dress, unique design style and quality of the production process is the "Snow Leopard" in the area has become a well-known brand maker known to every family. read more


.XXX domain name registration first days overrespond 50 thousand domain name was registered

renamed China December 8th hearing, U.S. Eastern time December 6th 11 officially open registration.XXX domain names, in just a few hours to 2500 domain name registrations, as of 7 at 11 in the morning, a total of 55367 registered.XXX domain name.

it is understood that the.XXX domain name registered retail price is slightly more expensive than other domains, about $30. The first day of the more than 50 thousand registrations brought in $1 million 600 thousand in revenue.

ICM Hugh Joargun Registration Bureau said: "now, even the.COM domain name looks are not our opponents, we completely excited, we will hold a celebration". read more


WEB development network launched CMS third party demo platform

news March 12th focus in the field of CMS webmaster portal WEB development network ( today officially launched the CMS demonstration platform, the on-line platform for WEB programmers to provide a broad exhibition space, let the webmaster through the actual use of contrast, quickly find their own CMS station program. It is understood that this will be the first to showcase CMS products and the two development and application of the third party demonstration platform.

According to the read more


DY161 movie network and other 8 cases of typical cases of network piracy notification

of the national copyright administration, the state Internet Information Office, Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of public security four departments jointly issued the "notice on carrying out the fight against Internet piracy" Jian Wang 2014 "special action" (Xin Guang Ming Electric (2014) No. 14), all localities and departments to make timely deployment, strengthen coordination, actively conscientiously carry out the clean-up inspection of Internet piracy cases have been filed to accelerate progress in investigating, actively carry out investigations on a number of newly discovered clues to the formation of a high pressure situation crackdown on Internet piracy. The recent 8 Internet piracy cases focus on supervision of the State Administration of copyright and information is as follows: read more


Daily topics Suning PPTV acquisitions drama ended Su Ningcheng’s largest shareholder

webmaster network ( October 29th news, Suning and PPTV spread for more than six months of scandal finally fell the curtain. Suning joint $420 million Hony Holdings PPTV. Suning invested $250 million, accounting for 44% of PPTV shares, becoming the largest stock. Hony capital to the PPTV investment of $170 million, representing approximately 30% of the shares.


for this transaction, the industry are not surprised, announced only a matter of time. But it is difficult for someone to be able to clearly understand the system, Suning in the end what to buy PPTV. In fact, for now, Suning and PPTV, in addition to the money, it is difficult to match the demand from the essential logical find and PPTV. read more


Telecom station across the board approach where can reasoning

starts at 7 a.m. on the morning of April 1, and the easy to travel and Travel outlets are not open in some areas of the. For the first time, received a notification, the domain name is not on the list of telecommunications, the company needs to provide detailed information and record information. After half a day, the network has been restored. This is in less than a month for the two time the case, the loss of business also don’t tell, can only swallow their teeth.

what’s going on? Why some areas not open? Because in some areas, the 80 port of our server was closed! The reservation is Yi did not comply with the rules? No! The record in 05 years ago is ready! Don’t say ICP, we have ICP that is why! Letter? Because Dongguan Telecom to check whether the vulgar information "on the grounds that the hows and whys of a matter multiple IP segments, across the board, there is no illegal information are all blocked! Not complain, also do not understand how our Internet managers why must use this method to deal with the problem. The problem, we call a service call to consult, or no answer, or say to notify the other leaders! Special treatment, but the network said too many people who request, processing is not over, was closed with thousands of machines, you have to wait for read more


Personal website when going out

after more than two months of winter, personal website finally look forward to a ray of light. For individual users to close the ".Cn" domain name registration to open again, the individual has the authority to open the site for the first time a positive response to the official. However, in the face of some of the specific rules of the site for the record, many personal website owners seem worried. However, with the concern about NPC and CPPCC "during the CPPCC members on the small website development and the government departments of the state," the end of hills and rivers no doubt "the grassroots webmaster seems to usher in the There is a way out". read more


Zhang Xiangdong Ali shares 540 million cash injection is not all

    September 29th afternoon, the Alibaba announced the 540 million strategic investment Chinese network (hereinafter referred to as the nets) news, CEO said today in an Sina network technology connection, although Alibaba will obtain all 85% of the shares, but 540 million yuan of cash is not directly into the network.

