Share several efficient electricity supplier website marketing methods

What is the most difficult operation of

website, it is the marketing! Especially business website, marketing factors often occupied half! But the improper marketing methods, not only consume a large amount of cost, more terrible is, will cause deficits, according to statistics, this year the recruitment of Internet companies are not optimistic, which is greater than the ice age scene has ten years ago the Internet, now the electricity supplier website, save marketing costs and improve marketing performance, will be the effective method to increase income and reduce expenditure, here I come to share the electricity supplier website marketing methods of high efficiency and low cost, the hope can help to the webmaster friends


A: vomiting blood sale, is to attract the eye of

In fact,

e-commerce website marketing methods, many are learning to promote offline mode, hematemesis sale is undoubtedly a kind of best gimmick, such as a product to obtain a lower discount, so you can use the vomiting blood sale, and the products on sale, in order to attract more users, many smart client, already feel the mystery, but seeing this attractive temptation, will still be happy when, especially female friends, in order to give yourself a reason for shopping, shopping or reason, always invite friends call friends to this site! Then can’t help to myself the online Alipay! The previous news reports have confirmed the means of marketing, a female net friend a month online shopping bill up to tens of thousands, is this What is fierce, because saw all kinds of vomiting blood sale, promotional activities! And online shopping does not need to spend money, so pay up, happy love is not about money, and finally bought a lot of useless things at home


two: premium sales, taking the marketing resources

for electricity supplier sites, sales with prize, the purpose is not to let consumers get awards, we can use the lottery sales, and this award is very large, so that it is shocking, then asks the user to fill out the real information, taking QQ, e-mail, mobile phone number can be a tool of communication, and the these resources are put inside a database for later at any time point to point and specific marketing, can obtain the prize, that is a day do not know, now engaged in all kinds of lottery tickets, lottery sales, many are a gimmick, this is also our Counterplot, get more users to build their own data the marketing target of


three: spike to earn the brand effect

many of the electricity supplier website or platform will regularly launch all kinds of products of seckill activities, these activities are really seckill for the users because I never can make nothing of it, but because the success of seckill seckill, short time gathering popularity have been a gasp in admiration, once in a business platform, found that only three days activities, even gathered tens of thousands of people fighting for users, but the products are less than one hundred, and that these products seckill price is not.


Network marketing plan implementation plan

in order to better carry out the group purchase network marketing work, improve site traffic and the number of registered users, group purchase network brand construction and Wallace, to ensure the successful completion of the task group purchase group purchase, the maximum benefit, the combination of business liaison department, technology department, website promotion department and other departments cooperate with each other, the successful completion of network marketing the working group purchase network. The following is the work of various departments:

a. Web Technology Department

work content: 1. The establishment of the website; two. Site security maintenance; three. Statistical analysis of webmaster tools

Implementation Summary:

1 site to establish: imitate Group buy site model, the production of the establishment or purchase of a purchase of their own intellectual property rights or authorization of the site, do not use free of charge to buy the network source code. Need to note is the website construction group purchase is not the problem, and design a set of network group purchase group purchase for China user habits is the core problem, so entrepreneurs can network group purchase group purchase several net model reference, learn from.

2 website security maintenance: to ensure the normal operation of the website program, the program error cannot, can not open the page group purchase; two to ensure the spatial load, some network group purchase single group hundred, some single group can reach tens of thousands of, it is recommended to use a separate space.

3 webmaster statistical tools analysis: this work needs to cooperate with the promotion department, the analysis of the day of the IP source, the effect of the day to promote the evaluation of the network to promote the implementation of the program.


business liaison department

work content: first, to discuss business cooperation; two. Buy order delivery guide

Implementation Summary:

1: merchants and merchants to negotiate the selection of products: businesses should have the business license of the enterprise, it is best to have a certain well-known enterprises in the industry; the choice of products with local residents consumption demand and supply and demand of local market residents love good products. How to choose business and products: pay attention to the local print media advertising, the initiative is being organized by the promotional activities of enterprises, to discuss cooperation matters. Third, to buy goods and product information communicated to the promotion department.

2 group purchase order delivery guide: answer group overview about this group purchase products of answering questions about the tour guide tour of the consumer group purchase orders order.

three, promotion department

work content: 1. Offline media advertising. Two leaflets of the release of the three. Network media advertising on the network promotion strategy

Implementation Summary:

media advertising 1 put under the line: choose the time in the local newspaper to do some advertising and business information group purchase, to work together to do group purchase activities to promote advertising, which can reduce advertising costs, also can make the business and group purchase network to achieve.


Cai Chongxin, Vice President Ali Ali is trying to avoid a positive war with the Amazon

for attractive global business market, Ali is firmly take the "low" strategy.

in yesterday’s Hongkong business meeting, vice chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Cai Chongxin said in a speech, the Alibaba will temporarily and rival Amazon direct competition.

Cai Chongxin admitted that Alibaba is trying to avoid each other’s forward line, the short term will not enter each other’s major markets.

November 3rd, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong said at an analyst meeting, said Alibaba to global expansion is a long process. Cai Chongxin’s speech is a supplement to the speech of Zhang Yong, once again stressed the Alibaba for the global market to take a wide grain of the slow tactics.


