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Restaurant menu pricing guidelines big secret

customer evaluation of a restaurant is good mainly these steps: a look at the facade, two look at the menu, look at the service of the last look at the taste of the dishes, how exactly, the customer is the investigation of these three points. A lot of the catering business that the four most important point is to the menu, in fact, this is one of your customers fully understand the store medium, the menu can let customers ignore what appearance defects. Of course, that you will be an important menu, very exquisite and special, left this misunderstanding, what is the menu to the customer, this is for their purse what you say is important, so to remember the importance lies in its pricing menu.

The core of the knowledge of the

menu in pricing, an excellent menu, connected to the enterprise’s production model, service model and profit model, which directly determines the life and death of the restaurant. Don’t say these are alarmist, understanding on these pricing strategies you all understand.

if the menu is a restaurant selling medium for consumers most directly, then the menu pricing will directly determine the restaurant turnover and profit, a slight deviation, perhaps it means that consumers in the restaurant’s desire to be destroyed.

In the

marketing, "Weber Fechner law" refers to: the stronger the substitutability of goods, the higher the frequency of consumption, the higher the price sensitivity of consumers, the lower the loyalty of the brand, and the higher the price. Beijing is a restaurant on more than 70000, and a total of 51.1% consumers have 2-3 times a week out of the dining frequency. Even if 3 times per week to restaurants, this is uninterrupted for 486 years to finish so much home……

said these mean that consumers do have enough capital to pick the restaurant, but they are not satisfied with either high or low food prices, which also shows that the menu pricing must be comprehensive and multi dimension to judge the only reliable.

restaurant menu pricing guidelines big secret

a, cost pricing dimension

1) pricing at the cost of ingredients

dish price = food raw material cost / (1- raw material cost rate)

subject to market prices and constraints, the gross margin of the dishes will be greatly different, the price should be changed accordingly.

ideally, restaurant food cost is 35%, gross margin was 65%, assuming that A dishes cost price is 15 yuan, price of =15/ (1-35%) A dishes =23 yuan, but the market trend will also let the dishes gross profit change, assuming B dishes cost price is 36 yuan, but the market price constraints (General public can accept the price is 48 yuan on the line): B > dishes


Xiaobian tell you how to make a fast food restaurant

people often say to people, it is wise to do so many investors want a catering business, from fast food to start, actually fast-food restaurant is not in the imagination so simple, which needs to consider many questions.

can thrive?

everyone know to run a restaurant, not easy thing, first of all to concentrate on business, wholeheartedly do. If you want to make money in good restaurants, dining environment, superb cooking technology, high quality service attitude, the boss from morning till night hard work is very important. Only when all the time to the enterprise and dedicated, the enterprise will truly become their own.

Duirenduishi should always remain Friendliness is conducive to business success. "or" the spirit of full state. Learn and master the special way of entertaining "special customers". The so-called "special way" is actually a variety of solutions to different problems. Always be honest with each other, then customers will be moved by the sincere, most customers are show common.

in the restaurant business in the whole operation, between employers and employees, between the waiter and the guests, waiters and chefs and between the various departments, the contradictions will happen various whenever and wherever possible. As a boss, one must be prepared to be good at finding problems and solving problems. Ahead of the emotional investment, prevent things piles, avoid friction, can make the enterprise healthy development.


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Open the wine shop easy to walk into what errors

open wine stores also need to focus on the use of promotional programs to improve store profitability, but in doing promotions, many novice will make some mistakes. These errors seem to be a common phenomenon, so Xiaobian compiled some of the key points, hoping to help you understand the right to promote the business process errors in a timely manner to correct.

positioning of the main promotional unknown

agents in the design of all kinds of promotional activities, we must make clear the main theme of the promotional activities for the type of consumer.

promotional theme and product brand image characteristics do not match

most of the promotional activities are not only simple themes, promotions, gifts and often the relationship between the brand, and other brands are more vulnerable to battle, it is difficult to achieve the essence of the promotional effect of


promotional activities and market timing does not match

timing is to do the most basic conditions of promotion, so agents must pay attention to the timing, advance publicity, to seize the hot spots, but not slow response.