Alibaba announced yesterday will pay 540 million yuan in cash, the two get Internet infrastructure service provider network in China operating Chinese equity, which is listed on the Alibaba since the single largest foreign investment. read more


Holland sentenced Samsung violated Apple’s patents Galaxy products sales


technology news (He Ying) November 29th Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, a Holland Court on Wednesday to make Apple’s decision, order banning the sale of certain models of the Samsung Galaxy tablet computer and smart mobile phone, the reason is a violation of Apple’s patent.

this ban applies to the old Samsung Android products, these products are used by the touch screen to drag the picture album, Apple has got a patent for this method. The court said that these products, including 2.2.1 and above versions of Galaxy devices, these devices did not use the updated flash blue (blue) flash technology. read more


Product Hunt this site has only 1 employees melt $6 million

[Abstract]Product Hunt is similar to the app store recommendation, the biggest feature is to recommend new and interesting new APP.


technology news (Han Yimin) in mid September, the APP Product Hunt website recommend sharing the famous Silicon Valley venture capital Andreessen Horowitz company (hereinafter referred to as "A16Z") brought A $6 million round of financing investment, but this time from its got $1 million seed round of investment after January.

two months easily get two financing Product Hunt and application store recommended maximum function is similar, APP recommend new interesting for users. This page is extremely simple, new applications according to the number of votes in descending order, click on the application name can jump to the APP web site, registered users can vote and comment on these applications, application developers will also be invited to come to communicate with other people. read more


The Ministry of public security and other six departments Telecommunications fraud committed before

news September 23rd, occurred shortly before the students fraud deadly case drew national attention, we are clearly aware that, only by strengthening the awareness of anti fraud is not enough, should from the source to reduce or even eliminate the occurrence of telecommunications fraud.

today, the Ministry of public security and other six departments jointly issued on the prevention and combating of telecommunications network fraud notice, clearly put forward the following points: before October 31st, telecommunications fraud officers voluntarily surrender, confession, a lighter punishment according to law; before the end of October this year to ensure that the phone real name rate up to 96%, before the end of 100% commercial banks to strictly; the implementation of " the same customer with a bank debit card does not exceed 4 " rigorous; any unit or individual illegal acquisition, sale, providing personal information etc.. read more


Kang Sheng test QQ login mode QQconnect

September 28th, according to sources, Comsenz and Tencent QQ account open has entered into a substantive stage. At present, Kang Sheng started beta login QQ community website screenshot login window mode, is also the first exposure.

last week, Comsenz CEO Dai Zhikang in an interview with the Sohu IT, expected in October 1st, Kang Sheng will publish internal test version, and then through the QQ, users can through the QQ landing platform website using Discuz. However, he also said that Kang Sheng will not be forced to use the webmaster Tencent system, the webmaster can choose whether to open up with QQ account. read more


Webmaster daily broadcast Youku potatoes account Dangdang Dangdang into the field of alcohol

1, Youku potatoes integration start: today account interconnection

Sohu IT news, Youku and Tudou from today to achieve account connection, both users can use one of the site account login two sites, which is seen as the beginning of the integration of the two sides. It is reported that the user can establish the account of the two sites to connect, from today, potatoes, potatoes, potatoes, users can use the account login Youku, Youku users can also use Youku account landing tudou. Youku and Tudou announced on March 12th the official merger, data show that after the merger of both users coverage of nearly 80%. read more


How to look at the results of the network letter to Baidu

May 9, 2016 evening, the survey lasted a week later, the National Network letter office joint investigation team announced the results of the investigation stationed in Baidu. The investigation team believes that Baidu search relevant keywords ranking results objectively medical treatment had an impact on Wei Zexi, Baidu bidding mechanism has paid too high, the weight problem of bidding business promotion label is not clear, the impact of the search results of the fairness and objectivity, easy to mislead users, must immediately rectification. read more