Cai Chongxin also pointed out that although the Amazon is not a sign of weakness, a step ahead to develop the market of the United States, Britain, Germany and Japan, but the Alibaba is currently focused on the domestic market and Southeast Asia business growth is very rapid, including buying Southeast Asia’s largest online retailer Lazada stake.

even if the two sides want to go to war, the next battlefield is likely not the other side of the current main market, but the third party area. Where we are not clear." Cai Chongxin said.

said so, Ali is not trying to start from Amazon’s backyard. In June 2014, Ali had been in the United States through a subsidiary of 11 Main vigorously carry out local business, but is called "the U.S. version of Tmall’s Main 11 performance as expected, only 11 Main Ali in July 2015 will be sold to the United States local electricity supplier OpenSky. On the attempt and defeat, Cai Chongxin did not mention in his speech.


seems to Cai Chongxin, Chinese enterprises to enter the overseas market is a major obstacle to language, after all, in the global business activities, English is far more popular than mandarin. This is one of the reasons why he thinks the overseas market is going to be a long and difficult process.

Ali on the current business situation, Cai Chongxin’s calm can also be understood. According to the 2017 quarter of this year, released the fiscal year second earnings, Alibaba quarter revenue of $34 billion 290 million, an increase of 55%, more than analysts expected $33 billion 900 million. Among them, the huge volume of Alibaba e-commerce business is still maintaining sustained growth in the quarter revenue grew 41% to reach $28 billion 490 million.

in the domestic market potential has not been fully developed, Alibaba is not eager to take the risk of expanding the international market, nor is it in a hurry to declare war on the amazon. The real world electricity supplier war, it seems not so fast start.


Wo Wo Group launched the 55 Living Mall will have on the future of open peer

news in October 9th 9, Wo Wo Group group purchase website officially launched a new domain name, and the site location for the 55 Living Mall, but now is still in the future of the group purchase Wowo products, the platform will be the other group purchase website open.


is currently 55 Living Mall platform is still in the Wo Wo Group group purchase products, products including catering, leisure and entertainment, delicacy, beauty and health care and other categories of Turisthotellet. Wo Wo Group official said the site now just on the line, the future hope to B2C, will open to business, and the open peer group purchase.

according to reports, the 55 Living Mall is recruiting merchants settled, responsible person believes that due to Wo Wo Group and 55 living mall located, so the two do not constitute a competitive relationship. Prior to this, Wo Wo Group CEO Xu Maodong also said that Wo Wo Group’s purchase of but not in group purchase navigation services, but will be located in B2C mall.


Taobao last year, half the rate of complaints

May 28th, the reporter learned from Taobao, in 2008, Taobao network transaction complaints significantly reduced, close to half of the rate of complaints in the network transactions in 2007.

it is understood that, in 2008, the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce high tech Zone Branch received a total of 600 cases of Taobao complaints from the same period, while the same period Taobao achieved net purchase transactions amounted to 99 billion 960 million. In other words, in 2008 Taobao online retail transactions, every 100 million yuan transactions, there are only 0.6 trading disputes.

Taobao said that for the quality control of goods, there are six sigma international standards, in accordance with the standard of "Six Sigma", each of the 1 million products have only two defects. In accordance with the current situation of Taobao transactions, has far exceeded this standard.

Taobao chief operating officer Mr. Zhang Yong also told reporters that Taobao is the best selling clothing.

according to Taobao data, as of the end of last year, the number of registered members of Taobao has been close to 1 hundred million, the number of goods is more than 2 hundred million, the average daily volume reached 600 million. There is no doubt that China is the largest shopping mall".

face a huge amount of transactions, transaction security has become more and more attention to online shopping participants. The day before, also specifically held in Hangzhou "China e-commerce security policy forum" to discuss with regulators, peers, establish network transaction safety standards "Chinese".

it is understood that the 2006 – 2008, Hangzhou network monitoring department received a total of 1535 online account funds theft alarm, the online bank accounts stolen 936, various other payment platform user accounts stolen from a total of 599 cases. In addition, a variety of phishing sites do everything possible to fake Taobao, pat Network fraud online user transactions, the total case reached 2324.

in the past, Taobao has developed a "heart, diamond crown," as the representative of the "evaluation standard", "Alipay" as the representative of the "payment standards"; the next transaction "safety standards" how to develop, become all network participants are thinking about the problem.


Jingdong registered pat, easy fast 3.Rich new top-level domain name

renamed China ( October 20th news, according to foreign media news, the largest online retailer B2C Chinese Jingdong registered three new top-level domain in.Rich a few days ago, are the "Jingdong" Jingdong.Rich, "pat", "Yi Xun" Yixun.Rich PaiPai.Rich.

.Rich, referred to as rich, rich, is the new top-level domain name of the highest registered domain name, a non premium.Rich domain name registration fee of up to $3000. It is worth noting that Jingdong recently registered three new top-level domain name: Jingdong.Rich, PaiPai.Rich and Yixun.Rich. Pat Network fast and easy net is bought from the Tencent, Jingdong, Alibaba as a Jingdong against chips, pat Network fast and easy network domain name can not be underestimated.