promotional activities affect the sale of positive price products

believes that many agents tend to make promotional price of product sales is not good, not only reduces the sales contribution of loyal consumers, will let consumers feel the product price and the actual value does not match, he purchased the original products prices have greatly reduced space, damage the image of the product.

to ensure the promotional activities have effect, ensure promotions agency carefully designed, the owner must carefully designed promotions, like festivals, anniversary and other promotional reasons must be sufficient to bring popularity.

open wine shop, do promotional interaction, the most afraid to enter some misunderstanding. If you do not know if they are not into the error, you can look at. Xiaobian finishing may not be comprehensive enough, need to join a lot of reference to the experience of others, to find their own shortcomings, timely adjustments to better development.

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How to carry out the innovation of cooked food store

business can not always be immutable, it is necessary to innovate from time to time, especially in this era of rapid change, entrepreneurs need to have a sense of innovation, then how to innovate? This is not the same as the practice of all walks of life on this issue, today we take the deli, for example, look at how to carry out innovative business deli.

1, highlighting the main cultural

2, expand business projects



Shanghai investors how to choose health care products to join the brand

The rise of

is one of the health care industry to get attention, now for more people, if you can have a healthy body, can let them feel the wealth on the side, this is the true meaning of the pursuit of health care. In fact, in Shanghai, you will ask, we are in Shanghai is not a health care can also operate a franchise store it? To solve this problem, please continue to look down.

first, we must clearly recognize that some informal health care products in the first criterion to join the brand’s pursuit of profit, the market started drilling the loopholes, investors earn money. Investors should carefully examine, beware of the pitfalls of joining.

know that they will join the health care products to join the strength of Brand Company, a variety of channels to collect the credibility of the operation of the company. In the major categories of users to join the site to review the comments, have joined the store in the brand market research is a good way.

health care products because of its market operating characteristics, relatively suitable for the operation of the trademark agency model. Health care supplies chain of friends should also remember the market operation risk, we must put the field survey and research, provided by the headquarters to join the program with the local actual situation, to find a suitable way of cooperation.

and, as Shanghai investors need to understand the health care products franchise headquarters propaganda, understand the brand’s market trends and related products price, be aware of relevant information, real-time attention project. This rapid expansion of the brand image, expand the market area, a win-win operation mode of trademark and franchise headquarters is.

in fact, no matter what, investors will choose a promising project, too, in the health care industry so that if you open a home health care franchise in Shanghai, to learn more knowledge, to face market competition.

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Starbucks CEO will bring what kind of change

has such a news, as the food and beverage sector for surely you will be interested in, according to the latest news released by Starbucks, said CEO Howard · Schultz will retire in April 3rd next year, his successor as president and chief operating officer Kevin · Johnson.

Starbucks said Howard · Schultz will continue to serve as chairman of the board, and served as CEO of Howard ·, the future design and development; innovation, Schultz will focus to select Starbucks coffee roasting workshop project, promote the expansion of social influence model and the company’s retail activities. Although Howard · Schultz did not leave Starbucks, but the news was released, Starbucks shares fell as much as 11% hours.

new and old CEO Starbucks aimed at the Internet and high-end market

in fact, this is Howard · second outgoing Starbucks CEO. Public information shows that in 2000, Howard · Schultz had retired CEO, after retiring, Starbucks has been due to high speed shop and other reasons, profit fell into trouble. 2008 Howard · Schultz return to Starbucks, Starbucks stores expanded coffee, food and beverage type, and Starbucks’s marketing plan made substantial adjustments to Starbucks stores more products and function, let Starbucks back on track and to continue its pace of expansion door shop.

will become the Starbucks CEO Kevin · Johnson had worked in IBM, Microsoft and many other technology companies in key positions, although the food and beverage industry association is not big, but with the deep roots of Starbucks. Kevin · Johnson joined Starbucks in 2015, but according to reports, Kevin · Johnson is still Microsoft and Starbucks have a overlap, and joined the Starbucks board of directors in 2009, proposed directive on Starbucks, Starbucks and promoting the combination of science and technology. In 2015, Kevin · officially joined Starbucks as chief operating officer. In the meantime, he actively promote Starbucks’s mobile payment and takeaway business, and Starbucks’s App and incentive programs to china.

addition, Howard · Schultz has publicly said that Starbucks " the next few decades, the growth is still dependent on the expansion of the Chinese market. Data show that this year, the fastest growing sales of the two regions are China and the Asia Pacific region, an increase of 23%. On this basis, Starbucks has announced plans for the next 5 years in China to achieve store doubling plan, Starbucks can see the importance of the Chinese market.



How to open a decorative building materials stores lack of experience

decorative building materials industry there are still many gaps in business opportunities, if you intend to do business, may wish to focus on this industry. For the lack of experience of friends, want to open the success of building materials stores and not so simple, today Xiaobian finishing some tricks to everyone, the following business plan is worth reading every investor.

In fact,

decorative building materials join in the products’ quality, service attitude has strict requirements, each operator to the customer as a friend, listen to the views of customers, not to put pressure on the customer, so that customers enjoy the most satisfactory service, so that every customer have become repeat customers, must be able to increase the decorative building materials stores sales of


to success of decorative building materials stores, your preferred to learn some basic tips. These are small series for the decoration of the decoration of the building materials store tips, very practical. In short, we want to open the success of decorative building materials stores, it is necessary to ensure that their products are rich, quality assurance, the price is really better service attitude.



Join dry cleaners need to understand some of the security issues

with the continuous improvement of the quality of life, the demand for domestic service industry is growing, such as dry cleaners. Especially in the winter, most consumers will choose to dry cleaners to help themselves get some hard to wash clothes, so now the dry cleaners business is very good! But want to open a dry cleaning shop, we must understand some security issues, to ensure their own interests and consumers.

a, electricity safety

electricity safety and electricity caused by the accident has occurred in the country, it will cause personal electric shock, causing fires and explosions and other major accidents. These accidents are called in to buy a new set of wall has existed. Some products with the second lowest quality components in electrical components and motivated, often caused by electrical element failure, leakage. For example, in the dry cleaning machine, as happens contactor adhesion distillation control and continuous heating, heat conduction caused by overheating of the oil heat conducting oil heating type distillation box. If the use of inferior torsion heat-conducting oil, will be on the wire terminals. Short ignition will cause serious fire accident; electrical component failure will cause steam heating distillation device and electric steam generator explosion accident. So we have to do regular checks.

two, daily security

laundry daily safety measures against fire and theft; prohibit smoking, pay attention to ventilation in store: equipment operation after the completion of the seal. Turn off the equipment, disconnect the equipment power supply; night distillation, ensure the cooling water supply and ventilation should be maintained; agricultural service suspension should be far away from equipment, power line and fire; all reagents should be sealed and standardized to save, eliminate fire hazards; untrained personnel prohibited operating equipment

three, do routine inspection

including the normal operation of the machine, equipment parts and the like.

dry cleaners used more machines and equipment, relatively speaking, the operation is more complex, and with electricity, but also with whom to deal with, it is necessary to pay attention to these security issues! At the same time to ensure the safety of the premise, to provide consumers with quality services, so that the opening of a dry cleaners to maintain long-term profitability and development! I hope these little knowledge can bring help, want to know more about the content can continue to leave a message.

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China is suffering from disaster, the international community is doing

when 2004 was known as the "century plague" in Indonesia earthquake and tsunami natural disasters, Chinese as a developing country, in India Ocean tsunami relief process, China of the affected country provides a rapid, sustained, comprehensive and effective rescue, not only to provide $60 million 500 thousand, also sent by the outside world praised as "Chinese rescue team medical rescue capability is the medical team first class" and the relief items of $2 million 600 thousand.

China has launched a mechanism to raise aid to other countries, an unprecedented mechanism in china. China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs issued a notice through the major media, asking the public to give love, for Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and other areas were hit by the December 26th tsunami. The agency said, in any case, the state and the people of the affected people Chinese always sympathetic, always actively donated money for them." In this report praises Chinese efe.

now, let’s take a look at these international acclaim, as affected countries over Chinese, when China themselves under natural disasters, when located in China southwest of Sichuan earthquake disaster, and lead up to 13 days 19 when the disaster killed 12012 people, 9404 people were buried in the ruins, 7841 when people are missing, 26206 people were treated, what to do in the international society?