Jingdong in May prior to listing on Nasdaq, the current market value of $30 billion. All along, the Jingdong in the protection of domain name is very hard, not only spend millions with short to replace the original domain name, the domain name, also protects the series of domain name, the domain name and other luxury prices.


Business partner Taobao sour, sweet, bitter, hot away from the body becomes worse

editor’s note: the author Chai son is a Guangdong Taobao venture, choice of entrepreneurial courage to give up high stability. His three months of dribs and drabs worth all ready to enter the field of electricity providers or entrepreneurs who are doing a good job reading.


unknowingly do Taobao has more than three months, these three months for me, can be said to be the lowest point in my life, but also my greatest pressure period, as if to fall to the bottom of life. The past few days have been thinking, I want to write down my life experience, if I do not write, I am afraid that I will forget to write, I am afraid too sad. But today, finally got the courage to write this a few months or some insights and experiences, and give you a share, I hope that the transfer is a positive energy, to inspire everyone to move on.

I do Taobao officially in May 20th, why choose this day, the first day, it is easy to remember, I love you 520; second, it is the first week I resigned from the work on Monday, the official opening of my Taobao life. In such a romantic day opened my bitter forced Taobao life.

In fact, Taobao has been doing

I complex, in the "my story" and Taobao also Piven about me and the origin edge of Taobao, after several years of the past, this time I finally got the courage to give up my job, I gave up the stable life, even abandoned me dignity, against all kinds of pressure, to do my Taobao, is to not let myself regret again, I want to prove to everyone to see, I must mix a variety in Taobao.

open Taobao entrepreneurial journey

if you want to do, to do a good job in Taobao, I a person is not enough, only minor. So I want to start a few friends together, is a good purchase network is wide, and can do some foreign procurement work; the other is my last advertising company design director, he is mainly responsible for the design; and I is mainly responsible for Taobao’s operation and promotion, and the whole business planning and co-ordination. It looks like we three is a perfect team, we have a period of running, we are very understanding, the key is we are very interested in, want to start the business, want to do this thing, it seems that a successful close to us.

the three of us decided to start at that time, we are very excited, this was the "China partner" this movie, three of us go to the movies feel that success and bitterness. Chinese type partner. At that time, we wanted to be a partner like Cheng Dongqing, Wang Yang and Meng Xiaojun.

always imagine our future, you can become a Taobao category first, there can be ten operators for the year 2013 and so on, in a word, feeling good all waiting for us, of course, not successful we also have to consider, but better than the poor to think more point. We have been through more than a month of communication and intrigue


Penguin eating and drinking guide CEO Wang Zhiwei content electricity supplier is a false propositio

Penguin eating and drinking Guide (id:qiechihe), one of the country’s highest quality food and drink vertical from the media, due to the early selection of excellent, excellent video, the industry has become a rapidly rising force. Also because the first will be brought into the field of food assessment content, to get widespread attention. Existing 500 thousand users, monthly sales of more than 2 million.

Wang Zhiwei, Penguin Guide to eating and drinking, co-founder and CEO, graduated from Fudan University. Done consulting investment related work, love to drink wine, love to look around the restaurant.

NO.1 personal situation and public number development process

plug in College: your previous work experience, what do you have to do more obvious impact?

Wang Zhiwei: This is the first time to do the company, really began to do business. Penguin Guide to eating and drinking, now has about 500000 fans, the beginning of this year to do electricity supplier, this month’s sales have been over 2 million.

prior to the business experience of the impact of a lot of entrepreneurship, before doing a lot of consumer items, then the thinking method is now very helpful. Because it is to do consulting origin, will think a lot, will expect a lot of bad situation.

but I think it’s all good. Do something on the blind hand, between the company’s overall resources, the heart qi and colleagues a lot of things, is a great waste of.

plug in College: how do you locate the first


Wang Zhiwei: first, we are interested in doing business. We then judge, electricity supplier is a big trend, because no matter the wine category, or other vertical categories related to eating and drinking, there are many opportunities in the internet.

second, a few Wine from before me, do not understand completely to begin to understand a little bit, take a lot of detours, spend a lot of money and time, so there are many categories of products and know there is a barrier for users. Many categories of barriers to the user is still a little high, users do not know what they should consume. In terms of wine, most consumers do not know what they should buy. He may have a very vague concept, think Wine for health, is an advanced stuff, but when it comes to specific products, they are still ignorant.

third, from the perspective of the Internet electricity supplier, the flow is expensive. At that time, I would like to do the content, first gathered fans, and then look at how to transform.

socket College: that there is no obvious

phase error?

Wang Zhiwei: Yes, we used to have two partners, and in April last year, the two of them left because of different ideas. We used to be more personal, a bit like the "Luo Ji Thinking" of the game, focused on the network red, red network as the carrier of food.

but after the separation, we on the concept of Red Net delicacy from far more, do some.


Bank of China collection has been adjusted to 60, affecting the foreign union checks

Recently we are in the reaction Chinese bank collection business commission and to raise a sum of 60 yuan, is a sum of $30 before.

it reduces the number of transactions.

or $$50 only 400 yuan, but also to the bank 60 yuan, is not worthwhile.

similarly to Google, Adsense also is such, can increase the pay, set $300  to $500;.

1) join the Asian Dating Center to start your online money making plan "

2) quickly apply for Google Adsense advertising:

tidy collection procedures

required procedures are as follows:

1, get the check from the postman, take the check and your ID card to the local bank of China for check collection.

2, ICBC, CCB and other international clearing banks are now able to handle this business.

3, usually in the Bank of China in the foreign currency or foreign currency Department of the counter for collection procedures, do not forget to fill in your phone number.

4, you need to pay a certain fee to the Bank of China and check the mailing fee. The fees are different according to the situation, but is generally around 60 yuan per check.

5, pick up the receipt, about 1 months or so the bank will call to inform you of the collection success.

6, take your receipt and ID card to the foreign currency counter, then you can see your dollar! Banks can also be directly converted into RMB, is currently around 1:8.

related questions:

1, as long as the English address is correct, you can receive a check from a foreign advertising sponsor for about two or three weeks. If you still haven’t received a check in 1 months, you should write to the sponsor and ask for a new post.

2, after receipt of the check, the Bank of China should be more than the county branch, request the collection of checks.

3, 1 months later, you can go to the bank to ask whether the collection is successful.

4, checks are valid for a period of 60 months, generally marked on the check, such as "Void after days" refers to the date from the date of completion of the collection within the effective date of collection within 90 days. The maturity date of the check is based on the date of receipt of the local bank. All in all, we should collect the check as soon as possible. 5, after receiving the check if my account is deleted, but also collection and received the money? Can, in most cases can also.


Liebo acquired the city of angels sent a signal to the electricity supplier what



in last year’s double 11 to 85 million yuan in sales ranked women ranked first, while the annual sales of 500 million yuan in the women’s category ranked in the top three, up from 1000 yuan to 500 million yuan in 2005, just over a period of 7 years, the development speed is enough to make the same behavior at. However, relatively few tens of billions of brands on the ground floor, it seems a little insignificant. For the Amoy brand, it seems at this stage began to encounter the ceiling, want to break through 1 billion this threshold is difficult, therefore, to integrate through the acquisition of the city of angels, brewing the next step of the listing plan is undoubtedly the fastest way.

although at the beginning of the acquisition, suffered an embarrassing strike of the angels of the city staff, but this episode will soon be resolved. Personally, Liebo bold step out of this is a very wise choice. Earlier reports from the Amoy brand Yin man and pretty intentionally by buying some of Taobao’s big sellers, all sorts of signs that Taobao’s future will enter a period of development resource integration. According to industry analysts believe that in 2014 2013, Taobao settled the opportunity is very large, as long as the good internal strength, good supply chain link, want to rush out in the thousands of businesses is very likely. But after missing this stage, the opportunity is very small, because this time will enter a period of capital operation.

the Tmall flagship store sales although also broke the million, but many official activities are not involved in all conditions, is the end of the year to promote women’s event, double 11 online shopping Carnival day activities, appeared in the hall are Amoy brand mostly, these shops can get free traffic huge. Some small businesses want to share a cup of soup will take the pay promotion way to get traffic. Last year, double 11 as an example, the train was more than 4 yuan bid in order to have a good position to show, put in a day just 6000 yuan, sales exceeded 10 thousand yuan, this is in the conversion rate of 4% can be realized on the basis of. Therefore, at that time the boss’s sigh is that Taobao is a big fish eat small fish in the world, although not comprehensive, but still reflects the aspirations of some small sellers.

therefore, Liebo overwhelmed move though a little adventure, after all two stores the main style is not the same, to cover the customer base is not the same, but by accelerating sales, on the one hand can resist many powerful shops through price promotions, the explosion of the impact, but also to lay the foundation a step of listing.


winds at the time of interview frankly, after there is no concept of venture capital, but through the guidance of investment partners, know that everything can be achieved through the inventory turnover rate, net profit margin, budget, accounting data, to accelerate the progress of the listed.

in the next few years, or will become the Amoy brand Liebo in the first listed company, will also mean that the capital operation time >


Pharmaceutical electricity supplier is underway, the first batch of 1 stores were the first Internet

can sell things online is now growing, medicine online retail market also began deregulation in recent days, the State Food and Drug Administration on the 25 day of the month officially approved and agreed to No. 1 shop became the third party Internet drugs online retail platform pilot enterprises.

documents show that the State Food and Drug Administration agreed to Shanghai food and drug administration to Niuhai Electronic Commerce (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Note: Shop No. 1) as the pilot unit to carry out experimental drugs online retail Internet related work on the third platform ". This is also the first comprehensive electricity supplier business qualifications.

is currently the No. 1 shop has signed a good pharmacist, deshengtang, Fahrenheit large pharmacy, one drug network, home health pharmacy, Jiading pharmacy etc. more than 10 pharmaceutical retail chain brand enterprises, will be based on the original relevant category one store, expanded to sales of OTC non prescription medicine.

in addition, the health information recently released data show that: in 2013, China’s online pharmacy sales volume of about 4 billion 200 million yuan, compared with 2012 over 2 times; and it is expected that in 2014, China’s pharmaceutical business transactions will reach 6 billion 800 million yuan.

in such a rapid growth in the size of the market and the promotion of private demand, according to China Securities Network News, the State Food and drug administration is working to develop the first batch of online sales of drugs to open directory. Online sales of prescription drug advice has been completed, is under discussion.

favorable policy is expected to promote the rapid development of pharmaceutical electricity supplier market in the future.