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman 14, said: "Chinese occurred after the earthquake disaster, many countries and regions, including Japan, Britain, Romania, Chile, Mexico, Portugal, the United States, European Union, Israel, Afghanistan, Cyprus, Spain, Germany, Russia, Romania, Laos, Ross, South Korea, Jamaica, Antigua and Barbuda, Kampuchea Singapore, Chile, France, Tunisia, Holland, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and other government leaders and relevant government agencies, expressed condolences to the Chinese government leaders and relevant departments, some international institutions have also been proposed to aid the wishes of."

this official statement to us the meaning is clear, that is, a lot of sympathy for the country, but the country is willing to provide timely help rarely. Willing to immediately and promptly went to the disaster area to give the actual disaster of relief in the country is very rare. We do not count on the support of these so-called international friends, as mentioned in a letter of condolence to Beijing, "I believe that the Chinese people can rely on their own to overcome the disaster." But whatever the reason, this period is after all, China’s Sichuan is suffering from a rare earthquake disaster. As of this morning, the core area of Wenchuan earthquake rescue work is still difficult to expand. We lack too much, drinking water, medicines, quilts, and the epidemic that will soon follow. At this time of Wenchuan, no matter where you are today, we have to do a Wenchuan. More power to join, you can save a life! So, this time to show the value of the two countries of Russia and Australia,




The company has been accused of pyramid schemes announced financing 2 billion 500 million valuation

[Abstract] lending treasure and its affiliates, Jiuding Group Chairman Wu Gang, accused of alleged irregularities, pyramid, mafia etc..


technology news (Wang Pan) January 25th news, production and operation "borrow treasure platform for all Polytron Technologies Inc announced today in Beijing has signed the contract to complete the two round of financing, financing amounting to 2 billion 500 million yuan. However, Tencent technology has not confirmed its financing.

lending treasure, said the round of financing by a large joint-stock commercial banks led investment, and there are a number of institutional investors and individual investors to participate in some of the first round of investors continue to vote. Compared with the first round of 2 billion yuan financing in August 2015, the loan treasure in just five months to complete a larger scale of the second round of financing. The valuation of the current round of financing loans treasure more than 50 billion yuan, more than doubled the valuation of the first round of financing. The list of specific investors is not open, the current round of capital increase agreement has been signed, the increase in the industrial and commercial registration process is still in the process of change, over a period of time can be found through the industrial and commercial registration authority.

lending Bao said, investors are optimistic about the company, the first is due to the loan treasure located in acquaintances lending, by connecting mechanism of people of the Internet, let acquaintances direct trading, so as to effectively reduce or even eliminate the information asymmetry, and acquaintances reputation constraint and credit punishment mechanism can effectively reduce the risk of default, so compared with the traditional credit model, have acquaintances lending cost advantage and efficiency advantages, has great commercial value. Secondly, borrow treasure had a year of operation, the internal operation system has been more mature, the product function of arbitrary perfect, and users have been larger, that according to the third party channel data, which has more than 100 million registered users who download.

it is reported that in 2016 the company will also launch a loan treasure version, through the depth of the platform to connect the enterprise loans, individuals and banks.

had MLM MLM accused

in January 12th this year, lending treasure also suffered netizen "Beijing nine uncle" by micro-blog, WeChat, media interviews, public reporting, "Beijing nine uncle said" borrowing treasure and its affiliates, Jiuding Group Chairman Wu Gang suspected of a number of illegal pyramid selling, etc., involving the related black, and claims to have reported Jiuding Group Chairman Wu Gang nine violations to the commission.

January 20th, production and operating company lending treasure everyone technology announced that the company has 19 officially to the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Chaoyang Branch of the Olympic village police station submitted "charges and the relevant evidence", accused the whistleblower Zhang Xuguang (the name "Beijing nine uncle").

in addition, lending treasure related company Jiuding Group Chairman Wu Gang 20 days this month has been to the city of Beijing, Chaoyang District people’s court formally submitted a "criminal incidental civil complaint from criminal responsibility", request the court held "Beijing nine uncle" suspected of libel, and the corresponding civil liability.

lending treasure said, Beijing nine uncle malicious fabricated and spread false facts, slander >