Staging shopping platform for college students in College – shopping backing, diversion of purchasin

more than eleven temperature is not over, just when we hesitate to chop hand, twelve with enthusiasm and full of discount Pumianerlai, let the small owners hands itch again. In the face of one after another shopping spree, college students have what kind of attitude? Therefore, launched the "students – consumer behavior survey, statistics show: 50% students prepare for next twelve, per capita consumption is expected in the range of 200-400 yuan, while the consumption of college students is more diverse, nearly 40% of students choose students staging shopping platform join twelve.

survey collected a total of 1239 questionnaires, of which 1002 valid questionnaires, covering nearly one hundred universities. Among the surveyed students, girls accounted for 54%, boys accounted for up to 46%.

5 College Students – targeted for battles, double 11 shopping "regret"

found survey, compared to nearly 80% college students to participate in this year’s double 11 shopping enthusiasm, ready to join the army of twelve shopping college students is only 5, reduce the proportion of 3. Most of the students said: Eleven spend almost twelve, did not have the strength to continue to "prodigal".


However, different

and double 11 to cheap shopping ideas more clearly, twelve students choose to participate in shopping. From Beijing Junior Xiaolv said: "double 11 know what to buy goods, so don’t start, as friends began to found the bedroom when closing the courier, looks like the things missing, that they should buy, so the shopping list, twelve when."


, users College Research Center official said: 11, many students buy, and to buy twelve students, seemingly become calm a lot, tend to demand to buy. There are many reasons for the calm, including the end of the study, students have no time to take care of online shopping; a semester end, college students in the hands of the money has been relatively tight, etc..

Super 8 into the college students’ consumption budget in 400 yuan, twelve double discount is not generally considered low


survey shows that in the twelve shopping college students, advance costs mainly concentrated in the range of 200-400 yuan, accounting for 62%; college students plan to spend more than 400 yuan accounted for 17%; and plans to spend 200 yuan of the following students accounted for 21%.


college students from Shenyang Xiao Li said: "the two do not intend to buy what the big ticket items, from the school to the double 11, he has lost a lot of things, this is going to buy two bottles of hand cream, dry winter, keep the stockpile. " users College Research Center official said: Taobao, twelve small sellers of carnival, less than double momentum >


SAIC double 11 electricity supplier is still selling issues products with high detection rate

this year, double eleven electricity supplier war just over a month, but the story does not end.

yesterday (December 11th), the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Department Supervisor announced in this year’s "double eleven" period, the various B2C class business platform Day promotional products, sampling results.

sampling according to the State Administration of industry and commerce, in 207 batches of samples, most qualified genuine, but also found that 15 batches of 6 samples belonging to the electronic business platform on the counterfeit goods or highly suspected counterfeit goods, in addition to the quality of 7 batches of samples failed or the label does not comply with the law.

in this regard, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has deployed the relevant local administration strictly related to illegal operators and third party online trading platform operators, and the results will be announced to the public.

product detection rate of 10.6%

this year, double eleven, Tmall’s total sales of $57 billion 100 million more than last year, an increase of 59%. Consumers in the major electricity supplier platform consumption, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has quietly action. Network monitoring department of the State Administration for Industry and commerce to entrust the third party inspection agency conducted a sampling of various types of B2C class business platform Day promotional merchandise, these platforms including Tmall, Jingdong mall, shop No. 1, Amazon,,, and’s

sampling results are not satisfactory, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce said in 207 batches of samples, most qualified genuine, but also found that some counterfeit goods and substandard products.

the detection of the sample shoes, bags, accessories, gifts, cosmetics, digital accessories six categories, the detection rate was 10.6%. Involving brand new 100-lun, Adidas, Burberry, Zippo, Estee Lauder, Kingston, coach, MontBlanc, and other well-known international brands heeg.

SAIC has confirmed 8 batches of samples for counterfeit goods, accounting for 36.4% of the sample. Among them, Tmall 3, accounting for 37.5% of the samples were confirmed; 1 shop 2, accounting for 25% of the samples were confirmed; Lasafo,, Amazon 1, each accounted for 12.5% sample confirmation.

, however, the detection rate of 10.6% has been significantly lower than the results of the previous AQSIQ sampling. Before the double eleven, AQSIQ also carried out electricity supplier product quality supervision and spot checks. AQSIQ to take the mysterious buyers way, directly from the electronic business platform to buy samples, etc.. The time from Tmall, Jingdong, Suning, Amazon, Dangdang, shop No. 1, where customers and other business platform from the 359 production of 502 batches of product.

final results show that in these 502 batches of seven categories of products, nearly 30% failed, far greater than the SAIC detection rate. Among them, clothing products, 61 batches of substandard products, there are 43 batches of component content is not true".

partial electric >


The opening of the forum in Davos steel mesh steel electricity supplier industry contrarian rise

eighth years after the outbreak of the international financial crisis, the world economic recovery is still weak, full of uncertainty. Coincides with the summer Davos forum settled in ten years as China, the world’s attention to the East: how to realize the steel industry capacity to target? How to achieve better Chinese economic growth? How can we really win the future industrial innovation? What is the future of the 4 all over the world to hear the answers?.

June 26th to 28, held in Davos in the summer of 2016 in Tianjin, this year is also the new leader of the year will come to China’s tenth year. The next year will be the fourth industrial revolution: the transformation of the power as the theme, the participants will focus on this theme, to explore innovation, remodeling growth, re set system and other issues.


, our immediate task is how to deal with excess capacity, the problem of capacity." Xu Shaoshi, director of the national development and Reform Commission, said at the forum, the next 5 years, China’s steel production capacity to be removed from 1 to 1.5 tons, of which iron and steel to go to production capacity of 45 million tons. In the opinion of Lu Hongjun Dean of Shanghai Institute of international finance, the traditional industry of low investment, low flow, low efficiency and emerging industries of high expectations, high intelligence, high risk, is a common challenge and problem countries into the fourth industrial revolution. "Take the initiative to implement the supply side structural reform, it is China lead the global economy of courage, courage and responsibility."

The background of

steel net supply side reform innovation road

Chujiubuxin, Phoenix, cannot do without all the reform. In his speech, Premier Li Keqiang delivered to the world the determination of China’s commitment to reform – "actively promoting structural reforms, especially structural reforms on the supply side".

in the background of excess capacity and the supply side reform, which appliance platform can be regarded as the core of the user terminal user, the competitors precisely meet their needs, which platform will be able to win in the competition. As the creator of the iron and steel industry and steel net value of the organizers, the user needs as the core, in different nodes pre-sale and customer service has developed different service standards and control mechanism. The first time, for the terminal and front, namely through the website and the smart device APP, paving the way to interact with customers and channels of communication, keep innovation mentality, and meet the unmet needs of customers, maintain their frontline work enthusiasm, attention and customer intersection intensive areas; second, resources, Taiwan, i.e. through the massive data analysis platform, matching both supply and demand in a short time; third, the transfer of resources or background support, warehousing, logistics and processing platform through access to high standards of intelligent, unified and coordinated management, unified multi brand operation.

The essence of

business is to create value for customers. The customer came to the steel mesh on the platform, the platform must provide cost-effective products, and trade in the process of good experience, this requires a solid background support. Import the most


Taobao thousands of Japanese purchasing shop due to earthquake suspension


reporter entered Japan shopping on, to search related sellers of 5553 people, including 1801 sellers is located in Japan, which has many shops hang out a notice to suspend delivery, rough statistics has more than 1000.

most of these shops to buy Japanese cosmetics, milk powder, daily necessities and other commodities. Many sellers said that the earthquake caused a serious impact on Japan’s purchasing, because of travel difficulties, traffic congestion, shop will be hungry soon".

to enter the seller "yikeai005" shop, the order to suspend the notification was placed in the most conspicuous position. According to the owner of the introduction, the location of the aftershocks frequently, specific when to resume business depends on the local situation in japan. Seller "yikeai005" said that before March 10th orders have been sent to China, hope that buyers are patiently waiting.

reporter learned that the big seller due to adequate supply of goods, mostly for cash, so the impact is relatively small. While most small sellers only accept reservations, is easy to appear out of business.

really afraid of the credibility of the shop will be affected." The seller told reporters, "Lisa" after the earthquake because of traffic congestion, now many booked goods are difficult to send out, even send the goods to be on the road, how long will delay the damage and loss are difficult to predict.

– note

users to buy Japanese goods, please try to choose to buy in order to ensure that the order to reduce the waiting time.


Jingdong 20 yuan transferred subsidiary Mini pick 80% shares behind the profit and loss.

Jingdong 20 yuan to transfer its subsidiary shares was 80% Mini pick founder sue

March 10, 2014 Lai Dandan, founder of the Jingdong’s Japanese and Korean brands vertical electricity supplier website Mini pick the receive letter, displays the contents of the Jingdong will store the transfer price of 20 yuan subsidiary – Shanghai is International Trade Co. Ltd. (Mini pick operations subject, hereinafter referred to as the Shang International) 80% of the shares. April 1st, Lai Dandan to the controlling shareholder harm the interests of the company as an excuse to prosecute Jingdong, Shanghai City People’s court has formally accepted the case on file.

Jingdong and mini pick from the cooperative to court, only two years, during which the story of what happened in the end? 20 yuan to sell 80% stake in Jingdong is called arrogance or a novelty? "Daily economic news" reporter interviewed Lai Dandan. In addition, the reporter also received the relevant person in charge of the public relations department of Jingdong on behalf of Jingdong issued a statement on the incident.

equity transfer sparked controversy

Lai Dandan met Liu Qiangdong on a TV show in November 2010. Shortly thereafter, along with the electricity supplier entrepreneurial tide, Lai Dandan by virtue of their contacts in Japan and South Korea resources, founded the B2C electricity supplier website Mini pick, since the line on June 2011, the main products in Japan and South Korea clothing. 2011, the domestic electricity supplier industry mergers and acquisitions frequently, mini pick is also facing challenges. In December of the same year, Jingdong and Lai Dandan signed the merger agreement, then the mini pick the original company including servers, computer, car business, assets at a price of 2 million yuan sold to Jingdong, Jingdong in cash to the original shareholders of the company to pay the money. Then Lai Dandan took 44 employees to join Jingdong.

is the international was founded in June 6, 2012, the company’s articles of Association agreed: Jingdong, a wholly owned subsidiary of Shanghai Yuan Sheng Information Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sheng Yuan) invested 8 million, accounting for 80% of the shares; Lai Dandan and team invested 2 million shares accounted for 20%. Sheng Yuan possession Mini pick 80% of the shares, the legal representative is Liu Qiangdong. Then in July 1st, Shang Shang international and parent company Jingdong signed a "consulting service contract". The contract agreed that all Mini pick merchants’ income streams, into the parent company Jingdong headquarters, the parent company to play on a regular basis to the international, as wages and office expenses, etc..

Lai Dandan attorney Zhang Yijun said, in accordance with the contract to take account of the international business income is still in the buckle in Jingdong". But this statement has not been confirmed by Jingdong.

to the beginning of this year, the situation began to change, Jingdong on the IPO before the affiliated companies on the international business adjustment". January 28, 2014, mini pick management of the 1123 shops in the system received by Jingdong.

March 10th, the Jingdong commissioned by the Shanghai stone law firm sent a letter to the mini pick. "


No gift on the Christmas tree electricity providers generally can not be honored before the delivery

NetEase technology news on December 26th, according to the Wall Street Journal reported that many customers rush to buy gifts before Christmas, but delivery delays make this year’s Christmas is particularly bleak.

Amazon, WAL-MART and Cole department store (Kohl’sCorp) and other companies have promised to deliver the goods before christmas. But the national transport delay families live a Christmas without gifts under the Christmas tree, they absolutely empty, not a gift can be placed.

Christmas Eve, Branden Scott (Brandon Scott) is still waiting for him on Saturday in the Amazon ordered a 46 inch Samsung TV and watch kaitesibei (Kate Spade).

Scott said, I am very frustrated, because these things can easily be purchased in various retail shops near my home. If it wasn’t for Amazon to guarantee delivery before Christmas, I would have bought it in a retail store."

retail analyst pointed out that over the past few weeks, online orders soared, more than expected, which makes retailers and courier companies too busy to attend to all. Bad weather, network fault and delay in delivery and the manufacturer "add fuel to the flames".

on Tuesday, UPS (United Parcel Service) said that due to the online shopping surge on Christmas Eve, so that the company’s cargo system overwhelmed, it is impossible to deliver goods in time before christmas.

UPS spokesman Susan • • (Susan Rosenberg) in response to a reporter’s question, said, delivery is far more than expected, but also exceeds the delivery capacity of the company’s system. UPS shipped 45% of the country’s total, and on Monday, the company’s delivery has exceeded the expected number of copies, and the need to deliver more of the package is still a steady stream of the emergence of the 7 million 750 thousand.

in some of the Amazon customers received notice, UPS pointed out that there are some delays due to delivery has not yet received a parcel from the shipper."

Amazon spokesman said on Wednesday, Amazon operations center is timely processing of customer orders, and delivery of goods to the courier company. At the same time, we are following the courier company’s delivery."


Teach you how to write a good description

We know that

, SEO, user experience is always our focus, less user experience SEO is the failure of SEO, it is impossible to have a high conversion rate, so, good product description or baby description is inside a user experience is very important, we do this, for to improve the conversion rate can play a very important role. Today, I learn the most commonly used and the most reasonable commodity description model. This model can be summed up in three words, the first sentence is in the picture as the center, the second is from the angle of object description, the third sentence is from the perspective of people to describe.

1, the picture as the center of the product description

some people say Taobao is visual marketing, also said Taobao is selling pictures, this is actually a bit too much, as well as independent B2C mall, for example, most of the goods with toy store are the main picture, the picture is clear and intuitive description of the soul baby. Are you sometimes feel that the description of the goods or write baby description is very difficult to start? It is because you do not have pictures, is the so-called one can’t make bricks without straw, is the same reason, if you have the product picture, then you’ll probably find something to say. When the description of the goods, we can explain the narrator like PPT, this time to act as a salesman, as long as you try to put your goods sell on the line, that is to say, the description of the goods is the picture and text interpretation.

2, from the angle of object description of goods

The so-called

to point to describe the goods, refers to the matter of physical theory. Here, we describe the goods from the point of time, be sure to add your own unique things, if you have the same description of the goods, then there would be no characteristic. From the point of view of the object, there is a trick, that is, when the description must put their feelings. Now many people are doing sales, usually on behalf of the consignor, and his hand is not real, this case can be said that he did not have any understanding of the goods, it is hard to imagine that he can write a good description of the goods, the majority is directly COPY others. Contact will have feelings, feelings will have something to say, you can try to tell these stories, talk to everyone, maybe some words that buyers of the heart, with this sentence he could buy. Emotional input is an important weapon that distinguishes you from other sellers of goods!

3, from the human point of view to describe the commodity

sometimes we sell something relatively simple, toss about pat can only shoot a few photos, you can not put the parts apart, that is when we need from the perspective of people to describe. In fact, from the point of description can be very limited space to play, but from the perspective of people to describe can play on the big space. It is no exaggeration to say that there are many ideas, how many ideas, you can have many kinds of baby description. So from the angle of man


Tao Aimin Taobao deal triggered by a series of electricity supplier thinking

following the Taobao C2C platform for the entire network of consumer protection, Taobao has issued a series of new policies, these policies are indicative of Taobao is trying to improve their service levels, improve their own shopping system.

But the Taobao

to the mall users seem to be overdone, pay each year to improve businesses need mall 5 times more than the original, Taobao claims that the move is to safeguard the interests of buyers mall, mall sellers improve service quality. At the same time, as long as Taobao mall mall sellers to meet the requirements of Taobao, it will be returned in part or in full to pay more funds. This statement seems reasonable, but it is clear to squeeze out the existence of small and medium sellers Taobao mall. For the seller, it is easy to reach the requirements of Taobao, so after Taobao return now big sellers need to pay an annual fee of real than before there is not much change, however small sellers in a short time is difficult to meet Taobao’s request, or pay a hefty fee, or out of the two Taobao Mall Road choose one, to continue to develop. For big sellers, they cut down a lot of competitors and don’t have to spend much money. This is undoubtedly the Taobao brand will enhance the mall trick, Taobao mall positioning for the concentration of big sellers, to attract more consumers and increase the market share of Taobao mall in B2C.

regardless of the purpose of Taobao’s new deal is to make money, is the exclusion of small sellers, or enhance the quality of service to provide consumers with a green shopping environment. But overall, Taobao is beneficial to the online shopping market is also useful. Just hurt a number of grassroots level Taobao mall entrepreneurs. For them, this is not fair, don’t give up the cause of hard work hard to give up? Taobao mall has small sellers in the early days of the support can be developed, although many of those small sellers has now become a big seller. But Taobao mall on track to give up the small sellers? This is something that burn the bridge after crossing it.

mall to some extent seller and Taobao belongs to partners, small sellers in Taobao mall shop, put all their energy into the mall shows their trust in Taobao, but Taobao has made promises to the people, perhaps this is the cruel business place, law of the jungle shopping is not easy, no who can be your shelter. I also have my own shopping site, in the pre selection, also consider the past Taobao mall development, but many factors finally chose independent domain name as the homepage, now it seems the right is lucky.

through this event, whether the electricity business should be aware of the risk of the enterprise life into the hands of others. Many companies are about to step into the e-commerce industry can fully trust the shop platform. Taobao should not only consider improving the buyer’s shopping environment, but should take into account the seller’s mentality. I do not oppose the new policy of Taobao, but Taobao should do a good job on the mall after the sale of small and medium sellers to negotiate a solution to the problem, should not be cold in the hearts of the majority of small and medium-sized sellers, merchants can not be broken


Why do investors like the Internet

last week, relying on the Internet within a year, the rapid development of the explosion of red west master won the capital today tens of millions of yuan in the second round of financing, but also "new for old", shutting down the Wudaokou West master universe headquarters ", it is near the new 210 square meters flagship store all. Compared to those of traditional food of old, in recent years the prevalence of the "O2O" store is really fast. So these "Internet plus" the child is no disadvantage? And public comments about them is how? The traditional catering enterprises should learn what to listen to them? MO digs up their material, we chatted.

Even if the

property, difficult to block investment hot

West master is today the capital investment can be pocketed the eye, but in this round of financing in the process of West master still make "separation". Founder Meng Bing and Luo Gaojing on March 9 to the court proceedings, requiring Song Xin to transfer the price of $120 thousand valuation of nearly $24 million in equity. It sounds like a boil, but it has not been decided yet. Is in such a West master in the teeth of the storm, also announced to celebrate the second round of investment put up a pageantry, can not help but small MO don’t think it is to finance the quasi rally hype ~

in addition, MO also found that not only the "Internet plus food" of the West master obtained financing recently, Huang Taiji, called a duck, the old flower also have been visible halogen investment, now the Internet catering industry investment enthusiasm and now the weather continues to heat up


marketing Bo eyeball, difficult to discuss customer heart


founder Huang Taiji improvement, "a duck called aliens" valued at over fifty million, deliver a Mercedes Google glasses delivery, barberry hall posted a death like Huoxiangzhengqi Rice noodles, the event marketing pattern double Internet catering, pocketed the eye, is street aunt can tell one or two to. But Bo eyeball at the same time, the customers have we think so good?

took Huang Taiji for example, the public comment online evaluation for 3, Jianwai SOHO flagship store 1575 evaluation, and the following Samsung reached more than and 800, nearly 60% diners seem not too satisfied. Perhaps to comment said, these Internet restaurants as a start to focus so much on the taste, but also perhaps the brand played too loud, consumer expectations are too high, is expected to bring then the higher the value, the greater the disappointment".

contrast, the evaluation of some traditional snack bar is relatively high. MO believes that the Internet is indeed in the food and beverage industry marketing have a set, but the catering enterprises survive the truth doesn’t taste? Reluctant to leave the taste to firmly seize the consumer’s stomach, seize the hearts of consumers.

Internet catering is not catering, traditional food should learn what

In fact, a lot of

Internet catering business is not just to enter the food and beverage industry, but to the audience of the catering industry as a dozen